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As an average joe, chances are, you’re looking for the best sounding double din car stereo since you spend at least one hour every day behind the steering wheel.

The road can be a little too long and quiet, can’t it?

Even with the beeping and humming of other cars in the road, one could still itch for some entertainment to fill the time but still keep the driver safe.

So, in this list, the wandering souls can be finally guided towards the perfect stereo that can suit their needs and maybe even more!

A Table of Best Sounding Double Din Car Stereo[Updated 2022]

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Pioneer DMH-2660NEX
Alpine iLX-W650
Kenwood DMX7706S
Sony XAV-AX5000
Pioneer DMH-1500NEX
P.L.Z MP-800
Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP

What is The Best Sounding Double Din Car Ctereo?

We highly recommend the best double din stereo is the Pioneer DMX-2660NEX, whose brand is known for its smart stereo designs and reliable customer service.

Why is Pioneer DMX-2660NEX The Best Brand For Sounding Double Din Car Stereos?

The Pioneer DMX-2660NEX is the one double din stereo that can wonderfully incorporate every modern man’s convenient and quick lifestyle.

It can find compatibility in every mainstream music medium of today and immerse listeners in a quality sound experience.

And yet, it doesn’t need to choose form over function as its physical design can match its technological sensibilities thanks to its crisp display, responsive interface, and customizable options.

13 Best Sounding Double Din Car Stereo Buyer’s Guide

01. Pioneer DMH-2660NEX – Best Latest Sounding Double Din


Highlighted Features

  • 8″ screen size
  • Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Fixed security with a detachable feature
  • Controlled by remote (optional)
  • Uses multiple languages
  • Compliant with CEA standards of 2006

As our top pick for the best double din car stereo, the Pioneer DMH-2660NEX is the modern and slick audio receiver that looks good just as it sounds good.

This digital multiple-media stereo isn’t just able to connect with HD Radio presets and SiriusXM because, with its compatibility with USC and Bluetooth network for Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and Android Auto, it’s ready to give its users the convenience of mobile smart technology in a 6.8-inch LED, backlit touchscreen display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and resolution of (800 x 480) WVGA.

Its user-friendly interface can easily help the user make full use of this highly customizable receiver.

One will definitely be able to have all the freedom in choosing the brightness control, color display, background wallpapers, home screen shortcuts, and illumination timer of the screen.

As a stereo itself that is already built with a MOSFET amplifier, changeable graphic equalizer, crossover network that’s auto or manual, a three-way audio connection, control on the subwoofer, and a sold-separately tuner, audiophiles will get to spread their wings as well.

The DMH-2660NEX also has an input that allows for a second camera attachment that can be activated whenever needed, which opens its buyer to many more of its uses, such as eliminating blind spots, monitoring the vehicle, and operating as a rearview camera if necessary.


  • Responsive screen
  • Crisp display
  • Visible against direct sunlight.
  • Great quality in audio


  • Has to connection errors
  • Lagged screen

02. ATOTO A6G2A7KL – Best Budget Car Stereo For Sound


Highlighted Features

  • 7″ screen size
  • Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Five touch gesture support
  • USB storage and external hard drive support
  • Internet access via USB tethering, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

This model of ATOTO’s A6 Karlink is equipped with a 7-inch high-definition display that fits most of the frames for dashboard mounting from the suppliers of North America.

The receiver is already provided with an external antenna for Wi-Fi and both an external and built-in microphone.

The modern features it boasts include Dual Bluetooth, a highly sensitive FM/AM tuner for its radio, a GPS external antenna and receiver module, and a quick system boot.

Thanks to its internet access through USB tethering, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, users can also download apps or files for navigation, mirror their phone, play online music, and apply phone integration.

The model also welcomes smartphone connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Its available slots can accommodate their brand’s rearview camera with a highly defined 720P resolution, an FCAM of the same quality for a front camera, 1 USB input with a maximum read of 512 GB for flash drives and 2 TB SSD storage devices, 1 USB input for smartphone connection compatible, and an AUX cord for left and right audio, video input, and a separate 2v Subwoofer.

And, its amplifier, which has a Max 4*45W with an RMS of 4*24W, promises an excellent everyday listening experience.


  • Fast touchscreen interface
  • Refined audio quality
  • Excellent radio reception
  • Installation is easy to do


  • Some issues may occur with GPS
  • Slow and weak Wi-Fi adaption

03. Alpine iLX-W650 – Best Performance Sounding Car Stereo


Highlighted Features

  • 7″ display
  • Deep east of 2-7/16″
  • Has tuner for AM/FM
  • Swipe controlled touch screen
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Control it hands-free

This digital multiple media receiver with a 7-inch touchscreen display holds a chassis design with a shallow mount engineered to accommodate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Designed to connect with Alpine’s upcoming power pack amplifier, the KTA-450, this stereo is still built with an 18 watt RMS CEA 2006 amplifier that also has a 50 peak by four channels.

The wireless Bluetooth ability allows users to easily enjoy music applications.

Still, several ports are ready for USB outlets, thumb drives, an auxiliary cord, pre-amp outputs with six channels, and two camera inputs.

Though it may not be included, it can work with SiriusXM satellite tuner.

Its hands-free controls can allow application use with voice command, especially its compatibility with Google Assistant and Siri’s Eyes-Free Control.

It’s built with controls for Apple smart devices and specific physical compatibility with Androids through USB connectivity.

For the controls of most steering wheels, an adapter is needed, but an external microphone is already included.


  • Unchallenging assembly
  • Responsive controls
  • Seamless wireless connection


  • Device-connection errors may occur

04. Kenwood DMX7706S


Highlighted Features

  • 95″ display
  • LCD and LED-backlit touchscreen
  • Supports 3rd party navigation apps
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible
  • High-resolution audio
  • Two camera inputs

Kenwood built their DMX7706S to integrate the efficiency of a smartphone into a vehicle’s ride without sacrificing looks and quality.

This stereo has a 6.95-inch touchscreen display that can reduce the glare of sunlight and contains a touch sensor to enable accurate touch control.

It includes a high-resolution playback and other amazing music streaming options.

It can receive multiple media and accommodate its built-in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, all in a shallow build with a 3-⅝ inch depth.

It can connect to 5 Bluetooth simultaneously to maximize user-turns and give users the convenience and safety of hands-free music streaming and phone calls.

This model promises a safe car drive even while using an iPhone, thanks to the available hands-free features, such as Siri voice command to access Apple Maps, sending and receiving text messages, mobile calls, and other navigation features.

Furthermore, when this receiver is compatible with an iDatalink Maestro RR, the driver could be at ease with its user-friendly interface that allows the availability of TPMS, performance information, HVAC.


  • Adapts very well with CarPlay
  • Sound features are crisp
  • Good design
  • Installation is efficiently straightforward


  • Troubles with Bluetooth wireless connection

05. Sony XAV-AX5000


Highlighted Features

  • 95″ display
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay
  • Compatible with Android Auto
  • Quick-access operation
  • Ports for dual USB use

This Sony double din stereo has a 6.95-inch touchscreen that can compete with their previous models’ thanks to its 2.5x speed and dual USB ports.

With this dual USB feature, the user can connect their external storage to utilize the device’s music, all the while being able to connect with a smartphone to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Directions will be easily followed and understood without the fuss of removing the driver’s hands from the wheel due to its access to voice control and easy-to-operate screen control for volume, source, sound, and GPS.

This receiver can also benefit from customization as it can be used to display a rear camera’s view, and it can allow users to change the audio’s settings for the sound to fit their taste.

The built amplification of 4x54W assures a crisp sound even at the highest volume.


  • Appropriate brightness capacity
  • High definition display
  • Gorgeous and modern design
  • Quality microphone


  • Limited ports
  • No custom wallpaper

06. Pioneer DMH-1500NEX


Highlighted Features

  • 7″ display
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Compatible with WebLink
  • Supports music streaming
  • Connects with Bluetooth and auxiliary

Another Pioneer brand on the list, this model has a 7-inch touchscreen display with a variety of crisp colors and is able to digitally receive multiple media.

It features hands-free phone calling, sound manipulation, online music playing, voice control, and a good range of music scores with seamless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via USB and Bluetooth.

It fits well with families who have a variety of Apple and Android smartphones, as a simple plug is all it takes to gain control.

Pandora and Spotify controls are already built into the device for easy music streaming, allowing an easy connection between the user’s phone and their beloved music.

It can play WAV, FLAC, AAC, WMA, and MP3 files on an Advanced Sound Retriever, interior auto-equalizer, a graphic equalizer with 13-bands, time alignment, and low/high filters.

Like the brand’s other current lineup, rear and front cameras can be installed, an adapter is needed to connect with the steering wheel, the device complies with CTA-2006, and the device is compatible with iDatalink Maestro.


  • Rich audio capacity
  • Works perfectly with Apple CarPlay
  • Simple installation


  • Random device shutdowns have occurred

07. PLZ MP-800


Highlighted Features

  • Full experience with multiple media
  • Upgraded UI
  • Customizable
  • Broad compatibility
  • Standard size

PLZ’s MP-800 is the receiver that holds all this technology’s modern features and a little more.

In it, you’ll find the prioritization of driving safety thanks to its system, where you don’t have to worry about your hands leaving the grip of the wheel.

It’s able to include a rear camera with night mode and weatherproof engineering.

And, it can make and answer calls, access your favorite music, and have control of the track right at its screen once it pairs with your phone.

The wheel’s media buttons can be integrated with their system without any extra fees, and a completely wireless remote is also included for passengers to be included in the convenience.

Customization is available for the sound experience in its EQ options with ten bands.

Even at different volumes and different styles of music, one can still enjoy the clear audio.

Also available are an expandable sound system thanks to the subwoofer and pre-amp connections, AV ports, ID3 Tags, an emergency charger for devices through USB, and an MP5 player that can play 1920 x 1080P resolution.

Still, this receiver isn’t without high-performing AM/FM Radio built with the Philipps TEA6851 chip.

The listeners will be able to achieve good reception even at remote locations or under extreme weather.


  • Good FM tuner
  • Quick touch screen response
  • No complicated installation
  • Great wireless reception


  • Lacks independent control for the subwoofer
  • USB folders aren’t displayed

08. Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP


Highlighted Features

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility
  • Access to iMessage
  • Media management
  • Wireless phone call

This selection specially caters to Apple products and other iOS applications due to an Apple CarPlay software built right in, but don’t worry as it can still work with Android Auto well.

The available ports can attach a front and rear camera, read a flash drive with up to 32GB of memory, connect a sub-pre-amp, charge devices through a USB connection, and play through an auxiliary cord.

You can connect your phone or MP3 players, find your favorite radio station, and wirelessly control your handheld devices through Bluetooth in its 6.75-inch touchscreen display.


  • Multiple features are available
  • Quality resolution in video display
  • Pleasant audio


  • Uncertain longevity

09. JVC KW-M150BT


Highlighted Features

  • 75″ display
  • 7-3/16″x4-7/16″x3″ installation size
  • USB compatible
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Equalizer with 13 bands

With a 6.75″ touchscreen, this model from JVC has smartphone integration and flash drive capabilities to be a sufficient multiple media player.

One is able to call who they need hands-free, stream their favorite music, play music and videos from their USB drives.

But, best of all, it is especially accommodating to Android devices as it is compatible with mirrored an Android phone’s screen once the vehicle is in park mode.

The shallow build can also help with easy installation and fitting size.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Crisp sound quality
  • Effortless installation


  • Incompatible with certain applications

10. BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B


Highlighted Features

  • 2″ display
  • Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity
  • Customizable equalizer
  • Outputs for subwoofer pre-amp
  • Playback for media

The BV9358B from BOSS gives a 6.2-inch LED touchscreen display that can easily open almost all digital playing options and remote control for a more wireless experience.

One can tune into the AM/FM radio, get their CDs or DVDs playing, or get with the current technology available.

It can be connected through Bluetooth for hands-free music listening and phone calls, as well as a USB and SD Card port for drives with a capacity of 32GB to open music, photos, and videos.

It also has a 1A charger that can charge devices through a USC connection, pre-amp outputs that help in enhancing your sound system, an auxiliary cord to access an MP3 player or phone, and an equalizer for music customization.

The stereo is also connected to the vehicle’s steering wheel controls, though the interface is sold separately.


  • Straightforward user interface
  • High-resolution display
  • Assembly is simple


  • Poor ergonomics



Highlighted Features

  • 7″ display
  • Button for Sir and Google Assistant
  • Bluetooth connected
  • Touch screen
  • Parts that are hassle-free

The Jensen CMR270 has a large LCD touchscreen that allows easy feature navigation and enhances the visual quality of a vehicle’s interior.

A button is available in order to activate voice-controlled assistance from the phone connected through Bluetooth, thus giving the driver a simple way to access their smartphone’s appropriate features without too much distraction.

One can also charge their smartphone through the USB input at the front of the stereo.

This has the slimmest mount depth with a chassis width of 2.3 inches.


  • User-friendly and simple UI
  • Well working audio quality
  • Inserting the device into the vehicle is easy


  • Poor durability

12. Kenwood DPX504BT


Highlighted Features

  • It is built with Alexa voice control.
  • Allows online music streaming for Pandora and Spotify
  • Has a disc player
  • LCD screen that has a 3 line
  • Allows Bluetooth connection

This model from Kenwood has a more classic stereo design but is still able to accommodate the modern man’s needs.

It is built to be compatible with CDs, Bluetooth, auxiliary input, and popular online music services.

The 3-line displays give the user their music’s information and can change to a multitude of colors to match the user’s visual tastes.

Those who love the classic radio will be able to make full use of its manual buttons and controls, yet those who need their internet can still reach Amazon Alexa with just one click, thanks to the built-in internet connectivity.

Using Amazon Alexa gives way for a hands-free experience for phone calls, navigation, and more.


  • Easy to operate
  • A good range for bass
  • Uncomplicated installation


  • Questionable product longevity

13. JVC KW-X840BTS


Highlighted Features

  • Display with a 1.5 line
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB memory access
  • Equalizer with 13 bands
  • 7-1/16″x3-15/16″x3-15/16″ size

The last on the list is another multiple media receiver with a mid-2000s look with the accessibility of current technology.

It has Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a port for a USB flash drive, and auxiliary cord input that allows iPhone and Android phones to connect its music.

Not only that, but its use will also be able to activate voice commands with Amazon Alexa. A separately sold tuner for satellite radio is also available.

But this device is especially compatible with Android devices as the JVC’s app for remote control can allow the user to utilize their screens in controlling the music, and only this type of phone could touch the online music services of the stereo through Bluetooth.


  • Fine audio tuning
  • Smooth wireless connection
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Quick and straightforward installation


  • Struggles in connecting with iPhones

The Buying Guide of Best Sounding Double Din Car Stereo

To know what exactly a driver needs to choose the right double din stereo he or she wants to buy, they will need to think of the following aspects:


First, a driver must worry about the size of the double din stereo.

Just like with any other car part, a one size fits all may still come with modifications.

If it isn’t thought through, money and time could be needlessly wasted.

One may never know which stereo is appropriate for their vehicle by looks alone.

Be sure to measure the dimensions of your car’s stereo port.


Now, no one likes a brand snob, but when it comes to something as important and expensive as a vehicle function, leave some room for high standards.

Once a double din stereo is installed, it may not stick for the rest of the car’s life as poor production and engineering are going to kill it even before the month has passed.

Remember to do your research.

Find the brand that has been well received by the most drivers and look into the quality of their customer service.

Listen to reviews and hope for a company with good customer assistance.

This will definitely determine the longevity of the bought stereo.


Of course, these days, we as a society are able to enjoy the wonders of the wireless.

We have wireless chargers, earphones, and even wireless lights.

But, even before that, starting from the late 2000s, we’ve had Bluetooth stereo.

We live in an era where an aux cord and USB input may not be enough anymore.

So, listen to your needs. What mobile gadget do you usually use?

The current iPhones and iPads no longer have auxiliary inputs, and more phones are soon to follow.

How are you so sure that you’ll be sticking to those old cords forever when wireless connection allows the driver to control the stereo hands-free?

Don’t forget the fact that voice command is the safest way to keep your attention on the road while navigating the stereo controls.

It’s best to choose a stereo that can accommodate a broad number of a driver’s connection needs so that one won’t have to worry about replacing it a little sooner than expected due to the wave of smartphone changes every year.

Available Attachments

In this aspect, look into what a stereo can possibly be attached with.

Is it compatible with the rear and front car cameras that are built-in or sold separately from your car?

What other sold separately features are available with the stereo so that the car can maximize its use?

Here, look at what your car needs as a whole and see how a stereo can contribute to that need.

Perhaps this stereo can help you in displaying the cameras.

Maybe that stereo can help eliminate some blind spots.

Stereos aren’t just made for music anymore. Now it can be made to see.


The aesthetic will always matter in a vehicle’s interior, so choose the type of display you need.

These days, the most popular stereo has these large touch screens that pull the users into a futuristic experience.

But, don’t be fooled. Size doesn’t really matter.

What matters is the resolution, responsiveness, and brightness of the screen.

A bad resolution could only make the interior seem cheap.

Responsive screens can not only frustrate you, but they can also determine your own safety; a slow screen can stand as an irritating distraction, forcing the driver to divide his attention.

And, the brightness is just the same.

If it’s too bright at night, a driver’s vision can be disturbed and even damaged in the long run.

If it’s too low during the day, a driver won’t be able to see what they are clicking anymore.

What’s worse, the driver may not see the navigation map of the screen, causing them to be lost.

If you’re trying for a classic look, that would still be okay.

Not everyone finds touch screens easier since it’s harder to feel what you’re pressing on.

But, you still need to consider the brightness of that retro display as it is still important to see what is needed.


Of course, being a stereo, the sound definitely matters.

Look at the built-in features of the stereo pertaining to radio reception, amp, bass, and more.

Do not settle for less on this, as it’s almost the entire point of buying a stereo in the first place.

The Basic FAQs of Best Sounding Double Din Car Stereo

01. How is A Double Din Stereo Removed?

For the stereo, one will need the appropriate tools and even professional help to avoid any damage to the car and the stereo itself.

Removing a double din stereo may vary from car to car, and many parts are taken into consideration in the whole process.

But, if you’re fairly confident, simply insert the Scosche DT1 din Radio Removal Tool into the radio slots. Wait until you feel it unlock.

Then all that’s left is to apply force in releasing the radio out of the vehicle’s body.

This is only one method available as the process could vary depending on the type of car you have.

02. Is it Okay To Install A New Stereo in An Old Car?

First, find out if the car still holds the right wiring for the desired stereo.

Though it certainly is possible to install the most recent stereos in cars that have seen better days, the sizing and wiring need to be compatible first.

Look into the size of the port and ask a professional for advice.

Still, chances are, a lot of modifications will be required in such an installation.

You may be facing steep prices even if you proceed without professional work.

03. Do Double Din Stereos All Have The Same Sizes?

No. Cars will vary in the dimensions of their stereos, and one must be careful to measure these dimensions before choosing a stereo.

Not all available models will be compatible with your car, even if the stereo promises you that it has a universal sizing.

04. Does My Vehicle Need A Single Or Double Din Stereo?

To know what kind of din stereo your car first needs measurement.

A single din stereo’s front faceplate is at the size of 7×2 inches.

For a double din stereo, it has a front faceplate of 7×4 inches.

It’s possible to install a single din stereo to replace a former double din stereo, but that will require more work.

Consult a manufacturer or car mechanic if you’re not sure.

They may even know which type of stereo is specifically ideal for your vehicle.

05. What is The Installation Process of Double Din Stereos?

This is for the DIY enthusiasts out there who are confident in their skills!

First, disconnect the car battery’s negative cable and pull the hand brake to begin the process safely and without any possible injury.

This is to avoid getting electric shocks, fire hazards, and other types of physical harm.

Then you unscrew what’s securing the radio in place, careful in prying it off with your hands as you may break the frame.

The other necessary components must also be removed and disconnected.

To remember how it was before, take a picture once you’re trying to piece things back together again.

Begin installation by connecting the right wires, assembling the mounting kit, and attaching the power source.

Next is to connect the stereo wires to a conductor and attach the rest of the wires.

The last step is to turn the stereo on and test it out!

06. How Much Does it Cost To Install One?

Prices can vary depending on brand and the country you are residing in.

Professionals will be putting a big cost on the labor fees.

In fact, the more complicated the stereo, the more money you’re going to put into it.

It doesn’t mean that you will absolutely empty your pockets for an installation.

The range goes from 50 dollars to 500 dollars.


Having the right-sounding double din stereo is the best way to find comfort in the far and time-consuming trips ahead.

It’s best not to sell yourself short and treat yourself to the best device there is in order to make it all easier for you as a driver or even passenger.

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