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Considering the thousands of car stereos on the market, picking the best Kenwood double din design for your vehicle may be a challenging or frustrating task.

Over the years, the continuous improvement in car accessories, especially car stereo, has led/resulted in many car owners seeking more. In the process, searching for the best stereo to buy.

When you consider how busy everyone is, dedicating enough or adequate time to figure out the perfect stereo for your vehicle may be difficult or almost impossible.

That is why we have conducted adequate research and selected 10 reliable and value-enhancing stereos you can install on your vehicle.

These designs offer sophisticated adjustable features for the best sound and visual quality/performance.

The best Kenwood car stereo enhances your vehicle interior to achieve a modern or up-to-date look and enjoy the best sound it has to offer.

Everyone loves a good quality car stereo that gives out high-quality sound to listen to.

Either you just want some music to reflect while driving alone, or you want to vibe and have fun with your friends.

Or you like to enjoy your favorite jam. You simply cannot have a decent experience with horrible sounds.

In addition, having an aesthetically good-looking radio always highlights the inner beauty of a car regardless of the brand.

The Comparison Table of Best Kenwood Double Din

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Kenwood DMX706S
Kenwood DPX594BT ‎FLAC
Kenwood DDX376BT Bluetooth, USB
Kenwood DPX523BT + ALPHA
Kenwood DMX4707S Bluetooth, USB
Kenwood DPX504BT Technology Bluetooth, USB
Kenwood DDX26BT Bluetooth
Kenwood DPX794BH Bluetooth, USB
Kenwood DMX125BT Bluetooth, USB

What is The Best Kenwood Double Din?

Of all the car stereos available on the market to choose from, the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S is the best Kenwood double din car stereo for you.

Beyond every reasonable doubt, The Kenwood Excelon DMX706S is the best choice.

Why is The Kenwood Excelon DMX706S The Best Kenwood Double Din?

The Kenwood Excelon DMX706S radio usually has the same effect on every first-time user. It would have you making up excuses to go on a leisure drive.

You will find yourself volunteering to go grocery shopping, something you hardily did in the past.

You may even take longer routes after work or plan spontaneous road trips with your buddies just to enjoy your new mobile entertainment system. It is that good!

Equally, this radio has an excellent wide responsive touch screen that works very well in all conditions.

Plus, you get to connect the radio to your Android and Apple devices through the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

It also gives you access to several music options from different artists. Also, you get all these great songs and audios through music options like Apple play, Spotify, and much more.

Want to use your devices wirelessly? This Kenwood receiver has got it covered. The Bluetooth system helps you stream music and call people seamlessly.

Additionally, the Excelon Series of the Kenwood has an excellent narrow chassis, which helps to make the entire installation process easy for customers with no prior installation knowledge.

For excellent durability, superior speed, high-quality sonic fidelity, and a quality experience while on a modest budget, the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S is the best in the market currently.

With this radio unit, you get the best sound output performance without compromising quality even if you are on a budget.

If you buy the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S, you will say goodbye to many conventional car stereo issues. These problems include long boot time, inferior sound quality, and much more.

All in all, this car stereo will tick all your boxes and give you a wonderful listening experience that would keep you wanting more.

Why is The Kenwood one of The Best Double Din Brand For Car Stereo?

This Kenwood car stereo uniquely represents the most advanced of the impressive Kenwood series of products.

It is made solely to resolve the numerous problems of the automobile listening environment and experience.

Kenwood did a great job and took a unique step with this media receiver. The boot time of this Excelon is pretty quick at 10 seconds compared to others which take longer.

In addition, it uses higher-quality components like gold-plated terminals and carefully selected capacitors for superior sound quality.

This Excelon delivers high-quality sonic fidelity that listeners, audiophiles, and car audio enthusiasts rightfully deserve.

Your car stereo is the brain or mainframe of your mobile entertainment and navigation system. For this reason, this is why the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S is the best quality stereo out there.

Top 10 Best Kenwood Double Din Reviews

01. Kenwood Excelon DMX706S



Regardless of what your needs are, a new Kenwood Excelon DMX706S will expand your listening options and stereo functionality. Some of these features are:

  • Digital media playback, High-Resolution Audio (Hi-Res)
  • Android and iPhone support, i.e., including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • GPS navigation (Lane assist, Lane information, etc.)
  • Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dash Cam
  • Datalink
  • Sirius XM

All these needs and more are met by the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S.

The good thing is the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S has this option and much more. It has:

  • A 6.95’ clear resistive touchscreen digit display.
  • Customizable display options
  • Android Auto compatibility
  • Apple CarPlay compatibility
  • Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free calling
  • Voice control with Siri eyes-free mode and google assistant
  • Pandora and Spotify controls
  • Touchscreen audio controls

Excelon DMX706S is one of the affordable designs offered to car owners by the Kenwood brand.

We love the solid build/appearance, which further enhances reliability for long-lasting operation and performance.

All the features deliver on expected expectations, ensuring you achieve an incredible level of upgrade in sound quality.

The installation, settings and possible adjustments are not difficult to execute.

The instruction manual is well-detailed, ensuring you get all the help you need for an easy setup and operation.

Also, the necessary components or units required to support the installation are provided in the packaging box.

When it comes to the display quality, it offers one of the best within its price range.

Also, the touchscreen is highly responsive, and the launch speed is impressive, ensuring you can access the desired function in one click/swipe.

Bonus Features From The Radio

This unit upholds and supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which gives more secure approaches to utilize your cell phone while driving.

You want to keep your eyes on the road with no need to keep throwing glances at your stereo or phone just because you want to enjoy good music.

It limits interruptions from taking a look at your telephone, and it assists you with staying zeroed on incoming traffic while driving.

In addition, you are able to make phone calls using Google Assistant or Siri.

You can also use Apple Maps to get directions by touching the display screen of the stereo.

You can also make and take phone calls, listen to voice messages, send and get text messages, and pay to enjoy the music of your choice.

You can do this all in a way that permits you to keep your eyes fixed on the road.

It works with the most recent Android and iOS updates. Outsider route applications like Waze and Google maps are additionally upheld on both apple play and android auto.

This KENWOOD mixed media collector consolidates a voice-controlled interface with a huge touch screen and unrivaled sound quality.

All the features of this radio make it the best stereo to have in your car.

Ease of Installation

Kenwood Excelon DMX706S multimedia receiver has a slightly different design compared with older versions as its depth is the shortest yet.

This design change makes the installation process easy and convenient on several car models. You don’t need to be technically savvy or a handyman to install this.

You can do it yourself. Simply check the guide the receiver comes with. Or watch a YouTube tutorial on how to install the stereo yourself.

Dual Phone Connection

This feature is one of our favorites. Are you family-oriented, or do you love driving around with friends and family? Then this stereo is perfect for you.

With its Bluetooth feature, you are able to connect up to 5 different gadgets simultaneously.

Therefore, you can alternate streaming music with your loved ones.

If you don’t have a particular song you want to listen to and one of the passengers in the car does, you can listen to it right away.

They just have to connect their device while yours is still connected.


  • Mounting accessories and instruction manual for easy installation
  • Remote for easy control and adjustment
  • External microphone supports impressive sound quality during calls
  • LED backlighting for enhanced appearance


  • The graphical user interface can be better

02. Kenwood Excelon DPX594BT


Highlighted Features

  • 13-band equalizer
  • Independent crossovers
  • CD receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • Bluetooth, USB, GPS, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity
  • 5 x 10.5 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 24 pounds in weight

Excelon DPX594BT is another budget-friendly design by Kenwood. However, it is more affordable than the previous model.

If you are looking for a great stereo to add to your audio setup  (the best buy for the money), here is a great choice to consider.

The stereo is equipped with several audio and visual enhancing features to support improved performance.

For instance, the voice command allows you to access various features such as the weather condition in your region, play music, and make calls without necessarily looking at the display screen or the need to click on buttons.

This enhances safety greatly by ensuring your hands stay firmly on the wheel and your eyes remain focused on the road.

The Bluetooth connectivity supports an easier and faster wireless connection to your smartphone, allowing you to access many functions such as your phone log and music files.

The external mic supports clear and disruption-free audio during calls, especially when driving on busy roads.


  • Comes with a lot of features
  • The instruction manual is well-detailed for easy setup and use
  • Offers impressive sound quality and control
  • Bluetooth pairs faster


  • Controls are slightly clumsy

03. Kenwood DDX376BT


Highlighted Features

  • 2-inch clear and responsive screen
  • USB & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Illuminated volume knob & free remote app
  • 13-band equalizer
  • 11 x 11 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 03 pounds in weight

Kenwood DDX376BT provides users with unrestricted access to various music sources.

You can easily access services such as Spotify, Pandora, and even internet radio channels from the stereo by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB.

When your phone is connected to the stereo, you can make and receive calls directly on the stereo’s display.

This action is further supported or enhanced by the built-in mic. The mic is designed to ensure your voice is well transmitted for improved clarity during calls while driving.

With the adjustable/adaptable color illumination available on the stereo, car owners can choose a color that matches their preferred interior lighting choice.

The video quality is as impressive as the sound output. In addition to the outstanding display clarity for an improved viewing experience.

The DDX376BT also supports safety while trying to reverse or park by showing or displaying possible obstacles or objects behind the vehicle.


  • Users can pair about 5 devices to the Bluetooth simultaneously
  • Fits in smoothly and enhances the interior greatly
  • Very powerful and easy to operate
  • Affordable design


  • The level of responsiveness is a bit low when switching between menus

04. Kenwood DPX523BT + ALPHA


Highlighted features

  • CD, MP3, and AM/FM receiver
  • Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • App remote & free earbuds
  • Supports Pandora, IHeartRadio, and Spotify
  • 12 x 10 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 45 pounds in weight

Kenwood DPX523BT + ALPHA is built to improve your audio system significantly, delivering impressive sound quality at all times.

You can connect to several audio sources via Bluetooth or USB for uninterrupted audio quality and performance.

Here is a top design you can consider if you are on the lookout for a stereo that fits perfectly in place.

Impressively, it supports numerous exciting features for improved operation and performance.

Using the app remotely, you can easily make necessary adjustments with ease.

Also, users can conduct the installation and programming without any challenges or difficulties.

All you need to do is follow the instructions in the manual. The instructions are carefully written ease of understanding.

Overall, this stereo improves your vehicle’s audio system, ensuring you get a great value on your investment.


  • Easy installation
  • Improved sound quality
  • Equipped with several features
  • Budget-friendly design


  • The display doesn’t give the best performance in bright sunlight

05. Kenwood DDX6906S


Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch screen size
  • Backup camera, Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto capability
  • 13-Band equalizer and DTA
  • CD/DVD/DM receiver
  • 13 x 7.5 x 10 inches in dimension
  • 39 pounds in weight

If you desire a significant improvement in your audio setup and want a design that can deliver the performance you expect or bring your upgrade needs and performance to life.

Kenwood DDX6906S is the ideal design for the job.

This stereo is loaded with several incredible features that enhance your audio quality excellently.

You will achieve your desired performance needs without any difficulties or challenges.

Although the price is a bit high, its outstanding performance guarantees value for money spent.

The touchscreen is responsive, ensuring you access necessary commands with ease. Also, the screen delivers top visual quality even in bright sunlight.

For best performance, while connected to your phone via USB, make sure you use a top-quality cable.


  • Clean, clear, and responsive touchscreen
  • High-quality sound
  • Guarantees optimal tuning
  • Users can pair up to 5 Bluetooth compatible devices simultaneously


  • No remote
  • A bit pricey

06. Kenwood DMX4707S


Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch screen size
  • Remote and touchscreen control options
  • Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto
  • 9 x 8 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 85 pounds in weight

Kenwood DMX4707S is built to easily synchronize with smartphones (Android and iPhone) for improved safety.

If you are an individual who drives all the time and receives a lot of calls in the process, this is a perfect design for you.

The voice command allows you to access various features and make necessary adjustments using your voice.

You won’t have to necessarily hit on buttons or knobs to make desired settings. This ensures your eyes stay glued to the road all through your ride.

Kenwood DMX4707S guarantees easy access to your music files, supports hands-free calls, and offers outstanding audio performance.

Also, the touchscreen display delivers excellent visual quality.


  • You can mirror displayed content on your smartphone unto the stereo’s screen
  • The backup camera provides a clear view of activities behind your vehicle
  • You can access various functions on your phone using voice command


  • Slow response while changing between menus

07. Kenwood DPX504BT


Highlighted Features

  • Variable-color illumination
  • 6 number of channels & a single disc playback
  • Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • Voice control & 3-line LCD screen
  • 5 x 10.5 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 4 pounds in weight

The DPX504BT stereo is another super affordable design from the Kenwood brand.

Asides from the price, this model is also very popular for its responsive voice command and sleek touch that it offers to every user.

The installation process is not complex/complicated. Once the installation is done, it fits perfectly into your dash to improve the vehicle’s interior.

Also, this stereo allows connections to/over various audio sources. The Bluetooth connectivity is impressive, ensuring fast and easy pairing with your devices.

It supports connection/use with two smartphones or Bluetooth-compatible devices simultaneously, allowing you to switch between them.

The variable color illumination allows you to adjust the LED lighting according to your preference, giving your dash a new look/appearance.


  • Supports internet services such as Pandora and Spotify
  • A top choice for car owners with a low budget
  • Loads of adjustable/customizable features
  • You can connect two smartphones simultaneously via Bluetooth


  • No remote

08. Kenwood DDX26BT


Highlighted Features

  • 2-inch display screen
  • Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • DVD/CD/AM/FM receiver
  • Variable-color button illumination
  • 3 x 9.76 x 11.97 inches in dimension
  • 99 pounds in weight

Kenwood DDX26BT offers an impressive upgrade or improvement to your audio system without breaking the bank.

This stereo comes with loads of exciting features to improve your sound quality.

For instance, the equalizer allows you to customize the sound according to your needs or preference.

Also, the display quality is impressive while watching videos or when connected/used with the backup camera.

Overall, this design is highly intuitive. All the things you need to control or make necessary adjustments, or select desired commands are on the screen.

You won’t at any time doubt yourself or second-guess what exactly you need to press or touch to get your desired results.


  • Compatible with a wide range of audio formats
  • The screen provides impressive display quality
  • The highly responsive screen guarantees ease of operation
  • Supports connection to two smartphones at the same time via Bluetooth


  • The display gets dim or becomes difficult to read/see in bright sunlight
  • No mounting brackets

09. Kenwood Excelon DPX794BH


Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • App remote control
  • CD receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • 200mm escutcheon
  • 5 x 10.5 x 7 inches
  • 5 pounds in weight

Kenwood Excelon DPX794BH offers various connectivity options which allow users to connect to desired audio sources with ease.

For instance, Bluetooth supports hands-free calls, enhancing safety and comfort.

You can also connect your phone via USB to access various features.

This unit offers a lot of possibilities, ensuring easy use and operation in the process.

For instance, you can easily find or locate a specific song from your music list using the built-in search function.

Although the internal or built-in amplifier provides impressive sound performance, you may need to invest in an external amp to unleash the hidden potential for better sound quality.


  • Affordable upgrade option/choice
  • It supports Spotify & Pandora
  • The package comes with all the necessary accessories needed for installation


  • Menu navigation may not be an easy task for some users

10. Kenwood DMX125BT


Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch display screen
  • Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • 5-channel & 13-band graphic EQ
  • FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, and AAC compatible
  • 9 x 6.5 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 1 pound in weight

Kenwood Excelon DMX125BT offers a clean and powerful sound experience at a very reasonable price.

While the sound quality is impressive when used with factory speakers, it improves when connected to aftermarket speakers.

The packing box comes with several accessories to make the installation process a lot easier.

Also, the programming and configuration are not difficult to execute.

Also, all users (new and experienced car owners) can easily use or operate this stereo.

The Bluetooth connection is impressive (connects easy and fast).

Also, the phone mirroring feature works excellently, delivering satisfying performance from time to time (intuitive and clear display quality).


  • Compatible with a wide range of audio formats
  • You can mirror your smartphone to the stereo’s screen
  • Touchscreen response is high and very impressive


  • The instruction manual can be better
  • No illumination

Buying Considerations of Best Kenwood Double Din

If you are still wondering whether or not to go with the stereo, here are some considerations you may want to look out for.

Reasons for Needing a New Stereo

For most people, buying a new stereo means they want to enjoy music in their cars. Or they want to have a decent electronic device to use in their car for other secondary uses.

Size of Your Budget

The next thing to do when considering getting a new car stereo is to set your budget. You need to know the exact amount of money you are able to spend.

You need to ask yourself how much is too much to spend on a high-quality entertainment and navigation system.

Luckily for you, this particular double din will let you get the best quality without breaking the bank. It is a very cost-effective option.


Before buying this radio, it is crucial to know if it is compatible with your car. You wouldn’t want to buy something that you don’t have any use for.

Hence, before you buy any stereo, ask yourself what fits your car.

It’s vital to ensure you choose a new stereo that fits perfectly in your dashboard. To do this, you need to read through the product’s specifications.

How do You Enjoy Music?

How people enjoy music is really subjective. Different people listen to music in different ways so there is no right or wrong answer.

So whatever floats your boat is fine.  If you listen to music from your phone, Spotify or Apple Music, then you will require a stereo that can connect to your phone.

You will also need a radio that has Bluetooth connectivity and streaming capability. A stereo like the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S.

But if you prefer playing your music from CDs, then this may not be the right fit for you. As this radio does not have CD capabilities.

Preferred Screen and Display Option

Shopping for a car stereo can sometimes be difficult. Nonetheless, you need to get the right screen and display option that aligns with what you are looking for.

Usually, the best screens for listening to music are those that display song info and artist name together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Best Kenwood Double Din

Do I have to change my old steering wheel controls, or will the new stereo work with it?

No. It is not compulsory to change your current steering wheel controls. But, if your new system is not supported by your old steering controller, no worries.

You can easily install an audio adapter on the Steering wheel. With the help of this device, you can easily and quickly control your new Kenwood Excelon DMX706S using the existing controls.

Will my brand-new stereo work with my smartphone?

Yes, it will. The Kenwood Excelon DMX706S pairs easily and connects to just about any smartphone on the market. Overall, it is an amazing feature.

Is the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S hard to install?

Not really. Within the package of the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S, you get an installations guide that gives you the required instruction to install the radio.

Follow the guide closely and install your new unit yourself or call the Kenwood helpline.

Does this unit come with built-in amplifiers, or do I need to buy one?

It comes with a 22 watts integrated amplifier, which is quite decent for a radio of this size. Therefore, you really do not need to purchase an amplifier for this radio.

Will this charge my phone while it is connected?

Yes. Once you connect your phone to the receiver, it begins to charge automatically.

What are you going to get in the radio package?

  • Owner’s manual,
  • Wiring harness,
  • Digital radio that comes with a large 6.95-inch touchscreen display in a sleeve,
  • Trim ring,
  • 2 Radio removal tools,
  • A light green 6.5-inch parking brake cable,
  • Microphone with its bracket. It comes with a 10-inch wire with a 3.5mm link at the other end,
  • 6 number pan-headed and flat-headed ISO-mount fasteners,
  • A warranty card,
  • A quick start document to get you going.

Can I customize my screen on this unit?

Yes, you are free to customize your screen.

How to Install the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S

We will provide you easy to follow steps by step procedures to install your brand-new receiver in no time even without being technically savvy.

Wire Colors and Their Functions

To properly install your head unit, you need to first identify the various cables and their unique functions.

The cables are color-coded just to make it easy to remember. Each of these color codes on the receiver is described below.

1PurpleIt is the reverse cable used for connecting your reverse cameras
2.GreenParking sensor wire. This is for safety. It ensures that you have your parking brake on before you can access the features on the radio. You can never be too careful
3BlackThat is your USB cable to plug in your phone for Apple play or Android Auto
4.BlackAntenna wire

The color codes on the harness that comes with the radio are described below.

1.BlackGround wire
2.RedIgnition power wire
3.Yellow12v constant (battery wire)
4.Orange and whiteDimmer control wire (ILLUMI)
5.BrownMute control wire (MUTE)
6.Light Blue/ YellowSteering remote control wire (REMOTE CONT)
7.Blue/ whitePower control wire (P. CONT)
8.Purple/purple BlackRear right speaker
9.Grey/Grey BlackFront right Speaker
10.Green/Green BlackRear left Speaker
11.White/White BlackFront Left Speaker
12.BlueAntenna control wire (ANT. CONT)

Installing the Kenwood Excelon DMX7065 in thirteen (13) Easy to Follow Steps

Step 1

First, you need to remove the key out of the car’s ignition. Next, you need to detach the negative battery terminal from the hood of the vehicle. Doing this stops a short circuit from occurring.

Wrap the terminal with an insulator to prevent reconnection. Do everything to minimize any hazards.

Step 2

Disassemble the dashboard to reveal the old radio. Remove the trim panel using both the panel tool and your fingers. However, be careful not to pull off your nail in the process.

Step 3

Once the panel is loose, there are going to be some wiring connectors to disconnect. Wiggle the trim panel slowly until it comes out.

Step 4

After getting your dash trim panel off, it is time to take the radio out. The process is typically the same in most vehicles.

There are usually 4 screws holding it in. Remove them carefully.

Before you get rid of the old radio, make sure to keep the used brackets on the side. These brackets will help you install the new stereo.

Step 5

Pull the old receiver/radio out of the dash and disconnect it. Now your dashboard is ready for that new radio.

Step 6

Connect radio harnesses to corresponding vehicle harnesses.

Step 7

Now we will assemble the installation kit. The installation kit holds the radio steady in the dash. Put it on the brackets.

Handle the installation kit with care and ensure you install it in the right direction.

Step 8

Connect the new head unit to the side brackets and screw the installation kit to the radio.

Step 9

This radio comes with a USB input at the back and a nice USB cable. You have to plug the cable into the back of the radio and route it to a place that the driver can easily reach.

Step 10

Now it is time to set up the microphone. Before proceeding, make sure every inch of the installation area is oil-free and dirt-free.

Affix the Bluetooth microphone in a good location such that the voice of the driver can easily reach it. Maybe on the visor. Then secure it with tape at several positions.

Step 11

Connect the parking brake to the video receiver knows when to play and when not to play video. The parking brake connection is a little switch. After making the connection, you can go ahead and plug in the head unit.

Step 12

Slide the radio into the dash and make sure everything works. Try out the steering wheel, the Bluetooth microphone, and your USB cable.

Check the radio harness connection and Antenna connection (the antenna input is on the side)

Step 13

After confirming that everything is fully functional and in place, go ahead and secure your radio into the dash. You can use the factory screws that you took out.

Step 14

Reassemble your dashboard and reconnect the battery.

In Conclusion

So far, we have discussed the best Kenwood double din stereo that you can install in your vehicle.

These designs support a wide range of features for improved sound and display performance over a long period.

Also, they enhance safety while driving on the road by connecting your smartphone to the stereo via Bluetooth to make and receive calls.

The Kenwood Excelon DMX706S is an excellent radio. It gives out great output sounds with super high quality.

Unlike many other stereos, it has a neat menu arrangement that is not cluttered.

Therefore, its display is easy to figure out. You can also check the time as it has an enormous clock to look at.

Plus, it supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for Android and Apple devices, respectively.

The Kenwood Excelon DMX706S has a big touchscreen that is ideal for navigation around the city.

Also, you get to connect your mobile with the radio. Therefore, you stay connected and safe with the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S.

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