8 Best Tesla Style Head Unit of 2024 (Review of Top Picks)

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The best tesla style head units are some of the things that every music lover and car owner shouldn’t take for granted.

They completely support the native functionalities of smartphone systems, plus they come at very affordable prices.

Furthermore, the drivers receive the most up-to-date high-tech features that were previously unavailable for their older vehicles.

The models described here are made for Tesla-style models. Read on to pick an appropriate unit that will allow you to explore without difficulty and improve your audio/video experience.

The Comparison Table of Best Tesla Style Head Unit

Brand NameDetails
Flyunice 10.4" Fits 2007-2014
Sintegrate 12.1"Fits 2015-18
Topdisplay 10.4"Fits 2012-18
Flyunice 12.8 Inch
Sintegrate 10.4"Fits 2013-18
Hikity ‎9.7 Inches
UNIMEAUTO Fits 2004-2019
Flyunice Fits 2004-2012

What is The Best Tesla Style Head Unit?

After a thorough assessment of the different products in this review, we concluded that the best Tesla-style head unit is Flyunice Head Unit 2007-2014.

We ranked it ahead of its competitors become of the stellar functionalities that it comes with.

Yes, there are some very similar offerings like it in the market, but there is none that combine a healthy mix of functionalities, aesthetics, price, and of course, portability.

One of the properties that truly sets it ahead of every other product on our list, is its high efficiency.

With this product, there are no lags while in use. Very few options can offer something close.

Why Flyunice is The Best Brand For Best Tesla Style Head Unit?

Flyunice is the best brand for the best Tesla-style head units for some reason.

It produces highly efficient sound systems that combine a healthy mix of high-end functionalities and portability.

Also, as a newbie, you will have no problem setting up their system, plus it comes with installation guides that simplify the process.

Also, most head units in the market will require you to rob a bank if you must afford their system.

It is not so with this provider, which offers her products very cheap for its customers.

8 Product Reviews of The Best Tesla Style Head Unit 2024 (Buying Guide)

The information below contains a comprehensive review of eleven of the best Tesla-style head units in the market.

01. Flyunice Head Unit 2007-2014 – Overall Best Popular Tesla Style Head Unit

Highlighted Features

  • Super Software and Hardware
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • In-built GPS Navigation System
  • HD 1080P Lossless Music
  • Hands-free Bluetooth Function

This Tesla Style head unit is compliant with the Android operating system. Its screen is measured at 10.4 inches, and the resolution is 1024×768 pixels.

Its 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM confer it with a slew of advantages, one of which is the ability to support videos presented in 4K format without any form of lagging.

You can enjoy movies and your favorite music while also navigating your way to your destination with the GPS Dual Zone functionality. You can also connect DVDs via an auxiliary jack.

For instance, the major zone features a fully established control panel.

The DVD contents, on the other hand, are produced by the second zone.

Switching between video and audio is completely at your disposal.

There’s an inbuilt Wi-Fi module for smartphone hotspots and a hands-free Bluetooth system that you can use to pick calls.

The inbuilt AM/FM is matched with a potent radio chip. This helps it produce a high-quality, loud sound.

“Although the product sits at the top of our list, it would have completely outclassed its competition if the manufacturers were careful enough to include enough screen customization options.”


  • Has lower power consumption
  • Support both offline and online navigation application
  • Great technical support.
  • Has appealing aesthetics


  • The unit can freeze up momentarily
  • Does not include many screen customization options

02. Sintegrate LinksWell T-Style Head Unit Car F250/F350/F450 – Best Quality Tesla Style Head Unit

Highlighted Features

  • GPS Navigation System
  • HD Touch Screen
  • Hands-Free Music Playing Navigation
  • Multiple Cameras
  • In-built Bluetooth Calling System

This Tesla Style head unit is also an Android-centered unit with a GPS navigation system.

It’s a perfect substitute for the factory unit, courtesy of the multi-touch, 12.1-inch screen with a 1,280 x 800p screen resolution and great responsiveness.

You can easily access the climate control and other relevant options ad they are all in the on-screen menu.

You can use a wide plethora of navigation systems with this head unit, including (HERE WeGo, Waze, Google Maps, etc.).

You can download different apps from Google PlayStore with this head unit’s strong Wi-Fi connectivity.

The system comes with a File Manager, which can help you upload or remove files on external storage systems like hard drives.

Also, there is a USB port and an SD space into which you can download media updates.

The inbuilt Bluetooth module helps drivers pick hands-free calls and enjoy their music.

The head unit has 32 GB ROM and 2GB RAM. Although the storage spaces are not huge, they’re quite sufficient for managing files and using applications.

“The product is indeed one of the best in the market. But users have experienced some lagging when downloading apps.”


  • Comfortably bright screen
  • High picture quality
  • Well-labeled cables
  • Very responsive


  • Takes time to boot
  • Lags when downloading apps

03. Topdisplay Head Unit 2012-2018 – Best Tesla Style Radio

Highlighted Features

  • Quad-Core A53 1.5GHz
  • In-built Wi-Fi module
  • Easy Online/Offline Navigation
  • In-built GPS navigation and Maps

This Android-centered, blackhead unit is built with a steering wheel control and a touchscreen of about 10.4 inches.

Similar to what is obtainable with most units in its category, it features a 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM.

The former can be increased to 64 GB if the user wants.

The device comes with a standard set of functions, including Bluetooth for calls and music, GPS, Wi-Fi, and integrated maps.

Watching videos and movies (also in 4K resolution) and listening to music are both forms of entertainment.

Furthermore, you can navigate while listening to the radio.

“The manufacturer of this product was not careful enough to include an installation manual for it. This has led to several users complaining of installation difficulty.”


  • Includes a very efficient processor
  • Can support several third-party applications
  • Very high video and picture quality


  • Does not include an installation guide

04. Flyunice 12.8” Universal Car Stereo Radio 1920×1080

Highlighted Features

  • 1920*1080 High Resolution
  • DSP Sound and In-built Carplay function
  • High Performance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 2D/3D Map Supported

This 12.8-inches head unit is compliant with the Android operating system. It has a widescreen has a pixel resolution of 1920×1080, plus it can support videos in 4K  format.

It comes with 4 GB RAM and 32GB ROM. This collectively provides a responsive function for applications without any form of lagging. The ROM is 32 GB.

It is a 6-core Rockchip module with low power usage and excellent quality. It becomes more efficient and speedier as a result of this.

The premium touch screen, and in-built CarPlay all contribute to a fantastic driving experience.

You can effortlessly change songs, stations, and the volume of the unit with the hands-free mode using the steering wheel control function.

You may also concentrate only on driving while listening to your favorite music while on the road, making for a safer and more pleasurable drive.

“The fact that the row buttons along the screen’s top can’t be customized, is a major turn-off for some users. Also, the manufacturers should do something about the product’s small internal storage.”


  • Syncs with Spotify playlists
  • Includes a rear HDMI port
  • Comes with a backup camera
  • Very fast delivery time


  • Very small internal storage
  • Row buttons can’t be customized

05. Sintegrate LinksWell T-Style Radio Head Unit for Ram 2013-2018 Trucks

Highlighted Features

  • Plug and Play
  • Installation Guide
  • Hands-Free
  • Music Playing Navigation
  • Powerful Hardware

A vertical 10.4-inch capacitive touchscreen is included on the Android-powered head unit for Dodge Ram.

It’s renowned for its multimedia capabilities and backup camera.

As a result, the user will be able to watch movies and listen to music in excellent HDTV clarity and detail and crisp and clear sound.

You may also utilize a variety of navigation modules, as well as offline and online maps.

A motorist can use Bluetooth to interface to a smartphone and make calls or listen to music.

Onboard is a USB port and Wi-Fi hotspot connection. This variant has 2GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

Manual and automatic air conditioning, Google Assistant voice commands, and XM Satellite radio are all available on the gadget.

“The fact that this system cannot function with SIM cards is one of the major drawbacks of this system. The manufacturer should also do something about its booting speed.”


  • Drivers can mirror their smartphones to the screen
  • Comes with input for the side camera
  • Excellent climate control system


  • Cannot work with SIM cards
  • Takes a while before properly booting

06. Hikity Double Din 9.7 Inch Tesla Style Head Unit

Highlighted Features

  • Double Din Android Car Stereo
  • Bluetooth and Radio
  • Backup Camera Input
  • Steering Wheel Remote Control
  • 18 preset stations

This FM radio has a sound high-quality and may fully or semi-automatically scan for stations.

It is possible to download any country’s map for free for offline mapping after connecting to Wi-Fi.

Also, you can use virtual navigation and download other Android applications.

You can use an interactive map, view a movie, or install your favorite Android application from the PlayStore.

Media in the 1080P form is supported by this audio system.

It has a hands-free calling, contact list downloads, audio streaming music, and an in-built microphone.

“With some users describing this product as “super-glitchy,” the makers should put all hands on deck and make sure that its next upgrade will be more user-friendly.”


  • Features eighteen preset stations
  • High-quality stereo
  • Comes with a backup cam input
  • Very easy to navigate


  • The UI can be terrible due to repeated glitches

07. UNIMEAUTO LINKSWELL Gen IV Head Unit Fits 2014 to 2019

Highlighted Features

  • Six AM presets and Twelve FM presets
  • GPS Navigation Antenna
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Touch screen climate controls
  • Parking Sensors

The substitute radio for Sierra and Silverado models from 2014 to 2018 is the LINKSWELL Gen IV radio system.

The cables contained in the package are consistent with non-Bose sound systems.

If your vehicle comes loaded with this Bose head unit, you’ll need to purchase an adaptor alone.

Extra adapters for Bose sound systems will be required at an extra expense.

LinksWell provides in-vehicle security, infotainment, and connectivity devices that look and perform like factory-installed parts, thanks to more than two decades of automobile electronics expertise.

“Some users complained that this product is grossly inefficient at multi-tasking. The manufacturer can do better.”


  • Looks very good in car cabins
  • Comes with 6 Am and 12 FM presets
  • Compliant with both Android and iOS-powered devices
  • Features high-end parking sensors


  • Have problems multi-tasking
  • No installation guides

8. Flyunice 12.1-Inch Head Unit for Lexus

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in CarPlay
  • GPS Dual Zone
  • Online/Offline Navigation app
  • Voice Guide

You can quickly change songs, stations, and volume control the unit with the hands-free offering and the steering wheel control system.

You may also concentrate only on driving while listening to your favorite song on the road, making for a healthier and more pleasurable ride.

Apps like Google Maps, Igo Maps, and Waze Maps are supported both offline and online.

The 2D/3D guide and voice support guide can assist you in easily finding your way when navigating.

“Like some options in our list, this Tesla-style head unit does not include a backup cam. This is an obvious weak point that the manufacturer should get busy fixing.”


  • Fast shipment
  • Very easy to switch songs and channels
  • It is a high-performance system


  • Does not support backup cam

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Tesla Style Head Unit

Head units nowadays can do far more than playing songs. Explore options such as these when choosing one for your vehicle:

Android and Auto CarPlay

Head units bring your smartphone functionalities to the vehicle. Your best car-based phone services are integrated into the Android Auto and CarPlay applications (music listening, calling, and navigation).

When utilized with a suitable phone, a Bluetooth connection provides you the flexibility of hands-free music streaming and calling.

GPS Navigation

Stereos with an in-built navigation system can assist you to avoid being disoriented. The navigation display is far bigger than that of your smartphone or most handheld navigators.

You also have the option of using touchscreen commands for your audio.

Touchscreen Controls

Large displays, a plethora of in-built capabilities, and effortless viewing are a few of the benefits of designing your sound system around a screen receiver.


The quantity of power supplied to your car speakers is determined by the head unit’s voltage control capability—the greater the power it receives, the greater the sound it’ll produce.

At even greater sound levels, more output power ensures minimal sound distortion.

Also, make sure that the head unit’s RMS and Peak power equals what is obtainable from your speakers.

Connecting a strong sound system to speakers with a low rating will not give excellent results.

The Regular FAQs of Best Tesla Style Head Unit

Is it true that Bluetooth reduces audio quality?

Some people presume that sending an audio transmission through Bluetooth automatically decreases its audio quality, however, this is not always the case.

When a sound signal has been condensed up in a particular format and both the origin (like your PC, tablet, or smartphone) and the “sink” (like headphones or a wireless speaker) gadgets support that format.

Bluetooth transfers the encrypted sound untampered, resulting in audio that is identical to what you’d get in the absence of Bluetooth.

Is the audio quality affected by the head unit?

Unless you are using tangible media like tapes, head devices have almost little effect on audio quality.

Is it preferable to use AUX or Bluetooth?

When contrasted with Bluetooth, aux wires provide higher audio quality. But, except you’re an audiophile, it’s unlikely to be apparent.

Can I connect to a subwoofer with a head unit?

If you want to include subwoofers in your audio system, it can be powered by your head unit.

You may place the sub wherever it would create the greatest sound. Your song’s deep tones will be enhanced by the subwoofer.

While it will boost your audio quality, it’ll not do it so as effectively as an amplifier would.

What is a decent speaker’s wattage?

From fifteen to thirty watts is the ideal power for home speakers.

Most landlords think twenty watts is enough? A speaker with fifty or one hundred watts can be used for bigger events.

What’s the deal with my audio unit going on and off all the time?

The fault is generally in the cabling when a sound system cuts off and then turns on again.

If the screen turns off when the music stops playing, the device is most likely losing power.

A faulty amp or poor amp cabling might be the source of the problem.


Although you’ve seen several head unit examples in this post, you might still have some queries regarding how they operate or how much you can get from them.

With this in view, we’ve created a list of popular questions about these audio systems and some basic questions about setting up a new head unit in your vehicle.

That said, we recommend the Flyunice Head Unit 2007-2014 as the go-to head unit for intending buyers.

If you’re looking for options with preset stations, then you want to go for Hikity Double Din head unit.

Generally, this procedure ought to be fast and painless, and you should notice a significant improvement in your audio quality once you’ve installed a new head unit in your automobile.

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