12 of The Best PL 259 Connectors For Amateur Radio Operators

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The best pl 259 connectors will either be male or female variants.

Another name for the LP 259 connector is Ultra High Frequency (UHF) connector.

The male version is more prevalent than the female one. However, both male and female PL 259 connectors can carry signals at frequencies of 100MHz.

Their main application is the Ham Radio antenna. Without a shred of doubt, the best UHF connector is available online.

And to help you find it, read the reviews of our top 12 UHF connectors.

What are The Best PL 259 Connectors?

RFAdapter is the best LP 259 connector online, based on our thorough research.

As a substitute, we would recommend the Riotaxy UHF-C-J3-5 connector that has a crimp design.

Why RFAdapter is The Best Brand For PL 259 Connectors?

We selected RFAdapter as our leading brand because it offers the longest-lasting brass, nickel-plated body connectors that work as advertised.

Moreover, the RFAdapter product suits different coaxial cables and has a fair price. It comes in a pack of 5 connectors.

Comparison Table of Best PL 259 Connectors

Riotaxy UHF
Ancable Electronic
Kimberly Distribution
Ancable Electronic

12 Best PL 259 Connectors Reviews

01. RFAdapter – Best Quality PL 259 Connectors



  • UHF Male connector
  • PL 259 connectors for RG-8,RG-213,RG-59,RG-8X, Mini-8,
  • LMR240 cable with UG-176 reducer
  • Brass, nickel-plated body
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Insulator PTFE-Teflon
  • A 5-pack kit.

The most impressive UHF connector is the RFAdapter PL 259 connector. Firstly, there are up to five connectors in the kit.

Hence, it is easy to use some connectors now and also store the rest until you need them again.

Next, this UHF connector will do just fine with a wide range of cables. These include RG-8, RG-213, RG-Mini-8, and RG-59 coax cable too.

As well, these can go well with your LMR240 coax cable, which comes with a UG-176 reducer.

Although soldering is necessary, it isn’t a difficult task. You can also use this UHF male connector to make a versatile UHF cable to use on your Ham Radio or mobile antennas.

In addition, the RFAdapter connector consists of a nickel-plated brass body that could last long.

What is more, it has gold-plated contacts and sleeves. On the whole, these two can improve conductivity.

As the connector boasts insulator PTFE, it can also withstand high heat when soldering. So it will resist melting.

Above and beyond, you can expect reliable and friendly customer care service. Hence, whenever you have an issue with your order, just call.


  • Excellent quality as well as reliable UHF connector
  • Ideal for RG8X cable
  • Inexpensive UHF connector


  • There is a unanimous complaint that a UG-176 reducer was missing in the kit.

02. Riotaxy UHF-C-J3-5 – Best PL 259 Connectors



  • UHF Male Plug
  • Crimp-type connectors
  • PL-259 Coax connectors
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Brass nickel-plated body
  • PTFE (Teflon) insulator.

Among the best pl 259 connectors in this list is the quality connector from Riotaxy. Similar to the RFAdapter connector, this one is a UHF male connector too.

It also comes in a batch of 5. Again, you will use some connectors and spare others for future use.

In addition, these crimp-type connectors will work best for the RG58 cable, LMR195 coax cable, or any related cable.

Moreover, this crimp connector’s body consists of nickel-plated brass. The connector contacts are gold-plated too.

Additionally, these UHF connectors require soldering. Because of the PTFE insulation, they will not melt.

Also, it is just the thing for build or repair coax cables.

As well, create a coaxial cable for mobile antennas, wireless communication systems, or other applications.

As it is easy to install, you can avoid spending further by doing a DIY task. The PTFE insulator boasts a low melting point.


  • Easy to attach to the coax
  • Affordable as well as works better than some more expensive connectors
  • Easy to solder the center conductor.


  • There are also complaints that these connectors don’t work on an RG8X cable.

03. Maxmoral 4330119427 – Top PL 259 Connectors



  • UHF female connector
  • Nickel-plated
  • Machined brass construction material
  • A pack with two connectors
  • Size: 1.1”L x 0.6”D.

The Maxmoral 4330119427 is a high-quality UHF female connector. Thus, you can use it to attach two UHF connectors.

Also, this is one of the most durable PL 259 connectors online. Featuring commercial-grade brass material and also nickel plating, this connector is durable.

Unlike the previously reviewed items, this one is a female PL 259 connector.

Furthermore, there are just two in the package. So, what you see in the image is what you will receive.

Furthermore, one can use these connectors with a 15 to 60 feet long RG-8X coax cable without affecting the SWR.

However, it’s necessary to use liquid tape at each connection to keep away the moisture when it rains.

Moreover, these are flexible connectors suitable for antennas that use PL 259.


  • These connectors have good quality
  • Affordable connectors
  • Compatible with different types of antennas.


  • You need to enclose the splice with a coax seal or liquid tape to avoid moisture leaks.

04. Shakespeare 3003.4061



  • A center pin PL connector
  • Interference-free, clear audio
  • RG-8X, RG-58 A/U, and Lo-Max cable
  • A splicing connector.

If searching for one of the best LP 259 connectors on the market, select this Shakespeare version. It is one of the modest products with a center pin PL connector.

Moreover, you can use it with your RG-8X coaxial cable. This cable is pretty long and has a lower signal loss.

Also, it is practical for shorter cable runs. Even if you prefer VHF, UHF, or HF frequency, the RG-8X coaxial cable will be fine.

As well as this, there is the RG-58 coax cable option. It is a basic cable for installing mobile antennas and HF frequencies.

Akin to RG-8X, this one will let you do short cable runs and achieve less signal loss. So, for long-distance connections, select another UHF connector.

As for installation, you can figure out how to do it with your pliers. Lastly, easy instructions on how to install this are in the package they will deliver.


  • Easy to install
  • These crimp connectors work great
  • Good craftsmanship will ensure durability
  • No damage from weather elements.


  • There is a problem with how the coupling ring screws together.

05. Ancable Electronic 8541717968



  • indoor cables and join jumpers
  • Brass copper metal casing
  • Five pieces in the package
  • Nickel-plated
  • Get CB, Ham radio UHF cable extension
  •  Two UHF connectors.

As evident above, you can pick these UHF barrel connectors for join jumpers and also cables. Without a doubt, it is one of the best pl 259 connectors online. To start, it is a durable product.

It is because of the high-quality brass copper metal housing it comes in. There will also be elements outside, but they will not ruin this UHF connector.

Further, this will help when you want to join two PL 259 connectors together. They will simplify the project you have.

When you don’t have a single long cable coax, these connectors will help you lengthen it.

Also, these will work at high frequencies. Also, use them to add an SWR or a Watt meter to the feedline.


  • This barrel connector is easy to install
  • You need them to lengthen a short coaxial cable
  • Good for RG-8 cables
  • You get a pack of 5, which means saving money


  • Some people think that these have poor construction.

06. Kimberly Distribution LLC dba MPD Digital RG8X-PL259



  • Silver Plating
  • Brass copper alloy body
  • Teflon insulator
  • Top-quality connectors
  • No Reducer or Adapter.

If you are not looking for low-quality, Chinese-made connectors, these are excellent. In short, these are from Taiwan and have good quality.

Also, one thing that makes them reliable is their solid brass copper craftsmanship. In addition, the body will last long because of silver plating.

Furthermore, these come with a pin and sleeve. As well, when you solder the center conductor, the Teflon dielectric will not melt due to high temperature.

For owners of an RG-8x, a mini-8, or an LMR-240 coaxial cable, ensure you also check this product.

MPD connectors boast good quality, and this product is reliable too. Furthermore, these MPD connectors have a moderate price, which goes well with their quality.


  • Can crimp-on easily and hold their grip
  • Relatively good quality
  • They have a competitive price


  • Many people think they don’t fit the RG8X Coaxial.

07. EEEKit



  • For video head-end projects
  • Adapting reducer
  • Ideal for RG8X coaxial cable
  • Nickel-plated
  • Machined brass construction
  • Gold-plated pins
  • Derlin insulation
  • Resists vibrations
  • 10 UHF connectors

According to the manufacturer, the intention is to solve your technology problems. As a result, this will be an ideal connector for a video head-end application.

Additionally, the item comes with an adapting reducer. Additionally, this solder connector could fit your RG8X coaxial cable.

Likewise, the connector’s body consists of sturdy brass. By itself, brass is durable. When it is nickel-plated, machined brass will last long too.

Furthermore, the gold-plated contacts will last longer. Additionally, derlin insulation will resist high heat from the soldering tool.

This product is also one of the best pl 259 connectors with no vibrations. Moreover, it performs well electrically and mechanically.

Thus, the accessory is highly reliable. Also, it is ideal when you want to create one HF wire with multiple uses.


  • Durable machined brass construction
  • Derlin insulation prevents high-temperature damage
  • As well, these have good quality
  • Fairy-priced UHF connectors.


  • Thin, light, and flimsy metal.

08. Ancable Electronic 8541674357



  • UHF male connector to UHF female connector
  • Two pieces in the package
  • Use in RF projects
  • Wi-Fi Radios, External Antenna, Wireless LAN gadgets.

Ancable Electronic 8541674357 will suit most of your RF applications. Moreover, they feature a beautiful design and will last longer.

Moreover, upon ordering and delivery, there will be two pieces in the package. These will be the UHF male connector and UHF female connector.

Furthermore, with these, you can create suitable coaxial cable runs for your wireless LAN devices, Wi-Fi radios, and external antennas.

Another excellent point is that the manufacturer has a quick and responsive customer care service.

Hence, they can solve any technical issue to do with the application of these connectors very fast.

Note also that some customers received the old stock connectors that ended up pulling apart.

Hence, if the same thing happens to you too, call the customer help number to receive new, improved connectors.


  • New connectors work perfectly
  • The barrel screw fits tightly and does not wiggle too
  • These will suit different uses.


  • Complaints about the connectors coming apart in the middle.
  • As well, some users received the old stock, which didn’t work.

09. DHT LLC AD062



  • Two adapters
  • Brass body construction
  • 50ohm impedance
  • RF applications,
  • Wireless LAN gadgets
  • Coaxial cables, External Antenna
  • Wi-Fi Radios.

The DHT LLC AD062UHF male-to-male PL-259 connectors are just the best. Noticeably, these are a better choice when compared to others of the same caliber.

In addition, they are strongly built and bulky. As a consequence, they are likely to last longer. Also, few construction materials can outdo brass which makes the body of these adapters.

These UHF male connectors are ideal for different RF applications too. What is more, you can use them with coaxial cables.

Also, these can help boost signal reception for your Wireless LAN devices. Regarding installation, these fasten down tightly.

Furthermore, they don’t break. Therefore, there will not be any noticeable SWR changes when using these connectors. Thus, we would recommend them to you.


  • They fit tightly without breaking
  • Appear to have good quality due to brass material
  • Suitable for different applications.


  • Some people disliked the barrel movement.

10. Amphenol 83-1SP-15RFX



  • Two authentic UHF connectors
  • Ham Radio coaxial cables, Antennas
  • A range of RG coaxial cables
  • PTFE insulator
  • Brass, silver, nickel
  • Top-quality Brand.

These Amphenol PL259 male plugs are just the best choice if you own a Ham Radio.

They will simplify the task of creating a coax cable run from the antenna to the Ham Radio.

Besides, the 83-1sp-15RFX male UHF connectors are suitable for different projects.

For example, you can use 50ohm LMR-400, RG-393rg-302, RG-225, RG-214, RG-213, RG-87, RG-9, RG-9A, RG-9B, RG-8, and RG-8A coaxial cables. Made of brass, silver, and nickel, these are also the most durable connectors. What is more, they can increase signal quality and ensure a robust connection.

Furthermore, they can resist weather damage and last longer. Amphenol connector plugs boast PTFE center dielectric.

Also, this material is sturdy and does not melt when subjected to high heat. Hence, it will not melt when soldering the center conductor.

Lastly, Amphenol is a big company with a good reputation. Amphenol will also send two high-quality UHF connectors.

On the whole, these will have the same appearance as those in the online photo.


  • The manufacturer is reputable
  • You may use a wide range of RG coaxial cables
  • Sturdy brass, silver Nickel build


  • No spacer for RG-8 Coax cable.

11. Ancable Electronic 8541717964



  • Brass and copper construction material
  • 5-pieces pack
  • Nickel plating
  • Top-quality connector.

To start, the manufacturer will place 5 UHF connectors in the package when you order this.

Hence, you will save money and time in the future. Further, each of these connectors has excellent craftsmanship.

They have a brass and copper construction. Hence, they will be sturdy and durable.

In addition, these are nickel-plated and will not rust if there is moisture exposure.

Moreover, nickel plating can increase their lifespan, which is beneficial to you.

As the connectors can fit properly, people should not expect them to fall off or cause signal loss.

Besides, these have a competitive price and good quality. Also, they don’t seem to attract negative criticism from past buyers.

As a result, they are the best pl 259 connectors.


  • Excellent quality and price
  • Gold plated center contacts cannot rust
  • Don’t interfere with the signal
  • Sturdy construction and durable.


  • It has no known disadvantage.

12. XRDS –RF



  • Brass and nickel-plated body
  • Gold plated pin
  • PTFE insulator
  • A dust cap included
  • Highest operating frequency: 1000mHZ
  • Easy installation
  • For UHF male adapter
  • Ham Radio, CB radio, Antenna extension, Phone signal booster, telecom, marine radio.

If looking for the best LP259 connectors online, these are not bad at all. First, they seem to excel in sturdiness and durability. To illustrate, the construction material for these is the strongest.

That is, nickel-plated brass. Next, there is a PTFE or Teflon insulator that will withstand high heat from your soldering tool. So they will not melt.

Moreover, these UHF male connectors are of high quality and will not fall off when installed.

As a result, these are perfect for a UHF male connector adapter attached to any kind of PL259 female connector.

In addition, they will suit any sort of radio, including the amateur Ham Radio.

These are good for a phone signal booster, an antenna extension, a marine radio, or a CB radio cable.

And, if you want to make cable runs, ensure you have the LMR400, RG8, RG8U, Belden 9913, or 7D-FB coaxial cable.

As these connectors are easy to install and can run more than 1000 cycles, just buy them.

Besides, they belong to a professional manufacturer who tests all products accurately before the sale.


  • These work incredibly well with either LMR 400 OR RG8
  • Assembly instructions for easy installation
  • Dielectric prevents melting when soldering.


  • The rubber compression ring is too thin and soft.

Buying Guide Best PL 259 Connectors

Now that you have a Ham Radio choose the best equipment. You want to buy the best pl 259 connectors.

But what should a customer need? What factors should they consider? First, customers should think about their needs.

Then, they should look for UHF connectors that suit their purpose. To simplify your search for the top UHF connectors, here is a detailed guide.


Firstly, the cable you use will determine the type of UHF connectors you buy. The connectors have thick and thin sizes. So, make sure they match coaxial cables.

Everything else is the same. If you select thin wire, choose a reducer to ensure a proper fit. Lastly, when unsure, check the exact measurements.


A little research should show that many of the items for sale mostly cost the same amount.

If you note that some connectors have a higher or lower price, it will be worth researching to see what is different.

As a novice, it may be best to look at the lower price range to avoid overspending and lacking money for other things.


It is necessary to realize the purpose of the PL 259 connectors. Users will be happy to discuss their experiences so you can find out which ones are easy to install.

Moreover, it is the most commonly used connector, and so details should be plentiful. Also, make sure that you have the right equipment to do the job.

A ruler will be necessary to get the exact measurements. In addition, a soldering iron will help with joining the connector and cable together.


Brass is the chief construction material for UHF connectors. Additionally,nickel-plated brass is the most common.

A few UHF connectors have a brass-copper metal housing plus nickel plating. Moreover, some options consist of brass, silver, and nickel plating.

Nickel plating seems to be the standard choice for many manufactures. Overall, there will be little difference from connector to connector.


When researching the connector, one may become confused with names. Although many know it as the PL 259 connector, there are other names.

For instance, some sellers refer to it as the Navy type 49190. Thus, buyers should avoid confusion.

Additional equipment use

Whatever brand you choose, you will need to use the same in other areas. One such place will be on the antenna feedline.

Thus, don’t be concerned about the antenna having a lower frequency range. You can use it from HF bands at the lower end of the scale and up to 100MHz.

FAQ’s PL259 Connector

Is a PL 259 Connector needed?

Yes, it is necessary to fit it to ensure the radio is efficient. In the past, this connector was a common sight in police vehicles.

However, now they have become a necessity to radio users. Had there been a better alternative, they would have found it.

With this piece of equipment, you can cut back on the amount of interference. In addition, you can increase the quality of signal reception.

Which is the better one?

That is something you will have to decide. It will depend on all of the topics covered above.

Besides, only the buyer would know how much they can afford and the purpose of the connector. It may be an idea to follow the old saying regarding buying the best one can afford.

Where can I buy them?

There are a lot of sites online that sell these connectors. As a result, they are easy to find online. Also, you can locate the cost of shipping.

You could also get additional information from these online sites.

Are they easy to fit?

The consensus from reviews is that they are easy to fit. If you struggle, you should get help from people who have been through the process before.

There will be lots of advice regarding how to install the best pl 259 connectors.


It should be possible to make the best purchase decision by now. First, the best UHF connector for you may not be the right one for someone else.

Thus, the main thing to check is the suitability of the cable. Further, make sure you order the right UHF connector for your cable.

Nevertheless, if there seems to be a problem, there are video tutorials online. In short, if you trust in yourself, you will be fine.

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