12 Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers 2024 (Top Rated)

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The best 8 inch midrange speakers provide users with an excellent sound experience without breaking the bank.

Sounds produced at midrange frequency are raw, smooth, and uncolored.

If your car speaker is faulty and you need a replacement or possibly want an upgrade for improved performance.

We will look at some of the top and reliable designs that you can choose from for superb voice quality and loud sound.

The thirteen (13) 8 inch midrange speakers discussed in this guide were selected after placing them head-to-head against some other nicely made & excellent designs on the market.

The top 8 inch midrange speakers you can purchase for your audio needs are Rockford Fosgate, DS18, PIONEER, BOSS Audio Systems, Skar Audio, JBL, KICKER, PRV AUDIO, ORION, and Focal.

A Quick View of Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers – Comparison Table

Brand NameDetails
Rockford 125 W RMS/250 W Peak
PRO-X8.4BM 8"Loudspeaker
BOSS Audio Systems v
Skar Audio 8" 350 Watt
JBL Stage810 - 8"
KICKER 15 to 50 Watts
PRV AUDIO 700 Watts
Skar Audio 8-Inch 350-W

What Is The Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers?

The best speakers you will find around are built/designed by Rockford Fosgate.

Thanks to the advanced technology adopted in putting these speakers together.

Why is Rockford Fosgate The Best Brand For Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers?

Over the years, Rockford Fosgate has built a name for itself through the design and distribution of excellent speakers that satisfy & fulfill the needs of every car owner across the globe.

The sound these speakers produce is natural, undiluted, and clean to enhance listening pleasure.

Top 12 Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers of 2024 A Complete Review & Buying Guide

01. Rockford Fosgate PPS4-8 – Best Popular 8 Inch Midrange Speaker

Highlighted Features

  • 1 unit
  • Max power: 250W
  • RMS power output: 125W
  • Grille and mounting components
  • 3 x 10.3 x 5.3 inches in dimension
  • 65 pounds in weight

Rockford Fosgate PPS4-8 comes top of our list for its incredible and outstanding audio quality.

Over the years, this design has won the heart of users worldwide for its unbeatable performance and other top-quality features.

Impressively, sound enthusiasts who are deliberate about getting the best outcomes that enhance their listening pleasure can install or mount this speaker on their motorcycles or vehicles.

The wide range of applications and flexibility puts it ahead of numerous designs on the market.

To achieve the best performance and tap into its hidden power or potential, you need to connect the speaker to an amp.

While the PPS4-8 is designed to be compatible with users’ choice of application.

You may need to make some minor adjustments or modifications to make it sit perfectly into place.

Hence, we advise you to check the dimension and confirm if you have enough room or depth to accommodate it or allow for a perfect fit before you proceed with the purchase.

Overall, you will get more satisfaction than what other midrange speakers within its category can offer.


  • It can be installed on both motorcycles and vehicles
  • Durable build and long-lasting performance
  • Produces crystal clear sound without distortion
  • High volumes with impressive bass experience


  • Modifications may be necessary

02. DS18 PRO-X8.4BM – Best Quality 8 Inch Speaker

Highlighted Features

  • 1 unit
  • Aluminum material & bullet dust cover
  • High-temperature CCAW voice coil
  • Max power: 550W & 275W RMS power output
  • 9 x 4 x 9 inches in dimension
  • 94 pounds in weight

Lets’ talk about power; DS18 PRO-X8.4BM is one of the few powerful speakers in its category that you will find on the market.

If you want to improve your audio system without breaking the bank, its average price makes it suitable.

Although this design might sound unpopular and look unappealing, compared to the top brands.

The qualities it offers are impressive, even better than some of the household names.

Normally, you can achieve a clear and loud sound similar to what you hear or experience at live concerts.

However, you can still raise the bar by connecting the speaker to an amp.

This way, you won’t leave any stone unturned, ensuring you get the best of everything it has to offer.

The bullet dust cover does more than protecting the voice coil.

Also, it guarantees the most pleasing sound you could possibly achieve. Not just once, but every time.

For long-lasting performance, ensure you do not supply the speaker with too much power than what it can handle.

Know the power limit and do not go beyond it.

Overall, you will be impressed with the quality of the DS18 PRO-X8.4BM midrange speaker.

Thanks to its ability to deliver on every user’s needs.

The major highlights are the clear & loud sound delivery, high sensitivity, and a lot of power it offers.


  • Compatible with car & truck audio system
  • Projects vocals and instrumentals clearly
  • Designed to handle a complete range of audio
  • Built to withstand extreme heat for long-lasting use/performance


  • Modifications may be required during mounting
  • Not an option for people who desire deep bass

03. DS18 PRO-GM8

Highlighted Features

  • 1 unit
  • Steel material & Kapton voice coil
  • Max power: 580W
  • RMS power output: 190W
  • 23 x 8.23 x 3.39 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

DS18 PRO-GM8 is another midrange speaker for people who desire incredible sound but don’t have sufficient budget to get an expensive design.

Like all the designs on our list, this speaker also offers a powerful performance adequate to produce thrilling and admiring sound quality.

When installed, it hit an incredible level of low and mid notes.

You may need to add an amp to achieve great high notes or drive this speaker to unleash its hidden power or potential for improved sound quality.

Depending on the application (the vehicle you are installing the speaker on), you may need to conduct a few modifications for proper fitment.

Overall, the vocals are clean and clear. Also, you can enjoy instrumentals that are pleasant and appealing to the ear.

However, it doesn’t produce a lot of bass.


  • Powerful enough to perform across a full range of audio
  • Not affected by heat that may arise as a result of extended use
  • Very affordable and well made
  • The installation is pretty easy


  • No screws
  • Bass is a little weak


Highlighted Features

  • 1 unit
  • Polypropylene material
  • Max power: 600W & RMS power output: 150W
  • Resonant frequency: 49Hz
  • 25 x 8.25 x 4.3 inches in dimension
  • 6 pounds in weight

BOSS CXX8 is one of the 8 inch midrange speakers that offer a lot of surprises in performance and function.

When you consider its price, name, and look, you may be skeptical about the quality.

Over the years, it has gained great recognition among car owners who desire a fantastic design at a low cost.

Thanks to the improvement it offers to their sound systems.

This speaker is well-built, an unbelievable attribute considering its price.

The sound quality is also excellent (nice low bass and a clear sound without any distortion).

To avoid disappointment or any disruption in performance, ensure all the connections are rightly made.

If you want to take the experience to a new level, pair it with a mono amp, preferably a BOSS model, which does the trick.

You will experience or achieve outstanding full sound, in the process, hit great low notes.

The installation is easy. Depending on your vehicle’s brand and model, you may not necessarily need to make any modifications to the mounting space or position.


  • Durable build for long-lasting performance
  • Can tolerate high temperature without any impact on strength and performance
  • Inexpensive design
  • Installation can be done without any issues


  • Doesn’t support booming bass

05. Skar Audio FSX8-4

Highlighted Features

  • 1 unit
  • Max power: 350W
  • RMS power output: 175W
  • 5 dB sensitivity
  • 5 x 8.4 x 4.2 inches in dimension
  • 4 pounds in weight

If you don’t have a robust budget but want to improve your vehicle’s audio system for an outstanding sound experience.

Skar Audio FSX8-4 might be the best offer to fulfill your needs.

This design is one of the most affordable 8 inch midrange speakers that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price that you will find around.

Also, it is sold individually (1 unit)

We love the excellent mid-tones it offers, especially when operated at adequate or satisfactory volumes.

The sound is clear, ensuring you don’t have to stress your ears before you can pick out the vocals while listening to your favorite music or show.

After considering its incredible features, we think the FSX8-4 is a more complete design compared to other options available within its price range.

One of the top inclusions is the copper voice coil which ensures the speaker can withstand high temperature without affecting strength or performance.


  • Affordable speaker for your vehicle
  • Offers clean and clear sound at decent volumes
  • Mounting is effortless


  • Handles a bit lesser than the advertised power

06. JBL Stage810

Highlighted Features

  • 1 unit
  • Max power: 800W & RMS power output: 200W
  • 175mm mounting depth
  • Frequency response: 38 – 200Hz
  • 63 x 10.63 x 5.51 inches dimension
  • 2 pounds in weight

JBL Stage810 is one of the 8 inch midrange speakers from the famous JBL brand.

Over the years, the brand has gained enormous followers for the outstanding quality its products deliver.

This subwoofer is one of the affordable options you will find around.

Especially if you are replacing your stock or factory sub and need a reliable design at a pocket-friendly price.

We are amazed by how much power it produces, considering its small size.

Interestingly, you don’t need an amp to experience the quality of sound it provides.

The bass is unbelievable (deeper than what you would have imagined or expected).

A feature/quality majority of the affordable options within its price range lacks.

If you desire more, especially if you are deliberate about outstanding/unmatchable sound quality (punchy and booming bass).

You can hook the JBL Stage810 to an amp.

Overall, the sound quality is exceptional. It delivers a clean sound (no interference or distortion).

You will definitely fall in love with the performance and get immense value on your investment.


  • Comes with an installation manual for easy and successful mounting
  • A great replacement option for factory/stock subwoofer
  • The sound is incredible considering its small size
  • Pocket-friendly


  • You may need to drill a few holes

07. KICKER 47KSC2704 KSC

Highlighted Features

  • 2 units
  • Polypropylene material
  • RMS power output: 50W
  • Sensitivity: 85 dB
  • Comes with a bass blocker
  • 1 pound in weight

KICKER 47KSC2704 KSC is designed to offer unrivaled and accurate sound for a reasonable price.

The speakers are designed for car owners who can’t afford any of the expensive designs available on the market but want to upgrade their audio system for improved performance.

The sound quality is more fascinating and unbelievable for the price.

We are not surprised with how much it offers, considering how trusted and reliable the Kicker brand is for its superior performance among car owners worldwide.

The brackets packed alongside the speaker are attractive and well-made, ensuring the speakers maintain their attractiveness and are held firmly for guaranteed longevity.

The package doesn’t come with the installation manual. Hence, car owners who have never installed a speaker before may find it challenging to put them together.

However, if you can’t take your mind off its quality, especially the impressive upgrades it offers.

You can find an expert to get the job done for you.


  • Installation is not complex
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Well made for extended use
  • Lightweight design


  • It doesn’t come with an installation manual


Highlighted Features

  • 1 unit
  • Max power: 700W & RMS power output: 350W
  • Frequency response: 125 – 6,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 98.5 dB
  • 27 x 10.27 x 5.1 inches in dimension
  • 65 pounds in weight

PRV AUDIO is another top name in the vehicle audio accessories industry.

Over the years, the brand has established itself in the market, becoming a top choice among many car owners across the globe.

If you are looking for a reliable upgrade for your car and can afford to pay above a hundred dollars for a speaker that offers impressive satisfaction.

This design is an excellent choice for you.

The first thing that caught our attention/interest about this speaker is its solid build.

It is made from top-quality materials that guarantee extended lifespan, unrestricted performance

And long hours of operation without affecting strength, sound, and overall quality.

Other impressive features include its outstanding frequency response (full-range) and the sound clarity it provides.

The installation is not complex. The manufacturer is always passionate about building a product that a regular car owner or beginner can put together or set up.


  • Clean and clear sound
  • The aluminum frame supports durability and extended usage life
  • It can handle long hours of use


  • A bit costly

9. Skar Audio FSX8-4

Highlighted Features

  • 2 units
  • Frequency response: 80 Hz – 6, 000 Hz
  • Max power: 350W & RMS power output: 175W
  • 5 dB sensitivity
  • 8 x 8 x 2.5 inches
  • 8 pounds in weight

Skar Audio FSX8-4 is a model that every sound enthusiast would want to add to their audio system. Interestingly, the quality is superior, despite its affordable price.

While these speakers are equipped with numerous performance-enhancing features and qualities.

A particular feature that caught our attention is the ferrite magnet that comes with them.

The ferrite magnet contributes significantly to its thunderous sound.

This makes the speakers a top pick for anyone who desires midrange speakers that offers quality sound even at the highest volumes.

Considering its maximum power and RMS outputs. Skar Audio FSX8-4 is one of the best designs you will find if you want to enhance your audio system.

Before making a purchase, we advise you to check if it is a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Ensure the size and mounting depth match the mounting position. This way, you won’t have to conduct any adjustments to put the speakers in place.


  • Impressive sound quality
  • No distortion irrespective of how loud you turn the speakers up
  • Very responsive and efficient


  • No user’s manual


Highlighted Features

  • 2 units
  • Max power: 1200W
  • RMS power output: 300W
  • 9 dB sensitivity
  • 12 x 12 x 4.5 inches in dimension
  • 83 pounds in weight

If you are looking at revamping your vehicle’s audio system.

Especially if you need more than 1 new speaker to complete your upgrade and do not have much to spare to bring this dream to life.

ORION XTR XTR654 is a great design you can rely on to get the job done.

The speakers produce superb sound quality that extends across the high range and midrange.

Also, the build quality is relatively durable to guarantee extended use.

We love how smooth and easy it is to put the speakers together or add them to your vehicle’s interior.

Thanks to the necessary mounting accessories that are included in the pack, most especially the installation manual.

The bass quality is great without an amp.

However, it gets better if you connect it to an amp, especially when you decide to raise the performance and sound quality over the roof.


  • Loud and clear sound
  • Designed to handle a large amount of power
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable (Great value for money)


  • Build quality can be better

11. DS18 PRO-GM6

Highlighted Features

  • 2 units of loudspeaker Aluminum material
  • Max power: 480W
  • RMS power output: 140W
  • 87 x 8.94 x 3.66 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

DS18 PRO-GM6 offers incredible sound quality (loud & clear) and power handling for its price.

Due to the size of the tweeters, you may need to a few modifications to allow them to fit perfectly in place.

However, you can avoid fitment issues or the need to make slight adjustments to the installation position by checking the mounting depth to confirm compatibility with your vehicle.

The speakers promise/offer a high level of durability, thanks to their impressive build material

If you desire simple perfection in overall quality.

This is one of the tasteful, well-made, and outstanding midrange speakers you will find around at an affordable price.

To get a whole experience of what the speakers have to offer, you may want to get these speakers hooked to an amplifier.


  • Durable build
  • High sensitivity level
  • Built to offer a maximum sound while operated on lower power
  • Handles power very efficiently for optimum outcomes


  • No grille

12. Focal ISU 200

Highlighted Features

  • 2 units
  • Max power: 160W
  • RMS power output: 80W
  • 93 dB sensitivity
  • ‎22.36 x 10.24 x 4.25 inches in dimension
  • 62 pounds in weight

Focal ISU 200 is designed for sound enthusiasts who desire an out-of-the-world performance from their audio systems.

Especially during those long and lonely rides across the city or on the highway.

These speakers are greatly put together, showing how much time the manufacturer has dedicated to innovation and development.

If you are looking for a speaker that enhances your listening/audio experience without needing a sub or even an amp.

Here is a product that doesn’t disappoint or fail to deliver.

We are fascinated by the many features and attributes this design offers.

However, its incredible style, taste, class, and well-detailed trebles come top.


  • Sound quality is impressive (clean, loud) even in noisy situations
  • Produces an excellent noticeable bass
  • The speakers offer exceptional value for the price


  • Expensive

Buying considerations of Selecting Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers

01. Price

The price of a new speaker varies across brands and designs.

If you can afford a few hundred dollars, go for any of the top brands that you can find around.

They are designed to offer incredible features that support an outstanding listening experience.

If you can’t afford to pay a premium, there are also great speaker choices that you can find or invest in at a reasonable price.

However, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Do not go for just any design because of what they promise to deliver.

Instead, choose a product that has been tested and reviewed accordingly by users.

02. Build quality

While looking for an 8 inch midrange speaker to buy, ensure you go for a strongly built design.

Materials such as aluminum, steel, and polypropylene are known to guarantee a significant level of durability to support long-lasting operation/use.

03. Brand

Go for any of the well-known brands.

These brands have been around for a very long time and are trusted by numerous car owners worldwide.

Most importantly, they have been able to study those qualities and features car owners look for when buying audio accessories and have revolved over the years to deliver on these needs.

Investing in a speaker from a proven and popular car audio brand takes your audio experience to a new level and gives you great value for your money.

04. Compatibility

It is easy to get carried away with the numerous features a design offers and the outstanding reviews you see online.

In the process, you may forget to confirm some crucial details.

Once you see a product that you find attractive or compelling, ensure you check if it is a perfect fit for your application.

The size and mounting depth must correspond with the installation position on your vehicle or motorcycle.

05. Performance & Function

No two speakers are built the same way.

While some speakers offer impressive sound quality and deep bass at a pocket-friendly price, some do not offer bass at all, or maybe at a low level.

Also, some speakers are built to deliver impressive performance without necessarily hooking them to an amp, while others need an amp to function correctly.

Know what you want your speaker to do (expected level of performance and function), and choose a design that delivers on those needs.

How to install

01. Get your tools

Before you start the installation, ensure all the tools you need to complete the project are well-arranged and positioned within your reach.

02. Disconnect the battery

Take off your battery’s negative terminal. This way, accidental shorts are eliminated.

03. Take off the covers and panels

Separate/detach the covers, panels, and grilles from your old speakers using any or all of these tools- screwdriver, pry tool, or panel popper.

04. Take out the old speakers

While trying to detach the old speakers, make sure you pay attention to the wiring.

Also, keep the screws that are removed from the speaker securely if you decide to give the speakers out or put them up for sale.

05. Install the new speakers

Using the existing wire connections, attach the new speakers accordingly.

Check the wiring to ensure the correct wires are being attached or connected to the appropriate terminals.

Many people prefer using electrical tape to hold the wiring in place because of its ease of application.

However, tapes can only last for some time before they start to degrade.

We recommend you solder new connections using electrical solder and flux instead of tape.

06. Test the speakers

Before you screw the new speakers in place, it is essential to check if everything is intact.

Reconnect the negative battery terminal and turn on the stereo to check if you are satisfied with the outcomes.

07. Complete the installation

Once you are satisfied with the outcomes, disconnect the negative terminal again and attach the screws to hold the speakers in place.

Also, do not forget to secure the speakers with the brackets that come in the pack.

The Common FAQs of Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers

01. Why do I need an amp for my speakers?

No matter how good your speakers sound, there are still some untapped potentials that can only be revealed or brought to life by an amp.

If you are satisfied with your speakers’ performance but want to take the experience to another level.

Don’t shy away from attaching your speakers to an amplifier for extra power.

02. What is the average cost of the best 8 inch midrange speaker?

The price of a midrange speaker varies from one brand to another.

Usually, the popular brands are known to be more expensive.

On average, a top-performance speaker costs between $35 and $400.

However, the costly designs are known to offer outstanding and intense performance and quality.

03. What is the best midrange speaker?

What makes midrange speakers a great option are the incredible features they provide.

These include a high level of sound performance (distortion-free, loud and clear, with a considerable bass level), ease of installation, and excellent durability.

Overall, they provide a great investment value.

04. When should I change my speakers?

Usually, speakers are replaced whenever they become faulty or become unrepairable.

However, if you desire a more intense performance or desire to take your sound experience to another level.

Investing in a better speaker than you currently have is what does the trick.

05. How do I keep my speakers in good condition at all times?

The best speakers offer impressive performance over an extended period, provided they are properly maintained and handled.

To ensure you continue experiencing satisfying audio quality and performance over a long period.

Avoid supplying the speaker with more power than it can take or above the recommended limit.


The easiest and most efficient way to improve your vehicle’s audio system for improved sound quality or audio experience is by upgrading your factory speakers with a top-rated design.

So far, we have discussed the 13 best 8 inch midrange speakers you can pick from the several options available to car owners on the market.

Irrespective of the brand or design you go for, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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