Popular 3 Best Jeep Wrangler Radio Antenna Replacement For Smooth AM/FM Signal

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Apart from the obvious fact that your Jeep Wrangler radio antenna can get damaged or get worn out, there are tons of other reasons why it might need replacement.

Jeep wranglers usually come with an antenna that most drivers consider too long and swingy.

It makes it difficult to drive around without thinking that the antenna might have caught on to something.

Replacing these antennas requires no expertise; it can be done by oneself. All that is needed is to follow the laid-out instructions thoroughly.

So let’s look at the things you need to put together to get your jeep wrangler radio antenna replacement done.

How to Replace Radio Antenna on Jeep Wrangler?

So far, so good. At this point, one should be getting familiar with the technicalities of jeep wrangler radio antenna replacement.

So let’s proceed with the replacement process step by step, my Accounting lecturer in my university days used to say, “Let’s take the items one-by-each.” And that’s what we are about to do:

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Rydonair ‎RD-13J Fits 2007-2021
‎Rydonair ‎RD-RMSRJB
Wrangler Fits 99-07+

Cost of Antenna

When one decides to replace a radio antenna, one of the first things that come to mind is that this is quite an expensive, high-on-demand automobile.

Replacing any part of it is going to be a premium ordeal. It is surprising that getting the radio antenna came at quite a reasonably low price.

Some antennas are priced for as low as $17, and some come at a $40 price.

Time To Replace

More often than not, fixing things by oneself brings this sudden surge of panic, fear that one might just break things or make it more complicated than it already is.

The good news is, replacing the jeep wrangler radio antenna replacement is not that much of a trial. There are even YouTube videos that thoroughly illustrate how to go about it.

So from the point of removing the old one, getting the new radio antenna out of the box, and then screwing it into the mounting hole, it takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes.

It is assuring if one watches the YouTube videos alongside the fixing.

Needed Tools

  • Wrench or spanner
  • A brush
  • Your hands

Jeep Wrangler Radio Antenna Replacement

Step 1: Removing the Old Antenna

This initial step is where you need your wrench handy. The sizes of the bottom part of the radio antenna where the wrench is being used differently, depending on the Jeep Wrangler’s mount hole size or the kind of antenna to be used.

But a 10-inch spanner is usually the most common size used for this process.

The fixer just has to know the size of the antenna’s mount hole size and get the wrench that fits and grips it well, so you unscrew without having to grit your teeth.

So you go down to the bottom of the radio antenna, where it is attached to the antenna mount, here you use the wrench to gently unscrew the antenna from its mount.

Considering you might be unscrewing the radio antenna for the first time, it might be hard or stiff at first, just hold your ground and screw, it will dance to your tune.

Step 2: Cleaning the Mount Hole

The hard part has been done at this point. However, this particular step is just as important, and it concerns the maintenance of the mounting hole.

After the old extra-long antenna is unscrewed from its mount, the screw hole could look a bit stuffy. It might even have gathered some rusts, so here’s where the brush is needed.

Get some metal cleaning liquid to use with the brush, and then you can dust off the screw hole. This way, you prevent the hole from rust and other forms of damage.

Step 3: Unboxing and fixing in New Antenna

This is the final step in your jeep wrangler radio antenna replacement. All that is needed here is your bare hands and the new antenna that you want to replace the old one with.

After getting the shiny antenna out of the box, you’d notice that the bottom of the antenna looks like a screw, like a light bulb with the screw.

So simply place that bottom on the antenna mount and gently screw it in, be gentle with the antenna because they are usually made of rubber; too much grip on it could damage the antenna.

So keep twisting it in until you feel it is very firm in the antenna mount. Once this is done, test the radio for reception; if all is done as instructed, the new antenna should work perfectly.

Jeep Wrangler Antenna Mount Replacement

At this point, it is pertinent to mention that jeep wrangler antenna mount replacement is not as straightforward as replacing the radio antenna but, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself.

However, it will require more tools, a bit more expertise, and patience.

Antenna mounts do not come off easily; it is not something that brings immediate worry but, it is more likely to become problematic when it is starting to endure wear and tears.

There have also been some instances where mounts get damaged when you take your wrangler to a car wash.

But a fun reason why you might want to do a jeep wrangler antenna mount replacement is that some replacement mounts have two holes.

It allows you to plant a flag in case you have a competition, and you want to represent a team. It also affords you space to plant multiple antennas.

You might also decide to plant your country flag for patriotism.

Best Jeep Antenna Replacement

Looking for something to buy, either online or on the streets, is always an interesting exercise; you get to look around to make sure you are getting something good.

It might take a while to hit the spot, but in the meantime, we chose three antennas that have functioned excellently; you might find one of them good enough to start your jeep wrangler radio antenna replacement with.

01. Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler

When you consider that this antenna is just 13 inches in comparison to the 31-inch antenna that comes with the jeep wrangler, it feels like a blessing.

The antenna works for jeep wranglers from 2007 up to date; it is durable and made of top-quality rubber; when it bends, it just springs back to its original shape, and they call it to shape memory.


Highlighted Features

  • Durable enough to withstand the worst of weather conditions.
  • A wide range of jeep wrangler models from 2007-2021 is supported.
  • The carbon fiber column design at the base looks attractive and premium.


  • Strong reception performance
  • Durable and tough


  • It could be even shorter
  • Lacks an anti-theft design

02. Bullet Antenna for Jeep Wrangler


Jeep Wranglers are modeled after military vehicles, so the bullet design of this antenna is pleasing to the eye, giving the jeep wrangler that the military feels through and through.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with a screw bottom, installation is a breeze.
  • A wide range of wrangler models are supported.
  • The antenna is sturdy.
  • They are designed with anti-theft features.


  • The antenna has a perfect height.
  • The bullet design makes your jeep stand out.


  • Logo disappears after it is screwed in.
  • AM band is not as strong as the FM.

03. Rydonair Antenna 7 inches


This antenna is short, but its performance is not shortened in any way as it renders awesome AM and FM receptions.

And just like its 13” counterpart that we touched on earlier, Rydonair Antenna 7 inches offers support for Jeep Wranglers ranging from 2007 to 2021.


Highlighted features

  • The height makes wranglers look fashionable and modern.
  • Excellent reception for both AM and FM frequencies.
  • This antenna has shape memory.


  • They are designed for durability.
  • Excellent reception.


  • No anti-theft design.
  • It might not offer the same signal strength as taller antennas.

Common Problems of jeep antenna

  • Antennas can get stolen.
  • Replacement problems, where the old antenna becomes difficult to uninstall.
  • Some jeep antennas are too tall.
  • Some jeep antennae can produce awful receptions.

FAQ’s About Jeep Wrangler Radio Antenna Replacement

Can Jeep Wrangler antenna go through the car wash?

Antennas are designed to endure extreme outdoor conditions, some are made with flexible rubber, like the Rydonair compatible antennas, and so they just bend and go back to their original position during the wash.

Some are made with sturdy metals, like the Ronin bullet; it is made with aluminum, and it is very short, so it is highly durable.

But if one must be on the safer side, it is easy to get a 10mm wrench and just unbolt it from the mount before wash, especially if it is an auto-wash.

You can just have such a spanner in the glove compartment of your wrangler.

Why does my jeep wrangler have an antenna?

Driving at times can be a super boring and automatic experience, especially when one is stuck in gridlock.

You might embark on an inter-state journey where you drive for hours at a stretch; it’s such times that you need your antenna.

Antennas are responsible for getting signals for your jeep’s radio, then you can listen to music, your favorite radio programs, and if you happen to have a TV in your wrangler, the antenna works for that too.

Do I need to replace my original jeep wrangler antenna?

The original radio antenna on the jeep wrangler functions perfectly; it is in its design that resistance emanates.

It is a tall one and some might argue that it doesn’t give your ride that modern military, Porsche look.

So your jeep wrangler antenna replacement is mostly a matter of personal preference, one could also consider it a relief that there are radio antennas out there, that are not just shorter.

But it is also something you can just do on a whim because replacing antennas is a very casual straightforward task that once you get used to doing it, you can do a replacement within 2-minutes while whistling.

What should I do with my antenna during a car wash?

When I still used my old, original antenna, I mostly take it for manual car wash, because having to unscrew the antenna every time I take it for a wash will sooner than later results in my Jeep Wrangler Antenna mount replacement.

But since I replaced it with a shorter, sturdier radio antenna, I now take my ride for an automatic car wash.

Can my jeep wrangler radio antenna get stolen?

Most car antennas are designed like a screw bulb, so you just get a spanner and, within a few seconds, with very minimal difficulty your antenna, which could be just 7-inches, is in someone else’s jacket.

Thankfully, the more recent radio antennas are shipped equipped with anti-theft features, and they support wranglers dating back to 2007.


It’s an awesome experience; the gratification one feels after you have completed a task that initially seemed complex.

It makes you want to let everyone know how awesome, and efficient, and independent you are becoming, and the additional fact that you don’t need too many tools further simplifies the task.


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