10 Best Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation And Bluetooth [Buying Guide & Reviews in 2022]

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Are you impatient to buy a stereo for your car, but you don’t know what is the best double din car stereo with navigation and Bluetooth?

The features mentioned already sound good, and there are many more to consider when searching for the best option out there.

Luckily, this article presents the best brands for double din Bluetooth car stereo, as well as every aspect that is worth checking before buying this device.

Discover the advantages of specific brands, like Pioneer or Sony, and enjoy the variety of customizable properties.

Table of Best Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation And Bluetooth in 2022

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Pioneer DMH-2660NEX
Sony XAV-AX5000
BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B
Alpine iLX-W650
Kenwood DMX7706S
Pioneer DMH-1500NEX
P.L.Z MP-800
Sound Storm Laboratories

What is The Best Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation And Bluetooth?

The brand that sits at the top of the list for the best double din car stereos with navigation and Bluetooth is Pioneer.

Besides its great image and sound quality, Pioneer DMX-2660NEX is a Bluetooth car stereo double din that adds adjustable features and additional ports to serve all your needs.

The best way to check the quality of a product is to analyze its reviews.

And when it comes to Pioneer DMX-2660NEX, the client satisfaction rate is impressive.

Why Pioneer DMX-2660NEX is The Best Brand For Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation And Bluetooth?

The short answer is that Pioneer DMX-2660NEX provides the best properties, at a good quality-price ratio.

This device wins your heart from the moment it is installed.

It is compatible with smartphone applications and voice assistants and its powerful interface offers multiple customizable properties.

As soon as you start this device, you can modify the language, choose between 5 screen colors and backgrounds, set shortcuts to the main screen, and adjust the brightness, so every single detail is perfectly fit for your car.

TOP 10 Best Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation And Bluetooth Reviews

Some amazing brands offer the best double din Bluetooth car stereos.

This detailed list should provide every piece of useful information about the available models out there.

Remember that it’s important to choose the one that fits your needs best.

01. PIONEER DMH-2660NEX – Best Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation and Bluetooth


Highlighted features 

  • Multiple languages available
  • Extra input for side/rear camera
  • Adjustable Screen features
  • Incorporated amplifier
  • Graphic equalizer
  • Compatible with Alexa, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

Pioneer DMX2660NEX is on the top of this list for a reason.

Its place as the best double din car stereo with navigation and Bluetooth is sustained by its many incredible features.

As safety comes first, it’s important to mention that this device can stop certain entertainment apps while driving.

Don’t worry, music and navigation won’t randomly stop when starting to drive.

Moreover, the unit requires a connection to the parking brake, so it can enable and disable certain safety functions.

Consider it your guardian, as watching a YouTube video while driving has never been a good idea.

Another valuable quality it’s the preset navigation system.

Pioneer is perfectly adapted to modern life, driven by smartphones and technology.

Anyone can access navigation with a simple touch, and the large screen provides the best image quality for a better, clear view while on the road.

There’s no need to constantly unlock the phone and concentrate on its small display.

Mirroring a smartphone means access to contacts, favorite playlists, and even voice messages.

With the hands-free option, taking calls and responding to voice messages becomes an easy task, even when you are on the road.

Enjoy a safe and entertaining drive with one amazing device that offers everything.


  • Controls on the Steering Wheel
  • Responsive display
  • Great audio quality


  • Wireless connection for CarPlay is not available

02. SONY XAV-AX5000 – Best Bluetooth Car Stereo Double Din


Highlighted features

  • Smartphone mirroring
  • Dual USB ports
  • Key panel for instant access while driving
  • Best audio quality due to amplification
  • Modern navigation system incorporated

Sony comes second in the race for the best Bluetooth car stereo double din.

This device offers one of the best driving experiences, maintaining the passenger’s safety and keeping them entertained at the same time.

The responsive touch screen makes any task a piece of cake.

Open navigation, add a song to any playlist, rearrange the order of your songs or answer phone calls.

All these actions can be done without endangering the safety of the trip.

Even more, to make it easier to access certain applications, Sony comes with a quick access panel.

It means that certain buttons situated at the base of the receiver can perform preset functions in just one second.

Problems can be solved with just one touch, even while driving.

Another highlight that makes this double din Bluetooth car stereo stand out is its double ports.

Apart from mirroring a smartphone’s screen, with this feature, it’s possible to connect any other device that grants access to music, videos, or radio.

Last, but not least, one of the most loved properties of this device is the compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The rivalry between Apple and Android finished here, as double din car stereo provides access to both.

Make any road trip an adventure to remember by putting on an amazing playlist and enjoying the best audio quality.


  • Amazing aspect
  • Support Back camera and backlights
  • Clear sound even at high volume


  • Android Auto locks up every 15 minutes

03. BOSS BV9358B – Best Double Din Bluetooth Car Stereo


Highlighted features 

  • Incorporated microphone
  • Build-in Digital Video Disc/ Compact Disc player
  • Satellite Radio
  • Multiple inputs & outputs
  • Customizable sound properties
  • Amplifier for powerful, clear sounds

Boss BV9358B is the best Double Din Car Stereo with Navigation and Bluetooth for a trip with your friends or family. Why?

It provides incomparable entertainment features, like an incorporated DVD/CD player and the possibility to mirror any smartphone’s screen.

Create a beautiful surprise for your loved ones and transform the car into the most amazing cinema for a movie night.

Choose your favorite film, set the brightness of the screen, and customize the sound properties for the best experience.

All that’s left to do is make some popcorn and enjoy every feature that this device offers.

And if you forgot to charge the phone last night, a USB charging port is always available, so the fun doesn’t stop.

Moreover, this double din Bluetooth car stereo comes with a free port for inserting a memory card.

This way, no sacrifices have to be made, as every video and melody will have its place.

To ensure the perfect sound quality, Boss BV9358B comes with two ports for extra Amplifiers.

This feature, along with the presence of an Equalizer provides adjustable sound properties and a powerful stereo.

Choose fader music or add bass to any songs and prepare for an amazing karaoke session.

Moreover, it’s possible to listen to a variety of preset songs, following multiple music styles.

Country, Indie, Pop, or Rock, express your preferences and enjoy them without any effort or connection.


  • Great for all budgets
  • The best sound quality
  • Supports back camera


  • Weak microphone
  • Loud sounds

04. ALPINE iLX-W650


Highlighted features

  • Supports Search Engines: Spotify, Pandora, Sirius CM
  • Large screen
  • Compatible with both Android Auto & Apple CarPlay
  • Comes with a navigation system
  • Satellite radio connectivity

Alpine occupied its rightful place in the list for the best Double Din Car Stereo with Navigation and Bluetooth, adding simple controls and a camera port to make parking easier.

Its main feature is the simple, model aspect that comes with an easy, intuitive set-up.

A car display should be indeed easily accessible, with large text and icons and a simple background.

Even if the colored screen with customizable properties is fun and a great source of entertainment, the most important aspect for a double din car stereo is its hands-free Bluetooth connection.

Another useful feature we can add is Navigation.

This can be provided through a smartphone connection, Android Auto, or another preinstalled application.

Either way, it’s a thing to look after.

From this point of view, Alpine does not disappoint its customers, adding a navigation system with clear instructions to help find the best way to your destination.

Lastly, this smart device is compatible with voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, so taking your eyes off the road while driving is not necessary.

Simple commands can be given through these assistants to make your trip safer.


  • Easy installation
  • Great Interface
  • Safety features


  • Screen settings are not adjustable



Highlighted features

  • High sound quality
  • Two available camera ports & Line Tracking
  • LED Backlights
  • Sound Equalizer
  • Dual connection for smartphones
  • Internet Connection through Sirius XM

Kenwood has all the features of the best double din Bluetooth car stereo.

This implies smart functions like controlling the receiver remotely, with a phone application, or connecting multiple devices at the same time.

If you want to turn a road trip into the most amazing experience, discover everything this device has to offer and use its features to your advantage.

The double din Bluetooth car stereo allows the connection of up to 5 Bluetooth gadgets at the same time.

Enjoy the best music at the best quality with friends and family.

Moreover, the 13 Band Equalizer amplifies and guarantees a clear sound for videos, music, or even the news.

If smartphones are not the first choice for you, the device can support both MP3 and Wav files.

Parking is not the easiest part of driving.

That’s why modern double din car stereos with Bluetooth also come with a port for rear, front or side cameras.

Kenwood is surprising as it supports all of these cameras at the same time, while also providing line tracking for backing up.

One of its main properties is the connection with an iDatalink Maestro RR.

This opens a wide variety of information about the car’s parameters, as well as additional Bluetooth and audio functions.

Check the tires’ pressure with the simple monitoring system provided and observe the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system.


  • It has numerous, complex features to discover
  • Easy set-up
  • Supports waterproof cameras covering large areas


  • Requires the download of multiple phone apps



Highlighted features 

  • Supports WebLink
  • Compatible with Pandora, Sirius XM
  • Provides Hand-free Bluetooth connection
  • Customizable Interface
  • Associates perfectly with smartphones

When you are driving, the most important thing is to have easy access to all the main functions offered by a double din car stereo with Bluetooth.

With its Steering Wheel controls and simple interface, Pioneer offers not only safety but also entertaining functions.

Start the device and connect to your smartphone.

Choose between the variety of available apps, from Audiobooks to Contacts.

It is now possible to listen to Podcasts and save them as favorites, take phone calls one touch and send voice messages any time.

Moreover, as Pioneer supports Internet services and navigation, it’s the perfect tool for both a short drive and a long trip, guiding you through the best routes.

Open Maps and choose the destination.

Traffic, time, routes, and the number of kilometers will be all displayed, so there are multiple options to choose from.


  • Apple CarPlay works great
  • Has Steering Wheel controls
  • User-friendly Interface


  • Volume may be unresponsive
  • Only wired connection with Android Auto

07. JVC KW-M560BT


Highlighted features 

  • Offers Bluetooth connection for hands-free function
  • Satellite Radio supported
  • Multiple Inputs & Outputs
  • Safety features (apps that require connection to the parking brake)
  • Incorporated amplifier

Besides all the main features of a good double din car stereo with navigation and Bluetooth, JVC adds options to improve sound quality based on seat locations and synchronization in time.

This, along with an incorporated amplifier and smartphone connectivity, makes JVC worthy of a position on the list for the best Double Din Car Stereo with Navigation and Bluetooth.

Another unique advantage of this device is its size.

Modern car models tend to have smaller spaces for adding a car stereo, and JVC adapted perfectly, making its dimensions an advantage that puts it above its competitors.

Despite the limited depth that allows a nice fit, this double din car stereo has a large screen with clear icons that open apps with just one touch.

The image quality is impressive, as well as the screen’s responsiveness.

And of course, as any respectable double din car stereo with Bluetooth, the JVC system offers multiple ports for fast charging and connecting all sorts of gadgets, from MP3 to rearview camera.

Keep everyone safe and entertained at the same time!


  • Great stereo
  • Supports a back camera
  • Connects easily with Apple CarPlay


  • The clock doesn’t work properly



Highlighted features

  • Mirroring smartphone function
  • 3 options for Internet connection
  • Offers tech support
  • Complex touch screen features
  • Rearview camera supported

Atoto is the way to go when it comes to smartphone connectivity and Internet services.

This amazing Double Din Car Stereo with Navigation and Bluetooth is built to adapt to any gadget, supporting both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The main screen looks tempting.

With its large icons and variety of apps, it seems that anything is possible.

Access Navigation, YouTube, Spotify, or Contacts.

If you are looking for an app that isn’t included in the preset list, Play Store is always a good alternative.

To open all these applications, the device is compatible with three Internet Services: Wi-fi, USB Tethering, or Bluetooth.

The best Double Din Car Stereo with Navigation and Bluetooth must-have ports that support cameras.

Besides coming with an input for a rear-view camera, Atoto surprises through its newly introduced feature: a rearview that can be enabled at any moment, even when the car is not backing up.

This way, the driver can have an extra set of eyes whenever it is necessary.


  • Best video quality
  • YouTube & Hulu is available for download
  • Can connect to nearby Wi-fi


  • Doesn’t offer a varied selection of compatible apps

09. L.Z MP-800


Highlighted features 

  • Modern & Aesthetic Interface
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Ports for extra cameras
  • Satellite Radio supported (AM & FM)
  • Customizable Screen properties
  • Comes with remote control

This budget-friendly double din car stereo with Bluetooth and Navigation included seems to constantly amaze its users and exceed expectations.

It must be mentioned and taken into consideration, at it brings incredible features at an unbelievable cost.

To begin with, from the moment it starts working, the design stands out.

With its colorful icons and large text, it makes every command as clear as it can be, even while driving.

Not to mention that it brings a joyful spark to any car.

Another noticeable advantage is that the double din car stereo comes with both a back view camera and remote control.

The whole package is delivered, so camera compatibility will not be a problem.

Finally, safety functions are worth considering when it comes to any double din Bluetooth car stereo.

PLZ is compatible with the controls found on the steering wheel, ensuring easy access to any command.

If this is not your preferred method, a simple touch can replace it at any time.


  • The full package included (back camera & remote control)
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Simple design, easy to use


  • Might not be fitted for all car models

10. Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP


Highlighted features

  • Spotify and Pandora included
  • Supports both audio & video files
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • Multiple ports (inputs & outputs)
  • Both Android Auto & Apple CarPlay supported

This double din car stereo comes with both Bluetooth and Navigation and even if it’s the last on this list, its advantages should not be ignored.

It does this by offering multiple features, including hands-free, steering wheel controls, instant notifications on Maps and other useful apps, and many more.

And if we mentioned applications, it’s possible to download a large variety of them, from WhatsApp to Waze or radio systems.

One of its highlights is also the number of available ports, providing fast charging through USB or association with other gadgets, like MP3 or your smartphone.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay ensure that all users have easy access to their favorite playlists.

Moreover, anyone can reply to messages and transform words into text, all while driving.


  • Easy set-up
  • Great sound quality for calls
  • Comes with microphone


  • The radio needs improvement
  • Only supports Google Maps

The Buying Considerations of The Best Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation And Bluetooth

All the presented information might be overwhelming.

When first researching this topic, it might be hard to organize all important aspects and quality brands.

This section is meant to clear your head and offer some advice on what to take into consideration during your search for the best double din car stereo with navigation and Bluetooth.

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Most users choose a certain double din car stereo because it is compatible with their smartphone.

However, whether you are using Android or iOS, looking for a double din car stereo with Bluetooth that supports both these apps is essential.

A friend or family member might need the car for a day, or a sudden wish for changing your phone might appear.

On the other hand, applications like these open a large spectrum of possibilities.

They allow easy access to messages, contacts, specific playlists, and many more features.

Never underestimate the importance of paying attention to what’s ahead of you while driving.

Take calls with a single touch, send voice messages and escape all worries.

Moreover, they grant access to Navigation Systems that have become a necessity in today’s world.

Of course, if you are not an adventurer who likes to decipher classic maps.

Internet Services

A playlist may be just fine for the road, but when a long trip is ahead, you might find yourself bored of the same songs on repeat.

Even more, certain applications don’t work unless there is an Internet connection available, so keep in mind to always check the services provided by the double din car stereo.

When reading product descriptions, the words Pandora, Spotify, or Sirius CM might appear.

These apps, along with well-known search engines, require an Internet Connection.

This can be achieved via Wi-fi, USB Tethering, or Bluetooth.

The device that can bring all three will have the upper hand in this category.

However, if another double din car stereo caught your eyes, make sure that it ticks at least one of these options.

USB Ports

There are so many types of available ports that a car stereo with Bluetooth double din can provide for its user.

Here are the ones that should catch anyone’s eye.

First of all, a USB port for fast charging.

There is no use of the smart application and Bluetooth connections if the smartphone’s battery is gone.

Also, more important, urgent situations may require the use of a mobile.

USB ports, however, have other functions too.

They can support flash drives that stock amazing playlists or entertaining videos.

Other Inputs & Outputs

The next ones on the list are Auxiliary Inputs, which provide the possibility of connecting any smartphone to the double din stereo.

Even more, other devices can be connected, adding a variety of options to choose from.

Take for example the MP3, which may contain the playlists with your favorite songs.

If the double din car stereo with Bluetooth and Navigation you found is truly the best, then it will probably also come with Subwoofer and Amplifiers outputs.

This feature ensures connection with 2 more amplifiers or processors that can adjust sound waves until you are offered an enhanced, powerful, clear sound.

Moreover, inputs for additional cameras are a life-saver when parking and not only.

Front and side cameras can also be connected to some devices, representing a considerable advantage.

Supported Cameras

Another important aspect to look for is what type of cameras can the device in question support.

Some of the best double din car stereos with Bluetooth and Navigation can associate with front, side, and back cameras all at once.

Others only support a rearview one, but offer additional features, like line tracking assistance or live view, so the camera can be accessed at any time.

Some models even come with their cameras included in the package.

This way, you won’t have to worry about any issues regarding compatibility.

Weigh the advantages and choose the double din car stereo that is the best fit for your needs.

The Common FAQs of Best Double Din Car Stereo With Navigation And Bluetooth

How To Distinct A Double DIN Stereo From A Single DIN One?

The word “DIN” defines some standard specifications. In this case, it is used to show the size of a car stereo.

This size can be classified as Single DIN and Double DIN.

Single DIN head units are a couple of inches tall, while Double DIN units usually have a doubled size, as the name suggests.

Besides their size, these devices have other differences too.

Mainly, they refer to the dimensions of the screen.

Double DIN stereos have the advantage of large displays that show clear text and easily accessible icons.

Moreover, watching a movie or using Navigation is always better when performed on large screens.

Is A Double Din Car Stereo Hard To Set Up?

The answer depends on your skills and on the device you are trying to install.

Mainly, you should dedicate around 1 to 4 hours to install a double din car stereo.

Provided instructions and technical support from assistants are always welcome, especially for an inexperienced person.

It’s also worth mentioning that the translation from a single DIN to a double DIN might take more time and effort.

To help with that matter, a dash kit can be procured for a specific car.

Are All Steering Wheel Controls Compatible With A Double DIN Car Stereo?

The short answer is NO. However, don’t give up just yet.

Most devices are perfectly compatible with the initial controls that are found on your steering wheel.

And even if they are not, there are always solutions available.

Usually, an adapter for the wheel will be the perfect tool for solving this problem.

Factory Vs Aftermarket Double DIN Car Stereo, Which One is The Best?

First of all, we need to explain the notion of Equalizer and Amplifier.

To make a long story short, an equalizer modifies sound properties so the best sound quality can be obtained.

It plays with its frequency, bandwidth, and others to stabilize the sound and make it crystal clear.

An Amplifier does exactly what its name suggests. It enhances the power of audio files.

That being said, an Aftermarket double DIN car stereo is better, as it comes with better amplifiers and incorporated equalizers, establishing the perfect quality for a car concert.

That doesn’t mean a Factory double DIN stereo is not worthy of its role.

How To Connect Key 1 & 2 Wires?

Wires that belong to the radio are usually named SW or KEY.

Connecting these makes an Android auto, Panasonic, or other radio applications able to associate with the stereo while maintaining the classic wheel controls’ functions.

What’s The Best Way To Connect The IOS System To The Double Din Car Stereo?

When it comes to iPhones, both USB cable connection and Auxiliary cable connection are viable options.

Usually, people use the Auxiliary cable and place it in the available spot for the headphones.

However, this may not be the best method to connect the smartphone, as other unwanted sounds may also be transmitted.

Even more, it’s necessary to use the phone if you want to modify the volume or other sound settings.

A Bluetooth connection is of course available and comes in as a second reliable way.

Lastly, probably the safest way is to use the USB cable and plug it into the USB spot of the iPhone.

This method enables remote access to sound properties like volume and also activates steering wheel controls.

Moreover, the video and sound quality will improve considerably when using this direct connection, as well as the responsiveness of the screen.


To sum it up, a double DIN car stereo is an incredible device that today’s technology provides.

It ensures the safety and entertainment of your passengers, all while making driving easier than it has ever been.

It brings the possibility of a car concert, movie night, or amazing trips. All the relevant data is here.

From the best brands for a double din car stereo with Navigation and Bluetooth and until the most detailed aspects, you should take into consideration.

Choosing the one that fits your car perfectly is all that’s left to do.

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