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It’s normal for drivers to desire certain entertainment to concentrate while driving, and music is one of the most common options.

Every car owners understand what their vehicle stereos is capable of, but we all overlook the simple fact that the radio is located inside the car is an essential component of the radio.

Most car owners might prefer using AirPods or earpieces when driving, thereby the need for a car stereo is minimal, but for some car owners who prefer using car stereo.

we will discuss some of the best floating car stereos that can be used in this content, we will tell you about the best stereo to be used in your car.

The car stereo is the heart of any automotive audio system; if you’re in the market for a new one, you should look for one with good features and characteristics.

Finding a suitable Car stereo might be difficult due to the many items available in this area.

Although the final decision on your Car radio will be based on personal opinion, you should look for specific aspects before purchasing.

As a result, knowing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each product will help you make a better decision, necessitating the creation of this review.

We’ve gathered a list of product information you should watch out for before purchasing.

A Table of Best Floating Screen Car Stereo [Updated 2024]

Brand NameDetails
Sony XAV-AX8000
BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10RC
Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX
Alpine iLX-F411
Power Acoustik PDN-1060HB
Planet Audio P100CPAC
IYING 10.1 Inch

What Is The Best Floating  Car Stereo?

Sony XAV-AX8000 is the best floating screen car stereo.

Based on current research, there are various brands of car stereos with distinguished features.

However, when compared to the features Sony XAV-AX800 possesses a Multimedia receiver coupled AM and FM tune.

This is an important feature of the stereo this brand remains the best out of all the stereo available in the car stereo market.

Why Sony XAV-AX8000 is The Best Brand For Floating  Car Stereo?

The Sony XAV-AX8000 is a high-powered media receiver with Android and Apple voice control.

With the Dynamic Stage Organizer, you may design your virtual speakers on the dashboard, giving you a lot of flexibility.

The device has Apple Carplay, Touch screen feature, Android Auto, Weblink, a rearview camera, and excellent navigation, as one would expect from a top-performing modern car stereo.

If you want to get a new car radio, Sony XAV is without a doubt the best brand to choose.

Top 12 Best Floating Screen Car Stereo Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2024

1. Sony XAV-AX8000 – Best Quality Floating Screen Car Stereo

Highlighted Features

  • It Fits single-DIN dash openings
  • Multimedia receiver coupled AM and FM tune
  • 10-band graphic equalizer
  • Can work with MP3, FLAC, and WMA music files

The Sony AX8000 helps control everything on the road, to give no distraction.

The large and crystal clear touchscreen enables you direct control over playing music and your smartphone functions.

The device possesses a rearview camera that allows the user to park properly.

The Extra Bass, a significant component of this device, contributes to the low-end power.

The device possesses virtual speakers placed generally on the car’s dashboard, which serves as a Dynamic Stage Organizer.

The essential ergonomic function of this device allows for easy operation.

“For vehicle owners who thought they’d never be able to have an interface this huge in their dash, our single-DIN (2″ height) chassis design opens up incredible possibilities.”


  • Excellent Audio and Sound
  • Nice Responsive Touchscreen
  • Balanced EQ control


  • Zero Video Output
  • Bad Saturation ability

2. BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10RC – Best Car Stereo Floating Screen

Highlighted Features

  • No-CD or DVD Player, Plays Bluetooth/USB, MP3, WAV, AVI, FM/AM
  • Compatible with Smart Phones MP3 Players
  • USB, Rear Camera, and a Steering Control system
  • Multi-Color Illumination Options

This audio device is compatible with various streaming platforms and allows the user to stream wirelessly while connected to a smartphone.

The primary distinguishing feature is that the user can connect and listen to music by wirelessly streaming music services, e.g., Pandora or Spotify, e.t.c.

The Aux Input allows the user to connect to external devices such as MP3 players and Android devices with audio output.

The Bluetooth, a unique feature of this device, allows you to use hands-free with a functioning Bluetooth device.

The person using the device will be able to communicate using this built-in microphone or listen through the car’s speakers.

The Pre-Amp Output on the box of this device enables the user to add up to 3 amps and signal processors to the front and rear channels

The rear camera input is an essential feature of this device, and it enhances both safety and convenience.


  • Screen adjustable height
  • Good GPS
  • Audio auto to minimize distractions


  • Difficulties in switching between presets
  • Buggy menus

3. JVC KW-Z1000W Receiver

Highlighted Features

  • HD Touch screen Display
  • 13 stereo equalizer coupled time alignment
  • Audio streaming is enabled
  • Apple CarPlay compatibility
  • Manual tilt angle adjustment

JVC KW-Z1000W is a valuable device with varieties of functions, and this device allows the user to navigate in different directions when driving using the HD touch screen display.

Since it’s possible to use more than two devices in your vehicle, the device allows the user to connect and pair two Bluetooth-equipped phones and can be exchanged when having a hand-free call.

Also, when the user decides to stream audio, the streaming feature of this device allows the user to pair five phones, so everyone can select the favorite audio to listen to.

The device is also compatible with Apple Carplay or the working Android auto, and this device usually will play music or audio files stored on a USB drive.

However, when connected to Apple Carplay or the popular android auto, the users can enjoy more music from the internet, Radio programs, and various podcast apps.

Even with a SiriusXM tuner attached to this device, the user can enjoy radio stations that won’t fade away and even enjoy satellite radio’s deep programming from time to time.

“Due to the large screen size and a good resolution, jagged edges of the presented image are removed, resulting in clear and vibrant images.”


  • Large screen
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • Snappy and responsive


  • 720p display
  • Difficulty during installation; no proper guidelines

4. Stinger HEIGH10

Highlighted Features

  • High-definition Touchscreen display
  • SiriusXM Replay
  • MicroSD card port
  • Double USB inputs
  • 5-Amp sound output

Stinger HEIGH10 is a car stereo with screen size and a full visual experience.

It allows the user to enjoy GPS navigation while using this device with a mobile phone.

A Bluetooth-enabled device can also be connected to this device; this enables the user to answer calls, listen to music, and minimize any form of distractions while driving.

The Sirius XM with Replay feature allows the user to enjoy several radio channels, which can be paused, rewind, and replayed for up to 60mins. However, the platform offers a free and paid version.

While you can connect external DVD players and streaming devices via the HDMI input to enjoy video content.

The user should apply to passengers only because drivers should avoid watching video content while driving, which is vital for safety and guidance.

This device’s display and receiver are two different elements designed for modular installation.

These elements make it usable for any car, even if space at the back OEM radio being restored is small or not available.


  • Simple and convenient to navigate
  • A lot of features
  • Decent capacitive display, even at 600p


  • Laggy performance at times
  • Expensive

5. ATOTO S8 Video Receiver

Highlighted Features

  • Customized Digital Signal Plate
  • 32 adjustable frequency bands
  • High sensitivity stereo tune
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • GPS Receiver feature

The ATOTO S8 stereo comes with a 178° viewing IPS screen, which improves viewing in bright sunlight.

Furthermore, IPS display technology delivers excellent color rendition and maintains display naturalness.

Handling a car stereo while driving can be dangerous; however, this gadget has a unique feature that allows it to match up to 24 regularly used tasks with the steering wheel audio key.

The stereo allows about 5-6 touch gestures, which include a 2-3 figure screen tap to switch in between the EQ modes and more.

“The Brand has implemented USB network tethering, which allows customers to exchange phone data with the S8 via USB connection.”


  • Easy Operation to Ensure Safe Driving
  • Ultra-smooth touchscreen experience
  • No restrictions while driving


  • Complex Audio quality controls
  • Large edges around the screen
  • Incompatible with some streaming devices

6. Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX

Highlighted Features

  • High-Resolution Audio music playback
  • Wireless Audio play and Android auto
  • Digital Media Feature
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • 720p display

Pioneer DMH supports both wired and wireless connections, and it’s compatible with Android Auto and Android play.

This enables the user to secure access to music apps, GPS navigation, and communication while driving to minimize any form of distraction.

While configuring the display of this device, it gives room for a large screen display using a Universal chassis.

The screen is easily adjustable, as this can be tilted in various directions, depending on how the user wants it to be in the vehicle’s dash.

The stereo Assist, which offers home screen regularization, web browsing, and other interesting features, is compatible with the Pioneer DMH in-dash receiver.

Making it easy to save websites to your car’s bookmarks, register your favorite sports teams to receive real-time game updates, customize your smartphone’s notifications, and more.

The device also allows the user to modify the receiver’s home screen, including uploading a background image.

“Pioneer stereo is a hallmark of good and quality sound.

The brand has a wide range of in-dash CD players and A/V receivers, with something affordable for every buyer.”


  • Easy to use USB control
  • high-end sound quality
  • High speaker sensitivity


  • It takes time to change from disc to radio
  • Difficulty in operation

7. Alpine iLX-F411 1-DIN

Highlighted Features

  • 11-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Auto Bluetooth features
  • Audio streaming SiriusXM
  • Rearview RCA Camera input

The Alpine Halo11 has a display platform that makes the icons more visible for selection while driving; this is an advantage owing to its large screen size.

The device has been constructed such that the display screen can be positioned in different directions and angles while still having access to the dash controls and system.

The F411 locks in for installation once you’ve chosen the optimal location.

The touchscreen may be modified depending on your choice, and you can use it to move icons about using drag-and-drop actions with your finger.

Using a thumb drive, create a customizable wallpaper from your images.

The device is also compatible with Apple Carplay, and this device usually will play music or audio files stored on a USB drive.

However, when connected to Apple Carplay users are able to listen to internet music and various podcast apps.

The Alpine iLX-F411 Halo11 digital receiver provides you the experience of sitting in front of a large drive-in theater screen, yet from the comfort of your dash.


  • Picture Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Functionality and Workmanship


  • Wired Carplay
  • Low Resolution

8. Power Acoustik PDN

Highlighted Features

  • 10.6-inch Capacitive LCD Screen
  • Multi-band Audio Equalizer with presets
  • CEA-2006  amplifier
  • CD text information display
  • Power Output

Power Acoustik car stereo provides perfect navigation while driving, and this also mirrors the receiver’s screen onto your car stereo.

This is made possible through GPS navigation.

Wireless audio streaming from a mobile device to the car radio is possible with this gadget.

Most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones have an on-screen interface that allows you to accept or reject calls.

An 8 or 10-band graphic equalizer is available on some multimedia source units.

By adjusting the levels of the various frequencies, users can fine-tune the audio to their preferences.

“Auxiliary (3.5mm) audio input and USB connections are included on some Power Acoustik receivers for convenient connection.”


  • Ease of use and navigation
  • Multiple playback options
  • Support multiple file formats
  • Sound quality


  • Not a solid sounding head unit
  • GPS has difficulty finding a signal

9. Planet Audio P100CPAC

Highlighted Features

  • 10.1-Inch LED Touchscreen display
  • Multicolor Illumination
  • In-dash AM/FM, MP3, USB Car Stereo Receiver

Planet Audio P100CPAC has a flexible display screen that can be easily adjusted; the screen can be placed 25 degrees to the back, 25 degrees to the front, and when projected 15 degrees up and down.

The device has icons and multi-color buttons.

Also, it’s easy to detach this device from the receiver, making it flexible; to remove this device, press the two buttons behind the screen, and remove it easily.

The device enables the user to select CarPlay-related icons and any other system settings and preferences with ease.

This can be possible because the device has a large 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen monitor.

Connecting an external DVD player or a camera to the AV input will provide an advantage of listening to exciting AM/FM radio stations or making use of the USB port to expand your options.

The Multi-Color Illumination Option allows the user to select from multi-color illumination options for backlighting the unit.

For an affordable price, you will get high-quality sound.

It has a stylish design with a lit pattern that makes the device one of the best available in the market for amps.

Planet Audio is a reputable brand.


  • Rear USB input
  • Matching color-coded wiring
  • Ease of use and quality of construction


  • No backup camera
  • Buggy menus


Highlighted Features

  • 9-inch Touch Screen
  •  Compatible with Apple CarPlay
  • Music Streaming
  • Backup Camera Input
  • USB Playback & Charging

JENSEN J1CA9 has a display screen that provides a good viewing experience.

It’s compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, making it quite easy to make calls and also return them; you can also listen to voicemails, send and reply to text messages as well.

The gadget also gives the user access to all favorite music, with artist and track information displayed right on the screen.

As well as turn-by-turn directions and the ability to reflect the receiver’s screen onto the vehicle stereo.

The enhanced Bluetooth Wireless technology makes it simple to pair with most Bluetooth devices, enabling the user to receive all calls while driving.

From the home screen, the user can view and control Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify apps and stream wireless music from Apple or Android devices, including any music stored on them.

Because we use our phones so often, we included a front and rear USB input with rapid charging on each, ensuring that you never run out of juice.


  • Hands-Free stereo
  • Goof and quality sound
  • Easy to use


  • Feeble output Amp
  • Can’t hear phone calls and text playback

11. IYING 10.1

Highlighted Features

  • 10.1-inch IPS touch screen
  • Steering wheel control
  • AM/FM & Bluetooth function
  • Supports wired android auto

Every vehicle this device is installed allows the user to enjoy smooth communication and operation on Android devices.

The device supports iPhone screen mirroring, allowing the user to project the iPhone screen onto the head unit’s screen.

It also supports Wireless CarPlay, which is more convenient than a wired connection and allows you to do everything you want on your phone while driving, including making calls, using maps, listening to music, and checking messages.


  • The screen is responsive
  • The screen display is huge


  • No RCA for any amp outputs
  • The radio portion doesn’t save presets
  • No equalizer setting to adjust sound quality further

12. Kenwood DMX1057XR Excelon

Highlighted Features

  • 10.1 HD Touchscreen display
  • Wi-Fi Certified
  • Widget controls
  • Clear  lighting
  • Volume unit controls

The display gives a good view of large and accessible information to see with just a glance.

The LCD panel provides a wider viewing angle in different directions.

It allows the protective film to reduce reflection coming from the sun, providing the user an opportunity to enjoy clear images from back and front seats.

“KENWOOD excelon products were created with the goal of providing the best possible listening experience. “


  • Better and quality sound
  • Great resolution
  • Vehicle display feature


  • No front-facing USB
  • The radio keeps freezing

The Buying Guide of Best Floating Screen Car Stereo

Even though this article has provided you with the proper product review for the varieties of Car stereo products you can buy, there are some factors you still have to consider.

Understandably, deciding on the final product to add to your cart might be a little bit challenging as many sellers and products are available.

However, you may choose the best device based on various conditions, which may include the following:


Price is a significant deciding element when choosing the best thing to buy; I’m sure you don’t want to spend more than you have, but you still want to get a high-quality product with great features.

It’s critical to analyze the product’s pricing, as it can impact your purchasing decision.

Since the vital characteristics of the various goods you can choose have been provided.

You must compare the main features of all current products and choose the product with standard features and a lower price.


An essential factor that should be considered when buying the best floating screen car stereo is the brand.

It’s possible some popular brands of a particular product can be more expensive than the other ones, and this is because their product’s quality is well-known and dependable.

The brand might make a big impact on longevity, efficiency, and quality, depending on the product you want.


It would be best to question why you need to buy the best floating screen car stereo.

Genuinely putting an answer to that question will give you more insight, this will assist you in choosing the best car radio for you.

When purchasing a one-time use product, you may not want to spend as much as you would if buying a product that you will use every day for a long time.

Trust me, product reviews are pertinent; the reviews give you an insight that will help you select the best car stereo.

This will influence you to see the comments of previous buyers that have purchased the product before.

Most of the reviews reflect an excellent way that the product you intend to go for is of the best quality.

On the other hand, if previous buyers have complained about the product, you might Want To Reconsider Going For Another Product.

Pros And Cons of The Product

This is quite similar to product reviews, and you must be familiar with the pros and cons of the product you intend to go for, as it will guide you in choosing the best product.

Knowing the drawbacks ahead of time will save you from being worried about the quality of the product after you receive it.

To acquire the most fantastic reviews, look up reviews online then ask around for people that have used these products before.

Common Problems of A Floating Screen Car Stereo

Sometimes, we all love to listen to our most adorable songs, podcasts, and even our exciting radio programs, while having a long-distance drive.

However, it can be discouraging when you realize that your cherished car stereo system has begun to malfunction.

Most times, the dysfunctionality of one component of your car stereo can affect the entire system, thereby thinking the whole stereo is faulty.

Here, you’re provided with some common problems that could affect your car stereo.

Overheating of The Car Stereo

The Car stereo can develop a fault, which can be a result of overheating of the stereo; the reason for overheating is incorrect wiring.

However, it’s something you can fix; check the entire wiring, and ensure they are all properly positioned.

Also, ensure you make use of the suitable cable.

Decrease in Turnover of The Car Stereo

Once you start noticing a decrease in the turnover of your stereo, you should consider checking the power cable connection.

It’s possible the cables must have been disconnected, resulting in why your Car stereo is not powering on.

Ensure the cables are properly positioned.

If the product is damaged, you may need to replace/repair them.

Disruption in The Car Stereo’s Car Sound Production

If the speakers are not adequately functioning well, and you’ve been experiencing difficulty in listening to the sound of your stereo, you should consider checking the speaker cable connection.

If they are firmly connected, it might be due to some overheating.

An overheating amp can make the sound cut on and off.

The General FAQs of Best Floating Screen Car Stereo

Is it Possible To Attach GPS Navigation To My Car Stereo?

Yes, you can! Do you know why?

Attaching a GPS navigation requires you to obtain a touchscreen stereo; however, you will be provided with two options; Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

The car stereo is compatible with these two options, and it allows you to enjoy your favorite GPS app.

If you don’t like the idea of tying your android device to the stereo so you can enjoy GPS navigation, you can decide to opt-in for a new stereo that has an in-built GPS navigation.

Will My Car Stereo Allow Me To Listen To My Favorite Music App?

Absolutely! You can listen to music from your phone on the radio when connected through USB or Bluetooth.

For a “real” vehicle stereo experience, use CarPlay to use the music apps from the radio’s touchscreen.

Will This Floating Screen Car Stereo Perfectly Fit My Car?

Yes, it will. These products have been designed and constructed to match every vehicle size.

Regardless of the size of the dashboard or the door panels, these products will perfectly fit your car.

The installation guide will give you more insight into how to fix this product to your vehicle perfectly

Will This Floating Screen Car Stereo Work With My Car’s Backup Camera?

Newly designed stereos have been constructed to work with your back camera.

You can check that in the product features.

If your vehicle does not possess a camera, you can get working backup stereo cameras under the “Accessories” tab


Before you begin to think of buying a new car stereo, you need to ask yourself- why do you need to get one?

Or rather, what are you looking for?

Genuinely finding the answer to the question will guarantee you precise insight which will give you hints to select the best car stereo for you.

Several factors should be considered, and these factors can influence your buying decision, some of which include; the product pros, and cons of each product, e.t.c in which we have discussed in the article.

We hope you have learned one or two things that can influence your decision-making when trying to get the best stereo for your car, if so, please do well to leave a comment or ask any question and we will gladly reply to you.

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