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To unleash the full potential of your car stereo, use Bluetooth.

This is a connection that is going to give you full access to all your fav music playlists.

Be it a heartbroken day or a hot, sunny day, Bluetooth connections are going to make the most out of it.

JVC car stereo is a well-known brand for car stereos, and the simplicity of the connectivity options will appear to be no big deal to you.

But, to make everything appear as seamless as it is, you need to know details and tips.

And that’s why today we are here to provide all the info you are going to need.

Features You Can Get

Rather than jumping to the ‘How’, we should rather be first bothered about the ‘Why’.

And it’s because if you don’t know how a stereo attribute can cater t you, there’s no use of just buying a stereo and only using it for music.

No, Bluetooth means much more, and it should!

With the right medium, anything can happen!

With Bluetooth, you can listen to songs all day at any time you want, yes, but what’s more exciting than it will allow you to make hands-free calls.

So while you keep your hands occupied on the steering wheels, the feature will make/answer calls without having the hands to move and maybe use your voice commands.

And from statistics, it has been said reported that car accidents have been reduced by 3% worldwide after the technology has been implemented.

Another feature that ensures quality sound from different sources is the adaptability to various streaming sites such as Spotify and Pandora. A

nd these sites not only generate decent melodies but also avail stations and podcasts from literally anywhere in the world.

You can also navigate yourself by accessing Google Maps through the Bluetooth connection.

And that’s about it!

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Steps of How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Car Stereo

To receive and transmit Bluetooth connections, you’ll need a condition system, known as the pairing mode in your JVC stereo.

So, here’s a quick guide so you can have it all set up.

Mind that, be it an Android or iPhone, there might be some alterations needed, but the basic setup is the same.

  • Turn on your radio. Click on the ‘Home’ icon.
  • Go to settings. And then lead to System, or your model might have the DISC option.
  • There will be various options, however, click on ‘Bluetooth setup’ (there’d be an ‘enter’ button).
  • You might also use the volume knob or the remote control (if the stereo model has one).
  • Hence your stereo is ready to jam!

You’ll see a lot of videos that they get it right on the first try, but trust us, you might even need a minimum of two tries to get the connection done, maybe you’ll need a lot of trials and errors.

But you’ll get through it, we promise.

How To Pair Your Device?

In this section, only a step-by-step guide is not enough.

If you know about car stereos, you know you have to keep a few things in mind.

Check out these factors for an in-detail viewpoint.

01. Compatible Devices

Yes, Android and iPhone both will work for a JVC, but which models?

Well, for Android, anything will work that is over the 4.1 version.

Starting from Samsung to HTC, or even LG, any model or any brand will make your car stereo a hit.

If you prefer adapters, it’s recommended to buy Samsung ones.

And for iPhone users, anything under iPhone 8 will be compatible with the JVC.

If you listen to music through iPod, the 5th and 6th will work too.

02. Pairing Your Android Device

It is a very easy, toddler-friendly job.

And this is a process that can be done in several ways, and all are easy ones.

However, the easiest one is,

  • Turn the Bluetooth on your phone, search for devices that match the model name/number of your JVC stereo.
  • And then you have to select the affirmative on your input and output devices.

Note that, some Android devices may send a passkey that will pop up on the stereo display, (which usually happens with iOS devices).

If that happens, press ‘OK’ and then move forward.

03. Pairing Your IOS Device

You can do this either by connecting the device to the USB ins or by doing what you may have done while using an Android.

But in this case, you will have to confirm the passcodes in both your input and output gadgets and select ‘Pair’.

After that, your job is done.

04. Deleting A Paired Device

If you want to fall back out on an old device and don’t want to listen to music from that device anymore, you’ll need to delete a pair of devices.

To do that, turn that volume knob, select ‘Bluetooth’, then keep twisting the knob until you find a ‘delete’ option.

Select it, then turn the knob again to look for the desired device you want to get rid of. Select it.

And there’ll be a yes/no option.

Make your choice and that easy you can delete a paired device.

To double-check, just go to the Bluetooth option in your stereo and see if it is still intact.

05. AV Receiver Setup

So the AV receiver is a rendering of audio and video signals.

For example, you might want to create a relationship between your Alexa and the JVC.

  • Go to home on your receiver, then get access to the apps.
  • If it is your first time going to apps, the Setup Wizard will come and guide you through.
  • Anyway, you need to go to the app connection setup and go to the change option. There will be options for Android/iOS.
  • After the choice is being taken, you need to select the modes.
  • It can be HDMI, Bluetooth, or both. The selection will lead you to the appearance of your device.
  • All being set up, you need to confirm your actions and then ‘done.

06. Using The JVC Smartphone Control App

To enable the system, you have to turn on the Auto Connect option and make sure that you got the pairing done between your receiver and your device.

However, to get the smartphone control app, you also need to park your vehicle and keep the brake going.

  • Whatever device you are using, you need to install the JVC smartphone control app and connect it to your receiver through HDMI (or anything else).
  • Now, go to the Apps section in the receiver and just make a few acceptances.
  • After you agree with the T&Cs, go for ‘Screen calibration’ on your phone. Confirm it after it has been completed.
  • Test your control as the process is finished.

Mirroring For JVC

01. App Description

 Ever wonder if you could share your smartphone screen on your receiver?

Just think, what if an app allowed you to convey your screen occurrences right on your video display?

It could help in a lot of ways, perhaps watching a movie in long traffic or an online meeting you have to attend that very moment?

The mirroring for JVC allows you to have a convenient screen experience, also it puts off a lot of strain from your eyes, ensuring strong eyesight lasting for ages.

The app also allows easy navigation and command.

The connection is two-way and touchscreen adaptable, so there’s no stopping from the app!

02. Compatible Devices and Products

The good news is, any apps can be shared through the app.

And any Android that has an OS of over 5.0 is compatible.

As for the JVC models, the KWM450BT and the one with the M in the backside are well attributed for them.

With iOS devices, you can make anything happen if you have over the iPhone 5 version.

03. Setting Up Permissions 

The app, however, requires some permission to run smoothly and accurately.

One of them is the accessibility service, and the other one is displayed over other apps; without which you won’t be able to view the apps on your screen.

Try setting up TEL1/2, Audio (A2DP and mirroring profiles.

The settings will prompt you. Also, check the instruction manual for further details.


Note that, the sound sharing is done by, you guessed it right, Bluetooth, and for screen sharing, you have to make some connections through USB.

Why not check out the procedures for both Android and iOS…

01. Android

Netflix or Amazon won’t play, the vehicle should be in parking mode, the app should be installed and the device should be connected via Bluetooth.

  • Install the app.
  • Connect your device to the stereo’s USB.
  • There will be prompts, just follow accordingly.
  • After the final step, enjoy screen mirroring.

02. IOS

The same conditions as for the Android procedures will apply for the IOS devices also.

  • Approach to settings on your iPhone.
  • Then click on the ‘customize’ option from the control center.
  • Include screen recording from the option list.
  • After being included, press on the icon for a while, and if the app is already installed, you will see the JVC mirroring app trying to be on action.
  • Press ‘confirm’ and then you’re done.

03. JVC Remote

Now that you know all about mirroring, now are you thinking about an application that will let you navigate and command your stereo with remote control, just like you do with your TV?

Well, we have more good news that is, you certainly can!

All you need to do is, connect the JVC Remote through Bluetooth, and you can start enjoying a full-on GUI.

What You Can Do with JVC Remote?

Pretty much all the basic settings and controls.

Play/pause, searching for music, audio settings like equalizer, and any information that are displayed; can be easily achievable through the app.

Keep in mind that, the app allows anything over iOS 8 and Android 5.0.

Common Issues Faced While Pairing Your Device How To Connect JVC Bluetooth

Pairing can bring in a lot of negative emotions, but if you are well-informed about the problems, then you can be mentally prepared and not want to throw the stereo in the trash can!

  • The pairing might not be done the first time. But it may appear on the Bluetooth paired devices list in your stereo. So what you gotta do is, delete the paired device, and then pair it again.

You might need to do this a couple of tries.

  • When you’re using the stereo for the first time or trying to introduce a new device to your stereo, the unit might not recognize it. For most cases, a firmware update of the stereo has solved the issue.
  • At times, you might need to open up/ reset your stereo to trial and error the Bluetooth connections’ and that can create a new problem. In that case, a warning message will be sent. But don’t frown! Just check the wirings, and clean if any residue dust might be clogging up the free space.
  • After a firmware update, in very unusual cases, the screen might turn blank, let alone pair connections! But the solution is not so unusual; just try getting a new flash drive and download the same update and then try it with the stereo again.

These problems are ordinary with JVC stereo units, but it is only applicable if you have had a stroke of bad luck.

To prepare for the worst, we would suggest keeping the points in your mind.

If any problem pops up, JVC itself has a website to answer to and there are tons of help available on YouTube.

The Regular FAQs of How To Connect Bluetooth to JVC Car Stereo

Hey! Before you reach out to other sources to get help, why don’t you check out these FAQs, you might get what you want.

01. My Phone Isn’t Mirroring with The JVC Stereo, Any Solutions?

So, make sure that you have installed the ‘Mirroring ob for JVC’ app.

Disconnect any connections and connect the phone to the unit using a USB cable.

In the stereo settings, there will be an option of ‘Mirroring with Android’, confirm that you have selected that and not the other one of ‘Android Auto’.

02. I Disconnected the Battery for A Servicing Issue, Now When I Try to Open the Stereo, It Wants a Security Code, Which I Have No Idea Of. What To Do?

Now, this can be solved in two ways.

If you have an OEM part, just contact a local dealership and they will provide a security code.

If you have an aftermarket product, just look up code provider websites, they will charge a small amount of money, and you will get it.

03. I Have Basic Audio Setting Confusions, Like Knowing the Song’s Name, Looking for Extra Features and Stuff. How Can I Do That?

Well, different JVC models offer different features.

So our best suggestion will be to download the JVC app.

It will give you allowance for all the features, as well as give you prompts to try out different settings.

04. What If My LCD Doesn’t Act as I Would Have Wanted?

A lagging display or no display at all can only lead to one answer, and it is a defective display.

But let’s not break our hearts and jump to conclusions.

Rather think this, ‘Is my audio and receiver equipment and the unit itself placed too close? ‘

If the answer is yes, reconsider it.

05. Should I Consider the Functional Temperature on My Stereo?

Certainly! There were complaints, or rather agonies describing that their stereo didn’t work at all in extremely cold weather, but started firing on all the cylinders in the summer.

So please do check the manual first, or even better, buy a model whose operating temperature matches your weather.

06. How Can I Let Go of The Demo Mode?

Demo mode can be intriguing, especially if you don’t like the robotic voice that speaks highly of the unit, or the default music video that doesn’t match your taste.

To get rid of that, take your stereo to power saving mode, by holding on to your patience and the SEL button.

Then go to DEMO by playing with the right/left switches.

Also, play with the volume keys to get to the point of DEMO MODE OFF.

Now, don’t forget to exit the power saving mode by holding that SEL button again.

07. Every Time I Try to See a Movie with The CD Player, Either the CD Or the Unit Gets Heated Up. What Might Be the Cause?

Considering that you keep your CD player free of dust and dirt, the possible reason for the issue might be the powertrain of the unit generating either just the exact or undermined watts.

So, our expert team suggests that you double-check the power both for the unit and the player.

08. After I Use My Bluetooth, Or After I Turn on My Car, The Setting Goes Back to The Original One. What Should I Do?

A question for a question…

Is your accessory wiring in the circuit done properly?

Found your solutions?

A JVC stereo is insurance to the unbridled experience of audio and video and anything that screams entertainment.

It is also a display that provides convenience through the maps, and safety through the features.

The videos automatically turn off when the vehicle is in parking mode.

And that same videos keep your kids comfortable in a very long, boring journey.


All in all, it is a package you must get your hands on, and embrace any new features that can help you on the horizon.

Problems are common with every stereo, and they can easily be confronted with the help available worldwide.

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