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While some use to use a din removal tool, or any other tool to make a radio removal job effortless; others prefer to do it without a tool.

Today’s topic is especially for those who haven’t got access to the special tool, yet, but even if you are a tool user, feel free to go through it as it might come in handy someday!

Anyways, there is another option to get the work done in a jiff, a DIY substitute works just as well, keep up with us, and you’ll be enlightened.

As for Ford motor vehicles, they manufacture a special Ford DIN removal key to get the stereo system out of the mounting dock.

But that’s not what today’s topic is about, is it? So, the question remains,

Can I open the Ford stock radio without a tool kit?

Yes, without a doubt. As previously said, you will just require items that are not particularly specialized and may be found in your attic or cellar (pliers, sharp knives, screws).

Except for these fundamental instruments, the task may be described as a “tool-less job.”

How To Remove Ford Radio Without Tool

There are several DIYs out there waiting to be tried out for this job!

We’ve selected only three of them because they provide the best results and won’t kill much of your time.

Mind that, some tools are so common that we forget to address them as tools.

They might be needed to make the work more accurate.

So, it’s better to keep pliers, screwdrivers, screws, knives, cutters beside you when you start slaving away.

Just don’t forget to be careful else you might hurt yourself.

Anyways, let’s get to know the cheapest DIY methods to remove a Ford radio without any special tools.

01. The cheapskate way

For this, you’ll need a coat hanger. Surprised? Well, don’t be. There are a lot more of them in the way.

Use a pair of steel cutters (don’t use ordinary cutters) to cut the bottom part into two pieces about 6 inches long.

Now, use your thumbs and bend one of the pieces in a round shape.

And voila! You have your removal tool ready.

02. The key-style way

For this, you’ll need a flat metal strap, it’s best if you have a plumber strap piece.

Use a pair of snips, and then trim the metal piece to a point where the length is just okay.

Use the same pair of snips and cut a small angle at the end that is about to end the radio port.

You’re at the end!

03. The knife way

This method only requires two thin steel knives. If it doesn’t get you the desired results, feel free to use pliers as well.

It is strongly recommended to use tin ones. This will take less time as you don’t have to prepare anything as you did with the other two methods.


When you look for YouTube instructions, videos related to this removal process will only show that it was done in 3 to 4 minutes.

But we will tell you to keep at least half an hour in your sleeves. Why?

Because, it might be your first time, and you want to be careful.

And it is suggested to be careful because we don’t want you to scrape the whole radio apart.

So, do the work gently and be cool-minded.

Also, you might need some extra time to get your preparations ready (unless you use knives!) as well as cleaning up the plastic mess.

Step by Step Guide of How to Remove Ford Radio

The strategies have been laid out for you; now it’s up to you to follow them to the letter to complete a seamless and hassle-free Ford radio removal.

We will also supply you with some general guidelines for the benefit of your safety and to make your job easier, as well as some specific instructions for your specific job.

With that said, let’s get down to the business of it.

Step 1: Safety first!

Disconnect the car’s power. Wear hand gloves for extra protection. Also, make sure to be dolled up in comfortable clothes!

Step 2: Removal started with batteries

Remove the negative battery cable by removing the clamp on the negative lead post of the vehicle’s battery.

Use a Phillips screwdriver or wrench.

Step 3: Get the aesthetic away

Remove any interior accessories that hide the sound rack.

Each car has a different method for gaining access to the radio attachment.

Consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle for more information.

Step 4: Unscrewing

It is necessary to remove the stereo’s screws from either side.

Step 5: Dismount the radio

You will need to remove the stereo from its mounting bracket to get to the audio wire behind the radio.

Step 6: Harnesses, disconnected

Stereo wiring must be disconnected. To remove the stereo’s binder and not its wires, simply remove the binder.

Step 7: Others

Remove the antenna cable from the stock radio.

Now select your method among the three described before to get the work done. Make preparations if you need to.

All three of them require the same steps, here we are providing guidance with the hanger method.

Be gentle, and let’s see the end of it.

Step 1: Using the replacement tools

Insert the two ends of the selected replacement tools into the slots placed on either side of the factory stereo.

Step 2: Pull!

Pull the retaining parts of the tool outward while you take out the stereo from the mounting dock.

In this step, be sure to disconnect the wiring from the backside of the factory stereo. Also, get rid of the antenna cable.

Common Problems of Ford Radio

Even though they offer the best automobile services, things go wrong sometimes, and that’s totally understandable.

In general, there have been some production issues that have affected consumers; these issues may not be major or chaotic.

But we prefer to be truthful, and we believe you will want to remain in the know-it-all zone as well.

A blown fuse

If your radio won’t start on itself, either it’s a problem with the electrical module, or it’s a blown fuse. In most cases, it’s a blown fuse.

Check with the radio power for initial inspection and then ground with a voltmeter for further checkup.

You may see erratic operations if you find wires have shorted out in the system.

In that case, you might need to change the whole audio system as only the replacement of fuses might blow up again, rapidly.

No power in the head unit

If your recently installed aftermarket head unit loses power, it is quite likely that it is not receiving 12V.

Your amplifier may also be in protective mode, causing a deadhead unit. This can occur in two ways.

One, the alternator’s power is too high for the amplifier, therefore it must protect itself.

Two, the battery can’t supply steady voltage to the audio system.

Follow these steps for further investigation.

  • Rewire the power wire
  • Replace blown fuses if necessary.
  • Battery check

Unpleasant noise

It’s really annoying to hear strange noises from your automobile audio system.

Almost every driver has experienced car stereo noise.

In the end, you want those bizarre sounds out of there, not to duplicate them.

These sounds include distorted buzzing, pops, or even cracklings.

In order to solve this,

  • Locate and re-ground the alternator.
  • Isolate a bare chassis metal. Examine the charger. Repair or replace loose or broken connections immediately.
  • Add a small bi-polar capacitor between the accessory’s power and ground to prevent pops.
  • So the audio system doesn’t become clogged up
  • Change the station if you hear the speaker pop. Whatever the radio station, the speaker has to be serviced or replaced.

A hot audio system

The system will get warm as various electrical gadgets heat up when used. That’s expected.

However, excessive heat production may indicate a malfunction. A dangerous accumulation of heat is vital to note.

Heat can harm car stereo components and even create a fire.

Install and wire your automobile audio system. If you don’t uncover any installation or wiring issues but the stereo still gets hot, you may need to service the whole system.

FAQ’s About The How To Remove Ford Radio Without Tool

If you are not fully aware of anything, you won’t be fully committed to the work.

So make sure you check out these questions asked several times by different buyers to avoid confusion.

What type of screwdriver I should use when it’s time for prying?

It’s recommended to disconnect your vehicle’s dash panels using a flat screwdriver with a thin cloth wrapped around the blade.

If I’m doing a DIY and don’t need to take the panel off, what should I do?

If you don’t want to remove the panel, use hex keys and a flat head. Bend the hex keys away from the radio.

Then use a flat head to remove one side at a time. 

What should I be much concerned about while the removal?

Do it in DIY or professionally, all you need to worry about is the catching of brackets without much fiddling, else it might lead to wear off the exterior and ruin the look of your car. 

What is the most essential thing that needs to be taken care of while the process?

The unit won’t come out without disconnecting the heater control cable. So, look out for that.

Also, aftermarket and stock radio units may require different processes.

Do your homework before you jump on to any change.

Are there any custom front plates for regular-size radios after I have removed them?

You need to look for a dash kit or a local car shop.

What if my DIY tools get stuck in the slots?

You need to use all your strength and push really hard. There’s no other way.

It might ruin the slot for the metallic frictions, but at least you won’t have a stuck slot! 

Can I fit my android radio, oversized?

The bigger ones don’t fit very well. You’ll need mounting modifications. It’s recommended to get a facia plate.

Can the DIYs be applied to any Ford model?

Most of them, yes. Actually, DIYs limit your options, but in this automobile case, they won’t.

But if you use the special DIN keys, you’ll need several because each different model holds one.

Is it recommended to use DIYs for the abolishment?

Keys are the most recommended ones. They will take only 20 seconds away from you to complete the work.

Even though these DIYs are absolutely cost-free, they might kill some time as they are not professionally manufactured!

What about cost?

These do-it-yourself methods require silly, but easily available tools. So, they will cost you $0.

Contrarily, the removal keys usually come with the Ford.

But you can also buy them separately from shops that are overcrowded with these.

Some Maintenance Tips

We know that a bigger part of a car is the stereo system, which is not only an entertainment gadget but also a matter of commemoration.

Lonely people listen to it all the time, teenagers find it as the go-to friend, busy parents take it as a vent.

Overall, it holds a valuable position for anyone.

Since it is appreciated so much, it should be taken care of, so that it doesn’t even need a replacement.

Here are some maintenance tips for you to stay out of trouble.

  • If your radio unit gets heated up (not warmed up) within only seconds of turning one, immediately turn it off and check the fuses and wrings.
  • The radio unit might wear off after years of usage. Ford radios will give you unlimited service for years and years on.
  • But, it is better to get to know your radio and also know the perfect tools for your radio if it needs a replacement.
  • Use amplifiers and speakers that only meet the pattern for your factory stereo system.
  • Else it might be problematic with providing consistent performance.
  • Lastly, keep a regular eye on the chargers. If you spot any broken connections, fix them right away.


These go-to methods will be applicable for most Ford models, and they are recommended only when you don’t possess the DIN key.

If talking about the positive sides, the free methods are absolutely cost-free, even it might take a bit longer, but still, you’ll get through a smooth process.

Tell you what, when it’s time for your Ford radio to be taken out, try these methods, even if you have a special key.

Compare the results, and maybe next time you’ll prefer these amazing processes.

We want all the best for you, and that’s how we wish luck.

Do not hesitate to go through these awesome videos if we made anything sound unclear.

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