MURS Vs GMRS: 5 Major Differences of GMRS Vs MURS Radio Cost, Range, Audio Quality


While out there, working in some private place, or just commuting somewhere distant, two-way communication involves a device that’s long-lasting, broad-range, and maintains a decent connection. Choosing the right two-way radio can be one difficult task. You can’t just go out and purchase a set of radios and start communicating with them. Almost all two-way …

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10 Best Ham Radio Speaker of 2021 Buying Guide (Top Rated Pick)

Best Ham Radio Speaker

In this article, we will be giving you our recommendation of the best speaker for Ham radios, as well as another nine recommendations to find the speaker that’s perfect for you. In addition, we will also be talking about all the essential factors you need to consider when you are looking into getting a HAM …

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12 Best Dual Band Mag Mount Antenna For VHF and UHF Receiving 2021

Best Dual Band Mag Mount Antenna

The best dual band mag mount antenna eliminates transmission and reception challenges. Don’t just invest in top-quality ham radio. Ensure you extend the gesture towards picking one of the valuable and performance-enhancing antenna models or brands along the way. This is the only way you can enjoy a flawless performance from your radio from time …

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Ham Radio Antenna Grounding 2021: Station Grounding For Amateur Radio

Ham Radio Antenna Grounding

Ham radio antenna grounding is an important topic an amateur radio operator needs to clearly understand. In case this topic sounds strange to you, or you have heard people talking about it in the past, and it still seems unclear to you, this article will explain all you need to know about this topic. Antenna …

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10 Best Ham Radio Base Station of 2021 Reviews (Expert Recommendation)

Best Ham Radio Base Station

Although the standard handheld ham radios are portable, going for the best ham radio station is recommended if you care about the transmission range. Ham radio base stations offer more features and frequency coverage. That is why a lot of people often refer to them as complex and more sophisticated. With a typical ham radio …

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