11 Best Marine TV Antenna Reviews in 2024 – Buying Guide

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Find here the best marine TV antenna to enjoy quality TV and entertainment while sailing the waters on your boat.

The products reviewed here deliver great signal coverage, fantastic quality, and different mounting methods to fit boats seamlessly.

We’ve included eleven options with different styles, sizes, and designs to help you find the one that suits your needs the most.

We also include a comprehensive guide to choose the ideal marine TV antenna depending on different features.

These features have a significant impact on the product, which is why you should look at them carefully.

Want to find out more? Then let’s get right into it with an antenna that we consider the best of them all!

What is The Best Marine TV Antenna?

Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch is the best marine TV antenna following extensive research and many tests.

This antenna appeals to everyone, whether they have experience or not using marine antennas.

For the most part, the 3015 SeaWatch can satisfy most demands.

However, it was a close contest with the Antop ANTV2002 Antenna, which also performed flawlessly in most scenarios.

Why Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch is The Best Brand For Marine TV Antenna?

We selected the Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch as the top pick because it’s a compact 15-inch diameter antenna that fits almost any boat.

The 75-Ohm impedance makes it an efficient unit, and the omnidirectional design adapts to most surroundings with ease.

This antenna also provides fantastic image quality with a 360° reception to scan and find the most popular channels nearby.

The Comparison Table of Best Marine TV Antenna

Brand NameDetails
Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch
Antop ANTV2002
Shakespeare 3004 SeaWatch
Magnadyne RVTV-W2
Antop AT-414BC5
1 BY ONE 720°Omni-Directional
WeBoost 304420 Antenna
1 By One ‎OUS00-0813 360°
Glomex DVB-T2

11 Best Marine TV Antenna Reviews

The following devices made it into our marine TV antenna reviews due to their fantastic performance.

These antennas delivered high signal reception to provide HD pictures with clear sound.

There was no signal interruption, frequency loss, or fading signal that compromised the antenna performance.

Check some of the most efficient marine TV antennas to find your ideal choice here.

01. Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch Marine Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • 15-Inch Diameter
  • 75-Ohm Impedance
  • Omni-Directional Operation
  • 1080 HD Quality
  • 360° Coverage

Here’s the top pick for this list. This antenna excels with a fantastic performance to provide images and sound with high quality.

It has an affordable price and a user-friendly interface that anyone can operate with ease.

After installation, the unit offers free HDTV broadcasting of the most popular channels like CBS, ABC, Fox, etc.

This antenna is compatible with 2-way band separators to receive radio signals in AM and AF frequencies.

Therefore, the Shakespeare 3015 is an antenna that fits almost any application on marine vessels, pop-up campers, and mobile lifestyles in general.

The small size makes traveling with this antenna a breeze.

The antenna has a unique design that is easy to install and set up without professional help.

It’s lightweight, allowing you to lift it as much as needed for optimal signal reception.

Since it’s a compact unit, the antenna doesn’t consume much space on the boat.

Use it to pick up frequencies on a 360° radius due to the round shape that works as an omnidirectional receiver.


  • It mounts seamlessly on the boat mast.
  • No pixelation at all to provide HD images constantly.
  • Receives signals up to 50 miles away.
  • It works perfectly with the amplifier gain set halfway.


  • The highest quality is 1080 and not 4K.

02. Antop ANTV2002 Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-Directional Design
  • High Gain Amplifier
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Anti-UV Coating
  • Waterproof
  • Low Wind Load Design

Use this antenna if you want to enjoy crisp TV signals from up to 65 miles.

It supports image quality in 720p, 1080pi, 1080p/ATSC, and 4K. The picture comes off clear with little noise and improved quality.

You can also pair this antenna with all TV converter boxes, making it one of the most versatile.

The most satisfying achievement of the antenna is that it produces 4K ultra HD images uninterrupted.

It operates with a multi-directional system to receive signals from a complete 360-degree angle.

If that’s not enough, the extendable rods hold the antenna at higher heights to strengthen the VHF channel reception.

As a result, the unit can pick up more local channels efficiently.

A strong high-tech coating is another attribute that makes this antenna a top-notch unit.

This protective coating works like a shield, allowing the materials to withstand most weather conditions.

For marine applications, the antenna will put up with rainstorms perfectly fine.

The signal will remain stable, and the base won’t move an inch either.


  • Complete kit with adapters and everything included.
  • It picks up around 50 channels quickly.
  • Clear picture without stutter or interruptions.
  • Easy to mount in walls or poles.


  • It may need a pole of at least two feet for household applications.

03. Shakespeare 3004 SeaWatch Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • Small 4-Inch Size
  • Low-Noise Amplifier
  • Omnidirectional Design
  • Supports 1”-14 Threaded Mounts
  • Multiple Power Adapters

The Shakespeare 3004 is a 4-inch marine TV antenna that receives all local HD signals.

It comes pre-assembled for an easy installation, and the low-noise amplifier guarantees optimal picture quality.

There are also power adapters for C, DC, and USB connections. Also, the unique shape of the antenna makes it easy to carry and ideal for marine applications.

This antenna is compatible with traditional 1”-14 threaded mounts, making it suitable for any application.

You can set it up on the helm without any mast, and the antenna will receive around 40 channels almost immediately.

The image comes up clear and without interruptions. If the wind blows or a plane flies overhead, the antenna won’t lose the signal.

Since it’s small, the Shakespeare 3004 doesn’t consume a lot of space.

This benefit is perfect for boats with crowded radar poles that don’t need a large antenna interfering in the way.


  • The antenna doesn’t consume much space.
  • Pre-assembled build for hassle-free installation.
  • Quick reception to local channels.
  • No interference from sudden wind changes or airplanes.


  • The reception range is only up to 25-30 miles.

04. Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • Distribution Plates
  • Motorola & Coax Connectors
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Self-Adjusting
  • Aerodynamic Housing
  • UV-Resistant

If you want a friendly marine antenna, this one is the product you need.

The Magnadyne RVTV-W2 is an omni-directional antenna for television and radio signal reception.

It comes with Motorola and coax connectors to connect with existing radio or TV cables a breeze.

After installing it, you don’t have to adjust or aim the antenna again.

Another advantage of this antenna is that it has an aerodynamic housing.

Once you install it, the unit can withstand almost anything. It’s resistant to impacts, different weather conditions, and UV.

The materials remain in excellent condition even after a long time of exposure to nature.

This Magnadyne antenna has decent reception of VHF and UHF frequencies. Use it to broadcast local channels, but also for free TV digital programming.

The reception range goes up to 25 miles from a tower, a range considerably smaller than the others.


  • Wide range of HD channels.
  • Installation takes less than an hour.
  • Fantastic reception with or without an amplified antenna.
  • It includes all hardware for installation.


  • The scanning takes a little longer than most antennas.

05. Antop AT-414BC5 Antop UFO

Highlighted Features:

  • 360-Degree Coverage
  • Smartpass Amplifier
  • Omni-Directional Design
  • 2-Way Coaxial Signal Splitter
  • UL-Certified

Do you have a large boat with more than one TV? Here’s the antenna to back them up!

This unit works with two TVs due to a 2-way coaxial signal splitter.

All you have to do is split the TV signals using the splitter, and you’ll enjoy some quality TV images on both devices.

The image quality that this antenna offers is top-notch.

There’s a 4G filter to block wireless signals from 3G and 4G networks, guaranteeing HD and noise-free pictures.

The Smartpass Amplifier has an alt-in-one design that provides the highest quality images in short and long reception ranges.

This antenna has no issues picking up over 40 channels.

Even if the TV station signals are in multiple directions like NW, NE, and S, the omni-directional design allows the antenna to pick them up still.

The good news is that you don’t have to rotate the device manually either.


  • Quick scanning of local channels.
  • Picks up frequencies from all directions.
  • Compatible with 2-way signal splitters.
  • Reduces picture pixelation for cleaner images.


  • Plastic mounting plate is not as durable as metal plates.

06. 1 BY ONE 720°Omni-Directional Reception TV Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • 720°Omni-Directional Reception
  • Built-In Amplifier
  • 4G LTE Filter
  • Intelligent IC Chip
  • Weather-Resistant Build
  • Instruction Manual

This omnidirectional antenna sports a sleek design for modern houses. It can rotate at 720° angles to cover all directions, and there’s no need to move it yourself.

There are also no signal blind spots due to a built-in amplifier and 4G LTF filter that prevent any interference from mobile phone signals.

The antenna is easy to install, and it fits almost anywhere. There is a 32 feet RG6U coaxial cable to set up the device at the attic, boats, rooftops, balcony, or exterior walls.

Outdoor locations are not a problem because the antenna has a moisture-proof housing to resist the roughest weather conditions.

Another fantastic feature is the intelligent IC chip, which provides high-definition images with vivid colors.

The sound is crystal clear, and the overall quality is better than older antennas. Once set up, this outdoor TV antenna has a range of up to 150 miles.


  • Clear images with vivid colors.
  • High-quality sound without any interference.
  • Easy to install at different locations.
  • Sleek design that looks great in modern households.


  • The coaxial cable could be a bit longer.
  • No USB connection for the signal amplifier power input.

07. Wilson Electronics WeBoost 304420 Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • Omni-Directional Antenna
  • Threaded Post
  • Resistant to Weather
  • 20 ft. RG-58 Cable
  • Lightweight 2.35 Pounds Build

This antenna is for mobile or fixed locations, and it requires no assembly at all.

It comes ready to mount in the standard 13-inchx14 thread marine mounts with a 20 feet long RG-58 cable that connects to SMA Female connectors.

The threaded post allows the cable to come out from the side or bottom section to accommodate the antenna accordingly to the surroundings.

The antenna’s small size makes it ideal for boats and marine applications. It works well with Huawei Mifi to provide boosted signals where regular phones don’t have reception.

Plus, the unit weighs approximately three pounds to carry it around with more ease.

This antenna covers all frequencies within a 698MHz and 2.7 GHz range. It’s an efficient device to boost data and audio reception, allowing you to check more channels, and receive better pictures with audio.


  • It covers a wide range of frequencies for better reception.
  • Sleek modern design for mobile and fixed locations.
  • Super easy to install without assembly.
  • Small and compact size to fit in boats perfectly.


  • It requires an adapter for boosters with male connectors.

08. 1 By One ‎OUS00-0813 360° Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • Tools-Free Installation
  • 360° Reception
  • Supports 1080p HD Images
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Anti-UV Coating
  • Compact Size

This antenna uses a solid and straight stainless steel mount to remain stable over boats and large yachts.

It operates with a DC battery, without any power supply adapter in the box. Instead, the kit includes the main antenna, a power supply with a gain adjuster, input wires, and the mount.

The installation is easy because all you have to do is unwrap the parts, plug the antenna, and scan for channels.

The performance of the antenna is decent, providing omni-directional reception in 360° angles. On the boat, the unit can pick signals up to 70 miles away.

This reception may vary depending on the location, which is why you have to check the towers near you.

A particular benefit of this antenna is that it also works in confined spaces.

You can set it up inside a houseboat with a metal roof, and the antenna will still pick up local HD channels without issues.

Fox, ABC, CBS, and PBS are some of the channels you can enjoy with this antenna in indoor or outdoor locations alike.


  • Compatible with large 30-foot masts for better reception.
  • Extremely high-quality picture.
  • Solid construction with weather-resistant materials.
  • It picks up channels even inside the houseboat.


  • The reception range is lower than the other antennas.

09. Glomex DVB-T2 TV Marine Antenna

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Reinforced Base
  • Compact Size
  • AM/FM Reception
  • Coaxial Cable

Here’s the marine antenna that you need if you’re a boat builder. This unit comes with automatic gain control for optimal reception anywhere and anytime.

After setting it up, you can turn on the TV and let the antenna do the work. It will adjust automatically to provide the highest quality image for television broadcast.

The Glomex DVB-T2 is a versatile unit that works with a 2-way splitter and receives AM/FM radio frequencies.

It’s an ideal antenna for any boat, whether it’s for watching TV channels or enjoying your favorite music stations.

Besides the antenna, the package includes the Automatic Gain ControlAmplifier, coaxial cable, and a set cord to connect the antenna to the TV.

The reinforced base of the antenna keeps it in place after the installation, and the aerodynamic lines prevent wind issues.

Due to this design, the signal comes through noise-free and without quality loss.


  • Incredible reception almost anywhere and anytime.
  • Automatic and self-adjusting for optimal performance.
  • The base remains steady after installation.
  • Prevents wind issues, interference, and signal loss.
  • Compatible with a 2-way splitter between the antenna and amplifier.


  • You have to climb the mast to install this antenna.

10. LAVA RVHD-2015 Marine Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • Omni-Directional Antenna
  • Supports AM, FM, VHF & UHF
  • UV-Resistant
  • Injection-molded ASA Construction
  • SMD Technology
  • White Color

We liked this antenna because of its efficiency in receiving signals even while moving.

It supports many frequencies like AM, FM, VHF, and UHF. Once it picks up those frequencies, it maintains a decent image quality that doesn’t fade away or lose strength when you’re on the water with your boat.

The reception range is excellent, as the antenna can receive signals up to 80 miles away from the nearest tower.

The SMD technology maintains the signals strong, providing high gain with low noise amplification.

Therefore, the quality of the image and sound is strong on the water and earth.

This unit has durable housing with water-proof and injection-molded ASA material.

The material is reliable and UV-resistant for extended outdoor exposure. Such construction allows you to enjoy a fun and entertaining time with friends and family out there.

The antenna is simple and super easy to install. There’s a manual in the package, but the instructions are poor.

If you need help, you have to check online videos or guides to set up the antenna.


  • Beautiful white and sleek design.
  • Provides high-quality reception even while moving.
  • The installation is pretty straightforward for experienced users.
  • A high coverage range of up to 80 miles.


  • The instructions don’t have enough details for new users.

11. Free Signal TV Stealth Marine Antenna

Highlighted Features:

  • Omni-Directional
  • 12 Volt DC power
  • Pedestal Mount Available
  • Built-in 75 Ohm Coaxial Pigtail
  • Downline Connectivity Panel
  • Durable Construction

This antenna is the safest choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a marine satellite tv service.

The Free Signal Antenna is cheap but not less powerful. It can operate at a maximum of 60 miles with an omnidirectional design to receive HDTV and FM frequencies from all directions.

The antenna is one of the smallest on this list, making it one of the best for boats, trailers, trucks, campers, and much more.

It requires 12 Volt DC power to operate, which plenty of boats have readily available. You can mount it traditionally on the mast or using the pedestal mount available.

Another convenient feature of this antenna is the 75-ohm coaxial pigtail. It’s easy to set up, and the downline connectivity panel makes it intuitive to configure TV or DVR units.

Overall, this is a straightforward unit that provides hours of entertainment with clear images and clean sound.

The only downside with this antenna is the black color design. It doesn’t look as good as the other antennas that sport a modern and contemporary look. This one is more of an old-style unit.


  • Outstanding HDTV and FM reception from 60 miles.
  • Provides high-quality picture and sound.
  • Intuitive setup.
  • Small and compact size is perfect for boats.


  • The color design and shape of this antenna don’t look good.

Buying Considerations of Best Marine TV Antenna

Following our marine tv antenna reviews, we’ve created a list of essential features that make the antennas worth the money.

From signal reception to mounting methods, these factors are must-have if you want the most effective antenna.


An omnidirectional antenna receives frequencies from all directions automatically. It adjusts automatically, and you don’t have to do anything after installing it.

Once you scan the channels, the antenna guarantees optimal reception to keep the image and sound quality at maximum quality.

Reception Range

The reception range of a marine antenna can be as low as 25 miles or as high as 80 miles.

Choosing an antenna with high reception range allows the TV to receive crystal clear images deep into the waters. Radios will also receive high sound quality coming from the radio stations.

Quality Supported

Most marine antennas support image quality of 1080p, but only a few can provide a 4K definition.

If you want to enjoy channels at the highest quality, go for an antenna like the Antop ANTV2002. It shows pictures in qualities from 720p and up to 4K.


Consider buying a sleek and modern marine antenna to make the boat look as good as possible.

These antennas can be white with an impeccable paint coating that withstands the environment.

Plus, sleek antennas also look good on other locations like the RVs, homes, and anywhere you decide to put it after returning home.


A marine antenna must be small to fit on the mast or poles without complications.

The ANTV2002 is 10.24×13.19×3.15 inches, which is a bit bulky but still fits in most locations with ease.

After installing it, the antenna should not interfere with any of the cables or equipment of the boat.


Some antennas weigh as little as 3 pounds, making them lightweight and easy to maneuver.

This benefit comes in handy if you want to set up the antenna on a large, vertical pole or at home over the rooftop.

Go with a lightweight antenna to make the installation much easier and less troublesome.


Marine antennas feature either plastic or aluminum housings. Plastic units are better for indoors because the material won’t have exposure to water or the elements.

An aluminum antenna is better for outdoor and marine applications because it can withstand weather conditions much better.

You could also consider a plastic antenna with the proper coating to protect the material from rust, UV, and rain.


A 4G filter will avoid any interference coming from mobile phone signals.

The image and sound coming through the antenna will remain consistent, with no noise or quality loss.

Make sure to get an antenna with an effective filter to avoid potential interruptions when you’re on the boat far away from shore.

Mounting Options

Some antennas are easy to mount on walls, poles, or masts. The package should include the kit necessary, like a lengthy pole, to elevate the antenna as high as possible for maximum coverage.

If you want to set it up on the boat mast, check if all the tools and hardware come included.

Coaxial Cable

The coaxial cable allows you to set up the antenna and establish a solid connection with the television.

This cable comes in different sizes, with some measuring 20 feet or 40 feet long. Pick the right cable length to guarantee a proper connection from the mast to the TV  room.


Buy a unit with a toolless installation to make the process smoother. All you have to do is find the perfect place, set up the antenna, connect the cables, and scan the channels.

Other antennas may require you to assemble most of the pieces, which is trickier and consumes more time and effort.


The antenna kit may or may not include the following accessories: amplified antenna, power adapters, mounting kit, VHF enhanced rods, coaxial cable, and a user manual.

If you don’t have any experience mounting this type of antenna, pick one that comes with all of those parts. You will save a considerable amount of time.

FAQ’s Best Marine TV Antenna

Can marine TV antennas work on a moving boat?

The omnidirectional technology and 360-degree coverage allow marine TV antennas to pick up tower and satellite signals constantly.

Even when the boat is moving, the antenna adjusts automatically to continue receiving signal frequencies optimally.

Can you use a TV on a boat?

You can use the boat’s TV antenna to connect a television compatible with digital TV signals.

Television sets without digital tuners need a digital-to-analog converter box to work well.

The converter goes between the antenna and the television to guarantee proper signal reception.

What is a Shakespeare antenna?

A Shakespeare antenna is an omnidirectional device that you can mount on a pole or mast in a boat.

After installing it, the antenna picks up channels and radio frequencies from miles away to provide entertainment while on the waters.

The Shakespeare antenna also works on RVs, pop-up campers, rooftops, attics, and much more locations.

The Shakespeare antenna can provide crystal clear pictures and also high-quality AM/FM radio signals. Pair it with a 2-way band separator in-between the antenna and the amplifier, and that’s it.

Overall, the Shakespeare marine antenna is one of the most versatile due to its many applications.

Do marine radios need antennas?

Marine radios without an antenna may experience fading signals and could use an antenna to prevent that issue.

Powerboats under 24 feet or sailboats work well with a 3 dB antenna. If the boat is over 24 feet, a 6 dB antenna is the better pick for you. Choose a 9 dB antenna for boats over 32 feet.

Height is also an essential factor. Set the antenna higher to receive more frequency coverage.

Lastly, make sure the antenna length matches the mounting spot on the boat to set it up as elevated as possible.

Do you have to ground a marine antenna?

Modern VHF antennas come with a ground plane that doesn’t need grounding.

But if you use an old-style antenna without the integrated ground plane, you have to ground it. Luckily, they come with proper instructions to guide you through the process to ground the antennas effectively and safely.

Grounding an old-style antenna helps improve its performance. People suggest that grounding an antenna with an integrated ground plane is also a good idea.

Establishing the electrical connection to the earth will impact the antenna’s performance positively. Nowadays, grounding the antenna is up to personal preferences.

Can you paint marine antennas?

You can paint a marine antenna, but you should probably avoid doing it to preserve the protective coating applied to it.

The antenna’s performance may have a negative impact if the paint interferes with the signal reception.

If you want to paint a marine antenna, use paint that doesn’t have metal flakes.

This way, the particles won’t alter and disrupt the antenna’s capacity to receive transmissions properly.

Also, check with the manufacturer whether painting the antenna is possible or not.

Some models allow it, but some others don’t. Don’t do it if the paint can decrease the efficiency of the antenna.

How do you know which channels the marine antenna receives?

You can find out what channels are available in the surroundings by checking the DTV Reception Maps.

Keep in mind that some channels may not come through if the signal reception is weak. In this case, an antenna with a long range should fix the issue.

Other potential issues that interfere with the signal reception are the trees and building structures.

Surrounding obstacles and electromagnetic interference can also affect coverage, but these problems are not likely to happen on a boat.

If you use the antenna at home, set it up at a considerable height to bypass these issues.

Can marine antennas resist rainstorms?

Marine antennas with a solid base will resist rainstorms and other rough weather conditions.

When installing the antenna, make sure to secure the screws and the mounting base tightly to keep it in place.

If you encounter a storm in the boat, the most effective marine antennas will continue to broadcast your favorite channels.

What’s the proper height for a TV antenna?

Thirty feet above ground level. The antenna will establish a clear connection with the tower or satellite to ensure quality images at this height.

Some marine Tv antennas come with an extendable pole that you can expand or retract to find the perfect spot for the antenna depending on your location.

What direction should a marine TV antenna point?

Modern marine TV antennas can adjust automatically. Therefore, you don’t have to point it in any direction in particular.

The antenna will find the signal frequencies on its own to provide the television with high-quality broadcasting.


There’s a lot to consider before buying the best marine tv antenna.

However, taking your time is essential if you want an antenna that accommodates your boat perfectly.

Remember to buy an antenna with a wide coverage range, omnidirectional technology, and self-adjusting properties.

The rest of the features are also important, but it’s up to you to decide which model you like the most.

So, find your ideal marine antenna, and prepare to set sails to spend a fun time with family and friends out there on the waters!

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