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Seeking to know how you can do a VW Jetta Radio Upgrade? You can enhance your driving experience with a stereo system that guarantees high-quality sound.

Whether you are going for a system that can be customized to your taste or want something that will give you a pleasurable experience while driving, upgrading your Volkswagen Jetta radio is an investment that is definitely worth the spend.

So, if you are here to know how you can achieve this upgrade, you have come to the right place.

When Do You Need a VW Jetta Radio Upgrade?

The most recent Volkswagen Jetta model comes with all the enticing features that have made Jetta one of the most liked vehicle brands.

This vehicle brand is everything you can dream of, from styling to a comfortable interior and other amazing details.

However, its radio system is almost nothing to write home about. It’s pretty basic and lacks the features of a powerful stereo system.

That means you should not expect any specular sound quality when using the factory-made stereo that comes with your VW Jetta.

The system has to be upgraded to deliver contemporary, digital sounds.

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Podofo ‎US3359A1

Which Radio System is Perfect for VW Jetta?

Getting your VW Jetta radio upgraded is a pretty straightforward task when you have the perfect radio system.

Several stereos will work just fine for your VW Jetta. But, sometimes, having to scan through the scores of products in the market and knowing which one will be perfect for your Jetta can be quite confusing.

So, your best bet at getting one that will work the way you want is buying what you know.

Podofo Android Car Stereo and SCUMAXCON Car Stereo Carplay are two stereo systems that will work seamlessly with your VW Jetta.


After setting your mind on a stereo that will be perfect for your VW Jetta, the next thing will be to verify how much it will cost.

The different products in the market vary significantly in price from one brand to another.

With a little more than $100, you can get a decent stereo system that will serve you for a long time.

And if you have above $350, you can end up buying a plug-and-play radio system that is highly sophisticated.

Therefore, you may want to consider your budget to help you narrow down your options.


There is no fixed time regarding how you can upgrade your VW Jetta infotainment system.

How long it will take you to complete the process will depend on a number of factors. For instance, you need to consider the following;

  • Are you only concerned about replacing the radio?
  • Are you going to replace the woofer?
  • Are you going to change the tweeter?
  • Would you prefer to replace the front speakers?

These factors will determine how long the upgrade process will last. All in all, this task is not something that should take you too much time.


  • VW radio removal tools

Step By Step Guide of VW Jetta Radio Upgrade/ Replacement

NB: Please turn off your car engine before you begin.

Step 1 

Front Casing Removal. For VW Jetta 2016 to 2018, you have to do this first before removing the radio.

Grab the necessary tool and carefully take out the radio’s front casing if there is any.

The front casing is usually delicate, so it has to be removed with utmost care and caution.

Please do not remove it forcefully; otherwise, you can damage it. Just keep going round the radio with the removal tool until all of the holds will come off.

Step 2 

Unscrew The Radio. By now, you can see the radio itself. It is normally fastened with nuts.

That means you have a job of removing those screws before you can go any further with the process. A screwdriver is good enough here.

Step 3 

Bring The Radio Out. You still need to apply a great level of caution when removing the radio.

Make sure you hold the radio in your hands as you pull it out from its seating position. Also, note that there will be wires attached to the back of the car stereo.

Step 4 

Disconnect All The Wires Behind. If you are not comfortable doing this, you may want to pull up a YouTube video to serve as a guide.

But it’s not a big deal. There are about three wires attached to the radio stereo’s rear.

One is for power, while the other two are the harness wire and antenna wire.

Your job is to disconnect the radio from those wires. If you are careful enough, the wires should just come right out without any issues.

Step 5

Mount The New Radio. When you have successfully taken out the old factory radio, the next thing will be to mount the new stereo.

This is equally not difficult for the most part. The car stereo type you have chosen will determine how easy the process will be.

The straightforward systems do not require any wire conversions before you can use them. While for the others, you have to do that.

In most cases, the system you are buying is sold with those accessories. So, get the new radio system installed and make sure the wires have been accurately connected.

It would help if you fixed them very well because that is the only way to ensure they will function when the time comes.

Step 6 

Replace Speakers. Replacing the speakers seems to be a bit tasking compared to the other jobs.

However, it is not something that will be beyond you as a DIY person. You may struggle a bit with some aspects of this installation.

When that happens, please do not feel bad because that is how it is with everyone who had gone through this installation, especially first-timers.

Component speaker systems are highly recommended at this point. You may equally want to look into the tweeters and get them replaced.

An amazing infotainment system will not be far from you when you change the speakers.

Step 7 

Steering Wheel Controls. After installing the new radio in your VW Jetta, don’t expect it to work right away with your steering wheel controls.

Don’t forget that it has been programmed to work with the factory radio.

The way this is done varies, depending on the radio you bought. For some brands, you may have to input your vehicle information in the site’s database where you bought yours.

They will select an adapter that will enable the factory-made steering wheel controls compatible with the new radio you have just installed.

Some Additional Upgrades

Upgrading your VW Jetta does not end with the steps mentioned above. There are other additional measures you can take to further your upgrade goals.

For instance, consider changing the rear door and front speakers, adding bass, kick panel speakers, and an amplifier.

You also have the option of going one more step by including a car security system. There are tons of things you could do to ensure a complete radio system on all sides.

Infotainment systems are designed to impact your driving experience. Loved ones will enjoy taking a ride in your vehicle when the sound system is upgraded to the latest.

Common VW Jetta radio problems

  • Power problem
  • Radio takes time to respond
  • Radio display problems

Best Volkswagen Jetta Stereo Reviews

01. SCUMAXCON Car Stereo Carplay


Highlighted Features

  • Radio/Bluetooth
  • Supports SD USD
  • Supports RVC
  • Supports OPS
  • Touch balance enabled
  • Accessory ports

The SCUMAXCON Car Stereo Carplay is an Android-based product designed to replace the factory-made radios you have in your VW Jetta.

It is designed with Android auto function.

This feature makes it possible for this stereo to access your smartphone content and enable you to run Android services and applications in a hassle-free manner.

The Android auto employs Google Maps data. You can be sure of getting the latest Map data because Google regularly updates it.

Whether you want music, calls, texts, or navigation, Android auto is there to simplify your control.


  • It functions seamlessly with your Android device, letting you access the content directly.


  • Does not come with any cable adapter that an old VW can work with

02. Podofo Android Car Stereo


Highlighted Features

  • RCA interface – input-output for both audio and video
  • Car logo change
  • 9” Android 8.1 touchscreen
  • 12 volts
  • Various languages
  • Reverse rearview function

The Podofo Android Car Stereo is a fantastic option that gives you high-quality sounds in your VW Jetta.

This car stereo gives you a true feeling of what a modern sound system should look like.

It is not limited to the use of audio alone, as you can also watch videos, record stuff, and do a host of other activities.

The touchscreen feature and high-speed response ensure a great user experience.

There is also a provision for you to do GPS navigation peacefully with this stereo.

You can be sure of safe driving when you use the Bluetooth 4.0 feature.


  • The simple connection of its kit makes it a great pick for many
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 to 8


  • Does not come with an installation manual

03. UNITOPSCI Car Radio for VW


FAQ’s Volkswagen Radio Replacement

My car radio has refused to come on, no matter what I do. What am I up against?

This is a particularly common problem with VW Jetta radios. If, after pressing the power button hard enough, it still doesn’t come on, the chances are that it could be a fuse problem.

The fuse is right behind the system. Make sure it is intact, and your radio will start working again.

I am having trouble with my display; it doesn’t seem to come on

Display problems are rare. However, if your car stereo is not showing anything.

You should do two things. First, confirm if there is any power in the device.

But if you are sure everything is working, then there is a good chance that the display is the problem.

Try speaking with the vendor that sold it to you if it is still under warranty.

How can I reset my Volkswagen Jetta radio?

This one is very easy. Hold down the safe and mode button simultaneously till 1000 shows up on the display.

Release the button the moment you see 1000 appear on the screen.

Input your radio code (it is normally four digits). The first number should be entered with button #1

Why has my radio stopped working?

A damaged fuse is what is normally responsible for this issue. The fuse must have blown.

That is why you get this sort of problem. You can have multiple fuses causing this problem.

The best way to confirm this is using a voltmeter to test the radio if it has power.

My CD player still works fine, but my radio is not getting any signal; what could be the issue?

Since the CD player still works well and you aren’t getting anything from the radio end, the problem can be narrowed down to two sources.

It is either your tuner has gone bad, or your antenna has been affected. If your tuner has been affected, you may need to get another head unit.

For a bad antenna, all you need might be to get another antenna, and your problem will be solved.

What could be responsible for a radio failing to come on?

A bad fuse can cause this to happen. But another thing that might cause this is a shorted wire.

When the audio system wires are shorted, it takes out the fuse.

So even when you replace the fuse, it will damage it again. This can cause your system not to come on again until the shorting is fixed.


The main purpose of getting into a car was for it to take you from one point to another.

Nothing more. But now, infotainment systems are becoming an essential part of any vehicle.

You need the best sound systems if you want to enjoy your VW Jetta. Interestingly, this post has described how you can upgrade your radio to something better.

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