Easy Steps of How To Connect Bluetooth To Kenwood Stereo [ Connect Android + iPhone ]

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If you have been looking for easy steps on how to connect Bluetooth to Kenwood stereo, this article has all the details you need.

The job doesn’t stop at getting a Kenwood receiver for your vehicle.

You have to ensure the necessary connections and programming are perfectly executed for the best performance.

If you do not know how to set up the Bluetooth connection on your stereo, you shouldn’t feel bad or disappointed about it.

We will show you the various steps you need to follow to activate your stereo and get it up and running as you read along.

When you pay attention to the details or steps provided in this guide, you won’t need to invest or spend extra on hiring an expert to set up the Bluetooth connection for you.

Why Is The Kenwood Car Stereo Popular?

Kenwood is one of the oldest brands of car entertainment components or accessories.

This brand is famous for reliability and impressive sound quality, extending across different prices or budgets.

If you desire a top-quality and efficient stereo for your vehicle without exceeding your budget, especially if you seek enhanced durability and performance at a pocket-friendly price.

Kenwood is one of the top brands to look at.

Impressively, the brand has gone through a series of innovations and developments over the years to deliver designs and models that conform or meet the needs and desires of modern or elite car owners.

Kenwood car stereos are equipped with several up-to-date features and functions to greatly enhance quality, durability, performance, and safety.

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Kenwood ddx9703s
Kenwood KMM-BT228U

Kenwood Car Stereo Features

  • 1-Din & 2-Din
  • Bluetooth, USB, & AUX connectivity
  • Installation manual
  • LCD display
  • Smartphone synchronization (Android & iPhone)
  • Hands-free calling
  • Touchscreen
  • Remote application
  • SiriusXM compatibility
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Impressive power rating
  • Supports Spotify & Pandora
  • GPS navigation
  • Improved sound quality, performance, and controls
  • Durable construction
  • Cutting-edge layouts
  • Voice control

Quick Steps of How To Connect Bluetooth To Kenwood Stereo

Before you can use your smartphone or other Bluetooth-compatible devices on your Kenwood stereo.

You must first have them registered.

01. Activate the Bluetooth

Ensure you activate the Bluetooth on the device you intend to connect with your stereo.

02. Pair your device with the stereo

You need to register the device on the stereo.

Go to the “available Bluetooth devices” section under your smartphone Bluetooth setting and click on your stereo’s name.

You can click on “scan” in case you can’t find your stereo’s name.

If your device or smartphone uses the 2.1 Bluetooth version or any of the latest/higher versions.

A pairing request is displayed on both your Bluetooth-compatible device and stereo.

Once you confirm/allow the request on your smartphone device, press the volume control knob on your stereo to execute/complete the pairing.

03. Input the pairing code

If your device uses the 2.0 Bluetooth version, you may have to

input the passkey (as displayed on the stereo’s screen) in the box that will be displayed on your device.

04. Wait for the pairing to complete

Once the passcode has been inserted into your device, press the stereo’s volume control knob.

Immediately the pairing is complete, a prompt is displayed on your stereo to indicate the success.

Steps of How To Connect Android To Kenwood Car Stereo

01. Activate or turn on Bluetooth on your Android device

Go to settings to activate your Android device’s Bluetooth function/feature.

02. Pair your stereo with your smartphone

If your stereo’s name is not displayed yet under the available devices, click on scan.

Your stereo’s name should come up now.

If yes, click on it and wait while a request is received on your phone.

The stereo and your Android will have the same pairing information or passkey displayed on their screens in a few seconds.

03. Confirm the pairing request

Select ok on your Android smartphone and press your stereo’s volume knob to confirm the Bluetooth pairing.

A message will be displayed on your stereo’s screen to confirm that the pairing was successful.

04. Grant the stereo access to your phone log

Once the pairing is complete, the stereo sends a request to your Android phone asking to access your phone log and contacts.

Click allow to initiate or accept this request.

Steps of How To Connect Iphone To Kenwood Car Stereo

01. Turn on your iPhone’s Bluetooth

Go to settings on your iPhone to activate or setup your Bluetooth

02. Pair your stereo with your iOS device

Once your Bluetooth has been activated, check the list of available Bluetooth devices to see if your stereo’s name is displayed.

You may have to scroll down to the end of the list.

Once you can identify your stereo’s name on the list, click or select it.

Then, the Bluetooth pairing request prompt comes up on iPhone’s screen.

03. Accept the pairing request

The receiver and the iOS device will display a similar Bluetooth pairing message.

Press pair on your phone’s screen and click on your receiver’s volume knob to complete the pairing.

The Kenwood receiver will display the “pairing ok” information to confirm if the connection was successful, and your iPhone will show “connected” at the front of your stereo’s name.

Best Kenwood Stereo Reviews

01. Kenwood DDX9703s


Highlighted Features

  • 95-inch screen size (2-Din)
  • Voice control, LCD display, and LED backlight
  • CD/DVD, AM/FM, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, HD radio, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Touchscreen control and Seven (7) steps adjustable tilt angle (motorized)
  • 16 x 4.4 x 6.37 inches in dimension
  • 6 pounds in weight

Kenwood DDX9703s is one of the top designs you will find out there for the money.

Although it is expensive, its wide range of exciting features makes up for the price.

The fascinating build and appealing screen improve your interior by adding a modern touch and feel to the setup.

We love the display quality and the size.

These two attributes contribute significantly towards ensuring you have a thrilling and fun-filled visual experience at every point in time during use.

The touchscreen is super responsive, ensuring commands, controls, and adjustments can be initiated and executed with ease (a simple touch or swipe).

Kenwood DDX9703s is easy to use. Anyone can effortlessly operate it and work with all the features and functions it possesses.


  • Clear and responsive display screen for an optimum visual experience
  • Easy, fast, and uninterrupted Bluetooth pairing and connection
  • Supports reliable hands-free calls for improved safety on the road
  • Comes with an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation


  • The screen becomes dull/unclear when used/operated in sunlight
  • Pricey
  • The legal disclaimer dialog screen comes on whenever you turn on your vehicle



Highlighted Features

  • Multi-color LCD display (1-Din)
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Bluetooth, USB, AM/FM, and MP3
  • SiriusXM tuner and Spotify compatible
  • 9 x 8 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 85 pounds in weight

KENWOOD KMM-BT328U is a budget-friendly receiver you can pick up for your vehicle.

If you desire a stereo that offers solid sound quality without spending more than you can possibly afford or overshooting your budget.

Here is an excellent consideration for you.

The Bluetooth connectivity is easy to set up, ensuring you can seamlessly connect your smartphone or Bluetooth device.

Other impressive features include the backlight color options, the EQ balancing, and the hands-free calls support.

The built-in microphone is solidly designed to provide uninterrupted communication time or disruptions during calls. Everyone you talk to on the phone will be able to hear your voice clean, clear, and loud.

KENWOOD KMM-BT328U enhances your interior by improving the dash appearance.

With numerous backlight colors to choose from, each user can customize their stereo to deliver the touch, feel, and style they desire.


  • The face can be easily detached
  • Attractive and pocket-friendly stereo
  • Impressive sound quality and radio reception
  • Supports a lot of features and can be installed with ease


  • Instructions should be more detailed

03. Kenwood KMM-BT228U


Highlighted Features

  • LCD display (1-Din)
  • Remote app
  • 2 Bluetooth version, AM/FM, USB, and AUX
  • 13-band equalizer & built-in MOSFET amplifier
  • 9 x 8 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 8 pounds in weight

Kenwood KMM-BT228U is offered at a reasonable price.

It is equipped with numerous essential features for improvement in sound quality and overall performance.

You can install the stereo effortlessly on your vehicle by following the well-detailed instruction/installation manual that comes in the packaging box.

The KMM-BT228U stereo comes with the latest Bluetooth (version 4.2) to support seamless pairing with your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices.

You can pair a maximum number of five (5) phones for uninterrupted music or audio streaming experience.

Also, the Bluetooth connectivity, in collaboration with the built-in microphone, supports wireless access to phone calls. You will be able to make and receive calls with optimum clarity.

Disruption or interference is eliminated completely.

You can easily detach the faceplate to prevent possible theft.

By removing the faceplate, the stereo is rendered unusable or out of operation.


  • Compatible with a wide range of music file formats
  • You can easily make desired or relevant changes and selections using the remote app
  • The faceplate can be detached to deter theft
  • Affordable design


  • Not compatible with CD

Common Problems of Kenwood Stereo

01. Stereo won’t turn on

You may encounter trouble or issue while trying to activate or turn the stereo on.

02. Blown fuse

The stereo’s functions and operation are impaired when the fuse gets faulty or blows off.

During this time, you won’t be able to access or turn on the stereo.

Go to the fuse compartment, which can be found at the back of your stereo.

Check the fuse to detect the issue and replace it accordingly using a similar fuse.

03. Wire/cable disconnection

The wiring may get loose or disconnected.

Whenever your stereo is not performing as expected, you may have to check/verify if the wires are still in good condition or well-connected.

04. Faceplate disconnection

If your stereo has a removable faceplate.

It may not come on if it is not connected or attached rightly.

Check/confirm if the faceplate is rightly or securely connected.

FAQ’s of Kenwood Stereo Bluetooth Connection

01. How many devices can be paired or registered on the Kenwood car stereo at once?

If you own a Kenwood car stereo, you can register or pair up to five (5) Bluetooth devices at once.

02. What are the available Bluetooth pairing techniques on Kenwood car stereo?

The pairing technique depends on the smartphone or Bluetooth device.

You may be required to input a specific passcode supplied by the stereo on your device.

Alternatively, you may only need to confirm the pairing/connection between the stereo and your device.

03. How do I set up my vehicle’s Kenwood stereo?

Kenwood car stereos are generally designed to support easy installation and use.

For best performance, go through the installation manual that comes with your stereo to know how best you can install and program it.

04. How much does it cost to hire an expert to install a Kenwood stereo?

If you do not have what it takes (skills & experience) to complete the installation independently.

You should contact an experienced audio professional to conduct the replacement or upgrade for you.

On average, this task may cost you between $50 and $100.

05. What is the average stereo installation time?

How long this process takes varies from one individual to another.

On average, it may take between 1-2 hours to have your stereo mounted.

06. How long does it take to connect smartphones (Android & iPhone) to Kenwood car stereo?

The process of connecting your Bluetooth device to the Kenwood stereo is seamless.

You can pair these two devices (stereo and smartphone) successfully in about 1 minute.


Irrespective of the Bluetooth device or smartphone that you use, you can easily pair and connect to your Kenwood stereo without any limitations or difficulties.

We hope the details and information we have supplied or provided so far in this guide have answered most of the questions you have about how to connect Bluetooth to Kenwood stereo.

If you are looking at replacing or upgrading your stereo anytime soon.

You can go through the 3 Kenwood stereos we have reviewed/discussed to pick the one that matches your preference.


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