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For a lot of us, how to change the clock on a pioneer radio can be quite a hurdle. And that’s not without cause.

It is relatively easy to get stuck on the advanced features of a pioneer radio. After all, it is the reason why you can listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks, and access radio stations on the go.

It’s understandable to know more about what you use often. But basic features like the timepiece are just as important.

And we often don’t notice this until it begins to tell time incorrectly. How do you restore the clock when this happens?

The Clock on A Pioneer Radio

The digital clock on the pioneer radio makes time telling much more straightforward. It beats counting the bars on an analog clock to determine the actual time.

It is also easily accessible. If you need to tell the time, all you need to do is take a peek at the dashboard, and it’s over.

Looking at your dashboard is way easier and safer than reaching out for your phone or trying to get a look at your wristwatch.

However, for all its accessibility and safety, the clock on your pioneer radio fails to achieve its purpose if it is displaying the wrong time.

If this happens, there is absolutely no reason to fidget – even if you do not know how to fix it. Here is how to change the clock on a Pioneer radio.

How To Change The Clock On A Pioneer Radio

For people unfamiliar with how the clock feature works, fixing the time may present a bit of a pickle.

But after reading this, you will realize that there is nothing complicated about the process.

It is just as similar as switching from Aux Mode to FM or scrolling through the albums on your phone.

It takes a few minutes at best but gets lesser as you get used to the process.

Nevertheless, there is a caveat to fixing your radio’s clock. The radio model determines how you change the clock.

Each model comes with distinctive buttons and a varying interface that accounts for the clock’s setting.

The key is to identify your radio model from the steps we outline and apply the corresponding actions.


Recent models of pioneer radios have similar patterns for setting the clock. The radio features mentioned here will determine if this is the step for you or not.

Step 1

First, make sure your car is on or, better still, keep the keys in the accessory position.

The radio depends on the car’s battery to function, and the battery can only give off charges when the ignition is on or in the accessory position.

Step 2

If your stereo is on, turn it off. You can do this by pressing and holding the source button.

The source button is what you use to switch between modes. Hold the button for a few seconds until the stereo goes off, displaying only the timepiece.

Step 3

Press and hold the volume button down. The volume button will be the knob-like structure that you roll back and forth to increase or decrease the volume.

Hold the button down for a few seconds as well until you see “Menu” flash on your radio’s screen.

Step 4

Just like with your volume, roll the knob to the right to scroll through the settings menu. And turn to the left if you want to scroll back.

You’d like to make these movements carefully so you don’t scroll past the desired setting.

Now, the word “Menu” will be on the radio’s screen. Turn the knob to the right until you see “System.” Then stop.

Step 5

Press the volume button, not hold.  It is a one-time motion — press and release. Once you press it, “Clock Set” will appear on the screen.

Bonus Step

If you want to change your clock type from a 24-hour clock to a 12-hour clock, all you need to do is this:

From step 5 above, turn the knob to the left until what you see is “12H/24H”. To the right of the screen, you’ll see the clock type that’s already in use. Now, click on the volume button to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour clock types.

Step 6

Since you want to set the clock, you don’t need to turn the knob any further once you’ve accomplished step 5.

With “Clock Set” still on the radio screen, click on the knob. Remember, a quick press and release.

Don’t hold. When you do click on this, the timepiece will show on the screen. You know how the digital clock reads – the hour at the left, then a colon, the minute, and the AM/PM designation if you’re using a 12-hour clock.

On your radio’s screen, you’ll notice that the hour digit is blinking. This blinking indicates that it is ready to be changed.

Step 7

Remember how you have to turn the knob to the right to move forward and to the left to move backward?

Now, repeat the same motion respectively if you want to move forward and backward through the numbers.

For instance, if the correct hour is “3” pm, and what’s blinking is “12”, turn the knob to the right.

You’ll go through the numbers until you get to “3”. Then stop. The goal is to go through the numbers until you find the correct one.

Step 8

If the minutes need changing when you’ve put the correct hour, click on the knob again.

Clicking on the knob takes you from the hour side to the minute and back again.

When you’ve clicked the knob, the minute side will begin to blink. You turn the knob to the right or left to navigate the numbers until you settle for the correct one.

Step 9

When you’re satisfied with your time setting, click on the source button, and your stereo should come back on.

Click on the Display button until you see “Clock.” The time should show on the screen.

Voila, the clock on your pioneer radio now tells the correct time.

All of the steps above are what you will generally find in recent Pioneer radios. If your radio interface doesn’t fit the description in the steps above, do not fear.

The difference lies mainly in the addition of new buttons and features with every model. For Pioneer radio models like MVH-S300BT, MVH-S400BT, FH-S500BT, DEH-S4000BT, DEH-S4010BT, the steps outlined above are the same but for a few slight differences.

  1. After your radio is on, the first step would be to click the volume button instead of pressing and holding like in Step 3 above.
  2. With the radio models mentioned in this category, you don’t need to switch off the stereo.
  3. When you click on the volume button, you’ll see “Menu” displayed on the screen.
  4. Like Step 4, roll the knob until you find “System.”
  5. Click the volume button once you’ve seen “System.” That should open the range of options under “System.” Roll through these options until you find “Clock Set.”
  6. The bonus step, steps 6, 7, and 8 are applicable here.
  7. When the clock is set correctly, rather than click the source button, you click the back button. It’s the button with the arrow pointing backward. The back button will take you out of the settings and back to the standard interface.
  8. Repeat step 9.

If you’re using 2020 Pioneer radio models, changing the clock takes the same process as the models mentioned above.

Older Pioneer Car Stereo How To Set Clock

Older Pioneer radio models will have buttons for going up, down, left, and right.

  1. Rather than holding the source button once as is obtainable in step 2, you repeat the motion twice.
  2. You press and hold the source button once to turn the stereo off and the second time to display the timepiece. Some models use the volume button in place of the source button.
  3. As usual, the hour digit will be flashing. Use the up and down buttons to raise or lower the numbers.
  4. Then use the left and right buttons to move from hour to minute. Once you’ve come to the minute side, use the up and down buttons to effect the change you want.
  5. Then you hit the source button to go back to the “Tuner.” Click the display button as usual to see the clock.

FAQ’s How To Change Time On Pioneer Radio

Why Does the Clock on My Pioneer Radio Go Wrong After A While?

As accessible as a digital clock is, it is not infallible. Without any deliberate interference on your part, the time on your Pioneer radio can still go wrong.

Daylight Saving Time may be one of the contributing factors. If your car has a GPS, it helps your radio automatically set the time, so you don’t have to do that yourself.

But if it doesn’t, it’s probably the reason why you’re one hour back or one hour ahead.

Secondly, the clock on your radio may be going wrong because there is no anchor to use to maintain the correct time.

Your mobile phone can keep the right time because it’s hooked up to the network.

Without a similar network or GPS, the clock in your Pioneer radio might not be able to maintain the actual time. Therefore, it begins to lose time slowly until it veers off track.

Do I Need Professional Knowledge or Service to Set the Clock on My Pioneer Radio?

Practically, no. Though it may look tough and inexplicable at first glance, fixing the clock on your radio is straightforward. It doesn’t call for a trip to the mechanic.

All you need is some familiarity with the process, and you’ll be changing the clock on your Pioneer radio like you’re eating a piece of cake.

How Do I Go About Fixing the Clock on A Pioneer Radio if I Switched Models?

The different models of Pioneer radios aren’t that different from each other, in the true sense of the word. If you’re familiar with the buttons and controls of one, it’d be easier for you to navigate the other.

The only difference between them lies in the location of the buttons, the display interface, and the features.

The buttons continue to perform the same function regardless of their positions on the radio. And the interface contains the same settings. Just appropriate the steps listed above.

How Do I Change My Clock from AM to PM?

If you’ve gone through the necessary steps to fix your time setting, switching from AM to PM or vice versa isn’t that difficult.

You can move between both time designations by going over the 12-hour limit. For instance, taking the numbers past “12” will automatically bring you back to “1”.

When this happens, if the time setting was in AM before, it will become PM now, and vice versa. To put things succinctly, the time designation changes once you exceed the 12-hour count.

Why Does Changing the Time Differ Across Models of Pioneer Radio?

It is all a question of technology, development, and innovation. The aim of introducing more models is to improve on the previous ones.

The patterns for changing the time are not so different as a bucket is from a stone.

Once you can change the time on one model, it becomes easier to do the same on another. Each new model makes changing the time more effortless than the last.

To help you understand better how to change the clock on a pioneer radio, here are a few useful YouTube links:


The patterns for changing the clock on a pioneer radio differ according to the model. The steps given above should cover a lot of the Pioneer models – both recent and old.

The button placements on your model might be different from another’s. The interface on your radio might be archaic, or your radio may have more features.

It doesn’t necessarily constitute a problem. To change the clock on your radio, you should be familiar with the button controls.

So, follow the steps above, or better still, if your radio came with a manual, use the steps outlined there. Changing the clock will become less of a problem the more you get used to the process.

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