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Are you contemplating a replacement but don’t know the best magnetic loop antenna to go for?

Having to continually reposition your antenna because of undue interference and a better signal can be very frustrating.

Hence, obtaining a new one might be an option for you.

However, there a lot of antennas in the market that have very similar features. Therefore, selecting the best magnetic loop antenna can be quite challenging.

With this post, we will be having a review of our top 7 best magnetic loop antenna. The aim will be to make you understand what features to watch out for and which one is more important.

What is the Best Magnetic Loop Antenna?

As we have said, picking the best magnetic loop antenna is not always easy. It solely depends on several factors that are based on what you decide to consider.

However, considering the high-quality features and quality of signals produced, our best magnetic loop antenna is the Alpha Antenna.

Their antenna models are all great and very efficient. It is like the brand takes so much pride in boasting about their products’ efficiency and effectiveness.

That is why we are selecting the 10-80 Meter Alpha Loop Antenna as the best magnetic loop antenna.

Why Alpha Antenna is the best brand for magnetic loop antenna?

Top of our reasons for choosing the Alpha Antenna as our best magnetic loop antenna brand is their consistency level.

By consistency, we are referring to how long the brand has been producing at the top level.

With several years of experience, we consider their antennas superior and adapt to the latest market trends.

Also, efficiency is one thing they guarantee for all their products, and we have no doubts about that.

Comparison Table of Best Magnetic Loop Antenna

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Alpha 100W PEP SSB
RICH 100kHz - 30MHz
Romote 250 mW
Chameleon 15- 40 m
Sara-u 250mW

Top 7 Best Magnetic Loop Antenna Reviews

01. 10-80 Meter Alpha Loop Antenna – Best Magnetic Alpha Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Oval shaped
  • No counterpoise wires
  • 100 Watts PEP SSB Power Levels
  • High Noise Rejection

Manufactured by the Alpha Antenna Brand, this magnetic alpha loop antenna is a perfect purchase that we recommend.

If you are the type that loves to travel a lot while still enjoying your radio operations, the 10-80 meters range of this antenna will serve you well.

What you will also like about this antenna is the 100 Watts power rating.

Compared to other manufactured antenna loops, this magnetic alpha antenna produces enough power to travel far for sound signals.

Besides, the transmitting loop is small and saves you the need for counterpoise wires or tap-on on the antenna coils.

In addition, the signal transmission and receive range of this alpha antenna is fantastic.

Therefore, we will be giving this antenna some points here.

Using an embedded tuner that operates on a 6:1 reduction scale, this antenna offers a received signal range of 7MHz – 29.7MHz or 3.5MHz – 7MHz. However, you have to connect the antenna to a booster cable.

This antenna’s efficiency is also assured, and a over 21 feet double loop that produces a double skin effect is proof of this.The bandwidth is also reduced.

Moreover, the antenna has a sleek oval shape that is awesome. With this shape, more of the antenna signal goes towards the sky rather than wandering sideways.


  • Efficient and has the capacity for high power levels up to 100 watts
  • Quality signal range
  • Produces double skin effect when connected to booster cable


  • The antenna is a little overpriced

02. MLA-30 Loop Antenna – Best Shortwave Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Low Purchase Cost
  • Easy Installation
  • 100kHz – 30MHz frequency
  • Plastic + Metal Frame
  • Rainproof

The MLA-30 loop antenna is a good purchase for those looking for affordability with quality for a low price.

On purchasing the antenna, you will not be having any issues with installation as it is straightforward.

You can install it on your rooftops, veranda, or anywhere that seems excellent. Just ensure you properly install.

Besides, the MLA loop is outstanding and effective for the short-wave listeners and those that love amateur radio.

Like other traditional antennas, you only have to rotate the antenna to the best spot for a good signal.

If directed well, the antenna is capable of reducing noise that causes weak signals. This antenna also gives a good SNR ratio.

In addition, this MLA 30 antenna by RICH boasts of the main frequency coverage of 100kHz – 30MHz that is just enough for living areas.

Its ability to deeply search for signals makes it preferable to many conventional antennas in weak signals.

Durability is also guaranteed with this antenna. You will be surprised to know that the plastic + metal frame does not readily corrode when exposed to rain.

The antenna is rainproof, which is reasonable considering it will likely be placed outside. This antenna is definitely worth trying out.


  • Very cheap for the number of useful features that it provides
  • It does not get damaged by rainfall

03. Davitu Module Board – Best YouLoop Magnetic Antenna



Highlighted Features

  • 10kKZ to 30MHz HF
  • Up to 300MHz VHF
  • Passive design
  • No tuning required
  • Low Loss wide band BALUN

The first thing that will get your attention about this DABITU magnetic antenna is how portable it is. This passive youloop antenna is super portable and suited for HF and VHF use.

By using this antenna, issues like saturated antenna because of the dense electromagnetic field are avoided.

The passive magnetic loop operates using an electrostatic shield that aids in reducing the magnetic response to give more precise E-magnetic values.

The electrostatic shield is also responsible for its excellent ability to emit at very low frequencies.

The frequency range for this youloop magnetic antenna falls between 10kHz – 30MHz for HF responses. For VHF responses, the range is wider, with the response getting to as high as 300MHz.

Despite all these good features, this DABITU magnetic antenna is not waterproof. This is certainly not good for a device that uses electromagnetic responses and is expected to be placed outdoors.

As such, we recommend that you get a water protection mechanism like the water glue before installing this antenna.


  • Suitable for HF and VHF use
  • Can emit at low magnetic frequencies


  • It is not waterproof. You have to get water protective material before installing outdoors.

04. Chengbei YouLoop Antenna – Best Passive Magnetic Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • High Quality
  • HF and VHF responses
  • Passive Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Broadband losses

Produced by CHENGBEI, this is one of the best magnetic loop antenna that we consider to be very good.

With a taste for high quality, the manufacturers ensured this antenna has a lovely passive design. The antenna is also very portable and can be very useful for constant travelers.

The installation is also straightforward to do yourself, and there is no need to adjust the antenna. Just place it where you want.

Also, this antenna produces a low loss of just 0.28dB when it comes to broadband losses.

The magnetic antenna’s feeder length is 6m, and the loop works by using an electrostatic shield.

As a result, this antenna works efficiently at low frequencies to give both VHF and HF responses.

The HF responses’ frequency range is around 10kHz to 30MHz, while that of the VHF response can be 300MHz.

Maximum power at normal operating conditions is 250mW.

However, the portable antenna size resulted in the shortwave reception being better than the AM reception for this antenna.

Nevertheless, the AM reception still serves most of the primary uses.


  • Can emit at low magnetic frequencies
  • It is easy to install
  • Suitable for HF and VHF use


  • AM reception is not always the best

05. Romote Magnetic Loop Antenna – Best Receiver Response Radio


Highlighted Features

  • Super Portable
  • Emits both HF and VHF responses
  • 250mW Power Rating
  • Low Broadband loss
  • No tuning required

This magnetic loop antenna manufactured by Romote is one of the best magnetic loop antenna you should consider purchasing.

It is comparable to the Airspy HF and is also compatible with very low NF/MDS receivers.

Like many passive antennas, this one is super portable. Another thing about this antenna is that it is capable of emitting both HF and VHF responses. The HF responses are usually emitted in the frequency range of 10kHz to 30MHz.

For the VHF responses, this range is quite more expansive and can be up to 300MHz.

These responses are obtained from the VHF antenna that works in a way with the RTL-SDR V3.

However, you have to switch to RTL AGC and select the direct sampling mode option.

Other details that will interest you about this antenna are that it does not require tuning.

It works at an operating power rating of 250mW and has a low broadband loss of 0.28dB.

Also, the feedline length from each SMA male-to-male connector is 6m.

However, we found a little problem with this antenna. It does not have a waterproof feature.

Being an antenna that is expected to be compatible with outdoor use, it’s best to get waterproof treatment before installation. A good example is waterproof glue.


  • This antenna emits both HF and VHF responses
  • It does not require tuning to work perfectly


  • It is not waterproof. It can easily get damaged by rain

06. Chameleon Antenna – Best CHA Magnetic Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Portable

Chameleon Antenna is an American brand that focuses on the manufacture of very portable and sound antennas.

Hence, this CHA F-Loop antenna is no different and comes with magnetic loops and a wire antenna that is easy to assemble.

Like the other products manufactured by Chameleon Antenna, the level of attention to detail in the design is top-notch.

This CHA F-Loop Plus 2.0 is designed to be an alternative for those that do not want to go through the stress of getting a full-sized antenna.

It is also suitable for those who already have an installed full-sized antenna but need a smaller support antenna that can be closed.

This antenna functions well with a radio toolbox as well.

The installation process is very straightforward as well. If you are a DIY person, you won’t have any issues here. Just position the antenna where you want it to be.

Besides, this magnetic antenna is versatile, and the 10 – 80 m range is just enough to serve you on your vacation trips or journey.

By connecting the antenna with a single coaxial loop, it covers about 10 – 40 meters. Connecting with the double coaxial will also cover an 80/60/40 m range instead.

However, you can also connect the antenna with a booster kit and enjoy efficiency of 15- 40 m.


  • The installation is very easy
  • Wide frequency range


  • It requires tuning

07. Sara-u YouLoop Antenna – Best Portable Magnetic Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Super Portable
  • Passive Design
  • No tuning required
  • HF/VHF responses
  • 250mW Power

Manufactured by Sara-u, this you loop magnetic antenna is high quality and a good buy for your money.

With a super portable design, this antenna is just perfect for indoor use.

Also, the Sara-u antenna is a passive magnetic antenna. So, it does not require tuning to perform effectively.

Besides, it works perfectly well with very low NF/MDS receivers, such as the Airspy HF+ Discovery.

Since this antenna is a passive type, there is no need for an amplifier. However, you can use a cheap external amplifier to amplify the signals when used with a very low MDS radio.

You can also decide to use a wideband LNA for the amplification.

Another feature of this antenna is that it works with the RTL-SDR V3 when set to direct sampling mode.

However, there is a need to enable the RTL AGC option for this to work. It is not so compatible, but it works well to some extent.

Besides, this passive antenna is versatile and produces both passive HF/VHF responses.

The frequency range for the HF response is quite wide, and it from 10kHz to 30Mhz. On the other hand, the VHF response has a frequency range that can be up to 300MHz.

Other important details to note about this antenna are the power rating, material type, and broadband value loss.

The power rating is equivalent to the general value of 250mW. For the material type, we will say the design is lovely.

Also, the antenna is a metallic frame with some plastic parts. Regarding broadband losses, this antenna is still a great choice.

It has a low loss broadband value of 0.28dB.

However, we will be deducting some review points regarding the resistance to harsh weather conditions.

This Sara-u antenna is not weatherproof. You need to apply weatherproofing tape before installing outdoors.


  • It does not require tuning to function properly
  • Suitable for HF and VHF use


  • It cannot withstand harsh weather conditions

Buying Considerations Best Magnetic Loop Antenna

Having reviewed our 7 best magnetic loop antenna, the issue of important factors to consider before making your preferred antenna choice comes into play.

What are those details to watch out for before deciding on the best antenna for purchase?

That’s what we will be looking at in this section.

Selecting the best magnetic loop antenna is not often easy as it seems. You will have to choose a choice out of very similar alternatives.

So, here are some of the factors to consider when making your choice.


A perfect gain antenna would be one with 0 dB. That is one that would uniformly transmit or receive waves from all angles.

However, such an ideal antenna gain is practically impossible.

An antenna’s gain is equivalent relates to its sensitivity. Also, the directivity of the antenna is that of the transmitted and received wavelength.

Hence, a higher gain means increased focus in beamwidth. Much of the signal would be in one direction.

How then does this help you to pick a transformer choice?

Locate the direction of the nearest broadcast tower(s) to you. If you stay in an area where you are in the middle of broadcast towers, then a multidirectional antenna (low gain antenna) is the best choice for you.

Otherwise, pick a high gain antenna if the broadcast tower(s) have their bearings on one side with respect to your location

Supported Frequencies

What is vital here is ensuring that your antenna can amplify the frequency range you need. For magnetic TV antennas that support both VHF and HF signals, they should amplify both as well.

For instance, having an antenna with both HF and VHF support that only amplifies the VHF signals is not the best.

What it means is that broadcasts from HF signals would be blocked and not be operational.

Noise Levels

When considering what antennas to choose, the amount of noise produced is also necessary.

The general idea is that antennas with lower noise values always have higher sensitivity.

Such antennas are also bound to produce more quality signals than noisy ones.

Besides, in the case of persistent noise that cannot be reduced, a good antenna should still be able to provide signals (no matter how weak).

Generally, values for noise levels that exceed 2 dB are considered to be very high. Always try to go for the antennas that produce the lowest noise.


Asides from the overall design of the antenna type you purchased; the type of material used in finishing the antenna also matters.

This is very important, especially for antennas that would be installed outdoors. If you plan to position the antenna indoors, then you’re right.

However, for outdoor installation, there is a need to consider the weather. Will very hot weather be affecting the type of metal used?

Also, being outside exposes the antenna to other climate changes and even rainfall. As a result, you might want to consider going for a waterproof antenna. Or one that is weatherproof as well.

Therefore, if you see an antenna with every other excellent feature that is not waterproof, you can always find a solution.

The solution is to ensure getting a waterproof/weatherproof treatment before installing it outdoors.


Where do you plan to place the antenna? Will you be going for an outdoor antenna? Or would you rather go for an indoor instead?

Your choice of antenna type here is based on how far you are from the closest broadcast tower.

If you stay within 15 – 20 miles of the nearest broadcast tower(s), the indoor antenna can work for you.

Any distance beyond that would mean you should consider selecting an outdoor antenna instead.

However, the “placement” factor is more than just deciding on an outdoor or indoor antenna.

The placement also plays a role in how strong the signal you get is.

Placing your antenna on a higher exterior platform will do better than just putting it outside.

So, ensure that the indoor/outdoor antenna you pick can be correctly installed in your preferred location.


Another factor that is important but often overlooked is the warranty. The warranty should be considered as necessary as any other factor.

Some people might argue that they are excellent when it comes to the maintenance of different electronics.

The question to ask such people is what they do when the fault occurs on its own, probably due to the manufacturer’s error?

While products that come with a warranty might be sometimes expensive, they are always the best choice in the long run.

A 5-year warranty on your antenna would mean you free from repair costs during that period. As long as you do not cause apparent physical damage, your antenna remains safe and protected.


Having successfully reviewed our 7 best magnetic loop antenna, the choice of magnetic antenna you now select is totally up to you.

It is up to what you are looking for and the factors you deem to be more important.

However, we believe you now already know the features to watch out for. Kindly tell us which one you prefer in the comment section.

Do you have a different antenna in mind? You can let us know as well.

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