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If you are a car driver, you love listening to Radio. That’s a no brainer. Every driver enjoys listening to Radio and should know how to install Sirius XM radio in car.

The Radio has been the drivers’ companion through thick and thin, through the heat, through the Traffic, and most importantly, when you were alone in that car.

Since Radio is the drivers’ companion, it would be germane for the driver to have the best radio service possible.

For that to happen, the driver must look past the FM and AM radio services to something better, and that would be the SiriusXM radio.

Sirius XM Radio: What it is?

The SiriusXM radio is a satellite /online radio service owned by the SiriusXM holdings. The SiriusXM radio offers Satellite/online radio services for a flat fee/subscription. If you like, you can think of it as the Radio equivalent to Netflix.

With the SiriusXM radio, you have unlimited access to the best of radio content available.

Whatever it is you, love, be it music, news, sports, or talk shows, the SiriusXM radio offers the best of radio companionship in your car.

How To Install Sirius XM Radio in Car

The SiriusXM radio totally trumps the local FM or AM radio services. The features and benefits it offers are totally overwhelming. Getting it is the best thing you could do for you.

Materials needed to install the SiriusXM radio in your car.

To install the SiriusXM radio in your car, you basically need the SiriusXM radio installation package which comes with

  • A magnetic antenna
  • The receiver or tuner
  • Alternate FM antenna
  • Docking station
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor

Do note that what comes with your installation package is subject to the model of SiriusXM radio you purchase. Also, you may need a frim panel remover. Just get one to be on the safe side.

Sirius Xm Installation Process

The installation process varies with car types. All cars can be classified into two categories :

  • Cars with an aftermarket stereo
  • Cars with an older stereo

Installation procedure for cars with an aftermarket stereo

If your vehicle comes with an aftermarket stereo, then you are in luck. All you need is the SiriusXM SXV300V1 tuner which comes with:

  • Antenna
  • SiriusXM module
  • An alternate FM antenna

With this receiver, you can get some really cool features like

  • Sports flash which brings you the best of sports news
  • Tune mix which gives you some fresh music salad composed of songs you’ve hand-picked from different channels and stored as a preset.
  • Traffic and weather now, which brings you both real-time traffic and weather updates.

NOTE: you may not get all the above-listed features if your stereo is an older make. If you plan on changing your receiver to a newer model, it would be advisable to opt for a SiriusXM compatible stereo. You can check the compatibility of a stereo/ receiver by inspecting it for the “SiriusXM – Ready” symbol.

Installing the SiriusXM SXV300V1

  1. Mount the magnetic camera on the roof of your car. Preferred spots would be in front of the windshield, the back windshield, or in rear cases (SUVs), the brake light opening on top of the car. Choose the option that lets you run the wire easily and neatly.
  2. Take the wire into the car and run it to your module and connect the Antenna to it. Ensure that the wire avoids all sharp edges.
  3. Connect the module to your stereo using the satellite cable.
  4. Turn on your receiver and choose SiriusXM.
  5. Place a call through to the SiriusXM or activate your account online using your SID number.
  6. Now you are ready to use the SiriusXM radio in your car

Installation procedure for cars with older stereos

If you use an older stereo, you are not left out of the game. You may have to forgo all the unique features that come with using a new model stereo.

Since it’s an older stereo, you would be needing more to get the job done. For this installation, you would be needing the SiriusXM commander touch model which comes with :

  • The magnetic Antenna
  • An alternate FM radio antenna
  • SiriusXM receiver
  • A Docking System
  • Cigarette adaptor

NOTE: To complete the installation, you would need to Purchase an auxiliary cable.

Installing the SiriusXM commander touch in your car

  1. Find the perfect place in your vehicle for the Docking system. The best suggestion would be close to the cigarette lighter input. You can drill it in if you want to.
  2. Fix the magnetic Antenna on your preferred part of the car roof. Pick the sport best suitable for your car. This could be in front of or behind.
  3. Run the wire into the car. Ensure to avoid sharp edges as they could tamper with wiring and cause a weak signal.
  4. Run the wire neatly to the receiver and connect it.
  5. Connect the cigarette adaptor to power the receiver
  6. Connect the auxiliary cable to the receiver and then to your stereo
  7. Place a call through to SiriusXM or go online to activate your account using your SID number.
  8. Once this is done, you are ready to start enjoying the greatest shows available.

SiriusXM Radio VS Conventional Radio: Who Wins?

The answer to this question is pretty simple and straightforward. But for the sake of being objective, let us run through what the SiriusXM radio offers, and then we would see if conventional Radio stands a chance. These are the features and benefits of the SiriusXM radio:

01. Advert free Radio

Conventional radio stations are full of annoying ads that you cannot avoid when listening. But the SiriusXM radio offers you smooth Radio with no ads. You can enjoy uninterrupted radio entertainment with no ads intruding into your listening space.

02. Unlimited access

With the SiriusXM radio, you can get access to unlimited access to different radio channels with premium content.

The FM and AM radio stations can only go as far as the stations available within their range. But with the SiriusXM radio, you can get access to tons of

03. Multiple choice programs

Local Radio can be sometimes boring. But with the SiriusXM radio, you can throw the boredom out the window.

You get access to various shows. Whatever you want to listen to, be it music, sports, and talk shows of different kinds, SiriusXM is your sure bet.

04. Uncensored content

Most content that comes to local Radio is already edited and censored. But when you use the SiriusXM radio in your car, you get access to Uncensored versions of shows.

If you want the shows exactly the way they were meant to be with no censoring, then the SiriusXM radio is your definite plug.

05. Affordable subscription

Of course, local Radio has no subscription, but you still have to sit through every advert. That’s your payment, or better still your punishment.

But with the SiriusXM radio, you get all of the fun stuff for a little token subscription. That’s way better than sitting through adverts. If not anything, you’ve fended the adverts off.

06. Necessary song information

You remember that one time you heard a song on FM radio and wished you could get the name of the artist and the song title, so you could listen again. With the SiriusXM radio, those moments are forever gone.

The necessary information you need to identify a song: the artist’s name, the song title, and the year of publication are clearly displayed on your screen. Now you don’t have to struggle over the names of artists and the title of songs.

07. Personalized radio experience

There is nothing like having it the way you want it when you want it. That’s what the SiriusXM radio brings to you.

You can listen to a show when you want to, even if it’s not currently airing. With the SiriusXM radio, you can totally personalize your radio experience, and tailor it to your taste.

08. Mountain top signal

Unlike the regular FM radio, the SiriusXM radio uses an Internet-based antenna that could cover a long-range. You could be using the service where ever you found yourself. All you would have to do is tune in and listen everywhere you go.

Frequently Asked Questions About the SiriusXM Radio

Can I install SiriusXM in my car?

Yes, and it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is:
1. Find out what kind of stereo your car has
2. Purchase the appropriate model of SiriusXM radio for your car
3. Follow the procedures listed above for the different installation processes.

What is the possibility of installing the SiriusXM radio in any car?

There is a fair possibility of every car. If your car has a stereo system (old or new), then you can install a SiriusXM radio on your car.

How can I connect SiriusXM to my car without an auxiliary cable?

To connect the SiriusXM radio to your car without using a cable, you would need a vehicle that has an aftermarket stereo. Alternatively, you could purchase one (if your car has an old model). Then buy the SiriusXM SXV300V1 and install in your vehicle.

What would it cost to install SiriusXM in my car?

Apart from your subscription, it really doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can install the Radio all by yourself. Below are links to videos for installing both the SXV300V1 model and the command touch model.

What is a radio ID, and how do I get one?

The radio ID number, which is also known as an ESN or SID is the unique identification number given to every satellite radio. This number is needed to complete your account registration.

It can be found on the back of the installation pack carton. Alternatively, you could tune in to channel 0. The unique 10 digits identification number would be displayed automatically.

How can I get a SiriusXM username and password?

These two would be needed to finish up your account set up. The password and username are included in your welcome kit. You could also contact SiriusXM online to get your username and password.

How can I get my first SiriusXM radio signal

To get your first signal and start off the jubilee, you would have to get your car out of the garage, to the plain sky. Then press the activation button on the Sirius site and wait patiently for fifteen to ten minutes.

This should start it off. If you don’t receive a signal, you can initiate the process by requesting it again. Also, you could activate by call or on the web.

HOW can I add satellite radio to my vehicle?

Very easy. All you have to do is follow these instructions:
1. Get a compatible SiriusXM radio for your car
2. Fix in your Antenna on top of your car roof and run it neatly to the receiver or tuner in your car. Connect all wires, and you are good to go.

Common Problems and Solutions of Sirius XM

What if my reception is terrible around some particular areas?

This is a problem most users experience. It is caused by the interference of frequencies from cell providers. This causes interference that makes the service glitch.

There really is no perfect solution to this problem. Still, you could try installing a notch filter that would stop most frequencies from entering.

What if I am getting no signal at all?

Check your connections first and ensure every wire is plugged into the right place. If there is still no signal, trace your antenna wire and ensure it is not broken anywhere.

Make sure nothing is obstructing your antenna’s view. Make sure you are not parked in a garage. Of you’ve done all this and still encounter a problem with the signal, please contact SiriusXM online assistance.


There is no serious maintenance needed. Just ensure your wires are safe and unbroken. Keep your Antenna away from any harm. This should be enough.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Keep you wired connected and safe at all times
  • Always ensure your Antenna is not manhandled
  • Do not open any of the gears, either receiver or Antenna. This could ruin them
  • Do not obstruct your Antenna


SiriusXM radio is everything you need to bring your car alive. Consider it to be your audio Netflix. With the severe Radio, it’s the fun on and all of the boredom out the window. With it in your car, you can be confident you have a companion for life. Go get one for yourself today.

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