A Complete Guideline of How To Reset A Pioneer Radio By Yourself

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No doubt that Pioneer Radio is a great thing to have as a car owner. Your car is awesome. Your listening should be superb, too.

The pioneer car stereo features some enhancements to make your listening moments delightful. Is your Pioneer Radio giving you some tough times? Are you stuck on it? Is it malfunctioning?

Perhaps, it might have developed a minor disorder, which you don’t even need to take to an engineer, but to reset it back to the factory reset.

So, how do you reset it? Every step is in this guide. Please, continue reading. 

How Do You Know When Your Pioneer Stereo Needs To Reset?

Self-lock: a couple of things can result in the self-lock of your pioneer radio.

But the most common two are: when you take your car to an engineer for thorough service, and he has disconnected the battery in that process.

Secondly, if your car is taken to the car wash for a thorough cleaning, the car wash attendant may disconnect it by mistake, too — while trying to arrange the inside of the car.

Mistuning: a situation where you make some unintentional changes in your pioneer radio settings.

If you get your Pioneer car stereo altered, you ought to reset it before you can use it again.


The time it will take to reset this depends on individuals — your eagerness to get it done, how intelligent the person is, and whether they pay attention to detail?

And so on. Also, it depends on which pioneer radio model your car is using. If it’s the normal radio(no visuals), it should exceed a minute.

But if it’s the radio car stereo that displays visual, maximum — 3 minutes. However, if the third option is you would adapt, that could cost you 6 minutes on average.

Averagely, the first two shouldn’t even take you more than a minute!

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX
Pioneer DMH-2660NEX

Step By Step Guide On How To Reset A Pioneer Radio – Car Stereo

Resetting your pioneer car stereo isn’t hard. The steps are understandable. But some people

get it twisted; hence, it’s complicated for them.

There isn’t any must-follow way to reset it, as it will be choice-dependent on what model you are using.

For the sake of this guide, we shall discuss three super-effective methods to reset your pioneer radio(model-specific).

This section contains three pioneer radio car stereo models to illustrate each step according to users’ preferences. You are most likely to find a solution in either of the three.

The first method is the pioneer DEH Model which contains five steps explained. The second is three steps thoroughly explained, too(illustrated with the AVH pioneer model).

Lastly, it’s just two steps on how you could remove the negative terminal of your car battery.

Method 1 — Pioneer DEH Model

Step 1: Locate SRC on the facial bezel.

Step 2: Long press the SRC button. Your radio will go into demo mode.

Step 3: Look for the selector button on your stereo panel.

Step 4: A long press on the selector button. The initial option will display. Choose the initial option with the selector button.

Step 5: As soon as you are on the main menu, continue tuning the selector button until the system reset option is reached.

Click on the selector button to command the system reset option. It will begin the reset automatically. You don’t have to do any further ado.

And yeah, it’s as easy as that. Let’s go on to the next method.

Method 2 — Pioneer AVH Model 

Step 1: Look at the top right corner of your screen. You will see a gear symbol. Tap it. It’s going to take you to the menu.

Step 2: Right there on the menu is the Wrench and Screwdriver symbol. Click them.

Step 3: Click the toolbox. Scroll to find the restore settings option. Click it. The factory reset begins automatically. Yo, that’s all.

Method 3 — Disconnect The Power Source

Although most people don’t usually consider this initially, it’s the last resort if other methods fail you.

This can be a bit daunting, as not everyone finds it interesting going to the back-end of their car.

Well, if other methods do not work for you, you have to resort to this!

Step 1: Search for your Wrench, head to open your car’s bonnet. Disconnect The negative terminal of the battery with the Wrench.

Step 2: After you’ve waited for a few seconds, rewind what you just did(return the negative terminal to its position). And that’s it.

PS: Make this the last option only when others seem not working for you. Also, note that it’ll disconnect both the chip’s memory and restore to factory reset.

The three methods provided above should be sufficient to reset your pioneer car stereo.

If all is a red flag for you, then there is a high tendency that your pioneer radio is damaged and needs a replacement.

Why Pioneer Car Stereo Bluetooth Not Working?

Proximity Between your phone and the radio could be the reason.

Another reason is, while resetting, you might have altered the Bluetooth ”on” make sure to check it out to know what exactly the matter is.

3 Best Pioneer Stereo Reviews

01. Single Din In-Dash (Pioneer)


Highlighted Features

  • ‎7 x 2 x 6.5 inches
  • It weighs 2.64 pounds
  • AM/FM available
  • Wireless

The Pioneer Single Din In-Dash has a detachable face plate. It is that portable radio for everyone who likes mobile stuff.

It was manufactured a long time ago, around 2012 or thereabout. It’s black. It is built with a compliant amplifier and has great power output.

You’ll need to purchase adaptors for this product to work properly in your vehicle.

Overall, it’s just the best radio in its price range.


  • It’s worth Its price
  • Aux works great on it
  • Color fitting
  • The led lights are not hard on the eyes


  • The installation involves many steps, and it takes time
  • No clear directions

02. AVH-W4500NEX Double Din(Pioneer)


Highlighted Features

  • 11 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches
  • 15 pounds weight
  • Black
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth

If you are a fan of touchscreen, this is a good fit for you. It has a shining black as its color.

Are you looking for a recently manufactured radio car stereo? This double Din is highly recommended.

It has inbuilt Bluetooth for stress-free calling and audio streaming.

It comes with a microphone that’s enabled for phone calls as well. It’s compatible with most backup cameras.

Something is surprising about this product, and you can add your image as wallpaper.

That gives you a unique view of your radio car stereo. This means you can add a picture of yours, your favorite animal, etc.


  • Touchscreen for easy operation
  • Screen quality top-notch
  • Great interface for a great user experience


  • Lags with Apple CarPlay
  • Heavy
  • Malfunctioning of wireless android auto

03. DMH-2660NEX(Pioneer)


Highlighted Features

  • Android auto
  • Bluetooth and USB supported
  • Weighs 3.4 pounds
  • Shining black
  • Connectivity? SiriusXM
  • 15 x 11 x 9 inches
  • Control panel: remote and touchscreen

The final on this list. It is HIGHLY recommended. If you are looking to have the most suiting experience while driving your car, purchase this! Is it filming?

Wide interface? Great user experience? Eyes-appealing visuals? You name it.

This awesome product has any future you could think of, frankly. It’s the latest in town. It is a product that almost every car owner craves.

Some are already buying it as a replacement for their former radio factory in their cars.

It is highly recommended for anyone who likes having the same widescreen experience as they would with their plasma in their homes.


  • Great visuals
  • Large screen
  • Tapping button just like an android phone — aside from the main touchscreen


  • High maintenance
  • It needs to be taken care of often

How To Reset Pioneer Radio Bluetooth

On a good day, you might wake up to see an unknown Bluetooth connection to your pioneer radio stereo.

Sometimes, it might even be that you want to disconnect your current device and connect to another. Below is the process to follow:

Click the multi-controller to show the main menu options.

Tune the multi-controller to system settings. Click on it.

Locate the menu displays. Look for Bt settings. Once seen, click on the M.C(multi-controller) to command it.

Switch it to “yes.” Follow the prompt to confirm your action. Once successfully erased, it shows “cleared.” That’s all.

If you are using a touchscreen model:

Click On the wheel option showing at the top right corner of the screen.

Touch the settings icon. Click on Bluetooth.

Look for the “Bluetooth memory clear.”

To round off the process, after doing the previous, click on “clear.” The next prompt is “OK.” Click OK to finalize your command. Then the Bluetooth memory is cleared.

Common Problems of Pioneer stereo bullet points

Among the first most common is skipping songs while playing from a CD. Solution: Clean the laser lens. You can do this with a lesser cleaning disc. Do it more than once.

After purchasing a new pioneer stereo, you might discover it has no sound. Solution: interface Amp Remote the new stereo.

You could also experience it not turning on even if there is a power source attached to it. Solution: verify the amp fuse. Perhaps, it has blown. If so, try to replace it.

The volume or balance could stop functioning. Did you notice that? Solution: dismantle the radio to get the face-off.

Once you can see everything inside, you’ll be able to figure out what needs to be fixed.

If you can’t dismantle it yourself, taking it to professionals specializing in repairing pioneer car stereos is highly advised. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) of How To Reset A Pioneer Radio

Where is the reset button on my pioneer?

You’ll find the reset button in the face place if you are a user who uses the DEH model. Quite unsure? Search for the hole surrounding the front panel.

Where is the car radio fuse located? 

First of all, make the back panel show. To do this, turn on the radio. On the back of the radio, detach all the main wiring.

After successfully unplugging those main wiring, there comes the fuse staring at you around the plug jack. 

Why is my receiver not working?

It could be because they are not playing audio. Or because you’ve mistakenly set your AV receiver’s knob master volume to volume minimum.

Also, check if the headphones have not been connected to your input device. Click the speaker button on your receiver. Choose another set instead of the off speakers.

What fuse is for the stereo?

If your stereo is a high-powered one, 30 amp is the best. And 20 for low-powered stereos.

Why is my pioneer radio not working?

There could be various reasons — a damaged antenna, a blown fuse, or destroyed speaker wires. Sometimes, it’s even because the wiring is short.

Hence, unstable functioning. The wiring short is also the reason the fuse gets blown.


To sum it all, resetting your pioneer radio stereo shouldn’t be a big deal if you follow the guides provided in this post.

We all could do one thing or the other with our pioneer radio that may result in us wanting to reset it. So, it’s fine if you are in this shoe.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The radio could also malfunction and needs a reset. You may alter some buttons and need to reset them.

Whichever reasons it is, resort to this guide for various options on how to reset your radio to factory reset.


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