A Step-By-Step Guide of Mercedes Benz Stereo Upgrade in 2022

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Many Mercedes Benz owners won’t optimize their sound system upon purchasing their vehicle until they need to.

If you’ve decided to perform Mercedes Benz stereo upgrade or invest in a more sophisticated stereo than what came with the car.

There are a series of events/actions involved.

Contrary to what most car owners think, selecting the ideal or compatible stereo isn’t where the work ends. That is the beginning.

After purchasing the stereo, comes the major steps that lead to/complete the Mercedes Benz sound system upgrade, which is the installation or attachment.

As you read along, we will look at all the various activities involved, ensuring every Mercedes Benz owner completes the stereo upgrade successfully, either independently on through a professional installer.

When is The Mercedes Benz Stereo Upgrade Necessary?

Immediately a Mercedes Benz owner seeks better functionality or performance than what their current stereo offers.

An upgrade should be the next activity on the card.

Aside from the enhanced sound quality and elegant appearance, any modern aftermarket stereo designs offer improved features that support the user’s everyday life.

For instance, a Bluetooth-enabled stereo allows car owners to sync their smartphones to enjoy hands-free functionality.

This way, calls can be made or received without holding on to the phone while driving using the voice command.

Also, modern designs support numerous sources/channels of listening to your favorite songs.

For instance, you can stream music from synchronized smartphones, eliminating sole reliance on the CD player.

Another feature is GPS navigation. Enjoy traveling to new locations?

GPS navigation is designed to work independently.

It does rely on signals from an external source. I.e., the smartphone.

Here We Learn About Mercedes Benz Stereo Upgrade

Necessary Time, Cost, Tools For Mercedes Benz Sound System Upgrade


  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Torx
  • Mounting sleeve
  • Pry tools
  • Soldering iron or Electrical tape
  • Spring clips
  • Butt connectors


A stereo upgrade doesn’t have a fixed timeframe.

How soon the job can be completed hinges on the installer’s understanding of the process.

A professional installer is better equipped to complete a Mercedes Benz sound system upgrade within a shorter timeframe than a DIY enthusiast who has only done this a few times or doing it for the first time.

All being said, the average upgrade/replacement timeframe is between 1 and 2 hours.


There are two major costs that a Mercedes Benz owner can incur or budget for.

These are the cost of a new stereo and the agreed amount paid to an experienced sound technician to conduct a professional installation.

However, if you are interested in DIY or an independent integration.

The significant expense is the cost of acquiring a new stereo.

On average, a quality stereo costs between $200 and $500.

There are expensive designs that cost above $1K.

On average, you may spend between $25 & $100 on installation, depending on the professional installer and the complexity of the stereo in question.

Procedures of Mercedes Benz Stereo Upgrade


The steps below are not written as a substitute or a total replacement for the instructions manual that comes alongside your new stereo.

While the information provided in this section is resourceful, we advise you to get a hold of the integration manual and read through it while preparing for the installation properly.

Below are steps that every Mercedes Benz owner can follow to successfully integrate a new stereo into their dash.

01. Check If Everything is in Order

You have a list of the tools/materials that are needed for the integration.

Check the installation manual to see if there are other accessories that must be provided or kept within reach during the task.

Also, inspect the content in the stereo kit, especially for individuals who received their package, and store it immediately without checking the content.

You want to ensure that the accessories are complete and in good condition.

Inspect each accessory/component to determine its adequacy.

If there is damage to any crucial part, or possibly missing/not included in the package.

It may be the time to visit the nearest hardware store around.

However, reuse can be considered if the missing component is present/available on the old stereo.

02. Turn Off The Engine & Disconnect The –Ve Battery Cable

You can’t install the stereo while the vehicle is still running.

In addition to turning off the ignition, we recommend that the –ve battery cable be disconnected from the terminal.

03. Take Out The Trim

The trim is an outer cover or frame that holds the stereo to the dash.

The first step towards ejecting the old/factory stereo is taking it off.

First, inspect the trim carefully to see if screws are holding it in place.

In case there are, take them out accordingly.

Once the screws are removed, reach out to the pry tool and insert it across the edges to release the clips.

Immediate the clips are removed; use your hands to carefully pull the trim out of the dash.

Be careful while at it to prevent stains of dents to the dash.

04. Take The Old Stereo Off

The stereo is also held together by bolts.

These bolts are not hidden; they can be noticed without stress.

Unscrews them and pull the stereo out gently.

Once the stereo is almost out, take off the wires/connectors at the back for complete detachment.

The stereo, alongside other parts/components/accessories that have been ejected from the dash, should be kept neatly and collectively at a spot.

This allows easy reach/access when there is a need for the next time.

05. Installing A Dash Kit

Vehicle owners/installers may choose to settle for a dash kit or not.

However, using this component further enhances the whole process by making it easier.

06. Make The Necessary Connections

Attach the connectors/wires appropriately.

Consult the installation manual to confirm if the wire harnesses are adequately attached to the idea positions.

Check the connections repeatedly until you are sure about the state of things.

Wrongful wiring means the stereo may fail to come up at the end of the installation, which would require retracing the connection and identifying the possible errors.

This can be prevented when all the necessary installation steps are followed accordingly.

Remember to consult the installation guide along the way.

All connections must be established neatly without leaving any wires opened/exposed.

07. Check If The Stereo is Working

Go back to the battery station and reconnect the –ve cable to its spot or terminal.

Return to the vehicle and ignite the engine.

Turn on the stereo and check if the various controls and functions are working as expected.

In case the stereo fails to come on, the first area that needs a careful look/inspection is the connections.

Check every cable to ensure correctness (attached to the ideal spots and not detached or disconnected).

If you are satisfied with the performance, it is time to couple the stereo and integrates it into the dash.

08. Attach/Connect The New Stereo

Now that the stereo is performing as expected, it can be integrated into the dash.

The integration can be achieved in various ways.

For instance, an installer may decide to use the screws and brackets or settle for the spring clips & mounting sleeve.

Whatever route you choose or settle for, both are reliable and adequate enough to keep the stereo in place.

09. Replacing The Speakers

Aftermarket speakers offer a significant improvement in sound quality.

The bass is better, and the sound is smoother/clearer.

Compatible/matching speakers can be installed to get the best out of the new stereo,

Choose a design that is an ideal fit for the vehicle model and works great with the stereo.

Again, do not rely on previous knowledge or experience.

The installation instructions should be studied carefully to supplement your understanding of the process.

10. Take The Vehicle on A Drive

Although an initial performance test has been conducted, that is not enough.

It doesn’t in any way deliver a good feel of what to expect while driving on the road.

Take the vehicle on a ride within the city.

During this time, try out the various features, functions, and controls to better understand how they perform under different driving situations or conditions.

If you are not satisfied with any settings, for instance, the bass.

Make necessary changes to meet your driving needs.

Engage in as many customizations as possible.

Commonly Encountered Issues During Mercedes Benz Stereo Upgrade

01. Wrong Stereo

One of the popular mistakes car owners make is choosing the wrong product/component for their vehicle.

A wrong stereo is a design that is incompatible/wouldn’t work with your vehicle.

In most cases, choosing the wrong size.

For instance, buying a 1-Din instead of a 2-Din or vice-versa.

Before going ahead with a stereo purchase, consult the owner’s manual to verify the size of the stereo that can fit into the provided space on the dash.

02. Inadequate Accessories Or Components

As we have advised earlier, all the tools and accessories that are instrumental to the successful attachment/connection of the new stereo must be inspected for completion and adequacy before proceeding to decouple the old stereo.

Some people only find out that they need some tools or accessories mid-way into the installation, requiring the need to suspend the process and rush down to the closest hardware store.

This definitely adds to the expected completion time.

3. Stereo Won’t Turn on

All the connections have been made (to the best of your knowledge), and still, the stereo won’t come on no matter how many times you try.

This may happen due to an incorrect/displaced connection.

Go to each connection spot and inspect it carefully to identify any noticeable issue.

Reconnect displaced connections and attach the cables appropriately.

The installation guide will be helpful in this case.

Additional Options For Mercedes Benz Sound System Upgrade

01. Subwoofers

A subwoofer enhances how well a sound enthusiast connects well with the music they listen to.

The sound is well pronounced, the artiste’s voice is well projected, and the lyrics are clearer.

In the end, you will be able to connect with the singer’s emotion, infusing yourself into the music/moment.

02. 4-Channel Amplifier

With a 4-channel amp, you can connect up to 4 speakers and a subwoofer for improved sound performance.

An amplifier’s primary duty or function is to strengthen/intensify the weak signal produced from the sound source to ensure the speakers deliver a better sound.

03. Sound-Deadening Panels

One major element that affects sound quality while driving is road noise.

To enjoy the full benefit that the new stereo & speakers have to offer (for optimum pleasure and satisfaction), get the sound-deafening panels integrated into the front doors.

The Buying FAQs of  Mercedes Benz Stereo Upgrade

01. Why Should I Consider A Stereo Upgrade?

The factory stereo is good, but a top-quality aftermarket design is better.

When a car owner decides to upgrade the old/factory stereo with a compatible aftermarket option.

Some of the notable benefits they enjoy include improved sound performance, optimized functions/operations for convenience, and a compelling/attractive appearance that further enhances the interior.

02. Where Can I Get The Tools Or Kit For Stereo Installation, And How Much?

The stereo mounting kit can be purchased online (Amazon) and offline (hardware stores).

On average, an installation kit can cost between $30 and $100.

The price depends on the tools available in the box and their quality.

03. How Do I Know The Stereo Size To Install in My Dash?

Stereos are majorly available in two (2) different sizes.

These are 1-Din & 2-Din. As the name implies, the 2-Din is bigger than the 1-Din, offering more features/functions.

Usually, the 2-Din installation space on the dash is wider/broader than the 1-Din.

However, a great way to confirm this detail/information is by consulting the owner’s manual.

04. What Are The Things A Mercedes Benz Owner Should Consider Before A Stereo Upgrade?

First, the new stereo should be picked/selected with caution.

It is crucial that you choose from one of the highly-respected brands for superior performance and quality.

Have a budget, and search for a compatible stereo (appropriate size, made for your Mercedes Benz model, and must have all the desired features) within the budget.

05. What Are The Common Features of A Modern Stereo System?

The modern stereos come with several exciting designs to enhance the operation and support the modern lifestyle.

Popular features include CD, Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM, GPS navigation, Spotify, and FM & HD radio capabilities.

One of the significant benefits is the ability of the stereo to synchronize with the user’s smartphone.

This allows car owners to access vital phone functions directly from the stereo without necessarily holding on to the phone while driving.


With adequate information/knowledge/experience, the ideal tools, and picking a compatible stereo design, anyone should be able to go ahead with the Mercedes Benz stereo upgrade.

Before going ahead with an independent installation (DIY), ensure the steps we have discussed in this guide have been carefully read and understood.

Then, supplement the provided information with the stereo’s mounting instructions.

Nothing should stop a confident, independent installer from going ahead.

Nevertheless, an individual who isn’t entirely sure if they can do this on their own can speak to an experienced/professional installer to get the job done at an agreed rate.

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