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The factory stereo of so many cars is not up to the standard of car owners, so the need to upgrade is very important.

The Jeep TJ stereo upgrade is necessary as the factory-made stereo is not very durable.

You can either replace the stereo system with a Din or Double Din.

It’s an easy process and we will be talking about steps by which you can easily upgrade your jeep stereo system.

When do you need to upgrade your Jeep Stereo?

There is no specific time when upgrading your jeep stereo is necessary, you can choose to do it anytime.

But as time goes on and your jeep is getting old, you might notice a reduction in the sound production of your car stereo.

Even when your car stereo is not old, you might not be comfortable with the sound the factory stereo produces, then the need to upgrade your car stereo to an aftermarket stereo that suits the sound production you want.

It might be a single Din or a double Din.

The upgrading process is simple and can be done by anyone. All you have to do is follow the DIY procedures that will be discussed in this guide.

Which Stereo system is perfect for Jeep? Double Din Or Single Din?

Knowing the perfect stereo system that suits your TJ jeep will help you out with the appropriate sound production you want.

There are two types of speakers for the TJ jeep, the single Din and the Double Din. The question now is which one is perfect for the TJ jeep.

The only difference between the double Din and the single din is just the size, they both have almost the same sound quality.

So the double din is perfect for the TJ keep because of its size, the double din stereo is 4 inches tall and should be suitable for your TJ jeep.

PreviewBrand NameDetails
STINGER Fits 2007-2018
Alpine iLX-W650
Pioneer MVH1400NEX
Aftermarket Fits 2003-2006
Metra 95-6549 Fits 1997-2002

Cost of upgrading your TJ Jeep stereo system

If you want to upgrade your TJ jeep stereo to a Double Din stereo system, you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

You can head to any electronics shop near you or probably let an expert get it for you.

In doing this, you will spend up to $400-$700 for the complete upgrade.

Tools needed for the TJ JEEP Stereo system Upgrade

To make the upgrading process easy for you, you need to get all the necessary tools ready.

You can either buy from the store or borrow from a friend that has similar tools.

Be careful when using the tools not to get yourself injured or spoil any part of the stereo system. The tools needed include

  • Socket wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Panel tool
  • T20 torx driver
  • T30 torx driver
  • Thin nose plier

Step By Step Guide For Jeep TJ Stereo Upgrade/ Replacement

Have you ever longed for an excellent audio system in your Jeep Wrangler? Perhaps your loudspeakers aren’t as loud as you’d want, or the sound isn’t as good as you’d love.

This article will walk you through the process of installing a speaker and stereo system in your Jeep Wrangler.

If all you’d like to do is improve your loudspeakers, that’s OK, but if you’d like to get more out of them, you’ll have to install an amp.

This article will walk you through the process of installing a stereo system in your Jeep Wrangler.

So, what are the step-by-step guides for Jeep TJ replacement? Check them below!

Materials Needed

  • Head unit with suitably sized frontal plate
  • Pair of 6.5-inch frontal speakers
  • Pair of 6.5-inch soundbar speakers
  • Pair of tweeters
  • Crossover
  • Amplifier
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Line output converter
  • T15 Torx screwdriver
  • Phillips’s screwdriver
  • Ratchet with extension and socket set
  • Dynamat or polyfill fiber
  • Drill

Step One: Replacing The Head Unit

Your stereo device’s centerpiece is its head unit. You’ll have to unscrew the tray atop the audio system and the bolt beneath it to change the head unit.

Then, beneath the head unit, detach and disconnect the window switch tray. Another bolt needs to be unscrewed from behind the controls.

Pull off the panel underneath the wheel column to reach the two additional bolts on both sides.

Lastly, detach the panel that surrounds the head unit, then unscrew the four bolts that secure the head unit to the dashboard.

You’ll have to disconnect the cords at the back of the head unit, be cautious as you pull it out. Run cords to your replacement head unit and link them in.

Step Two: Installing The Front Loudspeakers

Disconnect the lower dashboards, center console, and side windows to obtain entry to the front loudspeakers.

All of these can be yanked off. You’ll have to twist the edges of the center console and then draw it out.

To pull the loudspeaker unit out on the driver’s side, unscrew and detach the instrument panel.

Two screws on the sides and one screw on the rear secure the speaker boxes.

It might be difficult to remove the speaker boxes since they must be rotated downwards.

Uninstall the loudspeakers by removing the three bolts on the front and disconnecting the connection after the speaker containers have been removed.

To set up, your newly bought speakers, repeat the process in reverse.

Step Three: Installing The Tweeters

The remainder of your speaker systems will appear simple after handling with the front ones.

The tweeters atop the dashboard are readily pulled out from their enclosures. Remove the mini speaker and replace it with the current ones.

Step Four: Installing The Audio Speakers

Your audio bar’s rear speakers are similarly very easy to fix. Simply unscrew the three bolts that keep the speakers attached to the stereo bar.

When removing the very last screw, be cautious not to let the speaker tumble.

Disconnect the connections after that. Connect your current speaker to the stereo bar and secure it.

Step Five: Mounting An Extra Amp

You’ll have to have an extra amp to complete the sound setup. Additional amps are usually mounted in your car’s trunk.

To install an amp, you’ll most probably need to make or tweak a bracket. The cabling is the most difficult element of this phase.

Your amp will need to be powered straight from the battery. Ensure your electrical cord has an integrated fuse fitted. Wires should be run along the internal walls.

Lift the carpet up enough to transfer your cables through to your car’s trunk by prying off the clamps keeping down the side panels.

Don’t turn on your amplifier yet. You’ll first have to level it. Locate where you can access the frame, remove any paintwork or corrosion, and drive a screw into the frame.

Connect the frame screw to your grounding. The next step is to connect your amp to the remainder of your sound system.

Head unit cables and the speaker should be connected to the amp on the other side of the power cable.

Connect your cables and turn on the power. To check and modify the sound, switch on both the stereo and the amp.

4 Best Jeep TJ Stereo Reviews

01. STINGER-STH10JK Stereo Replacement 10-Inch Touchscreen Radio


For a Jeep Wrangler JK, the STH10JK is a media update and all-in-one dash.

Enjoy your content with more than sixteen million colors on a wonderful, ten-inch floating, capacitive touchscreen.

Stay engaged on the highway or your regular commute with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, HDMI, SiriusXM-Ready, and hands-free Bluetooth.

You may rest assured the makers of this system got your back with security features such as an inbuilt GPS and four camera feeds.

The makers also added two USB ports to supplement your dash’s 12v socket. Would you like to retain your 12v socket? It’s no issue!

The flush-mount is entirely optional, and USB ports could be placed anywhere you want them.

The STH10JK entertainment system will boost the sound quality of your Jeep Wrangler JK right away.

A DSP-ready electronic optical fiber system, a 15-band mixer with graphic display, and a 6CH system with subwoofer control are some of the audiophile-friendly features.


  • Dual USB Ports
  • Hands-Free Bluetooth
  • SiriusXM with Replay
  • HDMI Input
  • 15-Band Adjustable EQ
  • Time Alignment
  • 6CH With Subwoofer
  • Customizable Settings


  • It has great acoustics and a variety of input choices.
  • There are several features included.
  • With time alignment and EQ, you have a lot of choices to make.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the stock steering wheel settings.


  • You could have trouble changing the screen’s brightness.
  • You’ll still have to purchase a satellite antenna independently.

02. Alpine ILX-W650 7″ Mech-Less Receiver


Alpine’s KTA-450 top-notch amp is intended to work with this stereo.

Swipe commands on a screen Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also supported.

You can use your words to open apps with hands-free commands.

A USB connection is available for connecting various gadgets including thumb drives.

Alpine addons can be used to provide extra features.

The back USB connector, rear supplementary input, and multiple camera feeds are all significant components of this stereo system.

It’s compatible with SiriusXM satellite radio. Even though an adapter is needed, it is compliant with most OEM wheel audio settings.


  • Digital content receiver with FM/AM tuner
  • Shallow-installation frame design
  • Swipe commands on the touchscreen
  • Designed to function with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
  • You can use hands-free control to open apps.


  • It’s very basic and straightforward to use.
  • Very responsive and intuitive controls.
  • It’s also simple to customize the audio configuration to your taste.


  • It may not support some android devices
  • No customizations, transitions, or animations.

03. Pioneer MVH1400NEX 6.2 Inches B07951J34N


Apple CarPlay, the faster, healthier, and more entertaining way of using your iPhone in the automobile is available on the AVH-1400NEX.

Using only a touch or a word, iPhone operators can place calls, utilize Maps, play music, and check their conversations using Apple CarPlay.

Sync your compliant Android or iOS smartphone to AVH-1400NEX for a completely enjoying experience that includes many of your loved applications built right into the panel and enhanced high-quality Bluetooth communication.

Bluetooth is integrated into every NEX model, allowing for hands-free conversation and music streaming.

NEX delivers more realistic voice quality and information during conversations, thanks to the new Hands-Free Feature with Wideband Speech capabilities.

With the AVRCP 1.6 protocol, NEX allows you to browse and choose material saved on your device while music streaming.


  • Digital media receiver with FM/AM tuner
  • 6.2 inches capacitive touchscreen visual
  • In-built Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free calling
  • Compliant with Apple CarPlay
  • Fits double-DIN dash access


  • In the daytime, the display is bright and clear.
  • It responds quickly and starts up quickly.
  • Installation is simple.


  • Disparities in the UI make it difficult to operate while navigating.
  • While driving, the touch screen may not be responsive.
  • The screen is hard to read on a bright day.

04. STINGER – RB10JW18 Integrated Ten-Inch Touchscreen Radio Replacement Kit


Enhance your Jeep’s stereo with Stinger Electronics’ all-new ten-inch audio system.

Keep all OEM capabilities, add additional off-road car metrics like roll and pitch, and communicate with atmospheric controls, car configurations, and more on the display.

It is indeed a plug-and-play kit that’s simple to set up.

Stay amused whether you are on a road trip or just commuting with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, hands-free Bluetooth, SiriusXM-ready, and HDMI.

You can be rest assured they got your back with security measures like multiple camera inputs and a navigation system.


  • Fantastic ten-inch touchscreen radio
  • plug-and-play modules
  • HD factory cameras
  • Includes Jeep specific apps like roll and pitch
  • factory-matched mounting dash kit
  • satellite antenna adaptors and FM/AM
  • On-Screen Vehicle Gauges & Information


  • Easy to use
  • The screen is awesome
  • Has a great sound quality
  • Comes with great vehicle gauges and information
  • GPS navigation
  • No wiring, soldering, or splicing required
  • Comes with a complete installation guide with video and pictures


  • A bit of a tough install

Common TJ Stereo problems

There are some common problems with TJ stereo systems, they include

  • Alternator wine: Your stereo may make some strange noise, this is caused by bad ground.
  • No signal: when your stereo has no signal, there is a problem with the wiring.
  • Stereo turns on and off: When this happens, you should rewire your stereo or there might be the issue of poor grounding.

Frequently Asked Questions Jeep Wrangler TJ Stereo Upgrade

1: How can I make my TJ Jeep stereo sound better?

If your car stereo has a poor sound, you should properly get a double din stereo or change the subwoofer and the front speaker of your jeep.

2: How many speakers does a TJ jeep have?

Your TJ jeep may accept up to 4 speakers, the space provided for the TJ stereo system is big enough for 4 speakers.

It also has a space for soundbars. You can easily upgrade any of the speakers if you want.

3: Can I upgrade the Stereo in my TJ jeep?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your TJ car stereo if the factory-installed stereo does not produce the sound you want again.

The factory-made stereo can be removed and replaced with an aftermarket stereo. You can use either the single Din or the double Din stereo system.

4: What are the tools needed to upgrade my TJ JEEP stereo?

You only need some 3-4 simple tools for this process. The tools include a socket wrench, Screw Driver, Panel tool, T20 torx driver or the T30 torx driver, and a Thin nose plier.

5: What is the full meaning of DIN in car stereo?

DIN means a size 2″ x 8″ opening space that your car stereo fits into. It refers to “Duetch Industrie Normen” it’s a German word that means car stereo in BMW’s, Audi’s, Mercedes and VW’s since the mid 80’s.

Since then, it has become the general standard term. We have the Double Din and the Single Din

6: What is the cost of upgrading my TJ jeep car stereo?

If you are tired of the factory-made stereo that came with your Jeep, you can easily buy an aftermarket stereo and improve the sound. You will spend up to $400-$700 for a complete upgrade of your Tj stereo system.


It could take quite some time reading through this guide to set your Jeep with a good radio system. But it’s well worth the effort.

Just keep in mind that the finest Jeep Wrangler stereo systems are the one that matches your requirements.

So don’t opt for the most gleaming or appealing one. Rather, pick what you genuinely require and you will not be disappointed.

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