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The factory system of your car might be okay. But upgrading your dodge ram 1500 radio is a great way to access modern features, get a better interface, and improve sound quality.

Upgrading your radio unit might be a hard decision to make since there’s a host of options out there, in the market. Of course, it is.

However, if you stick around, you’ll get easy tips that would guide you to making the best choice and a do-it-yourself installation guide.

Let’s begin.

When Do You Need to Change Your Dodge Ram 1500 Radio?

It’s high time for an upgrade if you need access to the several features, characteristic of modern aftermarket radios.

After-market dodge ram 1500 radios come with GPS navigation systems, USB and auxiliary ports, HD or satellite radios, apple car play or android auto compatibilities, and so on.

But the features you’ll get depend on the type of radio you decide to upgrade to – as you’ll later see.

In addition, there’s a touch screen display that’s just wide enough to make things easy.

You can also personalize the controls, to give you quick access to options you frequent or value the most.

Table of Dodge Ram 1500 Radio

PreviewBrand NameDetails
ZWNAV Fits 2013-2018
Stinger HEIGH10
Sintegrate Fit for2013-2018
Car Stereo AWESAFE
CARSOLL Fits 2013-2017
Lucky china Fits 2013-18
NHOPEEW Double Din

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade Dodge Ram 1500 Radio?

It would cost you anywhere from $600 to $1200 to upgrade your dodge ram radio. This includes the cost of installing it.

However, if you have the tools, expertise, and skills, you can shave $200 – $300 off the cost of the radio.

Although installing the radio is not as easy as putting a nail into a wall, a guide can simplify the process.


It could take 2 to 4 hours to install the radio. However, the time could be longer or shorter, depending on your experience and skill set.

With the right tools, the time is usually far shorter. These tools make the work easier.


The tools you’ll need include:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • T25 Torx wrench
  • T45 Torx wrench
  • Pry tool
  • Ratchet
  • 11/16 socket
  • 15mm socket
  • 13mm wrench

Easy Steps of Dodge Ram 1500 Radio Upgrade

Step 1: Disconnect the negative terminal of your car battery

Before you start any electrical work in your car, it’s important to disconnect the negative terminal of the car’s battery.

This is done to prevent damage to the car’s electrical system and yourself.

To do so, lift up the hood of your vehicle. The negative terminal is the black, lead connector that sits atop the battery.

Step 2: remove the panel/trim

Directly above the panel, on top of the dashboard, there’s a plastic tray.

Once you lift up the tray, you would come across two 7mm Philips screws.

Unscrew them with a screwdriver or a T25 Torx wrench to release the radio.

After removing the screws, you can grab and pull out the panel gently.

Or you can use a pry tool to loosen the retaining clips that surround the perimeter of the trim, before pulling it out.

Step 3: Loosen the connectors

You should find connecting wires and harnesses just behind the radio unit.

Unplug the connecting wires and unclip the harnesses.

This will separate the old radio system completely from the vehicle.

Step 4: remove the radio

Removing the radio may be straightforward. But it could be a little complex, depending on the type of radio you’re upgrading to.

From a traditional Uaa radio to a UAA with satellite radio.

In this case, you’ll have to separate the radio from the central bezel.

Just behind the central bezel is a bracket that holds the radio, that’s held by four screws. Lose these screws, remove the radio, and slot in the new one.

The UAA with satellite radio, to the UAM.

The UAM has an 8.4-inch touch-screen and apple car play and android auto capabilities. But it lacks an embedded GPS system.

In this case, you’ll only be retaining the controller at the bottom of the panel.

Hence, you’ll simply unfasten the torque screws holding the controller in the old system, and transfer it to the new one.

From the UAM to the UAV.

The UAV system comes with a high definition 8.4-inch display, built-in GPS navigation system, and apple and android auto capability.

Unlike the UAM, the screen is separated from the radio unit. And it comes with a module which you’ll have to connect to the screen via a signal cable.

First of all, you’re to fasten the module to the area behind the panel. First of all, place screws in the four areas where the module will stay.

Then remove the controller located at the bottom of the old panel, and transfer it to the new one.

From the UAV to the UAX.

The UAX comes with a 12-inch HD touchscreen display, a built-in navigation system, and apple car play and android auto capability.

The process to install the UAX is the same as the process for installing the UAV. You should begin by fastening the module.

After you’ve done that, transfer the lower controller on the old panel, to the new UAX radio unit.

Step 5: Reconnect the connectors

The next step is to reconnect the wires you had previously disconnected.

Reconnecting should be easy if you’re upgrading from a normal UAA to a UAA with satellite radio or from a UAA to a UAM.

However, it becomes complicated if you’re upgrading from a UAM to a UAV or from a UAV to a UAX. The steps below make it easier.

You’ll need to connect the signal cable from the module to the port behind the screen. And you may need to get a new harness to complete the connection.

Also, you’ll need to reprogram the body control module (BCM). The BCM is located in the fuse box, in the driver area.

To reprogram the system, locate the security gateway module, in the fuse box, on the driver’s side.

Plug the two connectors into the bypass and turn on the vehicle.

Plugin the programmer into the OBD II port, located just above the brake pedal.

Wait for a few seconds, and unplug it when the lights turn green.

After reprogramming the BCM, you can disconnect the reprogrammer and the bypass. The connectors of the BCM should also be reconnected.

Step 6: Return the dash panel and test to make sure it works

The final step is to turn on the car and make sure the radio works. You should also test other features such as the GPS, Apple play, and so on.

If they fail to turn on, the problem could be from the wiring.

If you’re satisfied, replace the screws that hold the panel in place. And enjoy your radio system.

Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Dodge Ram Radio Upgrade


It’s no surprise that budget makes the top of the list. Moreover, you’ll need money to make the upgrade.

The cost of a dodge ram 1500 radio, depends on the type of radio. As you would expect, UAA radios cost the least while UAX radios cost the most.

In general, radios with the most advanced features cost higher than others.

Music listening options

Take your time to decide the way you prefer to listen to music in your car. This will you choose a radio that fits your preference.

Support for apps and smartphone

These days, the radio system is a bridge between our smartphones and vehicles.

Hence, we can make calls and send messages, and do other stuff, without laying hold of our smartphones.

Check whether your radio system supports the integration of different software like Pandora, iHeart Radio, and the likes.

The information can be found on the technical specifications of the radio system.

Also, check if the USB port aligns with that of your phone.

Look out for other features

Aside from music, check for GPS navigation, satellite radio, and touchscreen controls.

However, if you’re running on a low budget, you can let go of some of these features.

Space Available

Double din radios consume more space than single din radios. If your dashboard is small, single din radios will do.

5 Best Ram 1500 Stereo Upgrade

01. ZWNAV Android Tesla Style Radio


Highlighted features

  • 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities
  • 19 pounds
  • 4 inches display
  • Compatible with Carplay and Android auto
  • Supports offline and online navigation

ZWNAV comes with an impressive 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM.

This means more space to download your favorite movies, applications, music, and the likes.

Also, you can stream music straight from your phone, using Android Auto or Apple car play.

The display is pretty clear. And there’s a split-screen functionality, which allows you to do two things at the same time on the same screen.

However, the split-screen function does not work for software that conflicts with each other.

You can use Bluetooth (version 5.0) to answer calls and synchronize the system with your phonebook.

It supports all android-compatible navigation software: offline or online.


  • Split-screen functionality
  • Supports steering wheel controls
  • Crisp and loud sound
  • Built-in Car play and Android auto.


  • A bit expensive

02. Stinger Heigh10


Highlighted features

  • Android auto and apple car play
  • 10-inch touchscreen display
  • 5 x 11 x 10 inches in dimension
  • 32GB RAM and 2GB ROM
  • 8 pounds in weight
  • Android 8.0

If you’re looking for a radio with great sound quality, then the Stinger heigh10 is a must-have.

It comes with a 15-band equalizer, that allows you to adjust the sound to your preference. There’s also a subwoofer that boosts the sound.

Equipped with GPS integration, you don’t need to rely on the internet, to access maps.

This means that you wouldn’t get stuck in the remotest of areas, where there’s no internet connection.

Due to the integration of android auto and apple car play, you can connect the radio with your devices, and stream your favorite music, podcasts, etc.

There’s also room to make necessary changes to the sound on the screen.


  • Comes with four camera inputs
  • Hands-free Bluetooth is available
  • The sound is loud and clear
  • Exciting and easy to understand user interface


  • Non-customizable menu
  • Not easy to install (especially for users without technical knowledge)

03. Linkswell T-Style Radio


Highlighted features

  • 4 inches
  • 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM
  • 78 x 12.17 x 6.1 inches in dimension
  • 28 pounds in weight
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and Wifi technologies

Linkswell T-style radio comes with a display interface that’s easy to navigate.

And with great picture quality. The user interface is pretty much like an android tablet.

You can easily connect your phone via Bluetooth, to stream music straight from your phone.

Since the storage capacity is 32GB, you can download various applications over the internet.

This should be pretty easy since it’s equipped with Wifi and hotspot technologies.

There are extra USB inputs, to send music from your phone.

And the A/V plugs make it possible to plug in other accessories like speakers, extra cameras, subwoofers, and the likes.


  • Plug and play: hence, it’s easy to install. Installation videos are also available
  • Display quality is exceptional
  • Affordable
  • Sufficient storage


  • Loading speed is a little slow.



Highlighted features

  • 1 inch, high-resolution display
  • 64GB RAM and 4GB ROM
  • Android 9.0
  • Compatible with cellular, Wifi, and Bluetooth
  • An online and offline navigation system
  • Plug and play: no need to make modifications to the dash

FLYUNICE, comes with a 12-inch display, with high resolution. This makes it easy to navigate.

You might be driving in locations, where there’s a poor network connection. In such a situation, the offline navigation system comes in handy.

You can also download maps when there’s a network connection, and save them on your thumb drive.


  • Can be connected to steering wheel controls
  • Comes with a rear HDMI port for movies, youtube, etc.
  • Impressive design


  • The menu cannot be customized
  • Android auto and apple car play lag a bit.

05. NHOPEEW Double Din car stereo


Highlighted features

  • 7 inches screen
  • There are Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities
  • Android 9.0
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM
  • Built-in GPS navigation
  • 65 pounds
  • 42 x 11.06 x 4.09 inches in dimension

This car radio, comes with some impressive features, at an affordable price.

It has the latest Bluetooth technology and an in-built microphone.

This means that you can make calls with ease, and access your phonebook, right from the screen.

And you can stream music from your phone, using Bluetooth.

The in-built navigation system works online and offline. You can download maps, to use later.


  • Works seamlessly with google maps
  • Comes with a free 12led reversing camera
  • It’s cheap


  • The sound quality is a little bit low

FAQ’s of Dodge Ram 1500 Radio Upgrade

How do I perform a reset on my dodge ram 1500 radio?

Push and hold the volume button for 10-15 seconds.

The screen should showcase the brand of your car, and go dark. This shows that the reset is in progress.

Wait a few seconds and restart the radio to check if the reset was successful.

How can I unlock my dodge ram 1500 radio?

Press down on the audio power and seek buttons simultaneously, for 50-60 minutes.

Then turn on the radio. It should switch on without requesting the code.

If this tip does not work, you have 3 options:

  • Visit the car dealership
  • Go to the website of the manufacturer
  • Visit an automotive audio installation center close to you.

What should I do when my dodge ram 1500 radio refuses to turn off?

You’ll have to take the car to an auto repair shop, to have it checked out.

They might have to reprogram the radio system or change it completely.

In the meantime,

Turn off the car. Disconnect the battery terminal. Then wait for ten seconds, and restart your car.


Nothing is better than taking a ride in your car and jamming to your favorite songs.

However, you should be careful when choosing a radio system.

And only choose one that has all the features that are important to you.

That way, you’ll have maximum satisfaction with every cent you spent on the upgrade.

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