5 Jeep Wrangler Radio Upgrade/ Replacement With Apple CarPlay & Android Auto in 2022

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Music. It is indeed one of the most important aspects of an enjoyable road drive.

It’s one of the things that helps us endure a lengthy trip in congested traffic and transforms routine driving moments into thrilling ones.

When your favorite music comes on the radio while we’re driving, you know how it feels.

However, when something doesn’t sound quite right, it may rapidly turn from a pleasant to a terrible experience.

If this occurs, it’s time to consider updating your Jeep Wrangler entertainment system.

When You Need Jeep Wrangler Stereo Replacement?

Many factors can impact your car stereo. These include:

Malfunctioning Components

When some essential components of your stereo are malfunctioning, then you need to do some replacement.

Diminished Sound Quality

Unhealthy sound production is a strong indicator that you need to change your Jeep Wrangler stereo.

No Speaker Vibration

A faulty Jeep Wrangler sound system oftentimes leads to poor speaker vibration.

Low Music Range

High or low notes can become missing or distorted if your vehicle’s speaker is damaged.

A Comparison Table of Jeep Wrangler Radio Upgrade

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Pioneer MVH1400NEX
MekedeTech B08X1J7FRD
Insane Audio Fits 2018-2020
Stinger SR-JK11H
Metra Fits 1974-2003
SCOSCHE Fits 2007-14

Cost of Jeep Wrangler Stereo Upgrade

After you’ve decided on the Jeep Wrangler radio you want to buy, you’ll need to figure out what you can afford and what you’d like to invest in a new stereo.

If you are using your Jeep Wrangler frequently, you may rationalize a pricier stereo than a driver who does not.

Fortunately, there are stereo systems for any budget, so you’ll be able to locate something.

To begin, you must first determine the model of your Jeep Wrangler to get a stereo that will work with it.

Sadly, some stereos are only suitable with Jeep Wranglers from specific years, which may be out of your price range.

You may expect to pay between four hundred dollars and seven hundred dollars for the entire update.

Estimated Time to Upgrade Your Car Stereo

Each vehicle is unique. Jeep models and makes vary in minor and significant ways, which can render the car audio installation procedure more difficult.

For instance, because today’s technology is so antiquated, installing a new stereo in your Jeep Wrangler might take a long time.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to update your Jeep radio to a Double Din sound system.

You may go to any local electronics store or hire an engineer to help you get it.

Tools Needed for Jeep Wrangler Stereo Upgrade

Make sure you have all of the required equipment on hand to help the upgrade process go smoothly.

You may either purchase them from a retailer or hire them from a buddy who has similar equipment.

While utilizing these tools, take care not to harm yourself or damage any element of the audio system. The tools required are as follows:

  • Socket wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Panel tool
  • T20 Torx driver
  • T30 Torx driver
  • Narrow nose plier
  • Narrow nose plier

Step By Step Guide of Jeep Wrangler Radio Upgrade

Do you desire a high-quality stereo set for your Jeep Wrangler?

Maybe your amplifiers are not quite as audible as you’d like them to be, or the audio quality isn’t as excellent as you’d like it to be.

In this post, you’d learn how to install your stereo system and speaker in Jeep Wranglers.

It’s fine if all you want to do is enhance your sound; but, if you want to thoroughly enjoy your sound system, you’ll need to add an amplifier.

In this post, you’d learn how to mount your stereo in Jeep Wranglers for the best driving experience.

That said, what are the comprehensive instructions for replacing a Jeep TJ? Take a look at them here!

Materials Required

  • Frontal speakers with a 6.5″ diameter
  • A head unit with a frontal plate that is rightly sized.
  • A tweeter pairs
  • Soundbar speakers with a 6.5″ diameter
  • Amp
  • Crossover
  • Line output converter

Step 1: Replace the Head Unit

The head unit is the heart of your sound system. To replace the head unit, loosen the tray on top of the stereo and the screw underneath it.

Disconnect and detach the switch tray from behind the head unit. At the rear side of the controls, another screw must be unbolted.

To access the two extra screws on both sides, remove the plate beneath the wheel support.

Finally, remove the four screws that hold the head unit to the panel after removing the panel that covers it you’ll need to unplug the wires at the rear of the head unit, then take it out carefully.

Connect the wires to your new head unit and plug it in.

Step 2: Mounting the Frontal Loudspeakers

To gain access to the frontal loudspeakers, detach the side windows, center console, and lower dashboards.

You can yank off all of these. You’ll need to bend the center console’s edges and pull it out.

Detach and unscrew the equipment panel on the side of the drive to remove the loudspeaker box.

The loudspeaker boxes are secured with two bolts, with one on the back and the other one on the sides.

Because the loudspeaker enclosures must be tilted downwards, removing them may be hard.

Loosen the three screws on the front of the loudspeakers and disconnect the link when the loudspeaker boxes have been taken out.

Switch this process to mount your just purchased speakers.

After dealing with the frontal ones, the rest of your loudspeakers will look easy.

The tweeters on the dashboard may easily be removed from their housings.

Remove the small speaker and swap it with the ones that are already installed.

Step 3: Mounting the Audio Speakers

The back speakers on your soundbar are also extremely simple to repair.

To remove the speakers from the soundbar, just loosen the three screws that hold them in place.

When loosening the last bolt, take care not to cause the speaker to fall.

Afterward, detach the connections. Connect and secure your existing speaker to your soundbar.

Step 4: Adding a Supplementary Amplifier

To finalize the sound system, you’ll need an additional amplifier. Extra amps are generally installed in the trunk of your vehicle.

You’ll almost certainly have to construct or alter a bracket to attach an amplifier.

Your amplifier will have to be operated entirely by the battery. Make sure your electric connection has a built-in fuse.

Internal cables should be routed all along the interior walls.

By pulling off the hooks holding down the sideboards, lift the flooring sufficiently to move your wires through to the vehicle’s trunk.

Turn off your amp for the time being. You’ll need to level it first.

Find a place wherein you can get to the chassis, wipe off any rust or paint, and drill a bolt into it.

Connect your grounding to the frame bolt. Connecting your amplifier to the rest of your car stereo is what you should be doing next.

The amplifier on the opposite side of part of the power wire should be linked to the speaker and head unit wires.

Put on the power and attach your wires. Turn on both your radio and your amplifier to assess and adjust the audio quality.

Buying Considerations for Jeep Wrangler Stereo Replacement

It won’t be task simple to find the finest replacement radio for your Jeep Wrangler except you know just what to search for.

And it requires understanding everything that goes into making a great replacement radio. We’ll go through a few other aspects to consider:

User Interface and Ease of Use

When operating, the inclusion of buttons and a touchscreen monitor around the frontal box may save you a lot of time and work.

Remote controllers, smartphone configuration, and other such features are also beneficial.


Budget is most likely the ultimate determinant of whether you’ll go home with any Jeep Wrangler radio you choose or yourself.

Consider your pocket and see if it can carry out a Jeep Wrangler radio upgrade.

Interoperability with Smartphones

Some transmitters, like it or not, are compliant with both Apple and Android, but not compliant with both at the same time. While it’s not widespread.

You wouldn’t like to wind up with a stereo that isn’t compatible with your media player or mobile device.

Also think about USB ports, AUX, and microSD. They could be on your gadget, but not on the stereo. That may be an issue.

Design and Appearance

It isn’t all about the functions. From the console, a replacement stereo may add to the design of your vehicle.

Several sound systems are attractive, with newer designs that give your Jeep a more appealing appearance.

Others, on the other hand, are less appealing to the extent of being unattractive — which might be a drawback.

As a result, be sure the receiver appears to be in decent condition so you won’t be disappointed later.


Size is also another crucial determinant to put at the back of your mind.

Check the space dimensions where the unit is supposed to be housed and make a comparison with the unit you’ll be getting.

Will it be accommodated in that space?

Instructions and Installation

Certain replacement receivers are more straightforward to set up than others.

Some will be straightforward to set up, but they don’t feature sufficiently easy installation instructions to take into account.

In this scenario, you must seek the most efficient audio system available.

Consider versions that require an adaptor to install on a Jeep Wrangler simultaneously.

While the majority of stereo will do this, not every one of them will.

So, think twice before you buy, because you could require an adaptor.

Music Options

You also want to check the in-built music options that the unit you are looking to buy comes with.

If it is something that resonates with you, then go for it.

5 Best Jeep Wrangler Radio Upgrade

01. Stinger B084KVDHC5 Wrangler


Highlighted Features

  • DVD and CD player
  • Two-inch touchscreen
  • 50W PEAK power

The Stinger wrangler is without a question one of the first-rate options available in the marketplace.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that it has a 6.2″ touchscreen, USB, Bluetooth, and a plethora of mobile applications.

AppRadio and Apple CarPlay are also included with the receiver.

These two apps will allow you to listen to hit tracks even when your other gadgets’ batteries run down.

You may also utilize the DVD player since it is compatible with both vintage and new and vintage Jeep Wranglers.

If you’ve got any DVDs or any CDs with music you enjoy, this radio will work perfectly for you.

To add to that, the gadget is really simple to use. It is even possible for youngsters to make it function without creating any harm.

Fortunately, the stereo still has functions such as Maps for navigating, News for helping you stay informed, Media for browsing videos and images, and a Calendar for tracking time.

“It features a plastic touchscreen, notwithstanding it being child-friendly.” Although this may appear to be innocuous at first glance, it’ll not withstand scratches and impacts as well as a crystal screen.”


  • Compatible with the majority of audio applications
  • Requires minimal effort to use
  • It has a great GPS function.
  • Suits most Wrangler models well


  • The screen is made of plastic, which makes it seem flimsy.

02. AWESAFE Car Stereo Radio


Highlighted Features

  • Window CE software
  • CD and USB player
  • In-built GPS

This AWESAFE stereo will not disappoint you, courtesy of its high-quality build and high-function software. The 6.2-inch” display is the obvious part you will notice.

This blends in nicely with the surrounding controls and buttons, so you’ll have no trouble playing your best-loved music.

A hands-off call function is included to render it even simpler to use. Using this stereo will be a great delight, especially with the steering controls.

It isn’t just about utility, though. There are also outstanding audio capabilities, such as a multi-band Equalizer, FM/AM radio connectivity, and the experience of playing nearly any file type.

The stereo also has an in-built GPS and back-camera capabilities for people who desire safety and navigation. With this stereo, you have the overall set.

“While it can play nearly everything and has reasonable settings, the sound quality isn’t the best. In certain situations, the equalization will alter on its own.”


  • It works with the majority of cell phones.
  • Installation necessitates little output
  • Has a plethora of ports
  • Provides enough bandwidth


  • The audio quality isn’t top-notch.

03. 2011-2014 IYING Car Stereo


Highlighted Features

  • Multifunction
  • High Responsiveness
  • CarPlay (wired and wireless)
  • Full High Definition 1080p

The Android version 10.0 head unit features a 10.1″ IPS monitor with a good 1280*720 resolution and an Octa-Core Processor with 64GM ROM and 4GB RAM for a quicker and seamless operation.

This head unit is compatible with Jeep Wrangler models from 2011 through 2014.

You can connect your smartphone to this head unit and choose the Car Link symbol to activate Android Auto or CarPlay, which is incredibly easy to use.

Full HD 1080p works with Android Auto and Apple Carplay Car Link, FM/AM Radio, Bluetooth (music stream, hands-off call, and phonebook sync).

GPS Navigation, Steering Wheel Control, Two USB ports, Split Screen, support the rearview camera, hotspot/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, and you can install tons of applications (Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, and more) from the Google Play Store.

The audio system has sophisticated the Digital Sound Field Processing scheme, which allows you to tune four speakers independently and thirty-two equalizer settings to produce sound effects similar to those heard at a live performance and enjoy them in the vehicle.

“The manufacturer of this system should find a way of fixing the recurring bugs that it comes it. It is especially irritating to be faced with bugs when you are enjoying your favorite music.”


  • Has a plethora of features
  • The installation guide is comprehensive
  • Prompt customer service
  • Exceptional sound quality


  • Reports on software bugs
  • Audio calls that sound bad

04. Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Media Receiver


Highlighted Features

  • 2″ VGA screen
  • 7-band Equalizer
  • Back-up camera compliant

We’ll not waste a second to pick the Pioneer DMH-100BT radio to place in your Wrangler and appreciate outstanding music quality with minimal input from your end.

The major advantage of this radio is that it does not require much to operate.

It’s software and design are so simple to use that you can install in minutes and begin enjoying your music collection straight away.

It comes with a 6.2″ WVGA screen, which is ideal for delivering outstanding video quality and ease of use.

The 7-band EQ for the audio setting, as well as the outside buttons, make it easier to operate.

An AUX and USB input are also included. They work together to allow you to link nearly any gadget to enjoy any sort of content.

And, because of its Bluetooth capability, connecting it to your mobile device will be a breeze.

“An all-encompassing system would have been better. Android users would find this system completely useless. The manufacturer should find a way of developing an Android-based system, or at least, make it compliant with Android systems.”


  • Can be used by just about anyone
  • Produces high-quality audio
  • Can play nearly any file type
  • Includes Alphasonik earphones


  • Only compatible with Apple products

05. SWTNVIN Car Stereo


Highlighted Features

  • Steering wheel control
  • Screen Split Mode
  • In-built GPS module
  • DSP Sound
  • RCA video output (full)

This piece of unique automobile enthusiast technology allows you to experience VIP audio effects in various places as per your preferences.

While also adjusting the Lowest Possible Frequency and Highest Possible Frequency to your own choice, etc.

For driving safety, use offline and online mapping to rapidly run Waze, Google, and other guidance apps, transmit correct traffic data and driving instructions, and talk hands-off or listen to music while connected to Bluetooth.

DSP sound mixing allows you to select the optimum music playback quality for each seat based on your preferences.

Android version 10.0 latest high-speed OS, 32 ROM, 2GB RAM, Quad-core; Google voice search.

Google play store for a wide range of apps is simple to set up hotspot and WiFi internet access.

You may use the Split Screen multiplayer feature to run two programs simultaneously on the display, like watching the guidance map while also seeing the music playing information.

With only one swipe on the screen, you may go from widescreen to split-screen mode.

“Difficulty connecting to Bluetooth systems and inferior disk player system is enough to make even the best-rounding radios inferior. The manufacturer should work on their offerings.”


  • Subwoofer RCA lacks a distinct subwoofer control
  • Comes with three harnesses
  • Sound quality is far superior to that of the original head unit
  • Has a reversible option


  • Disk player system that isn’t up to par
  • Bluetooth connections are difficult to make

FAQ’s of Jeep Stereo Upgrade

What size of radios is considered a perfect fit for Jeep Wranglers?

A typical radio needs to have an eight-inch speaker to size in a Jeep Wrangler properly. MP3, CD, FM, and AM receivers with aux plug should be included in the station.

With speakers, an eight-inch sub may be added to the stereo.

What can be done to enhance the sound disposition of my Jeep Wrangler stereo?

  1. Install a sub. Most auto lovers, regardless of the automobile they’re operating on, improve their vehicles by mounting subwoofers.
  2. Increase the volume of the front speakers. The front speakers provide the majority of the volume in your set.
  3. Boost the volume
  4. Purchase a Sound Bar Enhancement
  5. Increase the number of speakers

Are the sound systems in Jeep Wranglers up to par?

Overall, the Jeep Wrangler’s speakers are rather decent. They undoubtedly improve if you upgrade to a competent sound system, and replacement systems can further improve the overall audio quality.

How long can a Jeep Wrangler be driven?

A Jeep Wrangler can generally travel two hundred and eighty thousand miles before any issues arise.

However, well-maintained vehicles can last up to twenty years and four hundred thousand miles.

The Wrangler is created to handle rough terrains, which adds to its durability.


It can take some learning time when using this guide to install your Jeep with a good receiver. Our recommendations in this post will serve all your radio replacement needs.

So don’t buy the most appealing one. Rather, pick what you genuinely want and you will not be disappointed.


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