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Every car owner has a desire: a quality stereo sound.

If your car does not have a quality stereo, you might hate that car, even if it is a good one.

Which is the best way to relax after a long and challenging day?

A good sound and music can be the perfect package.

There is no way you can know for sure that the stereo system can give you a quality sound.

However, you should get the best stereo system you can find to be sure about the quality.

A Comparison Table of Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX
Kenwood DPX304MBT
Pioneer AVH-2400NEX

Can You Install Aftermarket Head Unit?

When we talk about car problems, we often hear audio system problems.

These might include the wrong audio components, the old age the system has.

At the same time, you should consider reinstalling it.

The costs can be different, from 20 dollars to 600 dollars.

The price varies from the requirements you want it to have.

For your pleasure, do not look only at money.

Look for what you want, and do not be afraid to try. You will not regret it when you get out of work.

You can meditate to the song you like with no disturbance.

You might wonder how much time it will take to be able to install the perfect sound system for your car.

Of course, it is conditioned by your experience and the pack you choose to install.

Buy all the necessary equipment to be sure you can complete the job.

Yet, there is must-have equipment that you can not miss.

Take care of all the must-have things, and you will get the job done in minutes.

Step-By-Step Guide of Aftermarket Head Unit With Bose System

Step 1: Remove The Initial Stereo

We talked before about the tools you need to possess to be able to finish the job.

Here are the removal tools.

Use these to remove the old stereo system from your car.

Look for slots where you can use the removal tool.

It would be best if you discovered them at the base of the unit.

When the key is inside it, you have to pull it until the unit comes out.

This removal tool costs you around 7 dollars, but it is a necessity when you have to take the old stereo system out.

Step 2: Port Cleaning

It is a simple part but is necessary.

After you remove the radio, look in the back part for wiring connections.

Now, once you find those, unplug the radio from connections.

There is nothing special about these connections.

You can notice them on any gadget. There are different types of connections.

For example, we can talk about Antenna, radio satellites, stereo connectors, or cassette decks.

The stereo connectors can be the same for every car, but it depends on what the owner looks to achieve.

This step is the easiest one.

Step 3: Plug Connectors

Next, look for the input side and connect the converter with the stereo harness.

Now, look for the output end and connect it with the Metra wiring harness.

At the same time, there are four ports you can find on the converter.

You need to connect these ports with the four stereo signals. Be careful.

You need to create the proper connection.

When you look at the dash part, you can see another connector.

This one you should connect with the adaptor, which is on the Metra wiring harness.

Step 4: Connect The New Stereo Unit

At the same time, at the back of your unit, there is the rest of the unconnected wiring harness. Connect them too.

At this point, you should see where is the cable port and the antenna port.

By this method, you will be capable not to connect the wrong ones.

How can you be certain that you fixed the cables in their ports?

There is a tool called a screwdriver that will help you with that.

To fix the cables, you have to insert the screwdriver inside the ports and rotate clockwise.

Step 5: Test it

Now, we arrived at the testing step.

We can not be sure if it is working if we do not test this installation.

Of course, we have to start the car and be sure the accessory mode is on.

Next, go to the stereo system and test the variations.

It depends on what system you choose to install.

There are functions like CD or DVD Player, FM player, Bluetooth and so on.

At the same time, check the volume and see if it satisfies you.

Check everything and take notes where you need to make some more adjustments.

If you are satisfied with what you’ve done, you can turn off the car.

Yet, there is one step left, even if it already satisfies you.

Step 6: Last Touches

The installation process is almost done.

Now, you need to place it back in the dash.

You should catch a sound that attests that it is fixed inside the opened dash.

And with this step, you are done with installing a stereo system with Bose system.

We would suggest you take a step back and just enjoy the song you love.

This moment is the perfect one to do that.

Best Aftermarket Stereo Reviews

01. JENSEN MPR210 Single DIN Car Stereo Receiver



Highlighted Features 

  • Single DIN
  • USB Fast Charging
  • Talk Assistant
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling
  • Radio Receiver
  • You can control it by touch or voice
  • 8 x 3 x 3 inches dimensions

If you need a stereo that has a high resolution and LCD, this is the perfect choice for you.

It provides a comfortable view experience.

Of course that it is very responsive.

It has the SIRI system or Google Button.

This way, you can talk and say commands like playing your favorite song.

There is no issue if you choose Bluetooth. It has this option too.

You can receive your phone calls. You can use a USB.

At the same time, there are MP3 Player and AM/FM tuner functions.


  • Connects to a variety of devices
  • You can control it even by voice
  • Perfect audio quality


  • You need an installation kit.

02. Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX In-Dash Multimedia Receiver


Highlighted Features 

  • Touchscreen display
  • It has a fully detachable faceplate
  • Capable of advanced Bluetooth tech
  • Android Auto
  • HDMI input
  • Dual backup camera inputs
  • 6.5 x 7 x 3.86 inches dimensions

We are always looking for the best-designed device to help us.

This one can support a cable-free connection between the receiver and your phone.

There is no problem if your phone is an Android one or Apple iOS.

There is a dual-zone that offers separate sources.

Its colored panel makes it more responsive and attractive.

You can even set the colors and the background.


  • Connects to a variety of devices
  • It has a touchscreen
  • HDMI connection technology
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication


  • Only a couple of Android models work with it.

03. JVC KD-R490 JVC Single DIN



Highlighted Features 

  • Infrared wireless communication technology
  • Wireless is its display option
  • You can use USB or CDs
  • 9.49 x 9.13 x 4.02 inches dimensions

Maybe you are looking for something easy to install.

This is the perfect choice for you.

It delivers strong sounds, and there are several ways to get the music you are looking for during the roads.

There is a front panel you can use to plug the USB into the thumb drive.


  • Easy to install
  • It has a touchscreen
  • HDMI connection technology
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication


  • You need the Metra kit to install it
  • It misses the M5 0.8mm screw
  • There is no Bluetooth option or touchscreen
  • Too expensive for what it offers

04. Kenwood Double-DIN In-Dash Digital Media Receiver



Highlighted Features 

  • It uses Bluetooth
  • You can use a USB
  • It does not allow CDs
  • You can control it by touch or voice
  • It has variable color illuminations
  • It is compatible with many audio file formats like MP3, WMA, FLAC
  • It has a dual phone connection
  • 9 x 8 x 7 inches dimensions

This is a very proficient receiver that you can control by touch or by voice.

You can ask Alexa, which is a digital assistant, to play music or set reminders.

This unit supports Bluetooth communication for your smartphone.


  • Easy to install
  • It has a touchscreen
  • HDMI connection technology
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication


  • You need the Metra kit to install it
  • It misses the M5 0.8mm screw
  • There is no Bluetooth option or touchscreen
  • Too expensive for what it offers

05. Pioneer AVH-2400NEX 7 Inch



Highlighted Features 

  • It uses Bluetooth
  • You can use a USB
  • It allows CDs
  • You can control it by touch or voice
  • It is a multimedia receiver
  • It is compatible with many audio file formats like MP3, WMA, FLAC
  • It has a customizable interface
  • 11 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches dimensions

The Pioneer took the technology to another level.

It makes no difference if you own an iPhone or Android phone.

This receiver works with both systems.


  • It works perfectly
  • Very easy to install
  • Bluetooth communication
  • It has a Wireless audio streaming
  • The call audio quality is one of the best


  • The Android audio app does not function as it should
  • It costs too
  • The implementation might not be at a high level


  • Pay attention to what kind of head unit your car has. There are only the single DIN or double DIN options.
  • When you install this stereo system, do not forget to unplug the car batteries.
  • Make sure that all the connections are in the right ports. This way, they are not going to come out easily.
  • Do not forget about the Factory Amp. You need to put the switch on it.


  • If the ignition of the car is on, do not install the new stereo.

Benefits Of Installing Bose Sound System

The Bose sound system has a friendly user interface.

They are simple to install. So you do not need to be a professional to install the stereo system you want.

Moreover, it is simple to use.

It is certified by hundreds of clients that any Bose sound system is easy to use.

If you are a new user, you can set up the system in only a few minutes.

You can access any radio channel that is available in your area.

At the same time, the formats like MP3, CDs, DVDs can be accessed easily.

If you have problems with the installation, the company offers you a step-by-step guide to help you through.

This way, you do not need to have worries about how to use, install or replace your audio system.

Moreover, it has a high-performance rate.

They provide a technology that uses waves for speaker tech.

You will enjoy the quality sound.

Common Problems When Installing

  1. Speaker is not working.
  2. The speaker does not respond to connected sources
  3. The system does not play sound

The General FAQs of The Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System

01. Will The Replacement Process Make A Difference?

You can be sure of that!

There were many examples when these stereos proved that they are a better choice than the factory speakers.

02. Who Should Install it?

It is not a difficult process.

Anyone with no experience can install the stereo system.

You need to pay attention to each step.

As we told you before, the company provides a step-by-step guide too.


Installing a stereo with Bose system is not a difficult process, and you will see what a difference it can make.

The sound is perfect. Install your new stereo system, and you will not be disappointed.

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