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Searching for the best single din touch screen head unit is a hard task, but we are here to help.

A single din head unit with a touchscreen is an excellent way to enjoy a safe drive due to its hands-free, Bluetooth system.

Moreover, it’s a smart device that can entertain any passenger with its video quality and sound transmission.

It’s better not to reveal the best details from the beginning.

By the time you finish reading, buying the perfect single din touch screen head unit will definitely be an easy choice to make.

A Comparison Table of The Best Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit

PreviewBrand NameDetails
BOSS Audio Systems BV9979B
Regetek T100
Sony XAV-AX8000
Camecho Q3150A199-C29
Soundstream VIR-7830B
Binize B081Z6XKR6

What is The Best Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit?

Considering all its features, Boss is taking the top place on this list.

It’s not easy to provide customers with both impressive entertainment systems and efficient hands-free controls, all while looking after the safety of the passengers.

This brand’s reviews speak for themselves, attesting to all the advantages mentioned in the product’s description.

Why Boss is The Best Brand For Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit?

Boss offers various adjustable settings to customize the screen after your own preferences.

Use the lights system to create a paradise of colors and complete the atmosphere by setting the perfect sound effects.

Apart from its amazing aesthetic and creative options, this brand prioritizes efficiency, including many subsystems, outputs, and inputs for easier access and connection.

It comes with excellent storage space, and it even adds extra space for an external card or stick.

The last reason for its position as the best brand is the quality-price ratio, an essential aspect for all items.

Top 13 Best Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit [Updated-2022]

01. BOSS BV9979B – Editor’s Choice Best Overall Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit


Highlighted Features

  • Smartphone connection
  • Adjustable colored lights system
  • Video projection from other devices
  • Customized sound settings
  • Compatible with rearview recording

The Boss single din touch screen head unit is without any doubt the best option available.

As a start, it has the perfect dimensions to fit any car perfectly, incorporating unbelievable settings and customizable properties.

As any respectable single din head unit with a touchscreen, its response time is excellent, as well as its image quality.

It’s perfect for connecting any device, from a smartphone to a professional car camera.

Grab some popcorn and create the perfect car-sized cinema, or use the screen as a safe alternative to answer calls while driving.

The possibilities are up to your imagination.

For an amazing experience, this head unit comes with adjustable sound settings, allowing you to control properties like volume, bass, or vibration, even when you are not in the car.

The secret? A simple, effective remote control.


  • Effective for answering calls while driving
  • Options of forwarding, reverse, skip track
  • Remote control
  • Available assistance for installation issues


  • Loading lag before melodies
  • Sound quality may vary

02. PYLE ‎PLTS78DUB – Best Quality Touch screen single din head unit


Highlighted Features

  • High-Quality Image Resolution
  • Player for digital video discs
  • Incorporated microphone
  • Multiple ports for external devices
  • Adjustable sound/video settings

Pyle has a reason for occupying second place in the competition for the Best Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit.

This is the perfect Single Din Head Unit for entertaining your passengers with multiple video and sound features.

Its surprising property is its powerful stereo, perfect for any music passionate.

Choose the perfect song to set the mood by connecting any external device or using the incorporated radio.

Even better, insert a CD and enjoy the tracks or the video on this amazing touchscreen.

The system is not limited in terms of compatibility, accepting any gadget, from MP3s to iPhones.

The display has the perfect size order to fit anywhere and offer an amazing image resolution all at the same time.

Its aesthetic features can be easily modified, with a special function for brightness.

The apps are organized in a simple, appealing way, making it easy to access them while on the road.

And as fun as Pyle’s single din head unit may sound, it is also shock-proof, ensuring its durability and long-term functions.

A quality device with the ability to protect itself, what more can a person ask for?


  • Excellent stereo
  • Easy set-up
  • Large text and icons for easier access


  • Unresponsive technical support
  • Parking camera not included

03. JENSEN CDR171 – Best single din head unit with touch screen


Highlighted Features

  • Rearview camera port
  • Easy access to the voice assistant
  • Preset music options
  • Incorporated microphone
  • Phone battery refill

Driving is not an easy task, and distractions are definitely not welcomed.

Luckily, Jenson created an excellent single din head unit with a touchscreen that can make a road trip safer and enjoyable even for the driver.

The main feature of this unit is its accessible voice assistant.

Instead of unlocking a phone 10 times, simply connect it to the head unit and press the specified button.

Make use of technology and pay attention to the road while asking your virtual assistant to help with any issue that occurs.

Not sure about the road? It can be easily solved by one press.

And if the smartphone can’t resist as much as you on the road, a charging input is always there to save the day.

It’s quite clear by now that having one of the best single din touch screen head units means having fewer things to worry about.


  • Responsive touch screen
  • Quick Bluetooth connection
  • Clear sound


  • Dimensions don’t fit all cars
  • May not auto-connect to other gadgets

04. REGETEK T100


Highlighted Features

  • Mobile charging port
  • Sensitive touchscreen
  • Multiple devices compatibility
  • Connection passcode
  • Folding monitor

This amazing single din head unit with touchscreen comes with all the modern features that are out there.

Its wide preset music variety makes sure no one ever gets too bored or sleepy.

On the other hand, the 7 inches monitor adds unlimited video possibilities for an even better trip.

Its highlight? The capacity to expand or fold its screen in order to fit your needs perfectly.

Besides that, it provides crystal clear footage of all necessary surroundings when parking, and it even controls the automatic antenna.

It comes with a fast-charging port and remote control that adjusts sound volume and skips songs from a distance.

And for all the music enthusiasts out there, if its storage space isn’t enough, an extra card can be added anytime.

Volume and other effects can be modified through simple actions, and the screen can even be folded when it’s not in use.


  • Easy to install
  • Great audio
  • Includes safety measures


  • Tech assistance must be improved
  • Loud sounds from main settings

05. SONY XAV-AX8000


Highlighted Features

  • Large screen
  • 3 options of installation
  • Accepts additional sound system components
  • Compatible with mobile applications
  • Clear, adjustable sound

This one is perfect for confused drivers who can’t remember all directions and don’t enjoy looking into a small smartphone screen when they have to turn left.

And to be honest, it describes all of us.

Smart navigation is included, accessible with one click.

Connect any mobile to the single din head unit and check out the large map with one glance.

The large touchscreen with customizable settings is perfect for this task.

Even more, it shows clear images when reversing and offers advice about safe maneuvers.

All instructions can be modified, so only useful information will be presented.

Visual functions are not the only advantage brought by Sony single din heat unit with a touch screen.

Preset music genres ensure an entertaining atmosphere constantly, and if the songs are not for you, audio connection to any external device is possible anytime.

Listen and choose the perfect melodies and sound settings.


  • Great microphone
  • Adjustable screen brightness in light
  • Skip button


  • Complex set-up



Highlighted Features

  • Connects with iPhone & Android
  • Radio included
  • Navigation through a mobile connection
  • Bluetooth connection to any device
  • Great sound quality

Iying is a friendly option of a single head din unit with a touch screen for iPhone users.

Its main advantage is the compatibility with CarPlay, as well as with Android apps for cars.

This device covers all mobile options out there, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at its features.

Its compatibility extends for both video and audio features, including various ports for all sorts of devices.

View your favorite video from YouTube while enjoying the comfortable seat of your car.

The available apps offer unlimited possibilities.

To ensure the perfect view for anyone, the screen’s position can be modified to various angles.

Kids and adults will both enjoy watching their shows on this screen.

And if any problem occurs, technical support is available with just one call.

Lastly, the main settings can be controlled via buttons on the steering wheel, so it’s not necessary to take your eyes off the road if you want to skip a song.

This shows that safety always comes as a priority.


  • The package comes with extra items
  • Flexible screen’
  • Free CarPlay


  • USB cables may not work properly



Highlighted Features

  • Multiple screen positions are available
  • Rear camera included
  • Compatible with cameras
  • GPS Navigation feature included
  • Bluetooth connection with any device

The dynamic aspect and function put this device on the list for the best single din touch screen head unit.

Its dimensions are fitted for any car model, and its adjustable screen position implies modifying any angle and even flipping.

What comes as a surprise is the various options available for rear camera connectivity.

It adds a clear view in the dark and a large covered field.

With this head unit, parking becomes a piece of cake, even at night.

Its memory space, as well as the number of ports available, are impressive.

It allows adding all sorts of gadgets, from MP4s to the most modern smartphone.

And it can even charge them.

Additionally, it comes with all the necessary installation guides and even with extra items: stereo, remote control, and parking camera.

Available buttons can modify multiple settings, including sound effects and searching bar.

All in all, these accessories definitely make them worthy of your attention.


  • A lot of sound settings are available
  • Useful installation guide
  • Responsive assistants for any issues


  • Not all phones can be charged
  • Does not have AM radio

08. CAMECHO Q3150A199-C29


Highlighted Features

  • Multiple inputs & outputs
  • Extra microphone included
  • Commands available in 11 languages
  • Offers colored light system
  • Compact screen
  • Changeable car logo displayed

It has been said about this model that it’s one of the best single din head units available on the market.

And these sayings are actually backed up by the multitude of amazing features and customizable properties.

Here are just some of them.

The main screen can be easily customized with any car logo, brightness, and colors models.

And the touch screen works flawlessly, with an amazing response time.

The package includes a Steering Wheel control remote and a small camera for parking.

Despite its size, the camera comes with protection against any type of bad weather and with impressive image quality.

Even more, Broadband Technical calls and audio features are available in order to ensure the best driving experience.

Any driver can easily pay attention to the road while also navigating through melodies and taking phone calls.

And if the mobile connection is ever lost, all radio frequencies are available.


  • The best price-quality ratio
  • Easy access with steering wheel buttons
  • Great sound quality


  • Sometimes Bluetooth connection is unstable



Highlighted Features

  • Perfect screen dimensions
  • Flexible display
  • Offers hands-free features
  • Compatible with iPod
  • Amazing voice recognition

What is the most important aspect of the best single din touch screen head unit?

Probably the speaker and connectivity options.

This sort of device must provide excellent sound quality, as well as phone interaction via Bluetooth.

And Soundstream took care of both these properties.

Moreover, the monitor can be easily removed from the main head unit to perfectly fit any of your wishes.

The blue screen color provides a nice ambiance, ensuring the best brightness both in the middle of the day and at night.

Although the model might seem rigid, this comes as an advantage for a car-installed device.

How so? It’s quite important that the monitor will be stable and it won’t move chaotically while driving.

Other features worth mentioning for this single din head unit with touchscreen are the available interactions with Compact Discs, MP3, and other modern devices.

It even accepts iPods, making it a good option for any iOS user.


  • Great stereo
  • The stable screen while driving
  • Perfect for any budget


  • Connectivity must be improved
  • The touch screen is not responsive



Highlighted Features

  • Large screen
  • Accepts offline navigation
  • Incorporated Wi-fi source
  • It comes with Hotspot features
  • Customized screen settings
  • Great image quality

This single din head unit with a touchscreen is truly a surprise for most people.

As it doesn’t have a famous company name, people don’t rush to buy it.

But when someone takes the chance and opens the package, they are presented with an amazing device.

As soon as it’s installed, the massive screen becomes a perfect buddy on a long drive.

Its large icons make operating it a piece of cake, and its aesthetic is convincing any customer that it was worth the purchase.

Specific settings can be modified so the device is personalized to your taste.

Choose the car logo and backlights and enjoy the perfect touch screen.

Even more, if any screen problem ever occurs, the device comes with a calibration system to reactivate it.

Its main feature is probably the incorporated Wi fi transmitter, allowing the download of various apps, from navigation to entertainment ones.

Who doesn’t enjoy the idea of watching a hilarious YouTube video while waiting in the car?


  • Impressive tech support
  • It comes with YouTube app


  • Unstable Wi fi connection
  • Samsung 5G hotspot is not supported

11. AMPRIME A2416NAA3-C58


Highlighted Features

  • Support satellite radio
  • Steering Wheel controls
  • More than 13 languages are available
  • Smartphone link
  • High-definition images

Another brand that must be put on this list is AMprime.

This brand offers all the features of one of the best single din touch screen head units at an incredible cost.

These features cover areas starting from parking track assistance to inputs and entertainment systems.

Let’s start with probably the most useful aspect: its reverse camera.

The camera comes with an installation guide, so the set-up can be done by anyone with little effort.

The system will sense when you are reversing and will automatically display the images from the back of your car.

Compared with other devices, an important advantage brought by AMprime is the track assistant, activated when parking.

On top of all this, this single din head unit accepts the plug-in of USB cables that link both iOS and Android systems to the device.

This enables screen projection from any smartphone.

It even comes with an App Store for various entertaining applications like Netflix or Youtube.


  • Perfect for a small budget
  • Accepts reverse camera with adjustable settings
  • Supports multiple apps, including Netflix


  • Sound quality must be improved

12. PODOFO ‎GBT-7110GM


Highlighted Features

  • Parking camera included
  • Accepts memory card
  • GPS navigation
  • Smartphone mirroring
  • Folding display

A head unit with a touch screen that supports navigation and comes with a free reverse camera is always a good choice.

The medium-sized display fits perfectly in any car, and it even provides a retraction option.

The package includes the device itself, as well as many other accessories like remote control, parking camera, MP5 player, and free map.

A GPS receiver is incorporated, so all you need to do is enter the destination and follow the given instructions.

Another important feature for any single din head unit is the number of available connection ports.

This device provides outputs to link any external gadgets and a memory card, so you never lose any important



  • Great aspect
  • High image quality
  • Support various song and video formats


  • Stereo is not compatible with all car models
  • It doesn’t include a CD player



Highlighted Features

  • Connection to Siri & CarPlay
  • 2 USB ports
  • Supports extra monitors
  • Fast mobile charging
  • Accepts both front and back cameras

Besides the main features provided by a single din head unit with a touchscreen, this device adds an external mic for the best sound quality during phone calls and two USB ports for both phone charging and external connections at the same time.

Moreover, certain properties allow the interaction with 2 extra screens.

This way, the video shown on the main display will be synchronized with the extra monitors that can be fixed in the back of the car.

It sounds like a great cinematic experience for the whole family or friends’ group.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the link to CarPlay and voice assistants that will make driving an easier and more enjoyable task.

Receive and send messages, answer calls or search anything using Siri’s abilities.


  • Powerful radio
  • Crystal clear images
  • The monitor can be inclined at various angles


  • Volume can’t be adjusted in CarPlay

The Buying Considerations of Best Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit

All the great models out there have been presented and analyzed thoroughly, so what now?

In the search for the best single din touch screen head unit, it’s crucial to know the most important aspects to consider.

Don’t worry, and this article is here to help you out.

01. Bluetooth Connection

An available Bluetooth connection means an available hands-free option.

This is probably the first thing to look after, as safety should always be a priority when driving.

With this option, you can answer calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

In addition, some devices also have buttons on the wheel that allow easy control of voice messages and phone calls.

02. Available Ports

Look for a single head din unit with a touch screen that can support the best number of external gadgets.

This implies having various inputs and outputs to assure a safe connection.

Some examples are USB ports that provide an easy smartphone link, memory cards, or even charging ports.

A car can become a cinematic paradise with the right device.

Mirroring a smartphone or adding an MP3 provides access to your favorite playlists and shows.

Create an amazing car cinema or entertain your passengers with the best songs on the next road trip.

And if the gadget is using runs out of battery, make sure there is a free charging port somewhere on the unit.

03. Reverse Camera Support

Never underestimate the power of a parking camera in the right moments.

It can get you out of many unpleasant situations and even offer assistance.

Additionally, some systems include line tracking when reversing, so safety and efficiency are both assured.

For even more help, certain head units with touch screens also support a front camera.

This way, all surroundings are covered, and driving is safer than ever.

The Cameras may or may not be included in the package.

When a camera comes with a single head unit with a touch screen, it’s a sure thing that it will fit its dimensions and properties perfectly.

From this point of view, it may be easier to buy the whole package at once.

However, don’t forget to check and compare the total cost.

04. GPS Navigation

The best single din touch screen head unit must come with an available form of navigation.

After all, it’s one of the most useful properties of this system.

The model and the given instruction will vary.

Some devices add preset applications, and some require their download from an app store.

Usually, you can access a phone’s navigation system via screen mirroring.

Certain models even support CarPlay, so there are a lot of available options.

Just make sure that the targeted device has at least one of them.

05. Screen Settings

Customizable screen settings are not a must, but you’ll definitely feel better when creating a personalized home page.

This includes choosing the color for the backlight, the car logo, screen brightness, and many others.

For foreigners, it’s best to check the available languages for the device, as some of them may only cover English, while others have more than 15 options to choose from.

Moreover, changeable screen brightness, both manual and automatic, is an important aspect to look for. Why?

You never know at what angle will the sunlight hit the monitor on the road, so it’s best to stay safe and adjust all settings after your needs.

06. Sound & Video Quality

What use can available ports or camera support have if the sound and video quality let you down?

To check these properties, look for a high image resolution and powerful stereos.

Both sound and image must be clear and adjustable.

Moreover, look for customizable sound settings that will allow the best music experience.

Some days you might prefer a strong bass.

Some days you might prefer slow background music.

The Regular FAQs of Best Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit

01. Is it Possible To Install A Touch Screen Car Stereo in Any Vehicle?

Yes. First of all, you have to know how to make a comparison between single DIN and double DIN audio.

Then, you need a suitable fascia board.

As long as you have the correct fascia panel, you should be able to set up a touchscreen car radio into practically any car model.

After all, everyone should have access to such an amazing device.

02. How To Select The Proper Head Unit For Your Vehicle?

Here, we have to define the notions of single din and double din.

Not all head units will fit any car.

Their dimensions are specified so anyone can compare and choose the one head unit that fits perfectly.

The conventional stereo unit size is the single din.

When it comes to dimensions, it can measure about 6 to 10 inches broad and a couple of inches in height.

The depth doesn’t usually have exact dimensions, so it’s important to check your car’s available space before buying any of them.

When the size of a single din is doubled, you get the double din.

It supports a larger screen and better view, but it’s not as compatible with the variety of car models.

03. What is The Average Number of Speakers That Can Be Associated With A Head Unit?

The short answer is four.

Most single din head units with touch screens will usually associate four speakers, but the best single din touch screen head units can connect even more.

An incorporated amplifier, known as AMP, can give the power to sound waves and have a strong impact on the quality of music transmission.

So, always pay attention to what you are buying, as the best single din touch screen head units come with the best experiences.

04. What Are Some Accessories For A Single Din Touch Screen Head Unit?

There is a wide variety of accessories available for this device.

These include reverse camera, front camera, memory card, Wi-fi receiver, remote control, and many others.

Each of the listed items has a unique part to play in the overall quality of the device.

Some brands include them in the delivered package, while others prefer to offer them separately.

Either way, it’s always a good idea to get them.

Sound Problems – Head Unit Or Speakers?

Due to its amplifier, a head unit can improve sound quality.

However, speakers play the main role here.

If you are not satisfied with sound transmission, it will often be an issue with the speakers.

So, try to replace them first.

If the problem persists, taking a look at the head unit is the next step.

05. How To Repair A Blocked Screen?

If you possess a single din head unit with a touch screen, chances are it will stop responding to your touch at some moment.

Don’t panic. This happens to everyone, and there are some easy fixes to try first.

More often than not, a touch screen that doesn’t work is the result of suspicious activity on the device.

This means that any newly downloaded applications and connected devices should be checked.

Try to enable safe mode for the system.

If an app is a problem, the touch screen should come back to its responsiveness after enabling this mode.

Another option is that the display is not wired properly.

Luckily, this case has a quick solution.

Simply disconnect the cables and try setting them up again.

If neither of the mentioned solutions doesn’t work, try to restart the stereo and clean the screen.

As a last resort, call tech support and inform them of your problems.


Searching for the best single din touch screen head unit and setting it up may take some time.

However, after reading about all the important aspects and advantages of this device, you know that it’s worth the time and effort.

Make driving easier and enjoyable while also entertaining your friends and family.

Get creative with customizable options and even add cameras for better parking.

A car can become the perfect place for a movie night or karaoke session.

Lastly, this device will surely improve the safety of you and your passengers.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

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