10 Best Coax Switch of 2024 Review – Low Loss & High Isolation

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Like any other product, selecting the best coax switch requires proper market research. Firstly, you have to consider the qualities you desire in a coax switch.

The next step is to examine the several options available in the market carefully. With so many similar options to select from, buying a coax switch can sometimes be stressful.

In this post, we have taken our time to go through some of the best coax options. Read on to know which one is best for you.

Best Coax Switch Comparison Table (Updated 2024)

Brand NameDetail
Alpha Delta
Diamond CX210A
Daiwa CS-201A
Anteenna TW-102
Diamond CX310A
Anteenna TW-102A
Anteenna TW-103

What is the Best Coax Switch?

The best coax switch is always the one that offers the most features compared to other similarly priced models.

That is why the Diamond Coax switches are our recommended antenna switches. They offer quality signals with low interferences.

Why MFJ-1702 Coax Switch is the best brand for Coax Switch?

First of all, the MFJ-1702 Coax Switches are better in quality than other brands in the market.

The manufacturers are also well known for always going the extra mile to make sure their buyers are satisfied.

That’s why we chose the MFJ-1702 as our recommended coax switch choice. The coaxial switch can take in much power without damaging any of its components.

It also works well with antennas to provide quality signals with minimal noise or interference.

Top 10 Best Coax Switches Review & Buying Guide

01. MFJ-1702 Coax Switch – Best 2 Position HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Switch

Highlighted Features

  • 2-Position Switch
  • SWR below 1:2:1
  • Centre Ground Protection
  • Low Insertion Losses
  • High Isolation

MFJ has been consistently known for the manufacture of reliable products, and the MFJ-1702 is not an exception.

Being a 2 Position switch, this coaxial antenna switch allows for a smooth switch between 2 radios/1 antenna and 1 radio/2 antennas connection.

The operating efficiency is also superb because of the switch SWR rating below 1:2:1.

Other parameters, like the low insertion losses and high isolation values, further prove this antenna switch’s quality.

However, one outstanding feature of this switch is the safety it offers through its center-ground protection.

Thus, the risk of getting damaged by electrical surges is minimized.

Still, on safety, this MFJ switch has a low point. There is no protection against lightning surges.

Nevertheless, you can try out the close model type named MFJ-1702C for the inclusion of this feature.


  • The switch is protected from damages caused by electrical surges
  • Provides minimal noise levels during operation


  • Does not have protection against lightning surge

02. Original Delta-2 Delta-2B Coax Switch – Best Alpha Delta Switch

Highlighted Features

  • 4 Ounces Weight Capacity
  • 2-Position Coax Switch
  • Surge Protector
  • SO-239 Connectors
  • 2000W Maximum Power

This original Alpha Delta original coaxial switch comes with a mix of quality and cool design. The Delta-2 Delta-2B model is a 2-position type of coaxial switch.

Like the other 2-position switches, this Delta coaxial switch can also connect 1 antenna to 2 radios or vice versa.

Connecting ports for both input and output terminals of this switch are the SO-239 connector type. The coax switch operates safely and even has a surge protector.

The maximum power that the switch can allow is 2000 Watts. The switch operates at the highest frequency of 500MHz, which is a bit lesser than the average value of other switches.


  • It has protection against electrical surges
  • Can be used to connect separate two antennas to one radio

03. Diamond CX210A Coax Switch – Best Heavy-Duty Wideband Switch

Highlighted Features

  • 06 Pounds Weight Capacity
  • 1500W Maximum Power
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • SO-239 UHF Female Connectors

This original coax switch manufactured by the Diamond brand is a good buy that will serve your antenna switching requirements.

Designed as a two-position coaxial switch, this Diamond CX210A model can function for two antennas with one radio or one antenna with two radios.

Besides, it exhibits very low insertion losses and high isolation values.

The high isolation values of 60dB or 70dB depending on the frequency are very useful in reducing possible interferences caused by external devices.

Also, the low insertion loss values are in the range of 0.05dB to 0.10dB depending on the operating frequencies.

In addition, this coax switch is manually operated and can handle HF frequency of up to 1000MHz. The maximum power rating is 1500W, and the input and output jacks of the switch are both UHF female SO-239 connectors.

You will also appreciate the relative ease of use. This coax switch has two removable screws at the switch’s bottom that allows for easy mounting.


  • Can easily switch two radios to the same antenna
  • Excellent mechanical design
  • Produces clear signals


  • Designed primarily for radios. No F-Connector for TV antennas

04. Daiwa CS-201A Coax Switch – Best 2-Position Coax Switch

Highlighted Features

  • 600MHz Maximum Frequency
  • 2500W Maximum Power
  • 2-Position Coax Switch
  • Low Insertion Losses
  • UHF Female SO-239 Connectors

By purchasing this Daiwa coax switch, issues regarding disconnecting cables to connect to another radio on the same antenna can be solved.

It will fit perfectly with your amateur HAM radio.

The coax switch allows you to use two antennas on the same radio, or an antenna for two radios depending on your choice.

Disturbances from external devices are also limited because of the high isolation of 60dB.

Another reason to consider buying this Daiwa CS-201A coax switch is its safe mode of operation.

The switch operates by isolating and automatically grounding the unused terminal when the power is on.

The switch also makes use of two output ports with UHF-Female SO-239 connectors.

With a low insertion loss, you can be sure that this coax switch works efficiently.

Also, the operating power can be as high as 2500W with a frequency range up to 600MHz.

As a result, you can use this Daiwa coax switch on a radio that’s connected to a VHF or UHF antenna.


  • Allows swift switch between two antennas or radios
  • No disturbance from external devices


  • Not waterproof

05. Anteenna TW-102 Coaxial Switch – Best Antenna Switch for Radios

Highlighted Features

  • 8 Ounces Weight Capacity
  • 2-Position Coax Switch
  • UHF Female SO-239 Connectors
  • Low Insertion Losses
  • Up to 1000MHz frequency

Manufactured by the Anteenna brand, the TW-102 coaxial switch is suitable for commercial and amateur radios.

As a 2-position coaxial switch, it is also ideal for both 1×2 and 2×1 applications. That is one antenna/two radios or two antenna/one radio.

The design is another feature that will likely catch your attention. This coaxial switch is built like a tank and has gold plated connectors for the output ports.

The connector type used is the UHF SO-239 female connector.

With a high taste for excellent performance, this coaxial switch exhibits very low noise and low insertion losses.

Noise caused by interference from external devices is at the lowest level.

In addition, the operating frequency range is great and can be as high as 1000MHz. However, there is bound to be more insertion loss at higher frequency levels.


  • Provides for an easy switch between radios and antennas
  • Minimal Power Loss
  • Works well with low or zero interference


  • Not waterproof

06. OPEK CX-5 Antenna Switch – Best 3 Position Coaxial Switch

Highlighted Features

  • 3-Position Switch
  • SO-239 Connectors
  • Max Frequency of 500MHz
  • Max Operating Power of 1000W

Another best coax switch is the OPEK CX-5. OPEK CX-5 is a 3-position coaxial switch by the OPEK brand designed for use in your two-way VHF, HF, or UFH radios.

If you are already tired of having to unplug wires to switch between radios, this coaxial switch is for you.

Built as a 3-position antenna switch, this coaxial switch can effectively switch between 3 radios/1 antenna setup or 3 antennas/1 radio.

The output ports for connection are the SO-239 type that can also accept the very common PL-259 connectors.

However, the isolation between ports is not so great, so this coax switch loses some review points.

At an operating frequency range of 500MHz max, the isolation value is not so high. Hence, the reduction of external noise is average and a little lower than expected.


  • Can be used for up to 3 radios or antennas
  • Can take in much power without getting damaged


  • Signals are noisy sometimes

07. MFJ-1702C Coax Antenna Switch – Best HF/VHF/UHF 2 Position Switch

Highlighted Features

  • Centre Ground Protection
  • 2-Position Antenna Switch
  • SO-239 Connectors
  • High Efficiency
  • Minimal Insertion Losses

This coax switch by MFJ is designed to work well for your HAM radio. It is a 2-position coax type.

Therefore, it can work well with your 2 radios/1 antenna or 1 radio/2 antennas connections.

With a unit weight of 14.4 ounces, this coax switch is well built and has a solid dimension of 1 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches.

Compared to other best coax switches, the distinct feature here is the center ground protection mechanism.

The protection mechanism serves to protect the device against a surge in electricity supply.

The performance of this coax switch is probably going to exceed your expectations.

The SWR is lower than 1:2:1, which is suitable for maximum efficiency. Insertion losses experienced are also minimal.

Isolation value of 60dB is relatively high, which means you can enjoy continuous access to your UHF and VHF channels from your radios without interference.

Also, the frequency range for operation is 450MHz.


  • The switch has a central ground protection mechanism
  • Produces low noises/interference during use


  • Not weatherproof. Unsuitable for outdoor use

08. CX310A Diamond Coax Switch – Beat Wideband Switch

Highlighted Features

  • 32 Pounds Weight Capacity
  • 3 Position Coaxial Switch
  • High Isolation Values
  • Low Insertion losses
  • UHF female SO-239 Connectors

Designed by the Diamond brand, this CX310A coax switch is an excellent choice for solving the problem of always disconnecting wires before switching radios.

As a 3-position coaxial switch, it can be used for connecting 3 radios to an antenna and vice versa.

Whether it is 3 radios/antenna or otherwise, you can be sure to experience the lowest noise or interference possible. This is because of the high isolation values.

This switch’s efficiency is also guaranteed because of the low power loss in the form of insertion losses.

Hence, better signals are received, and the switches do not get hot quickly.

Connection of radios is done via the input and output UHF female SO-239 jacks.

At maximum operating conditions, power can be as high as 1500 Watts. The frequency range can also shoot as high as 800MHz for HF signals.


  • Works efficiently with the lowest possible interference
  • Can allow connection of up to 3 antennas or radios


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

09. Anteenna TW 102A – Best 2 Position Coax Switch for HAM radios

Highlighted Features

  • 2-Position Switch
  • 1500W Maximum Power
  • Low Insertion Losses
  • UHF Female SO-239 Connectors

Produced by Anteenna, the TW-102A is one of the best coax switches we recommend you check out.

It works well with HAM radios and can be used for connecting 2 radios to 1 antenna or 1 radio to 2 antennas.

The connection of your radios with the switch is via the UHF female SO-239 connectors at both input and output terminals.

Also, the switch operates in such a way that it loses only a little power. This can be accounted for through the low insertion loss values.

The maximum power that can flow through the switch is 1500 Watts, and the frequency could be as high as 1000MHz.


  • Easy switch between two radios on the same antenna
  • Efficient working conditions


  • It is not suitable for outdoor use

10. TW-103 Coax Switch – Best Anteenna 3 Position Switch

Highlighted Features

  • 28 Pounds Weight Capacity
  • 3-Position Coax Switch
  • 800MHz Max Frequency
  • 1500W Max Power

If you have ever gotten tired of having to remove wires when switching from one radio to another, then this Anteenna coax switch is for you.

The Anteenna is the 3-position type which means it can support the connection of three radios/1 antenna or that of 1 radio/3 antenna.

Asides from its wide range of application, this TW-103 coax switch’s design is certainly something that would interest you too.

The input and output terminals of the switch are gold plaited. The connectors are also unique and are of the UHF female SO-239 connectors.

Other notable features are the low noise values and low insertion or power losses observed in this item’s use.

The maximum power that can go through is 1500W at a frequency range of about 30MHz. However, power levels can change, and the frequency range shoots as high as 800MHz.


  • Produces very low noise levels during operation
  • Works well on up to three radios to one antenna


  • It is not designed for outdoor use

Buying Facts of Best Coax Switch

Purchase of a new transceiver, a new radio, or damage to an old coaxial switch are some of the reasons why you might consider getting a new coaxial switch.

To some people, getting a cheap used switch off the net might seem like the best option.

However, the use of an incompatible switch can put the whole radio and antenna setup at risk.

For every coaxial switch, there are specified manufacturer’s ratings for safe working conditions.

The factors that determine these ratings are what determines what coax switch is the best.

So, what are these factors?

Isolation Value

Isolation is the degree of variation from unwanted signals. The definition makes more sense when considering the coaxial switches that allow two or more radio-antenna simultaneous configurations.

Isolation is also the factor responsible for a smooth switch between connections on the same antenna.

For instance, consider 2 radios to antenna arrangement. One would expect the differences in signals transmitted and received from each radio to disturb.

However, that’s not the case in quality coaxial switches.

Therefore, an excellent coaxial switch is an antenna switch with a high isolation value to reduce interferences and noise that might want to occur.

Reduction in these interferences increases efficiency.

Recommended isolation value for a high-quality coax switch starts from 50dB and above.

Insertion Loss

High insertion losses will decrease the received signal levels. It also causes heat during signal transmission.

These insertion losses are power losses. In some cases, they are called transmission losses instead.

Insertion loss refers to the amount of power that a switch loses while it’s working.  Therefore, a good coax switch should be one that experiences minimal insertion losses.

Recommended levels for insertion losses should not exceed 0.1dB or 0.2 dB at most. Any value beyond this is not recommended.

In addition, higher operating frequencies can also depict higher insertion losses. More power is being used at higher frequencies, and that explains the higher overall loss of power.

Therefore, special attention should be given to check your switch’s expected insertion loss values before purchase.

Switch SWR

Like we said, high isolation leads to increased efficiency of your coax switch. The switch SWR also affects your switch’s efficiency.

Getting a switch that can operate at maximum efficiency levels means getting one with an SWR rating of less than 1:2:1.

The SWR rating is a bit dependent on your insertion loss. Higher SWR rating results from higher insertion loss. That’s another reason why insertion losses should be avoided.

Also, a lower SWR rating implies lower insertion losses. Again, at higher operating frequencies, care should be taken because of increased tendencies to have higher SWR ratings.

Mechanical Design

While weight does not necessarily mean quality, it can be an indicator of good component packing.

A good coax switch should feel solid to hold. Solid connectors should also be used and not those that quickly get loose or fall off.

Proper maintenance is advised but only adequate maintenance for quality materials. As much as possible, avoid lightweight coaxial switches that appear to be less rigid.

The material of construction can also be looked into. Metallic framed switches are more resistant to break during a fall than lightweight plastic. Durability is crucial in getting the right switch.

Power Rating

Power rating refers to the amount of power that a switch can safely handle. It is often a factor of the design type or the materials used to construct the switch.

Even the best coax switches have a power specification that states the limited power they can take.

Exceeding these recommended values can lead to damages in the switch or failure in the proper working conditions of connected devices.

Safety Mechanisms

A good switch should have safety mechanisms like a center ground protection system if there is an unexpected electricity supply surge.

Some other coax switch even has lightning arrestors that guarantee safety in handling your radio during lightning.

Besides, the material (in the case of metallic frames) should be one that does not get electrified.


Selecting the best coax switch entirely depends on how you plan to use it. However, the coaxial switches we have discussed are good ones to consider choosing from.

A careful check for the buying considerations we discussed compared to what you plan to achieve is a good starting point towards making the best selection.

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