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We gather different brands of the best 160 antennas in the market today, and overall, the real winner is the MFJ Wire Antenna.

Finding the most suitable one can be strenuous because of the tight competition today, but we have gone through deep analysis and research to provide everyone with what their money’s worth is.

Finding the right product is never easy; some things need consideration, especially the compatibility and the features of the product, and in that, MFJ Wire Antenna wins the competition.

What is The Best 160 Meter Antenna?

The MFJ- 1778 wire antenna is our top product on this list. MFJ is a famous brand when it comes to antennas.

We highly recommend this product to look for an excellent 160-meter antenna for your home or commercial space.

Why MFJ-1778is The Best Brand For 160 Meter Antenna?

There is a simple explanation for that, and that is because this product meets all the great features that an outstanding 160-meter antenna will do.

You will see the difference between this antenna with the other products on our list that it is the superior of them all.

Comparison Table of Best 160 Meter Antenna

MFJ-1778 Wire Antenna
Chameleon EMCOMM III
Comet HFJ-350M
Taurus 160M-6M

7 Best 160 Meter Antenna Reviews

01. MFJ-1778 Wire Antenna – Best Popular 160M Antenna

 Highlighted Features

  • 102 feet long
  • 91 pounds
  • Capable of 1500 Watts
  • It covers all bands
  • Bundle purchase

Let’s meet our superior product on this list. The MFJ-1778 comes from MFJ Enterprises that sells electronic products like this antenna.

The MFJ-1778 is a G5RV antenna that is convenient and cost-effective, which makes it very popular these days.

This product is a bundle of the G5RV dipole and the Ham guides TM pocket reference card.

This is a multiband antenna with a capability of up to 1500 watts.

There’s a great story behind this product since its design was only to operate as a 3/2 wavelength center-fed antenna for 14 MHz.

Still, with the discovery of the aspirants, this product can actually perform with different other bands.

This product can work from the 160-meter band as the highest when used as Marconi and the 10-meter band as the lowest.

To have a more compact installation, you can use it as a sloper or inverted vee. To maximize the performance of this antenna, you must use a tuner.

With its outstanding performance and good features, many people are into buying this product, which is why it is our best 160-meter antenna.

You can expect durability on this one, but of course, you should install it in a durable and weatherproof place, so it won’t get detached on location in case there’s bad weather like heavy snow or heavy rain.

To give you more understanding about the product, they have an instruction manual that includes all the information you need, like the Theory of Operation.


  • Easy installation
  • Well-built
  • Great customer service


  • Bad solder joints

02. Chameleon EMCOMM III

Highlighted Features

  • 5 pounds
  • Portable Design
  • 73-foot wire
  • 100W SSB
  • 25” Copper Clad

The next item from the list is the CHA EMCOM III portable antenna. EMCOM III is perfect for passionate people and always brings their radio wherever they go.

The design of this radio is suitable for short and long-range man-pack HF communications.

One excellent communication when going hiking or any adventurous activities that require particular communication is by radio.

Some places don’t have a phone signal, so bringing a radio is handier. With the use of this EMCOM III, it’s much easier to communicate with one another.

Chameleon Antenna is a brand most commonly known for selling high-quality antennas and accessories for radios.

The EMCOM III is suitable for personal use and can also be good in the military, professional, non-government, and even government use.

The antenna can get an excellent signal for the radio. The frequency of this antenna is from 10M – 160M and is 73 feet long.

Installing this antenna is easy since its purpose is to get a better radio signal anywhere you go; the installation will not give you a hard time.

Of course, there are installations for this. For general-purpose antennas with two supports available, it is the Inverted “L.” Wire Configuration.

For easy installation, the End-Fed Inverted “V” is what you need. There are also two other positions for the antenna, and those are the Horizontal End-Fed (NVIS) and the Half Square Configuration.

The items include a matching box, 73 feet Copper Clad KEVLAR Wire for radiator, and the 25 feet Copper Clad KEVLAR Wire for Counterpoise.


  • Doesn’t require a balun
  • Works with multiple bands
  • Compact size


  • The bungee flaps

03. Ni4L OCF 8 Bands 160-6 HF Windom Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • 5 pounds
  • 270 feet
  • FLEX-WEAVE ™ Wire
  • UV protected wire
  • Low-gloss finish

Third on the spot is the Ni4L OCF 8 bands antenna. If you use this as the off-center fed shortwave antenna, it will provide 500 kHz to 60 kHz.

A multiple-band antenna that can cater to 6, 10, 12, 17, 20, 40, 80/75, and 160 meters. Constructed with a top-quality FLEX-WEAVE ™.

A hybrid aerial wire that assures you a long-lasting use since it’s durable, flexible, and designed for repeated use.

Compared to copper-clad cables, the wire that they use will not rust out or kink to handle the changing weather of the environment.

It is the perfect antenna for rapid deployment, and that means it is not only for personal use, but it can also use it in military and professional aerials.

The construction of the wire has a PVC jacket, and its UV resistant, so even if you install it with the direct hit of the sun, it will never be a problem.

A fully assembled antenna that is ready to go. You can hang this depending on the position required, but of course, always remember to stay away from it from the power lines.

If planning to use it with a tuner, check the SWR before using it. When it comes to durability and flexibility, this antenna is excellent.

Seeing cable wires hanging is an eye-sore, which is why this has a low-gloss in a small size so that it will look like it disappears and will not ruin the view.


  • Strong reception
  • Rigid construction
  • All band coverage


  • If the mount higher than usual, SWR will be higher.

04. CHA-Hybrid-Mini

Highlighted Features

  • 500W SSB or 250W CW
  • 60 Feet Wire
  • 3/8-24 Thread
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 7 pounds

We have another entry from chameleon Antenna, and this time, it’s their CHA Hybrid-Mini.

This antenna’s design is to enhance the capabilities of the standard HF radio application.

Of course, this is another portable product from chameleon, so people looking for a travel-friendly antenna will suit them.

Made of the finest product available, this antenna is a multi-purpose that can also use for government, non-government, and personal use for communication.

The CHA Hybrid-Mini allows faster tuning operation across the different HF bands, including the MARS/CAPS frequencies.

This antenna uses the SO-239 UHF female antenna connector for better performance.

Every material used to make this product is high-quality, so you can assure that you can use this more often with your travels.

The good thing about this being portable is it doesn’t require too much space in your bag; transporting it from one place to another is fine.

Because of the mini and portable design, it doesn’t require much effort in installation; in fact, a single person can manage to deploy this antenna all alone.

The antenna’s base possesses an integral broadband impedance. This improved the acquired signal to give the radio a better performance and allows the broadband antenna tuning of the radio.

No need to worry about the rain because this unit is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather if installed correctly.

And another good thing about this product is that it does not require changing switches, coils, or jumpers.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable and easy to bring
  • Waterproof unit


  • Requires external antenna tuner

05. Comet HFJ-350M Toy Box Original

Highlighted Features

  • 4 division construction
  • Portable
  • Nine band antenna
  • It includes an extension coil

The 160 meter antenna from Comet has a different appearance compared to the past products in our list.

The HFJ-350M Toy Box antenna is a portable antenna with 4 division structure.

The package includes 1x of 1.9MHz extension coil, 1x base coil, 1x of 3.5 MHz extension coil, and 1x telescopic element.

The good thing about the HF-350M Toy Box antenna is that it is portable and convenient to carry.

If you tend to travel and set up your station with this antenna, this will never be a problem when it comes to bringing this.

Aside from being portable, setting up and tearing this down is easy peasy, making it great for different set-up locations.

For your counterpoise connection, the UHF base has a terminal for it. Aside from being portable, this antenna is also lightweight, with only 0.89 pounds.

You can easily slip this into your pouch. The maximum power that this can give on 1.8 MHz and 3.5 MHz is 75W PEP SSB and on 7.0-50 MHz is 100W PEP SSB. To use this antenna requires an antenna tuner.


  • Easy to set up the antenna
  • Perfect for travelers
  • Capable of autotuning
  • Compromise coiled antenna
  • It works great


  • No flexible joints

06. Taurus 160M-6M Multi-Band Long Wire Dipole Antenna

Highlighted Features

  • Manufactured in Taiwan
  • 400 W maximum power
  • 9:1 Unun
  • SO239 sockets

The product from Taurus has a wire length of 64 feet, so you can install it up high to get a better signal.

The maximum power of this antenna is 400 W, and it has the UnUn of 9:1. It uses the UHF female or SO239 sockets.

A perfect march is possible on all bands if used with the right ATU, which means a broader connection is possible.

It has a glossy wire that will look invisible once in the air. The materials used for this antenna are high quality and long-lasting, and it is evident on the thick wire. The wire will not easily cut-off e.


  • More substantial power of 400 Watts
  • Lightweight wire
  • Can obtain on all bands


  • The wire’s length is only 64 feet

07. CHA-MIL-EXT-2 Collapsible Antenna Extension

Highlighted Features

  • Collapsible Antenna
  • 1 Pound
  • 18 Feet 2 Inches Long
  • Aluminum Tubing Walls
  • Thicker Version

For extreme portability, check out the following product from Chameleon, which is their CHA-MIL-EXT 2.

It is the second version of the CHA-MIL-EXT, and they made it better than before.

Compared to the first version, this one comes with thicker and stiffer aluminum tubing walls, making it more robust.

For the portable features, the antenna is collapsible. To use this extension and provide you the 80M and 160M operation.

It needs to be used with the CHA-MIL 2.0 because that’s where it is compatible, and it will create the 18 feet and 2 inches long portable antenna.

The good thing about using Chameleon products is that you can do a lot more to improve this.

If you use this with HYBRID series antennas, this will operate at 1.8-54 MHz band in all frequencies without adjusting the external tuners.

Frequent travelers can benefit from this one since it is easy to attach and detach. If not in need of a higher operation, keeping it safe is easy since its feature focuses on its portability.

There are four aluminum alloy tubing in the pack, and each of these has a length of 28 inches with 3/4 inches diameter.


  • Great for frequent travelers
  • Monopole Antenna
  • Durable than the first version
  • Very easy to attach and detach


  • This is just an extension

Things To Consider Before Buying Best 160 Meter Antenna

Antenna Wire Length

It is essential to know the length of the antenna wire, especially if it is for permanent installation. The size of the wire can help to get it in the proper position.

An example of why you need to consider the length is that a particular position requires to get the 160M band.

Some places are the Linear Loaded Sloper Antenna, 160m Half-Sloper Antenna, 160m, 80m, 40m Curtain Zepp Ease of Use:

The best 160 meter antenna is very easy to install. If you are going to install it by yourself, you must install it properly to get the best reception that you deserve.

Most of these items come with a manual telling what antenna position is proper to get the right band you need for your radio.

These items are easy to install, and some are even portable and compact that you can even bring when you travel.

Make sure to know which one is more convenient for you, so using it will never be a problem.

Antenna, and many more. The height is essential on this matter; that is why it is necessary to consider the length of the wires.


There are many antenna extensions in the market, and it is hard to know which one to purchase, especially if the budget is too tight.

Antennas are a good investment for radio enthusiasts. The 160M antenna allows the radio to operate with different frequencies, and with that, the radio can get a broader range of channels.

People can still achieve that even with a tight budget; the thing is how to do that by setting the right amount of money to spend and do deep research on the products.

Length of Wire

Since there are different rules for the height of the antennas, you must consider the height of your wire first.

Like for amateur antennas, the maximum height limit is 30 feet, so do you think it is practical to get longer wire?

You must do a lot of research on your wire’s position to know the perfect length of wire you need.

Type of Antenna

There are different types of 160 meter antennas, and you should pick the one you need the most.

If you already have an old one before that, you can still use it, and you may be just want to expand it and buy only the extension.

But, if you are new or want to replace your old antenna wire, you can buy the one which is not an extension for the older one.

There are also types of antennas that have wires that require you to hang it on trees for better reception, but there are also antennas that doesn’t have wires.

FAQ’s 160 Meter Antenna

Do I need an Antenna Tuner?

There are some antennas here that require to have an antenna tuner. That is because using a tuner enhanced the performance of the antenna.

Using this will actually make the radio and antenna’s performance better compared to without using one. The 160M band is actually clearer when you use a tuner.

What Frequency is 160 meter Band?

The frequency of this band is between 1.8 MHz and 2MHz, which is an above medium wave broadcast.

They called the Gentleman’s Band, and there’s a lot of history about this, which makes it great.

Can a ham radio listen to police frequencies?

No, since this is an amateur antenna, you cannot. Police radios are most of the time outside the amateur radio spectrum.

Although that doesn’t mean that it is impossible, some ham radio equipment can tune outside the ham radio spectrum, including some police channels.

No guarantees because the police channels are usually coded or encrypted.

Do dipole antennas have to be straight?

The dipole antennas don’t have to be straight when you install it. Yes, I know that some of you know that some people install it in a straight horizontal line to prevent it from bending.

The thing is, it has tolerant in dropping, bending, and sloping.

How tall should my antenna be?

The height actually matters when it comes to getting the perfect frequency for your radio and the best height 144 feet and 157 feet above the ground.

Since you are using a multiband antenna, you need to cater to all those bands, and for you to do that, the higher the antenna, the better.

Of course, it’s not just the height of the antenna that matters, the angles of the wires as well. That is why there is a specific wire pattern installation for each band.

How To Install 160M Antenna?

There are different methods and positions on how you will install your antenna, and you can see that on manual that some of the items have.

As I have said before, there are proper positions for the wires to get the right frequency that you need.

You can quickly bring antennas when you travel, so it will always depend on what you need.

Antennas usually come with a manual, and check the right band that you need and follow the position of the wire.

When should I use an antenna balun?

Balun’s job is to transition the balanced and unbalanced scenarios, and antennas usually need them to enable the best performance for the antennas.

If the antenna you bought is not satisfying, you will need a balun because it helps the antenna get a precise frequency for better communication.

Balun also prevents radiation that can usually result in feeder loss. There are different types of the balun, so make sure that you get the right one.

How tall can my ham radio antenna be?

The maximum height limit for the amateur antenna is 30-foot. This applied to all newly installed amateur radio antennas.

For a residential area with an amateur radio antenna, the height should be no more than 15 feet.

This is under the permitted antennas as, a matter of right. This is the law for all types of antennas for residential, television, and amateur radio antennas.


Radio communication is still applicable today, especially for people who prefer to have a more straightforward communication method.

Purchasing the best 160 meter antenna is essential because the radio will rely on the antenna on what frequency it will get.

That is why we did everything and did some deep research so we can give you the antenna that will be very useful for you for a long time.

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