5 DIY Ways of How To Block Radio Waves In Your House

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When you realize how radio waves affect the body, you may want to find out how to block radio waves in your house.

Radio waves have their good and bad sides.

Our social life revolves around listening to the radio, chatting/texting friends and family members, and catching up with our favorite shows on the TV.

All of these activities are achievable with the aid of radio waves.

While its influence on our social life is numerous and undeniable, it comes at a cost.

Hence, the need to make the necessary approach towards blocking radio waves from your home.

What are Radio Waves & How Do They Interfere?

Radio waves are known as electromagnetic radiation.

When you study or take a look at the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves have the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency.

Radio waves can be natural or man-made.

They are essential in technology, used across all sectors of the economy (private and government institutions), and play significant roles in broadcasting and communication.

Considering the rapid adoption and use of technology in today’s world, especially in highly industrialized cities or regions.

The persuasiveness or influence of radio waves can’t be denied.

Radio waves can travel through several types or classes of materials or substances ranging from solid to liquid.

Not only that, they travel/move in the air over unimaginable or extended distances.

Wax paper, dry wood, rubber, plastic, cotton, and glass are popular materials that do not restrict or obstruct radio waves dues to their frequencies.

Not only that, radio ways can find their way into the house through popular channels such as the windows, walls, doors, and some other smaller openings.

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Problems Caused By RF/EMF Interference

So, how do radio waves interfere, and why should you be bothered?

RF/EMF interference is a constant occurrence that the majority of individuals experience in their homes.

This interference breaks in from almost every corner of your apartment at every time of the day.

While RF/EMF interference does not have any concrete or verified health implications, it can be discomforting and annoying.

For instance, if your house is bombarded by continuous radiofrequency radiation, the body may eventually absorb them in quite a large amount.

As a result, this may result in the production of heat.

In the end, you may experience burns and may also cause damage to the body tissues.

Although no profound reports are associating radiofrequency radiation to the destruction of DNA cells which may later result in cancer ( a similar scenario widely attributed to ionizing radiation).

However, several concerns have been raised about the possible effect that some classes of non-ionizing radiation may have on the cell in some situations or conditions, which might somehow lead to cancer.

How To Detect Radiation and Locate The Source?

Radiation gets into the house through various sources in the form of light.

The common/familiar sources include windows, doors, and walls.

The highest amount is radiation comes into the house through the windows, this time, as sunlight.

On the other hand, the walls capture the heat externally (from outside the house) and then transfer it inwardly (inside the house).

Also, if there is faulty or old wiring in your house, this may result in EMF.

However, the difference is that it doesn’t necessarily produce a noticeable heating effect.

To achieve an accurate location or/and radiation detection in your home, you can get any EMF readers you can find on the market. A popular option is the Trified TF2.

DIY 5 Process of How To Block Radio Waves in Your House

This section will discuss how to stop RF/EMF interference in your house using the most effective and popular techniques.

01. Application Of Carbon-Based Radiofrequency Blocking/Shielding Paint

This type of paint has been considered highly effective in shielding radio waves from entering the house.

In case you have tried several means to prevent RF from your home in the past without any results to show for it, here is a great approach to adopt.

When the paint is applied on the walls of your home or where you want to eliminate possible interference.

It creates a solid protective surface or layer, restricting/eliminating penetration in the process.

For best performance, you can engage in the internal and external application or coating (you paint the walls both on the inside and outside).

There are several brands of carbon-based RF blocking paints in the market.

Usually, these paints are prepared to prevent about 99% of radiofrequency and microwave radiation from entering the house.

You can apply these paints as a primer during interior décor.

If you have already painted your home with any of the popular paints.

It doesn’t in any way affect the application.

You can apply the carbon-based RF blocking paint over existing paint.

For successful application of blocking/shielding paint, a grounding kit or tape is required.

As a result, we advise you to consult a qualified electrician with adequate experience of what the job entails.

02. Radio Frequencies Wallpaper

Another simple and effective method you can adopt to block radio waves in your home is through the installation of radio frequencies wallpapers.

These materials (the wallpapers) provide adequate proof to eliminate or reduce radio frequencies to a greater level.

While installing the radio frequencies wallpaper on the walls, ensure you follow due diligence.

For instance, the flat side of the wallpaper is what goes to the wall and not the other way round.

After successful attachment, the other side of the wallpaper (the exposed side) will be coated using latex paint or any other paint of your choice.

03. Use Protective Canopies While Sleeping

When you are exposed to radiofrequency and EMF, brain wave pattern is affected in the process.

As a result, you may experience disruption in sleep quality.

What protective canopies do is to lower or limit EMF & RF exposure up to about 99%.

Thanks to the top-quality polyester-copper-silver mesh used in the design.

A protective canopy is built or designed with a hem across all sides.

It can be used or installed across your bed and also on the floor.

For the best outcome, ensure the application spot (where you intend to mount or use the sleeping canopy) is certified to have low exposure to AC electric field.

Sleeping canopies are carefully designed, ensuring a free passage of fresh air into the enclosed area.

Hence, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are properly secured/protected from RF and EMF, and there is adequate fresh air flow into your tent or bed space.

04. Electric Filters Application

Electric filters are designed to reduce high-frequency radiation or any form of energy categorized or considered “dirty.”

If you want to determine the number of filters that you will need in your apartment.

The ideal concept is to consider the number of appliances you have installed in your home instead of making your calculations based on how big or small your apartment is.

If you live in an average-sized apartment, you will need about twenty (20) electric filters installed in your home.

05. EMF/RF Shielding Film For Windows

If you live in a region that is heavily surrounded by RF emitters or/and radio masts & towers.

You may need to install the EMF/RF shielding film across your windows.

As we have disclosed earlier in this article, the highest amount of radiofrequency and EMF that find their way into the house enters via the windows.

Shielding films are designed to suppress EMF & RF drastically (up to 99%).

Interestingly, the application is simple. The process is what everyone can complete independently.

All you need to do is take out the length or size of the shielding film required from the roll and apply it across the windows in your home.

Although shielding films are capable of suppressing 5 GHz frequencies to about 99%.

Interestingly, you do not necessarily need 5 GHz frequencies to achieve uncompromised cell phone reception.

Most cell phones are designed to send and receive information within 2.4 GHz.

Further Protection For Home

Using Orgone Negative Ion Generator

Asides from the methods or techniques we have highlighted above, there are other approaches that you can adopt to achieve an improved or a higher level of protection against electromagnetic radiation.

For instance, you can invest or pick up Orgone Negative Ion Generator or Negative Charge Resonance Field Generator.

Its job is to nullify harmful EMR fields that may find their way into your apartment.

If you are looking for an Orgone Negative Ion Generator to buy, Geoclense is an excellent choice.

It is tested and trusted with remarkable results to show for it.

Using Water Ionizer

Another technique you can embrace is the use of a water ionizer.

The job of the water ionizer is to enhance the substances that you eat or enter your mouth.

Most notably, food and water.

A reliable and highly effective water ionizer that you can buy is the Orgone Generator Water Ionizer, which is also popularly known or regarded as a rejuvenation plate.

As the name implies, this plate rejuvenates your food and water by infusing a negative charge.

This way, food substances (irrespective of the forms- liquid or solid) are energized to enhance the hydration level/quality, taste, and frequency.

The Orgone Generator Water Ionizer can dissolve residual energy that may be stored in fruits and vegetables cultivated in coal or uranium.

Build Your House With An EMF Shield

The materials used in the construction of your home contribute significantly towards the suppression or elimination of radio waves.

Hence, the thickness and composition of the building materials should be greatly considered.

When your interiors are set up or constructed using specialized materials and in the right proportions, it is possible to successfully restrict or interfere with radio waves.

While this process may be time and effort-consuming, the results are remarkable.

In the end, you won’t be excessively or uncontrollably exposed to EMF and RF radiations.

The Basic FAQs of How To Block Radio Waves In Your House

01. What Are The Necessary Factors To Consider When Reducing RF/EMF In My House?

You must consider some important factors to successfully reduce radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields in your apartment or building.

For instance, you must determine the angle of refraction and what makes up the internal structures (the composition).

02. What Are The Effects or Implications of Radio Waves On Health?

There are no scientific proof or report yet to show or indicate the impact or effect of radio waves on health.

While excessive exposures may result in burns, there is no proof linking or connecting it to cancer.

03. What Are The Most Common Sources of Artificial Radio Waves?

Artificial/man-made sources of radio waves include broadcast radio towers, radar, cellphones, and satellites.

04. What Are The Most Common Sources of Natural Radio Waves?

Radio waves can be a natural occurrence in certain situations or conditions.

For instance, when weather patterns or atmospheric conditions are altered (weather disturbances).

05. What Are The Basic Shielding Tips?

The basic shielding tips are the quick and economical/affordable approaches you can adopt to reduce RF and EMF in your home.

Notable techniques include the use of thick curtains, gas stove use, suspending or eliminating the use of microwaves, ensuring plugs are disconnected when they are not in use, and shutting down wireless devices when idle.

06. Does Gold Prevent Radio Waves From Penetrating A Surface

Yes. It does. Usually, gold is one of those materials that suppress radio waves.

Similar to what is experienced with metals, gold can also restrict/prevent radio waves from passing through a surface.


So far, we have provided answers to the question of how to block radio waves in your house.

Before you proceed to choose any of the recommended approaches or techniques to fight off RF and EMF penetration in your home.

We recommend that you know more about radio waves, especially how they are transmitted and how you can easily detect them.

We have provided you with all the necessary details about this subject, ranging from quick to effort-intensive techniques.

Go through these methods one after the other, understand their applications & how they perform, and choose anyone that appears appealing to you.

Remember, whatever technique you apply or adopt, follow our suggestions and guidelines appropriate to protect yourself and your family members from radio waves attacks.

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