7 Best Ham/CB Radio Power Supplies in 2024 (Reviews)

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A top-notch quality power supply is essential for Ham/CB radio. The poor quality power supply can put the Ham system at risk. With an enormous range of options available, it is really hard to find a top-grade power supply.

Which supply is better, Linear or switch mode?

The switch-mode power supply supplies power by converting AC to DC, and hence the desired voltage is produced.

On the other hand, the linear power supply converts the high voltage of AC into low voltage VC.

The switch-mode supply of power is smaller and lighter as compared to the linear power supply.

However, the switch mode power supply may create high-frequency noise. The linear supply of power is less noisy but it generates more heat than the switch-mode supply of power.

Buying Considerations of Choosing The Best Ham Radio Power Supply

01. Fan Noise

Fan noise is one of the things that people don’t really bother about. However, if you end up getting a Ham radio power supply that is noisy, then you will definitely be annoyed with it.

Most of the cheap power supplies can have very noisy fans. Noisy fans will lead you to a point where you will not be able to bear the noise and then the power supply will become completely useless.

Hence, getting a power supply that has a quiet fan is the best option.

02. Compatibility and size

There are some power supplies that are versatile and they are compatible with various devices such as scanners, sound systems, and even cellular phones along with HAM/CB radios.

However, there are some power supplies that may not even be compatible with all kinds of HAM radios.

So, make sure that you get the power supply that is compatible.

Secondly, Ham radio power supplies come in different sizes and may have varying weights.

The users must figure out their space and then choose the size and weight of the power supply accordingly.

Most of the Ham radio power supplies are lightweight and they don’t occupy much space.

So, people will not really have a problem finding one that suits their space.

03. Durability

Durability solely depends upon the materials used for construction and the build- quality.

Power supplies that are built with cheap plastic will definitely not last for a long period of time because there is a greater chance of them breaking.

On the contrary, some power supplies are made with high-grade and aluminum and some are made high-quality plastic.

So, the better the quality of the material, the longer will the product last.

Instead of buying a cheap power supply with low-grade materials, it is better to opt for the ones that are more on the affordable side.

This way, the investment in power supply will be worthwhile.

04. Display

Some Ham radio power supplies come with displays and then there are some that don’t have displays.

The benefit of having a display is that it provides real-time information on the power supply.

Now, the displays are of two types. One type is the analog display and the other one is a digital display.

Some people prefer analog over digital displays while some prefer digital over analog because digital displays are easier to read.

So, the display is really a personal preference. People can pick the one that they like better.

05. Safety

One of the most important buying considerations is safety. Most of the Ham radio power supplies come with protection features. These features include:

  • Over-voltage protection: In case of an increased supply of the voltage, the device is able to protect the other devices connected to it and is also able to ensure the safety of the users.
  • Short-circuit protection: In electronic devices, there is always a chance of short circuits. A short circuit can end up ruining the devices connected to the power supply and can also be dangerous for the user. So, short-circuit protection is essential.
  • Over-heating protection: Over-heating is also likely in electronic devices and over-heating can also end up causing damage to your devices. Hence, it is important to have a power supply that offers overheating protection.

06. Auto-shutoff protection

The power supply can shut off on its own for various reasons. In this case, to prevent the Ham radio from the damage it is essential to have auto-shut off protection.

All the power supplies that we picked out have safety features that keep the users and the devices safe.

07. Noise elimination

The power supply must provide highly stable and filtrated power so that noise elimination can be achieved.

If the power supply is not stable then there will be interference. Most of the power supplies have to noise offset dials with which the noise can be eliminated.

08. Price

The last buying consideration is the price. Different brands and different models of power supplies have varying prices.

Of course, each individual may not have the same budget. Some may have a high budget while others may have a limited budget but the varying prices allow each individual to get a power supply that suits their budget.

One thing to keep in mind here is that very cheap power supplies are not worthwhile. They may be built with low-quality materials and they may also have a low build quality.

So, spending money on something that will not function well and will not last for a decent period of time is not worth it.

Instead, buying power supplies that may be more on the affordable side is a good idea.

A Comparison Table of Top 7 Ham/CB Radio Power Supply

Brand NameDetails
TekPower TP30SWV Digital
  • 30 Amp
  • 13.8V DC
  • 9-15V adjustable
Pyramid PSV300 Analogue
  • 30 Amp
  • 13.8V DC
TekPower TP30SWII Analogue
  • 30 Amp
  • 13.8V DC
  • 9-15V adjustable
Pyramid PS9KX Analogue
  • 5 AMP
  • 13.8V
TekPower Analog TP30SWI
  • DC 13.8V
  • 30A(Max)
Samlex SEC-1235M
  • 13.8 Volts
  • 30 Amps
TekPower TP1830SB Digital
  • 1.5-15V Adjustable
  • 30A

What is the best ham radio power supply?

With our research, we have figured out that TekPower is the best Ham radio power supply.

Why TekPower power supply is best for ham and CB radio?

TekPower is an amazing power supply because it doesn’t have a lot of current variation.

Also, line and load regulation are fantastic. Very little RFI is produced, and interference can be eliminated through the dial. Not only does it perform well, but also has a strong build quality.

Along with TekPower, our list contains some other top-level Ham radio power supply. Let’s go through them expeditiously!

Top 7 Best Ham/CB Radio Power Supply Reviews

01. TekPower TP30SWV – Overall Best Ham Radio Power Supply

As we mentioned earlier, TekPower is the best Ham radio, so let’s have a look at it in detail.

TekPower TP30SWV is a well-known professional digital power supply. The power supply has the ability to provide power to various Ham and CB radios.

It has an impressive line and load regulation along with low ripple and noise. The amazing switching power supply of 13.8V, while 9-15V adjustable power output.

Specifically designed to ensure minimized switching noise for communication. In case of noise, use the off-set knob for adjustment and the noise will be eliminated.

Another cool thing about this TekPower power supply is that it has safety protection features.

It prevents the set-up from overheating and also has provided protection in the case of a short circuit. Lastly, this power supply is well-built.

The plastic is not cheap and it has a decent size. We highly recommend this power supply for its high-quality and top-grade features.

Highlighted Features

  • Cigar socket
  • Main DC output present at the back of the unit
  • 1-year warranty
  • Overheat and short circuit protection
  • 9 to 15V adjustable DC output


  • Easy to read digital display
  • Cigarette plug
  • Noise offset
  • Highly stable
  • Well-built doesn’t feel cheap


  • The adjustment of the noise offset dial could be a hassle for some people

02. Universal Compact Bench – Best Affordable Ham Radio Power Supply

The second place on our list is taken by the Pyramid Universal compact bench power supply. This versatile device is compatible with Ham radios, CB radios, cellular phones, and scanners.

The compatibility offered by this device is achieved through the screw-type connection terminals.

The power supply ensures a reliable conversion of AC-to-DC power and with the simple plug-in operation, it becomes a constant source of DC voltage.

This ensures a quick conversion of power. It also has protection features including electronic overload protection and short circuit protection.

Not only do these features ensure the safety of the operator but they also make sure that the connected devices remain safe as well.

Lastly, it has a rugged and durable construction specially for tabletop placement. This power supply is tremendous for Ham radios so we highly recommend it.

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Plug-in operation
  • Reliable conversion of AC-to-DC
  • Screw-type terminals
  • Electronic overload and short circuit protection
  • Cigarette lighter


  • Durable construction
  • Ensures the safety of the user
  • Cooling fans prevents overheating
  • LED on and off switch


  • It may be noisy at some frequencies

03. TekPower TP30SWII – Best Versatile Ham Power Supply

Then in fourth place, we have the TekPower TP30SWII which is a renowned power supply.

It is 13.8V with a 30-amp DC power supply that is compatible with all kinds of Ham radios. It has a top-grade build quality and the body feels strong and rugged.

The analog meter of this power supply is pretty easy to read and the knobs are very easy to move around.

Unlike many other hard to read analog displays, you will actually see the real-time information through the analog display of this power supply.

The coolest thing about this unit is that it has no noise at all. This is because the power supplied is highly filtered so the noise is greatly reduced. For this reason, we highly recommend this power supply.

Highlighted Features

  • 9-15V DC adjustable output
  • Powers many Ham radios and CB radios
  • Tremendous line and load regulation
  • Minimizes switching noise


  • Cigarette plug
  • Noise offset knob or dial
  • Easy to read analog display
  • Versatile and compatible with many devices


  • At 40- and 80-meter bands, there may be noise

04. Pyramid PS9KX Universal Compact Bench – Best Regulated Power Design Power Supply

The Pyramid PS9KX power supply provides a convenient yet reliable conversion of power from AC to DC.

Since it is versatile, it is compatible with scanners, cellular phones, and radios. The screw-type terminals ensure the compatibility of this device with various other devices.

The plug-in operation is responsible for allowing consistent power. The screw-terminal connectors are hassle-free and the plug-in operation is simple.

The ease of use makes this device a great choice of power supply. It provides fantastic performance and also ensures the safety of the users and protection of the devices attached to it.

Above all, it looks amazing as well with a fire color combination of red and black, with white details.

Highlighted Features

  • No need for battery or external source of power
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Auto-reset


  • Safe and rugged for tabletop or desk placement
  • Durable construction
  • Hassle-free screw terminals
  • Allows constant DC voltage
  • Cool appearance


  • The fuse burns if adjusted wrongly

05. TekPower Analog Display TP30SWI – Best Analog Display Power Supply

All the people who are fans of old-school yet classy devices will fall in love with this power supply. The case of this device is made with dark brown aluminum.

The indicators have retro gold text on them which looks marvelous. The analog display which is able to display voltage or amperage is pretty easy to read.

The interference in the transmission can be eliminated through the noise offset dial. The noise dial is very easy to use and feels nice in the hands.

It is highly recommended for all those people who opt for analog displays instead of digital ones. Also, it will look super cool sitting on the desk.

Highlighted Features

  • Analog display
  • High-quality switching power supply
  • Minimizes switching noise
  • 1-year warranty


  • Classy appearance
  • Eliminates noise
  • Safety protection features
  • Low ripple
  • Comes with a user manual and power cord


  • Changing the fuse is difficult

06. Samlex SEC-1235M Desktop 30A

This is one of the most amazing looking power supplies with advanced switch-mode technology.

However, it has a slightly higher price as compared to other power supplies but if your budget allows it, then it is certainly a great investment.

It provides reliable power and has minimum weight and size. It will not occupy a lot of space on your desk.

With the circuit innovations, this power supply has the ability to minimize output voltage ripple and noise. The input voltage of this device can be adjusted as well.

The power produced by this device is reliable and highly filtered hence it is capable of suppressing RFI to a great extent.

The safety protection features of this device are over-load protection, short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection.

Due to these safety features, the users remain safe. Also, the devices connected to this also remains safe.

And don’t forget that it will look cool on your tabletop!

Highlighted Features

  • The regulated power output of 13.8V
  • Switch-mode DC power supplies
  • Highly filtered power for noise elimination
  • The detachable power supply cord
  • Safety protection


  • Modern look
  • Ensures the safety of the user
  • Provides highly filtered power
  • The front panel has ammeter and voltmeter


  • It is expensive as compared to other power supplies

07. TekPower TP1830SB

Here we have another TekPower power supply because TekPower is known to produce the highest quality power supplies.

This specific model has a linear 13.8V DC power supply and it is compatible with many ham radios and CB radios. It has a 30A MaxCurrent output.

It is a professional power supply and its output is continuously adjustable at 1.5-15V. This device is designed specifically to be compatible and versatile.

It also has a cigarette lighter plug. The operation of this device is very quiet and it doesn’t make any noise at all. The blower running cannot be heard either.

If we talk about the overall appearance of this device then you will be quite impressed with it. It has a pretty decent appearance and also has a great digital display.

The digital display keeps you aware at all times. The LEDs are bright and add to the overall look of the power supply while ensuring the easy readability of the display.

Highlighted Features

  • Linear 13.8V power supply
  • Compatible with many Ham radios and CB radios
  • Cigarette Plug
  • Adjustable voltage


  • Easy readability
  • Digital display
  • Warranty
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Reliable power


  • It is quite heavy when compared with other power supplies

After having a brief look at the power supplies, you must be inclined towards one.

But wait for a second! Before you make your final decision, we have buying considerations and frequently asked questions, compiled for you so that you can make a more rational decision.

FAQ’s of Ham Radio Power Supply

Can a smartphone be charged with a power supply?

The Ham radio power supply can definitely charge a smartphone but it is only possible if the unit has a USB port. Without a USB port, you will not be able to charge your phone.

If anyone intends to charge their phone with the Ham radio power supply then they should get the one that has a USB port on the unit.

What is a Ham radio for?

Ham radio is a great way of interacting with people. Ham radio allows chatting with strangers and people can just listen to the conversation if they don’t really want to be part of the conversation.

The coolest thing is that the internet is not needed for this interaction. Using a Ham radio can be entertaining and educational at the same time.

It can be used to educate people about various social issues. Also, governments may use Ham radios to spread important information.

Can a Ham radio be powered by other sources instead of a power supply?

Yes, Ham radios can be powered through other ways. However, if there is a large unit then it will definitely need a power supply but when it comes to smaller HAM radios, they can certainly be powered by other sources.

Smaller Ham radios can be connected to cars, trucks, and even RVs. There will obviously be a difference in the power supplied. Instead of 120V AC power, 12V of DC power will be used.

Do all Ham radios require a power supply?

No, not all Ham radios require a power supply. There are handheld radios which come with their own batteries so they don’t need a power supply. The batteries are usually rechargeable. With larger units of Ham radios, the power supply will be needed.

What if the power supplies too much current?

There is no need to worry if the power supply supplies too much current or has a greater capacity because the Ham radio will utilize the current that it needs.

If you have bought a higher-capacity power supply then that’s fine too because you can, later on, find a good deal of a larger radio.

Too much current can be problematic rarely but the safety features protect the devices from damage.

Can Ham power supplies be noisy?

Certainly, some of the Ham radio power supplies can be very noisy. This noise is because of the conversion of AC to DC.

Most of the radios have noise offset dials that help in overcoming the noise. So, make sure that you invest in power supplies that are less noisy.


This article contains the list of the best ham radio power supplies because power supplies are usually underrated.

People invest in low-quality ham radio power supplies and end up damaging their system.

Buying considerations, FAQs, and the top 10 best ham radio power supplies will help you in finding the most suitable power supply for you. Let’s set up the ham radio systems!

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