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The mid-range SUVs produced by the American manufacturer Jeep, Jeep Grand Cherokee might be up for a radio replacement sometimes.

Even though it has a reputation for quality interior, prone to off-road and a load carrier, reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have stated that these famous means of transport might have a mind of their own.

The drivers of the 2018  Cherokee Model have affirmative views that there are the potentials of a deadly accident because the uncontrolled volume controls and radio tuning can be so distracting.

But don’t worry, we got you there! Buckle up, because we got the solutions to every problem you might face with your Jeep Grand Cherokee radio.

The List of Top 4 Jeep Grand Cherokee Stereo of 2022

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Alpine iLX-W650

When do you need to change your Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio

The answer is pretty simple, whenever you have a consistent problem with that stereo system! The main problem that has been on and off with the system are radios being switched on and off independently.

But the issue causing the headache most is the spasmodic FM signals, as drivers rely on them for weather forecasts and traffic updates.

What things do I need to have in mind for a replacement?

The stereo system is the centerpiece of any car, so make sure you care about it and treat it right! First of all, think about why you want to replace it and then look for the stereo that fits your car perfectly.

There are other things to consider as well, such as, go for a stereo that doesn’t produce any distortion and gives you the experience of cleaner and richer sound quality.

Find something that will give your car some functionality. Bluetooth connectivity, app-related sources such as Spotify, Apple and Android compatibility, GPS navigation tools are the top picks.

You can take it up a notch with a touchscreen monitor, amazing cosmetic, or even a dedicated subwoofer output to control the volume independently and not just depend on the bass control.

Approximate budget

The cost mainly depends on the size and capacity of the radio, as well as added features in every new model.

For example, it will cost around $700 for an open box 10.4” vertical screen android navigation radio for Jeep Cherokee 2014-2020.for a 10.2” octa-core 2017-2019 Model, the price will go lower by another 100 bucks.

Note that, if you want a PX-6 core 13.3” navigation radio for the Model 2009-2013, you should be ready to pay approximately $900.

It should be mentioned that additional costs may be required for professional re-installment. But there are DIY options too.

Several tool kits are found on online and offline automobile shops, where prices range from $70-$300, depending on whether you are ordering single din or double din kits.

Time to consider

Now that time is important for everyone, you should really consider certain things. One, are you a professional technical handler?

If so, the only thing you should care about is the right stereo system for your Jeep Cherokee and the task will take approximately 4 hours.

If not, you must get professional help from local service stores, which will add up to your expenditures and might take a little bit longer than it would have if you had done it yourself.

It might even take a whole day or a little less for the extra papers to sign!

Tools you need to have

01. Main tools you need to take the old stereo system out:

  • Panel removal tool
  • Dremel or oscillating tool
  • Aviation sheers
  • Hot glue
  • Wire harness
  • Radio adapter
  • Pride tools

02. Things you need to for an upgraded, better version of the radio:

  • Connection for factory backup camera
  • Radio connection harness
  • GPS module antenna
  • amp power wire
  • RCAs for speakers
  • USB ports
  • Aftermarket microphone

Step By Step Guide For Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Replacement

Be it a transformation from a single din to a double din, or just some modifications to get an upgraded version, you have to follow some simple steps to reach the peak of your comforting Zen mode, and chill!

01. Get your desired stereo system

You can find your dream stereo system online or offline. Check out the electronics store and buy it. You’ll need to keep in mind to look out for a model that fits with your Jeep Model.

A harness adapter is a must that is compatible with the model and a fit mount is also necessary.

02. Safety first

Switch off the vehicle’s power supply and keep it somewhere safe so that it doesn’t touch the battery. Look out for live wires as well. If necessary, wear safety gloves.

03.Open the bezel

Get a pride tool to disintegrate the bezel surrounding. That will come off in a snap. (Don’t press too hard!) Within seconds you will get to the next step, where the real work begins.

In this step, remove the four Philips screws that hold the bezel.

04. Pry off the center console

It can easily be done just by using a simple screwdriver and prying off the plastic board. Usually, clips are attached to that part so you need to be careful not to mess up.

Another four screws will be found finishing the job, they attach the radio to the car. Unscrew those, too.

05. Take out the old radio

Now, you need to be very gentle taking out the old radio. Pull off all those wiring harnesses, including the antenna wire and other additional wires attached to the back of the stereo.

06. Placing the new radio

This depends on the size of your new radio. If it’s been manufactured to fit in the dashboard, you’re lucky! Otherwise, either you’ll have to mount it or modify it to fit in securely.

07. Re-wiring the harness

Get your wiring harness adapter out and plug in the wiring harness to it, and then back to the radio. Find the new, right spot for the antenna wiring and additional wires as well.

08. Final steps

Fit the radio in the dash, be careful with the connections while doing so. Reconnect the power supply and turn on the radio, make sure everything’s okay. Done!

4 Best Jeep Grand Cherokee Stereo Reviews

Let us introduce you to the most popular replacement options for your Grand Cherokee.

01. Stinger-STH10JK touchscreen radio for Jeep model 2007-2018


Highlighted Features

  • Screen size: 10 inch
  • Display: LCD
  • Dimensions(L*W*H): 9.7*1.5*7.10 inches
  • Resolution: 1024*600

Experience the best quality sound with this stereo system by Stinger. It has all the applications you need.

Starting with the comfort of touchscreen, this set comes with an OEM antenna adapter, customizable dash kit, USB ports, front and rear cameras, and obviously, an installation guide.

The good news is, this setup can be voice commanded through both touchscreen and microphone.

Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI are their connectivity superiors. Not only that, this radio can fit into RVs, cars, and trucks.


  • The sound quality is excellent and the picture quality is crisp.
  • Effortless integration into the actual factory wheeling setup.
  • Easy follow-to instructions and this radio can take upgrades to the maximum point.


  • Not waterproof, might cause a problem in the monsoon.
  • Have to buy a satellite receiver and GPS navigation card separately.

02. AWESAFE Car stereo radio with Bluetooth for JEEP Wrangler Model 2018-2019


Highlighted Features

  • Screen size: available in 5 inches, 6.2 inches, and 9 inches
  • Display: LCD
  • Dimensions(L*W*H): 3*7.1*3.95 inches
  • Resolution: 800*480
  • Operating system: Wince 6.0 system

This radio is applicable for an abundant number of car models, with no batteries included.

With voice commands of touchscreen and microphone, its connectivity technologies include Bluetooth, Auxiliary, and USB.

This setup is a complete package of multifunctional abilities with mirror link functions for android phones, media playback, hands-free calling, GPS navigation, TF card, steering wheel remote control, and AUX-IN. Compatible music formats are MP3, WMA, FLAC, etc.


  • Easy plug and play installation, plenty of options, and adjustments available for ultimate comfort.
  • Wiring harnesses are already set up, taking only 45 minutes from you to start a new experience in your Jeep.
  • The navigation works and the camera services are at their best in terms of this device.


  • Reversing camera is not included
  • Problems might occur with the Bluetooth navigation system with sudden glitching noise.

03. Alpine Ilx-w650 Mech-Less Receiver


Highlighted Features

  • Screen size: shallow-mount (2-7/16”)
  • Number of channels: 6
  • Output wattage: 18 watts
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 10*8*7 inches

This voice-controlled digital media receiver with AM/FM tuner lets you do the hands-free work to access apps and give commands.

Even though it doesn’t play CDs, it’s designed to work with Android and Apple CarPlay.

But if you feel comfortable using your hands, this device won’t let you down, as it has touchscreen swipe controls.

It has the potential for a lot of expandability, giving you access to rear USB ports, preamp outputs with 6 channels, camera inputs, and many more.

It is also compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls.


  • Easy installment, great quality sound, and intuitive interface.
  • Wired backup camera inputs.
  • The look of this is sleek, giving your Jeep a more factory-like look and add that wow factor.


  • Might face problems with Android Auto and sudden issues might occur with the XM menu on a touch screen.
  • Minor issues with forced safety features might arise annoyance.

04. YULU Car stereo in-dash navigation for Jeep Grand Cherokee


Highlighted Features

  • OS: Android 9.0 system
  • Screen size: 5 inches
  • Display: LCD
  • Memory storage capacity: 2 GB RAM,16 GB ROM
  • Dimensions(L*W*H): 01*0.01 inches

With commanding options of touchscreen and microphone and an added feature with Wi-Fi connectivity, this device is applicable for most of the Jeep models.

Other features include a built-in stable Bluetooth connection, dual-zone(functioning navigation while music is on), and mirror link.

Another main highlight is the HD night vision car rearview camera.


  • Doesn’t need a frame adapter
  • The unique GPS and backup camera emulate the factory quality.
  • The setup is complete with all required accessories, so no need to pay for additional add-ons.


  • The interface is a bit slow and some users might find it difficult to steering wheel control because it’s not PNP.
  • Clocks might act weird. It’s been reported that sometimes it loses time track while the system is off.

FAQ’s About Jeep Grand Cherokee Stereo

Other than radio problems, what other problems I might face with a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Common problems that consumers have reported with their vehicle are a malfunction of ignition switch, erratic electronic shifting, and engine stalling.

What is the main thing I should be concerned about while replacing the factory stereo?

Live wires, can be life-threatening if not handled carefully.

So, make sure that the live wires are turned dead by disconnecting the power supply system.

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee models I should avoid?

From the collected data, customers have several complaints with models 2011,2014 and 2015. So, try avoiding them.

But these are just from a general perspective. But if you search the answers for the same question including the stereo system, don’t go for 2018 models, as they have frustrating problems to deal with, like automatic radio tuning.

What do I do if I get frequent error messages after the replacement?

Simple. Just keep the software updated. And if that doesn’t work, reset the system.

Will weather conditions be an issue for the overall system?

Not at all. Consumers have reported the finest quality replacement to tackle up to 115 degrees in the jeep.

Can a double din stereo fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes. But you will need some modifications. Jeep Grand Cherokees are specially designed for single din for 2” tall receivers, and double dins are 4” tall.

You’ll need a mounting kit and wiring harnesses to adjust the replacing stereo.

Can I use aftermarket radios for my old model Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, totally. Be sure to use the right tools and a fit stereo system.

How do I reset the radio in my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There are two plausible methods. One is to hold and press the volume and two other nodes for 20 seconds, the power will go off and immediately come back after a minute or so.

This is called the soft reset. Another option is the factory reset, where all your favorite settings will have to be deleted and you’ll get back to the time when you first installed the radio or replaced it in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Always give priority to your purpose of replacing the stereo in your Grand Cherokee and then go to the store.

Aftermarket products are always available so don’t be afraid to compensate some bucks for that. Do your research while you make your decision.

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