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Is your Patriot radio not functioning the same way it did when you first bought the SUV or does it not give you the depth of sound you desire?

Well, it is time that the old Jeep Patriot radio gets a whacking and also an upgrade.

But before you do, you need to get some questions answered. You don’t want to ruin your whole system and live in agony.

You do know the basics, we know. But today we will enhance that knowledge and come up with the secret tips and tricks for an upgrade that you can’t say no to.

(Also…please do not get some cheap replacement, you might have options for buying several radio systems, but if you buy a product that’s loaded with malware and needs servicing every week; you should start planning on getting a new Jeep Patriot!)

Let’s espy some quintessential attributes.

Jeep Patriot Radio Size

The Jeep manufacturer offered this amazing basic model in three patterns, on and off additional features were included.

But the thing that remained almost constant was the store radio size.

And that went the same with the head unit size too. However, the size of the stock radio usually lies between the range of 10.0 to 10.3 inches.

This manufacturer’s offered size will lead to significant savings.

The display casing will be simple, you won’t need a microscope to reach all the commands, and the clear view won’t tension your eyes (which will prevent the worsening eye-sight issues).

So, take the point of the dimensions pensively, unless you don’t want to spend extra money on modifications or test your patience!

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Cestovet (for models 2010-2016)
MekedeTech (Fits 2009-2014)

Can you change the Jeep Patriot Radio By Yourself?

Duh! This is a very easy lawsuit that you can just plug the radio wires within a minute and play.

And the feeling of DIY will be an awesome juxtaposition compared to your robotic life.

It will be great if you can get a tool kit (if you prefer looking posh!), or just grab some simple tools and get on with the work.

But if you are a newbie and that car is as new as a baby, we would suggest getting some professional help.

That might have to pay a few extra bucks but will save you a lot of trouble on the horizon.

Can you put Apple CarPlay on the Jeep patriot radio?

A criterion created by Apple makes it conceivable for a car radio or head unit to double as a vehicle display and an interface for an iOS device.

Starting with iPhone 5S running iOS 7.1 or later, the application is available on all iPhone models.

This feature is hard to resist! (But the question remains)

In theory, yes. But you need another software to connect your iPhone to your stereo system, and that’s where ‘Uconnect’ comes in.

This system is found in most stock and aftermarket radios. If you want that feature, just ask your manufacturer if your stereo is congruent with it.

Apple CarPlay won’t be an issue if you get the right model. Just pair your phone and start listening to your favorite ted talks.

Jeep Patriot Radio Upgrade

Now that the rudimentary discussion is over, we will take you to the path where you’ll get to know more details.

This is the time where you get serious and make preparations for making a decision.

In this section, the team has put their effort to explore the expenditure variations, the duration covered, the elbow grease, and finally, the step-by-step guide for the refurbishment.

Let the elucidation begin!


The cost here actually depends on the time of the model and the features available.

In terms of models, the older the model (generally they have less additional), the lower the price, and vice versa.

But a radio upgrade can charge you anywhere between $70 to $400 up. Plus, keep some extra money if you need extra tools for the setup.

This is how much you need only if you do the job by yourself.

Certainly, you’ll require a few extra dollars to appreciate the labor for his professional work.

This can take almost $50-$60 approximately (according to NYC statistics).


This is a very easy task provided that you know where everything is in your car, the wiring harnesses, the interior, and obviously, the job.

But as easy as it seems, the process requires a hypervigilant workman! One wrong move and you have to start from the beginning.

So, our expert suggests that you should take at least an hour up your sleeves if you are a complete beginner.

But if you know how to do the work, then it will take a few snaps and all that toiling away will pay off in just 30 minutes.

And that includes the preparation, the work itself, and the tidying up.


You’ll admire this section because you’ll just need a prying tool to get the removal done.

Don’t worry if you have one, you can replace that with a flathead screwdriver.

Or, you have another option for using a very sharp-and-flat-tip knife.

Other additional elements might be required.

  • The prying tool
  • Clips
  • Screws
  • Bluetooth kit if your model doesn’t have one
  • Uconnect kit if you want Apple CarPlay

Off-topic, but the good news is, you are most welcome to use these exact tools and follow the exact steps that will be described pretty soon for a radio upgrade in Jeep Compass.

Step-by-Step Guide for The Radio Upgrade

Make your Jeep Patriot eligible for an upgraded radio by using these simple steps.

Having made your car ride more exciting will certainly be the result of this upgrade.

A decent enough upgrade will give you the features of your dream car right off the bat. So, delicately follow the steps, and don’t get frustrated.

We will conclude this advent without further hemming and hawing, and belatedly get started.

Safety first

‘No risk, no reward’ this proverb only goes for making intricate and complex life decisions. But your Jeep Patriot is no complex thing at all!

We don’t want that your favorite car to be damaged at any cost, and certainly not you.

So, wear tight rubber gloves because you will be handling wires and sharp tools.

To be in the safest zone, turn off the power supply of your car.

Remove the fascia plate

Grab your pry stick/screwdriver. The plate is held in with the retaining clips.

Choose a corner of the bezel and gently start trimming, inserting the tool.

The bezel should come out just right and then do the rest of the work with your hands if any part still adheres.

Disconnect the connector. (Sounds weird, right?)

Just after you have pulled out the bezel, you should see a connector plunging in.

There’s an option of taking it out. What you have to do is, push the tab downwards and the connector must slide out.

This step is crucial because if you skip it out, even after following the whole tutorial to the T, the radio won’t work.

Screw off

The naked bezel part has four Philips head screws to attach to. You’ll need to open those with the flathead screwdriver.

Unscrewing these parts, the old stock radio should come out. But be very delicate, like a whisperer.

Don’t damage any of your other valuable car parts!

Unplug the wires

After the back of the radio faces the world for the first time, make it dead by pulling the wires out.

Each wire is attached to the back by individual tabs. Press the tabs in and the wires will be out, too.

And done! You are successfully minutes away to experience an upgraded, modern radio.

Newness, installed 

Getting excited?

Take hold of that new radio and plug in the wires. But be careful. You have to plug them in the same locations with the same wires.

If the harnessing goes wrong, there will be no way to put a sock on it.

After this step has been followed, you just need to evolute, backward.


If you have got yourself the right dimensions, the radio will fit in just right and everything should be level and precise.

And then screw in the four screws that you got rid of in the first place.

If the holes call for a different type of screw, don’t be hesitant to trial and error for the best fitment.

Put in the connector and the bezel

You know what to do here. First, connect the connector back on.

And then just put the fascia plate on and there you go, your upgraded radio in Jeep Patriot.

All that’s left to do is, check that the radio functions properly. If it doesn’t, go through these steps:

  • Check the wirings.
  • Check if the power supply is on.
  • Read the user’s guide carefully to inspect if you have done the setup appropriately.

And if that doesn’t help, get some professional help.

There is an additional step, keep an eye out for it in the FAQ section.

Best Radio Upgrade options

Check out these trailblazers that make awesome opportunities for you to make a fantastic upgrade.

01. Cestovet (for models 2010-2016)


Emphasized facets

  • Screen: 10.1 inches
  • Command: touchscreen, microphone
  • Memory:32 GB, (RAM 2 GB)
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, AUX, telematics, Wi-fi
  • System: Android 10.0
  • Resolution: 1920*1080

This tech supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Enjoy multimedia communications and entertainment at the same time with these two. Just get yourself the dongle you need!

Do kids want to watch a movie? No problem! The full RCA output will allow you to access videos even on the backseat screens.

Awe-inspiring numbers for the CPU and the voltage: 1.2GHz and 4*35W respectively will be the ultimate defender of all common problems for any radio.


  • The pre-assembled wirings make it easier to install.
  • As a parking aid, it could switch to a counter-image immediately when the car is in mechanical torque.
  • 16 equalizer configuration makes an overflowing sound system that is more than just the music in the background.


  • Issues with steering wheel monitor function have emerged. no batteries
  • Either it’s a problem with the car protocol or the line is disconnected.

02. MekedeTech (models 2009-2014)


Emphasized facets

  • Screen: 6.2 inches
  • Command: touchscreen
  • Memory: 2G RAM 32G ROM
  • Connectivity technology: Wi-fi, Bluetooth
  • System: Android 10.0
  • Resolution: 800*480

Ensures all the overall functions of the stereo and op-amp, as well as keeping their natural appearance.

It is an IPS panel that offers a high-res, mass-pixel-loaded experience.

The perfect parking companion for you with compatible sensors as well as wheel control.


  • Easy plug-and-play installation. Don’t need to modify anything that is factory-wise wired.
  • Supports a lot of features like CarPlay, Google Play…and rear cameras.


  • Small display size might be a strain-causer.

03. GOKKCL (models 2010-16)


Emphasized facets

  • Screen: 10 inches
  • Command: touchscreen
  • Memory: 32GB (RAM 2 GB)
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, Wi-fi
  • System: Android 10.1
  • Resolution: 1024*600

GPS navigation features, including Google Map, Navfree will give you exact locations, making your journey less worrying.

The 2D and 3D maps will be filled with navigation features.

The split-screen feature will avail the multi-functionality of both you and the car.


  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 version so that you can do hands-free calling while driving, decreasing the probability of bad accidents.
  • A whopping 13-panel equalizer will allow you to make a memorable road trip, filled with melody and tunes.


  • With qualities like these, it is hard to get a bad review. The lowest percentage of buyers complained that the AM stations made unusual behavior, like turning off on their own.

Compare the products and make the right choice for your Jeep Patriot.

Common Problems of Jeep Patriot Radio

If there weren’t any problems, there would be no such thing as this segment! We have listed out some problems that you can expect if you are using a stock radio.

Spooky AM/FM

This is a 2014 Model issue. AM and FM signals get receptions according to their(!?) choice.

Some customers even found an irregular pattern with receptions with the volume knob being monkeyed with.

Even being stationary, the problem is there.

Volume vandalism

This is a 2015 issue and is an almost common problem with all the models. Sometimes the volume knob won’t work, not with the AM, nor the FM, and not even the aux cord.

That occurs mainly from wiring problems, so always keep an eye out for wiring damages.

Bad static

This problem occurs with the old models and some of the newer ones. To avoid that, make sure that the antennas, connections, and wires are not faced with corrosion.

You don’t need these challenges in your hectic life. Don’t bother fixing them every so often. Simply plan a good upgrade and you won’t have to think about it for long.

Frequently Asked Questions of Upgrade Radio of Jeep Patriot

No outcomes without the bare essentials also apply to a simple radio upgrade. Here are some FAQs to help clarify.

What if my upgraded radio doesn’t work even after all the harnessing is right?

Before you get professional help, check for a blown fuse. It might have happened when you got your old radio out.

Other than Uconnect, what other choices do I have to run CarPlay services?

Just get an adapter. It should cost about $40. Get a dongle and then connect it through a USB.

How do I easily get to know if the new radio will fit in Jeep patriot models (any model)?

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of dimensions and cut-outs and sizes, simply ask the manufacturer if the center dash console has the same AC vents.

If the measurements match, it will fit perfectly.

Do I need to remove the plastic covering of the gearbox during the removal?

Obviously! It wasn’t mentioned in the step-by-step guide because the focal point was the upgrade and not the removal.

But to do that, place the gear in ‘D’ position, start trimming on one edge, locate the two screwdrivers that hold it, and unscrew them. And your work is done.

That about covers it up.


Getting a good radio upgrade will serve you in a lot of ways, along with the storage of time and energy.

Not only it will make your face with an avalanche of cool features but will solve a lot of monetary issues.

With the great things on the horizon, our easy guide will make the process much more effortless.

But to provide clarity more, we got some awesome resources for you to make things run smoothly.

We hope that our assistance will help you in all ways.

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