13 Best Bass Tube of 2022 – A Complete Review & Buying Guide

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Picking the best bass tube for uncompromised performance and value for money may be difficult, considering the several options available to choose from.

If you are deliberate about the sound produced by your audio system (always desire the perfect sound/audio quality and experience).

A bass tube is what you need to complete the puzzle.

Bass tubes are designed to improve your audio/sound experience by enhancing the bass frequencies in your music to achieve deep and thumping sound.

Impressively, you won’t have to create or allocate a lot of space to store or accommodate them (compact design).

Also, several bass tubes are designed with a built-in amplifier, eliminating the need for a compulsory stand-alone amp to power them.

To make it easy for you, we have identified 13 top-quality and reliable bass tubes that you can invest in.

These designs are all winners, irrespective of the position or spot they take or appear on our list.

The top bass tubes you can choose from including Mtx audio, KICKER, Skar Audio, Alpine, Bazooka, Pyle, Rockville, and Bazooka.

At a Glance – Comparison Table of The Best Bass Tube [2022]

PreviewBrand NameDetails
KICKER 10 Inch
Skar Audio 8" 400 Watt
JBL Charge 4 Black
Alpine 10" 1200W
Bazooka 200 Watts
Pyle Sound Around
Alpine 12" 1500W
KICKER 10 Inch 400W
Rockville 8" 400 Watt

What is The Best Bass Tube?

Our top choice is the Mtx audio bass tube. Thanks to its impressive reliability and performance.

Why is Mtx audio The Best Brand For Bass Tubes?

The Mtx audio has been a top-rated brand for several years. Thanks to the manufacturer’s commitment to continuous innovation and development.

The Mtx audio bass tube is popular for its unbeatable and reliable performance.

Thanks to the outstanding quality that it adds to your audio system, elevating your listening experience in the process.

Top 13 Best Bass Tube Review & Buyer’s Guide

01. MTX Audio RT8PT – Overall Best Quality Bass Tube


Highlighted Features

  • 120W RMS
  • 8-inch in size
  • External bass control
  • Carpeted & vented enclosure
  • 58 x 11.25 x 11 inches in dimension
  • 45 pounds in weight

While the MTX Audio brand is not one of the famous names thrown around when it comes to car audio accessories.

It has proven to be a top choice among car owners who are lovers of unbeatable sound experience.

This tube bass has generated a lot of excellent reviews and feedback over the years for the loud bass and punchy sound it offers at an affordable price and without taking up much space

If you are looking at adding a superior bass tube to your audio system.

Especially if you need a space-efficient design that doesn’t sacrifice overall quality even at a reasonable or pocket-friendly price.

You won’t be disappointed with the MTX Audio RT8PT.

The build quality is impressive, ensuring it withstands accidental knocks that may occur due to poor handling.

Also, it can be used for an extended period without any fear of overstretching it.

In case of overheating (which may occur in extreme cases), the tube bass protects itself by going off automatically.


  • Supports effortless connection irrespective of the system setup
  • Guarantees convenient volume adjustment/control and big bass
  • Affordable & compact design (doesn’t take up much space)
  • Durable and can withstand accidental knocks or impacts from poor handling


  • Not plug and play

02. KICKER ‎46CWTB102 – Best Popular Tube Bass Speaker


Highlighted Features

  • 10-inch in size
  • Advanced heat management system
  • Bass reflex system
  • 400W RMS
  • 6 x 10.6 x 16.5 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

Kicker has been a top brand over the years, thanks to the manufacturer’s consistency in delivering quality products that offer an outstanding sound experience.

If your budget is huge enough (if you can invest a few hundreds of dollars) for a top-quality design, here is an excellent pick for you.

This tube base is designed to allow extended hours of use without any impact or implication on performance.

Its heat management system eliminates the effect of overheating for uninterrupted use/operation.

The durability is another superb attribute of this design.

The enclosure is strongly built to withstand possible attacks from extreme weather conditions and unexpected knocks that could lead to or result in potential damage.

While it offers banging bass, you can still raise the experience for improved/better performance by connecting it to an amplifier (optional).

Considering the brand’s popularity, reliability, and an incredible level of trust it has gained over the years, you won’t go wrong with the KICKER ‎46CWTB102.


  • The frame is durable for long-lasting protection
  • Flexible mounting system
  • It is not affected by overheating during extended use
  • Banging bass


  • Expensive
  • Bulkier

03. Skar Audio SK8TBV – Best Choice Tube Bass Speaker


Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch in size
  • 200W RMS & 400W max power output
  • Dual 2-ohm voice coil
  • Frequency response: 35Hz – 250Hz
  • 75 x 12.25 x 12.75 in dimension
  • 21 pounds in weight

Skar Audio SK8TBV offers unbelievable or unexpected sound quality that is not generally associated with products within its category (small size and affordable price).

If you do not have much space to spare, especially if you don’t want a bass tube that would compete for space in the trunk, this design solves the problem.

With its compact size/design, you can easily slot it under your vehicle’s rear seat or behind the passenger’s seat.

The build quality is impressive, guaranteeing long-lasting use in the process.

Although the sound is impressive enough to deliver the smooth and punchy sound most vehicle owners desire, some people may want more.

Impressively, when you connect it to an amplifier, it pushes it beyond its standard performance range by unlocking hidden potentials and power for better sound quality.


  • The bass output is responsive and powerful (deep and loud)
  • Compact design for where space seems critical
  • Solid sound quality (low tones and not distorted)
  • Remarkable engineering for long-lasting performance


  • Probably needs a separate amplifier to unlock hidden potentials

04. JBL Charge 4


Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof design
  • Top-quality fabric & rubber materials
  • 5 x 8.5 x 3.4 inches in dimension
  • 13 pounds in weight

JBL Charge 4 is designed to support internal (inside the vehicle or house) and external use (for adventures and outdoor activities). Thanks to its durable build materials.

The build materials offer this design a rugged feel and appearance, ensuring it can withstand extreme conditions (rainfall or possible spills).

Also, the Bluetooth connectivity guarantees wireless connections, allowing you to connect up to two devices at once (you can connect it to your car stereo and smartphone simultaneously).

Users can easily switch between the connected audio devices for an unmatched music experience.

The sound quality is impressive (solid bass and the mid notes are exceptional).

The sound is projected clearly and somewhat unbelievable for its size).

Impressively, the JBL Charge 4 is self-powered and doesn’t rely on an external power source to function.

Its built-in rechargeable battery is designed to offer non-stop performance for about 20 hours after a full charge.


  • It can be connected to two smartphones simultaneously
  • Enhances your listening experience by taking it to a new level
  • Affordable design
  • Durable build for long-lasting performance and unbeatable outdoor use


  • No USB wall or power adapter

05. Alpine SWT-S10


Highlighted Features

  • 10-inch in size
  • 250W RMS & 1200W max power output
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • 35-200Hz frequency response
  • 27 x 15 x 14.5 inches in dimension
  • 6 pounds in weight

If you are looking for a reasonably priced bass tube that offers impressive overall sound quality (deep bass, clean and distortion-free sound).

Alpine SWT-S10 is your go-to design. We love how the manufacturer was able to combine affordability and quality to achieve a top design of this nature.

The build quality is excellent, and the appearance is very compelling.

The large white logo inscribed on the speaker adds more color to it and improves its attractiveness greatly.

All the hardware or components needed to install it safely and securely in your preferred installation point are in the packaging box.

These components are top-quality and perform their numerous/expected functions (fits into their respective positions), making the mounting process as easy as possible.

While the standard sound quality is excellent (clean bass, fantastic depth, and volume) and enough for a lot of users, an individual who seeks perfection in the quality of the sound they listen to may agree otherwise.

To achieve a better sound quality, you can hook it up to an amplifier.


  • Produces punchy bass
  • Affordable design
  • Impressive overall sound quality (no distortion)
  • Perfect fit for limited space


  • No built-in amp

06. Bazooka BT1014


Highlighted Features

  • 10-inch in size
  • 6-200W RMS & 200W max power output
  • 39-1000 Hz frequency response
  • 104 dB sensitivity
  • 5 x 5 x 5 inches in dimension
  • 21 pounds in weight

If your budget is in-between low and high (average), Bazooka BT1014 is an excellent product you can go for.

The bass this tube provides is adequate enough to improve your audio system satisfactorily, thereby giving you a remarkable audio experience.

Bazooka is one of the popular names in the car audio accessories industry.

The manufacturer is particular about providing a long-lasting experience to users by building top products that can compete with other big names on the market for quality and performance.

Therefore, adopting a technology that eliminates possible wastage in bass flow for optimum satisfaction.

All the mounting accessories you need to perform the installation without issues or difficulties are packaged and available in the box.

Also, the brackets are solidly built to hold the speaker securely and firmly in position.

Overall, Bazooka BT1014 provides users with good bass to fill up their vehicle for a rich sound experience.


  • Effortless installation
  • Rich bass output
  • Produces impressive sound at lower levels
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Bulky design

07. Pyle PBMSPG7


Highlighted Features

  • Built-in battery (rechargeable)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Installation accessories
  • Side panel button control center
  • 6 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches in dimension
  • 77 pounds in weight

Pyle PBMSPG7 offers impressive sound quality on the go. You can add this speaker to your audio setup for less than one hundred dollars.

If you want a device that offers sound clarity and impressive bass range, here is a product to look at.

The Bluetooth connectivity guarantees connection across a wide range.

You can connect it with your stereo and smartphone while in your vehicle, allowing you to stream and listen to your favorite shows and music without any interruption.

We love the volume range (very loud), making it a perfect choice for adventures and other related outdoor activities, especially in a noisy situation.

The compact and portable design makes it easy to move around, extending its use and functionality beyond one particular position or spot.

Also, its long-lasting and rechargeable built-in battery allows long hours of use when fully charged.


  • Impressive bass range & response
  • Connects with a wide range of sources (smartphone & stereo)
  • Clear and loud sound
  • Compact and portable design (easy to carry around)


  • Short cable
  • No adapter

08. Alpine SWT-12S4


Highlighted Features

  • 12-inch in size
  • 28-200Hz frequency response
  • 300W RMS & 1500W power output
  • 92dB sensitivity
  • 75 x 26 inches in dimension
  • 25 pounds in weight

Alpine SWT-12S4 offers a combination of style, performance, and affordability.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly and reliable bass tube that can compete with some high-end designs on the market.

You will find this product very fascinating.

We love how intentional the brand is about quality and affordability. They have been able to blend these two features exceptionally well.

The brand’s history in the automobile audio accessories industry can only be matched with a few designs you will find around.

This shows how much work and time they have invested over the years to stay relevant.

Their continuous innovation and development outcomes are evident in the quality of products they have developed and pushed into the market over the years.

Overall, Alpine SWT-12S4 improves or further enhances your audio system by adding sweet, clean, and deep bass to your overall sound output.


  • Fits perfectly behind the passenger seat
  • Impressive sound quality (clean and deep bass)
  • Well-built design
  • Easy and quick installation


  • The bass response is a bit slow

09. KICKER 46CWTB104


Highlighted Features

  • 10-inch in size
  • 400W RMS & 800 max power output
  • Spring-loaded design
  • 7 dB sensitivity
  • 625 x 16.56 x 10.75 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

Come rain, come shine; KICKER 46CWTB104 gives you unrestricted access to continuous use and performance.

It is one of the powerfully built designs you will find on the market.

If you are fascinated by continuous or long hours of listening time, especially if you go on long trips from time to time.

This bass tube is designed to withstand heavy use without any implication on performance (it doesn’t overheat).

Thanks to the heat management technology that comes with it.

The construction is made from durable materials for a robust appearance and build.

Irrespective of how extreme the weather conditions are, the enclosure is strong enough to sustain possible attacks.

Also, the bass quality is incredible, offering one of the reliable and efficient performances in the process.

That’s not all. KICKER 46CWTB104 has more in store and can be pushed further to deliver more than its regular performance.

You can enhance the sound quality to achieve the best listening experience by connecting it to a top-quality 400W amplifier.


  • Mounting can be customized (vertical or horizontal installation)
  • Can be operated/used over an extended period
  • Provides great sounding bass


  • Bulkier

10. Rockville RTB80A


Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch in size
  • 200W RMS & 400W max power output
  • Built-in amplifier (250W RMS)
  • 30Hz-200Hz. frequency response
  • 5 x 20 x 10 inches in dimension
  • 13 pounds in weight

Rockville RTB80A is designed to bring more life to your car. If you wish to upgrade your audio system for better sound quality.

Especially if you can’t afford to invest in an expensive device, here is an excellent pick for you.

Although this bass tube isn’t as popular as some of the designs already discussed in our list, the reliable and satisfactory sound experience it offers cannot be denied.

The 250RMS built-in amplifier ensures it can efficiently deliver an impressive midrange bass that fills your vehicle for unlimited excitement and fun when listening to your favorite songs.

Using the volume control knob & low pass filter settings, you can make the necessary adjustment to the bass level to customize your sound.

Also, the enclosure looks appealing, ensuring it blends well with your vehicle.

Anyone can conduct the installation. The process is easy, even for individuals who have never performed an audio-related installation before.

Thanks to the accessories that come with the pack. Especially the straps and the mounting legs to achieve a firm and secure installation.

Rockville RTB80A can be operated/used for an extended period without getting hot.

Also, its compact design supports installation in any type of vehicle without competing for valuable space.


  • Punchy bass (deep and clean)
  • The installation is effortless
  • Compact design
  • Combines excellently with the vehicle’s audio system


  • Short speaker wire

11. Bazooka BTA6100


Highlighted Features

  • 6-inch in size
  • 100W max power output
  • Frequency Response: 39-85 Hz
  • 103 dB sensitivity
  • 8 x 8.4 x 8.7 inches in dimension
  • 64 pounds in weight

Bazooka BTA6100 (amplified) is another excellent choice of bass tube for car owners who desire top audio system performance.

Although it is not as powerful as a few models/designs discussed in the guide, it delivers on users’ needs and does the expected job nicely.

While this is not the most affordable design you will find on the market, it is still a nice pick for individuals who seek excellent results without breaking the bank.

We love the fact that it offers competitive performance and outcomes.

If you are looking for a tube that offers clean & loud sound with a little more bass (not ear-deafening boom), this product is worth your consideration.

It reproduces several bass notes for your listening pleasure.

The compact size allows easy installation. It can accommodate the tiniest space in your car, preserving your cargo space for other valuables in the process.


  • Offers all-out bass performance
  • Easy and secure installation
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • A perfect fit for any vehicle


  • Installation instructions and descriptions can be better

12. Bazooka BTA850FH


Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch in size
  • 45W RMS & 50W max power output
  • 39Hz – 250Hz frequency response
  • 50W amplifier
  • 12 x 10 x 20 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

Bazooka BTA850FH is designed to produce outstanding outcomes that match car owners’ sound expectations.

If you want to add a little bump to your audio system and do not want to settle for any cheaply made designs on the market.

Here is a great fit or addition to your audio setup.

This bass tube takes your audio experience to a new level by offering an impressive overall sound quality.

Thanks to the 50W amplifier that comes with it, which has proven to be a perfect inclusion.

The package comes with all the accessories you need to achieve a stress-free mounting task.

For instance, the straps allow firm and secure mounting to your desired spot, the instructions guide you through each process of the installation, and the speaker wire to aid easy and secure connection to your stereo.

While it may not give you a similar performance as some of the expensive designs on the market.

You will be satisfied with the sound quality it offers (you will get immense value for what you pay).


  • Impressive bass performance
  • Easy to mount
  • Takes little or no installation space
  • Valuable design- a good pick for the price


  • Short speaker wire

13. Pyle PLTB8


Highlighted Features

  • 8-inch in size
  • 2-inch aluminum voice coil
  • 30Hz-700Hz frequency response
  • 125W RMS & 400W max power output
  • 5 x 12 x 11 inches in dimension
  • 2 pounds in weight

Pyle PLTB8 is a top product choice for individuals who can’t afford any of the mid-priced or expensive bass tubes but desire a reasonable level of performance.

Also, you do not have to worry about creating a special installation space for mounting.

The compact design guarantees easy attachment or installation in the tightest spot in your car.

We love how it gets the job done (producing smooth and clean sound) without necessarily attaching or connecting it to an amp.

However, if you have a huge expectation or desire a powerful bass tube for your audio system.

You may have to look elsewhere, preferably go for one of the big-box designs you can find around.


  • Durable construction for lasting performance
  • Easy to mount and connect to your audio system
  • Attractive appearance
  • Impressive bass quality (deep and smooth)


  • No built-in amplifier

Buying Considerations of Choosing The Best Bass Tube

01. Price

Before you start researching the bass tube to add to your audio system, you need to agree on a specific price that you can afford.

While at it, do not overshoot your budget. Once you have decided on a particular amount of money you can conveniently invest in a bass tube.

Intensify your search until you find a design that fits your performance needs and budget.

So far, we have discussed 13 top-quality bass tubes across various price-range.

Irrespective of your budget, there is a design for you on our list.

02. Sound Quality

While choosing a bass tube to buy, one of the most significant considerations is the quality of sound such a design produces.

Not all bass tubes offer impressive sound quality.

Some can only make a loud sound without any notable improvement in sound quality.

While loudness is an important feature, you should not make your choice based on this alone.

Ensure you choose a design that also offers clean and clear sound (no distortion) that you can feel.

A bass tube that offers clean, smooth, and loud sound should be your target.

03. Use/application

Some bass tubes are designed for permanent installation in your vehicle (tightened to a particular position and wired to your stereo).

They can only be detached when you desire an upgrade or when you want to change your car.

However, some designs can be temporarily and securely placed in a particular position in your car and can be easily detached or removed once you come out.

This way, you can also use them in the house or for outdoor activities.

Products under this category are not wired to the stereo. Instead, they are connected via Bluetooth and are self-powered.

They have their own battery, which is designed to last for several hours of continuous use.

04. Size of the Bass Tube

Make sure you choose a bass tube that can fit your vehicle perfectly.

If you do not have adequate space to store a bigger bass tube, choose any compact designs that you can easily slot under the seat or place behind the passenger seat.

05. Build Quality

Choose a design that is made from high-quality material.

A bass tube that is well-made can withstand extreme conditions without any impact on sound or overall performance. However, they are mostly offered at a high price.

How to Install


On average, it takes between 15 and 30 minutes to successfully install a bass tube in your vehicle.

The installation time varies from one design to another. Your level of experience also contributes to how long the process would take.


  • Wrench set
  • Wirecutter & stripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Wiring kit
  • Torx driver
  • Back straps
  • Drill

Step by the step Installation Guide

01. Select an installation point

Choose a position in your vehicle where you can easily slot in your bass tube.

The compact designs can be placed under the seat, while the bulky tubes are best positioned at the back of the car.

Ensure you check that the installation point is free from electrical wires.

This way, you won’t cause any damage to them while making holes into the floor to connect the screws that will hold the mounting brackets in place.

Ensure the brackets are placed a few inches from both ends of the tube for firm and secure hold.

You can consult your manual to know the spacing. Generally, 3-inch is the recommended spacing.

02. Attach the bass tube

Once the brackets have been successfully screwed to the vehicle floor and are firmly held in place, the next step is to slacken the clips on the straps.

This allows you to position the bass tube in place at both ends. Once the tube is well-placed, r tighten the clips on straps.

03. Disconnect the battery

Before you start any electrical connection, ensure you detach the negative terminal.

04. Connect the bass tube to the power source

You will need to conduct a few wire connections.

Some variables may not be constant based on the different bass tube models (amplified or passive) available out there.

Hence, check your installation manual on how you can successfully connect each wire to the relevant parts of your audio system.

05. Test run your bass tube

Once all the connections have been made, reconnect your battery. Once this is done, turn on your stereo and check if the intended upgrade has been achieved.

If the wires are rightly connected according to the manufacturer’s specification, you should experience a change in sound quality.

You may need to recheck the connection to confirm or identify possible issues if the tube doesn’t produce any sound,

The Common FAQs of Best Bass Tube

How long can a bass tube last?

The lifespan of a bass tube is totally dependent on use and maintenance.

When used within the specified power range and you protect it from contact with elements that may cause possible damage to any component.

It is possible to keep enjoying the top performance your bass tube has to offer for up to 7 years on average.

What does maximum power output rating mean?

The maximum power output rating indicates the highest amount of power that your audio device can handle.

What does RMS power indicate?

The RMS indicates the amount of power that your audio device can handle for a certain period.

How much does a top-quality bass tube cost?

On average, a reliable and top-performance bass tube costs between $50 and $350. However, some designs cost over $500.

What are the signs of a faulty bass tube?

The most common or easily identified signs of a faulty bass tube include a heavy distortion in sound, loss of power, and unexplainable/weird sounds.


If your speakers are not giving you that thrilling and pumping sound you desire, you may need to add a bass tube to your audio system for enhanced sound quality.

To choose the best bass tube for your audio setup.

We have discussed some of the top designs you will find on the market at various prices (affordable to premium).

Take your time to go through these products one after the other and choose a design that fits your needs.

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