6 Causes: Car Radio Wont Turn Off When Door Opens & 3 Solutions

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Are you also combating stereo system problems and can’t help but think why your car radio wont turn off when door opens?

Are you worried about this problem messing with your car battery and other systems?

If you are finding answers for the possible causes and the best solutions to deal with the car radio on with ignition off or with the open door, this article is what you are looking for.

Why is My Car Radio Staying On When Car is Off?

Isn’t it weird that your car radio stays on even if your car engine is off?

Radios don’t draw much of the car’s power. However, they show annoying consequences once they get faulty. With this in mind, they can drain your battery overnight or even within few hours.

You may be wondering what could reason that can result in radio shutting issues. Usually, a car radio would stay on if you have wiring problems like faulty memory wire or incorrect switch wiring.

Moreover, a faulty ignition switch or ignition cylinder issue can also be the reason why your car radio fails to shut off every time with ignition off.

How to Reset Car Radio?

Before we guide you, how to restart your car radio- let’s be clear that a reset procedure would erase out all the stored content and clock setting. Also, keep in mind that some devices don’t have any reset option.

Radio With a Reset Button

Take off the faceplate from the radio system and click the RESET button on the front panel using some sharp or pointed object.

Radio With No Reset Button

Depending on your automobile stereo system, click DSLP and press CALL or press the OFF button for 2-5 seconds; now, switch on the radio system.

How to Get Car Radio out of Antitheft Mode?

Anti-theft systems are the electrical circuits that work to prevent your automobile from being robbed by integrating a radio alarm or by mobilizing an engine.

Now that we know how an anti-theft system works- let’s find out how to get a car radio out of this mode. You can turn off the anti-theft in your car either by vehicle identification number or with a theft lock.

With VIN

  • Look for the vehicle identification number(VIN) on your automobile
  • Check the User’s Manual to get information from your vehicle radio and its content.
  • Open the section to fetch the specifications.
  • Now confirm the VIN and turn off the alarm on the radio.
  • Install the radio back in its place and input the VIN.

With a Theftlock

  • Put the key in the ignition; the theft lock on the dashboard starts winking at you.
  • Let the key be in the same spot until the lights stop flashing.
  • Turn the key in the OFF position for about 5 seconds; now start the engine.

Causes of Car Radio Won’t Turn Off When Door Opens?

Are you having trouble dealing with the stereo system issues? Do you have any idea why your radio stays on when car is off and door is open?

Are you worried about what could be the possible causes of these stereo issues?

Well, don’t sweat it up; let’s walk through the article with us to get to know the answers you have in your mind.

01. Faulty Door Switch

One of the most common reasons the car radio not turning off when the door opens is the faulty door switch.

Now you may ask how a faulty door switch relates to stereo system issues? Before we answer this question, let’s have a look at how it works.

A car’s door switch connects with the interior & warning lights, stereo system, and other devices to regulate their on/off mechanism.

However, it gets faulty over time and hampers the activity of the radio system in your automobile.

02. Sensor Problem

You may be thinking of how a faulty sensor be responsible for car radio issues? Let’s discuss the sensor function before we move forward.

Sensors are among the essential parts of automobile technology that help control various aspects such as temperature maintenance, fuel regulation, and pressure adjustment.

However, our concern is lights & door tuning sensors- they often get saturated with dirt and wear out over time, eventually disrupting your car’s radio system.

03. Defective Ignition Switch

Do you happen to deal with the problem car radio on with ignition off? Are you worried that it may somehow damage your car engine?

The ignition switch is among the most crucial electrical components of your car that activates other electrical accessories, power on the fuel & ignition system and, cranks the engine.

However, a defective ignition switch disrupts the stereo system; therefore, your car radio fails to turn off.

04. Worn Out Cylinder

Don’t you think a worn-out cylinder can also be problematic for your automobile stereo system? Indeed, we consider it a threat.

A cylinder is an indispensable part of an engine that generates power to run the electrical accessories to move your vehicle.

However, the cylinders deteriorate over time, eventually stalling the normal functioning of the stereo system and the engine of your car.

05. Key & Ignition Cylinder Issues

This one is somehow related to the ignition system; whereas, the main issue is in the ignition cylinder rather than the ignition switch.

The key and ignition cylinder delivers power to the system and works to start an automobile engine. However, it wears out over time and fails to power up your vehicle’s electrical accessories.

Henceforth, faulty ignition lock cylinders can be the potential cause behind your issue.

06. Radio Shut-off Delay

Although it’s not a very common problem, sometimes you think of every possibility behind the problem car radio not turning off except that the root cause could be the faulty stereo system itself.

Some automobiles are programmed to allow the radio system to stay on even you shut off the ignition.

Nowadays, cars come with a feature that typically shut off the stereo system after about 10 minutes or even when the door opens.

In short, radio shut-off delay can also be the reason for the stereo system turning off issues.

How to Fix The Problem of Radio Stays On When Car Is Off And Door Is Open

Now that you know why your car radio won’t turn off when the door opens, let’s move to the next point- that is how to fix the problem at hand.

01. Change Worn Out Cylinder

Worn-out cylinders run down the working efficiency of an automobile by disrupting its performance. Furthermore, they increase fuel consumption and decline the system power that rocks the boat.

Now that you know all about it- let’s discuss how to change the worn-out cylinders to avoid further issues.

To change the worn-out cylinder, you need to drain the coolant and oil. Then use a ratchet to pull out the intake and exhaust manifolds; remove the timing belt and the rocker arm.

Now unscrew the mounting bolts, slide out the old cylinder and replace it with the new one. Remount the bolts, timing belt, and rocker arm back to their spot.

02. Fix the Built-in Radio Timer

Do you have any idea how to fix a built-in radio timer? Let’s help you get through the radio shut-off delay problem also- So are you ready?

Some cars have a built-in radio timer system that delays the shutting time of the radio even when we remove the key.

To deal with this problem, shut off the engine and close the doors perfectly. Did you manage to solve the issue; if no, check if the radio is still running with dome lights on?

If there is still a car radio on with ignition off & dome lights on, the problem is in the door switch; you need to turn to some professional mechanic to resolve your issue.

03. Replace Ignition Switch

Are you unable to solve the Chinese puzzle of whether to repair the ignition switch or repair it? If you take our suggestion, our best bet is to replace the ignition switch.

Now comes the question of how to replace the ignition switch in your automobile?

Firstly, turn the ignition off and let the engine cool down; install the memory saver. Now unscrew the bolts and take off the screws from the bottom steering column cover.

After removing the bottom column, do the same procedure with the upper steering column cover. Did you manage to locate the ignition switch over there?

Now disconnect and draw out the ignition switch; replace it with the new one, insert everything back to its place, and remove the memory saver.

Aftermarket Radio Stays On When Car Is Off With Key Why & the Solutions

Are you persistently having the problem car radio on with ignition off since you installed the aftermarket radio?

Are you wondering what could be possibly the crux of the matter? Have you ever heard of the unit head wiring system?


A unit head wiring system features to control the stereo, weather & navigation systems of your car and contains one ground wire and two power wires in a unit head.

Out of the two power wires, one possesses power while the other remains hot the whole time whenever your car engine is running.

However, you get in dire straits when both the power wires interchange their point of connection.

Even though it’s not a can of worms, you need to be careful what wires are appropriate for your radio functions.

Besides, if you plug the wire into the incorrect connection points, the radio won’t turn off even if you shut the engine.


  • Detach the car stereo system and glove box; unplug the head unit wirings(that’s overheating the system) with a screwdriver.
  • Test the voltage of each wire with a test light or voltmeter in the head unit. If the voltage is accurate, then check the temperature of the wire.
  • Now inspect the temperature of all the wires; Are they scorching? If yes, the problem is either in the ground wires or power wires of your head unit.
  • In the end, secure the wires to their appropriate connections; upgrading it would resolve the overheating and radio system issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Car Radio Wont Turn Off When Door Opens

Will my car battery wear out if I leave the radio system on?

The chances your battery will wear out depends on the systems in progress. That is to say, if you have a standard OEM factory radio, there are fewer chances of battery drainage.

However, air conditioners and heaters multiply the risk as they draw a lot of power.

Should I switch off my car stereo system before shutting the engine?

It varies with your automobile model; if you have an old model, the battery wears out over time when you don’t switch off your car stereo system before shutting the engine.

However, the latest car models come with the latest technologies that turn off the radio system itself before you shut the engine.

How do I guess if my car has a faulty door switch or radio timer?

There is no rocket science in guessing whether you have a faulty door switch or radio timer system.

Like we said before, you can experience one of either situations when you shut the engine and the doors.

  • The radio system & dome lights ON indicate an issue with the door switch.
  • The radio system is ON; dome lights OFF indicate a problem with the radio timer.


The points we mentioned above are what you need to know as a car owner or a car repair professional whenever your car radio wont turn off when door opens.

Now that we shared our outlook related to the stereo system- were you able to call the shots and troubleshoot the issues?

We hope that we could help you with the questions stuck in your mind. Be sure to share your ordeal with us.

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