13 Best 3.5 Car Speakers Reviews – The Advanced Guide of Car Audio Speaker

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The best 3.5 car speakers improve your vehicle’s sound performance drastically without necessarily breaking the bank.

Replacing your 3.5 factory speakers with a top-rated design comes with many benefits.

Asides from ensuring you enjoy sweet and smooth sounds whenever you listen to your favorite music.

It also improves your sense of pleasure and happiness, which further enhances your level of performance when driving on the road.

A good sound is more like a potion or tonic that elevates your level of awareness while driving.

This ensures you stay focused on the road and eliminates drowsiness, especially during long & solo trips.

If you are deliberate about your vehicle’s sound performance and desire reliable 3.5 speakers to replace the factory design.

We have hand-picked thirteen (13) excellent speakers that can get the job done.

These designs are highly-rated and popular among audiophiles and a significant number of car owners for the crisp & clear sound quality they produce.

This makes your ears ask for more.

The top 3.5 car speakers worth your consideration and investment include Rockford Fosgate, Skar Audio, JBL, KICKER, Infinity, BOSS Audio, Kenwood, JBL, Pioneer, Kicker, JL AUDIO, and Skar Audio.

The Comparison Table of Best 3.5 Car Speakers (2022 Updated)

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Rockford Fosgate P132
Skar Audio VX35-ST
Infinity Reference REF-3032CFX
BOSS Audio Systems CH3220
Kenwood KFC835C
Kicker CSC354
Skar Audio TX35

What is The Best 3.5 Car Speaker?

The Rockford Fosgate P132 is our top choice of 3.5 car speaker.

Thanks to its robust build and ability to withstand compelling sound signals.

Why is Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch The Best?

The Rockford Fosgate P132 is loaded/equipped with a lot of exciting features that improve overall sound quality.

As a result, you will experience an enhanced level of excitement whenever you listen to your favorite music.

If you are excited or intentional about bass-heavy sounds.

Here is a great choice that is worth your time and money.

Top 13 Best 3.5 Car Speakers Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

01. Rockford Fosgate P132 – Best Quality 3.5 Car Speaker


Highlighted Features

  • 2-way full-range speaker (2 units)
  • 4-Ohm black speakers & 22Khz frequency response
  • 20W RMS & 40W max power handling
  • Mineral-injected Polypropylene Woofer
  • 9 x 5.5 x 3 inches in dimension
  • 2 pounds in weight

Coming on top of our list is the Rockford Fosgate P132.

This 3.5 speaker is a popular option among car owners, thanks to the massive upgrade it delivers to your vehicle’s audio setup.

If you are on the market looking for an outstanding or a worthy upgrade for your stock speakers.

Here is a design equipped with numerous exciting features that fulfill the needs of every car owner, most especially audiophiles.

Since it has relatively everything that you need, you will enjoy an uncompromised sound experience from time to time.

After reviewing the P132, we are happy to share some mind-blowing attributes that make it stand out.

For instance, it is built or constructed with injection-molded plastic.

The material ensures the body is not affected by heat due to exposure to the sun, eliminating possible cracks and early/premature breakdown in the process.

Also, its anti-titanium tweeter is wholly covered or enclosed by rubberized insulation.

This ensures the sound produced is free from distortion or any form of interference that may affect its quality.

In the end, clean and clear sound is guaranteed.

The Rockford Fosgate P132 is specially built with a touch of class.

Although it is an affordable option, it doesn’t look cheap or feel like one.


  • Offers clear & clean sound with great bass
  • Guarantees clear highs
  • Projects high-pitched vocal sounds clearly
  • Distortion is not experienced


  • Compatibility is restricted to low-powered head units or stereos

02. Skar Audio VX35-ST – Best Performance 3.5 Car Speakers


Highlighted Features

  • 2 units
  • 4 Ohms & 2.2K-20KHz frequency response
  • In-line capacitor crossover
  • 500W maximum power & 300W RMS (combined)
  • 75 x 4.25 x 3 inches in dimension
  • 64 pounds in weight

Over the years, Skar Audio has enjoyed a wide range of patronage from car owners in the United States of America and other parts of the world.

Thanks to its continuous commitment towards building and designing top-quality vehicle audio equipment or accessories.

The Skar Audio VX35-ST speakers are not in any way different.

They are engineered to deliver exciting sound quality that you will love at an affordable price.

Thanks to its highly-rated titanium bullet tweeters that offer uncompromised and unique sound and performance.

This design comes in two (2) units.

Collectively, the tweeters deliver powerfully, guaranteeing a performance similar to what you experience in concerts.

Not only during the first use but extending over a long period.

Also, the sensitivity of the speakers is impressive.

The high-end frequencies that these speakers deliver or reproduce are accurate and unmatched.

This feature makes it a suitable pick for car owners who are intentional about the quality of sound their audio system produces.

Since the magnet is somewhat large, you may have to modify the installation spot or position to easily accommodate the installation.


  • Impressive sound quality (loud and clear)
  • It is designed/built to handle excessive power without any issues
  • Affordable and easy to install design
  • Highly sensitive speakers (101 dB)


  • The installation could be time-consuming

03. JBL CLUB3020 – Best High-Quality Car Speaker


Highlighted Features

  • 2-way coaxial car speaker
  • Comes in pair
  • 120W max power
  • Built-in mic
  • 10 x 4 x 6 inches in dimension
  • 73 pounds in weight

JBL CLUB3020 is one of the pocket-friendly designs offered by the manufacturer.

Although the purchase cost is relatively low, the speakers are designed to provide high power for impressive sound quality.

The installation is not complicated. The process involved is straightforward.

The woofers are specially designed to withstand the possible effect of UV, promoting durability  for enhanced longevity upon installation/mounting on the dash,

Also, the famous and distinctive PlusOne technology is included in the construction of these speakers.

The cone & extended surface guarantees adequate air movement for improved bass response to achieve a better listening experience.

Another impressive feature is the PEI tweeter.

With its edge-driven design, exciting high frequencies (clear and crisp) are guaranteed.

The JBL CLUB3020 doesn’t come equipped with grills.

Hence, we advise you to only invest in this design or consider it as your preferred choice if your stock speakers have any to avoid any inconvenience resulting from exposure to direct sunlight and dust particles.


  • Clear & domineering sound projection
  • Pocket-friendly design and not difficult to mount
  • The sound quality is outstanding
  • The woofers are not affected by UV


  • Doesn’t come with grills
  • The sound quality may be shaky when operated at high volumes

04. KICKER 43DSC3504


Highlighted Features

  • 2-way speakers
  • High-sensitivity DS motor & UV-treated foam
  • 4 Ohms & 100Hz to 21KHz frequency
  • 70W max power & 30W RMS
  • 79 x 0.79 x 2.76 inches in dimension
  • 76 pounds in weight

The Kicker brand is well-known among car owners across the globe.

It has been able to gain people’s trust over the years.

Thanks to the high level of consistency, which the manufacturer has maintained by producing top-quality and outstanding audio/sound products.

KICKER 43DSC3504 UV is an affordable and highly-rated design that you can install in your vehicle.

The speakers are built to improve your stereo system, taking your setup to a new level.

Its treated foam improves durability, ensuring the speakers are not affected by ultraviolet rays’ possible effect or impact when mounted or installed in the dash.

The installation is not complex. The process is made easier through the minimal tweeter protrusion.

This way, you can enjoy flexible and uncompromised integration or attachment even in tight spots or positions.

Now, let’s look at the sound quality.

The magnets guarantee a massive improvement in volume, something that many speakers of its size lack or do not give.

According to some users, the sound output may be muddy or lack clarity when operated in a high-frequency range.

However, this issue can be corrected or managed by tweaking the EQ.


  • Easy to install (no modification)
  • Supports clean and crisp sound
  • Durable design for long-lasting use/operation
  • Distortion or interference is not experienced when operated at high volumes


  • The construction can be better
  • Clarity is questionable when operated in the high-frequency range

05. Infinity Reference REF-3032CFX


Highlighted Features

  • Thermoplastic construction
  • Rubber insulated tweeters
  • 91dB sensitivity
  • 75W max power & 25W RMS (combined)
  • 5 x 5.5 x 3 inches in dimension
  • 6 pounds in weight

Infinity Reference REF-3032CFX is specially designed for car owners or individuals who are intentional about the quality of bass produced or generated from their audio system.

If you desire a massive bass, you will appreciate the performance that this excellent design has to offer.

The polypropylene cone design, which is bigger than the average cone by up to thirty percent, provides a larger surface area to support the production and distribution of improved bass frequencies at the same time.

As a result, the produced bass is clear and very detailed (no distortion in bass quality).

Another exciting feature is the rubber surround.

The construction/inclusion improves confidence during use.

You can increase the volume to the desired level without placing excessive stress on the cone.

Also, the rubber surround prevents possible distortion in sound quality.

The tweeter allows the production of clean, even, and well-rounded highs.

This is considered a significant upgrade compared to what factory speakers produce or offer.

Since the speakers are edge-driven design, heat dissipation happens at a fast pace.

As a result, vital components are protected from the impact or effect of overheating, ensuring longevity in the process.


  • The sensitivity level is high and impressive
  • Guarantees impressive bass output
  • No distortion in bass when operated or used at high volumes
  • Affordable, lightweight design and installation is easy


  • Slight distortion in the highs may occur if the volume is pushed to a certain level

06. BOSS CH3220


Highlighted Features

  • Poly-injection cone
  • Full range design (comes in pairs)
  • 88dB sensitivity & 100Hz – 18KHz frequency response
  • 140W max power (combined)
  • 72 x 3.43 x 1.97 inches in dimension
  • 86 pounds in weight

BOSS CH3220 is designed for individuals who desire high-performance speakers without over-stretching their budget.

If you are looking for reliable 3.5 car speakers that provide incredible value or are worth the money.

This 2-way design is one of the top options you can consider or add to your list of choices to look out for.

The speakers are equipped with a poly-injection cone (made from a durable metallic material), a piezoelectric tweeter, and a rubber-made or cushioned surround.

These features combine powerfully to ensure smooth sound (free from distortion or interference).

With a 70W max power each (140W combined), coupled with its high-temp voice coils.

You can operate the speakers safely over a long period without any worries.

The effectiveness or performance of the speakers is not affected.

Although the speakers are designed/built as full-range, they do not offer a massive bass response.

Also, the sound clarity is somewhat questionable.

If you are an audiophile or someone that is very intentional about the quality of sound that comes out from their audio system.

You may not find the overall performance satisfying.

Nevertheless, they provide a significant upgrade over the factory speakers.

If you desire an upgrade over your factory speaker (not necessarily something massive) and have a tight budget.

You may find this design appealing.


  • Not affected by high temperatures
  • Pocket-friendly design
  • Installation is not complicated or complex


  • The bass response can be improved
  • Doesn’t provide or support enough clarity like the premium designs

07. Kenwood KFC835C


Highlighted Features

  • 40W maximum power & 23W RMS (for each speaker)
  • Whizzer cone
  • 96hz-20Khz frequency response
  • 89dB sensitivity
  • 5 x 4.5 x 2.75 inches in dimension
  • 15 pounds in weight

Kenwood KFC835C is another exciting design on our list for individuals looking for affordable speakers to install in their cars.

This design is equipped with a lot of features or attributes to deliver incredible performance at every use.

For instance, the ½-inch cone is designed to resist the effect/impact of water.

Also, the Whizzer cone supports the extension of the frequency response.

Although the speakers are small in size, coupled with their low power rating, these attributes do not reflect in the volume.

The volume output is high and impressive.

The installation is not complex.

The easy-to-use mount tabs ensure mounting is achieved quickly and effortlessly, eliminating the need for extra installation accessories or modifications.

If you are considering dash installation or mounting, this could be somewhat inconvenient due to the absence of grills.

It may leave the speakers exposed to dust and ultraviolet rays.

To achieve a satisfactory high-frequency output during use, you may need to tweak the EQ a bit.


  • The sound quality is impressive
  • The frequency range (high) is appealing
  • Installation is a walk in the park
  • The cone is not affected by water


  • You may experience shakes or vibrations when operated at high volumes
  • Adjustment to the EQ is required for best performance

08. JBL GX328


Highlighted Features

  • Built-in mic
  • 75W max power & 25W RMS
  • 89dB sensitivity
  • 90Hz – 21kHz frequency response
  • ‎8.46 x 5.39 x 2.95 inches in dimension
  • 2 pounds in weight

When it comes to producing or constructing quality audio accessories, this brand has never seized to deliver excellently on users’ expectations.

JBL GX328 is a quality design that you can invest in for the best performance.

The wide range of features complements its attractive design.

Among the exciting features that many audio lovers find appealing is the incredible sensitivity the speakers possess.

Also, its impedance (2.3 Ohm) and the 25W RMS guarantee outstanding audio output (loud and clear) when the speakers are connected or hooked to weak power signals.

Overall, JBL GX328 ensures your audio system experiences a massive improvement in power, especially in vehicles where the factory head unit is used/operated without an external amplifier.


  • The construction is of excellent quality
  • Impressive power output and great sensitivity
  • Pocket-friendly and attractive design
  • Comes with a wide range of features for improved sound quality


  • Absence of grill cover

09. Pioneer TS-A878


Highlighted Features

  • 2-way speakers (2 units)
  • Volkswagen & GM Ford compatible
  • Poly-Ether Imide dome tweeter
  • 60W max power &15W RMS
  • 6 x 4.9 x 3 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

Pioneer TS-A878 is another top-rated design that is offered at a reasonable price.

After considering the quality of sound and the construction materials used in the speakers’.

This is one of the designs offered at a discount (not at any point did the manufacturer sacrifice quality for affordability).

If you are on a tight budget and do not have a specific design in mind.

Here is an excellent product that you can install in your vehicle to improve your audio system performance.

This product is equipped with relevant and exciting features.

For instance, the woofers are designed to produce impressive and massive bass.

The dome tweeters ensure the highs are utterly free of disruptions.

Also, the power output and the RMS ensure the volume is decent enough to support a pleasurable listening experience.

Although the Pioneer TS-A878 is designed to fit into any Volkswagen & GM Ford.

Its screw-hole mounts, which are triangle in shape, provide the necessary support for easy installation on a wide range of other vehicles.

If you drive/own any other vehicle aside from Volkswagen & GM Ford, ensure you confirm compatibility before purchasing.


  • Inexpensive speakers
  • The mounting can be adjusted as desired
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Impressive sound


  • According to some users, distortion is experienced when operated at high volumes

10. Kicker 46CSC354


Highlighted Features

  • PEI [polyether imide] tweeter design
  • Neodymium tweeter dome material
  • UV-treated poly-foam surround
  • 90W max output & 30 RMS
  • 88dB sensitivity
  • ‎1.7 pounds in weight

If you are intentional about the quality of sound you listen to or desire to get the best out of your audio system.

Kicker 46CSC354 is specifically designed for you.

Over the years, the brand has gathered numerous praises from music enthusiasts for its incredible design.

Especially for the speakers’ features, which ensures the needs or preferences of every user are met.

Installing the speakers in your vehicle is very easy.

They are designed to accommodate or exceptionally fit a wide range of models.

The mounting depth supports effortless fitment even in the tightest corners or spots.

The sound quality is impressive.

The two (2) speakers are designed to support the consistent production of excellent mid-range frequencies and flawless acoustics.

Also, its max power output and RMS guarantee an unbeatable audio experience.

The bass response is unrivaled, making it one of the best you will find on the market.


  • The installation is smooth and effortless
  • Durable speakers (not affected by high temperatures or/and humidity)
  • The bass response is decent


  • You will need to connect the speakers to a subwoofer for optimum sub-bass frequencies
  • The frequency response can be better

11. Jl Audio C2-350x


Highlighted Features

  • 2 way design
  • 75W max power output & 25W RMS
  • Polyether foam surround & 83dB sensitivity
  • Crossover network (built-in)
  • 65 x 5.98 x 3.19 inches in dimension
  • 94 pounds in weight

If you desire a powerful pair of speakers and have an adequate budget to cater for your needs or preferences.

The Jl Audio C2-350x may be a design to watch out for.

The construction quality is impressive, ensuring you get the best results on your investment.

Notable features that distinguish this design from multiple options/choices across the market include its carbon-injected cone and the voice coils.

The carbon-injected cone (a huge design) enhances your speakers, ensuring they have adequate power.

Not only that, the cone ensures the speakers can move additional air effortlessly to improve the bass production.

With the large voice coils (attached to the soft dome placed above the tweeters), heat is dissipated efficiently, and massive power handling is guaranteed.

In the end, the two (2) speakers are adequately equipped to deliver excellently while playing low & high notes for an extended period without any difficulties.


  • Top-quality design for optimum sound quality and overall performance
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Attractive design
  • Built to handle a large amount of power without experiencing any form of distortion


  • A bit pricey

12. Skar Audio TX35


Highlighted Features

  • 2-way design
  • 120W max power output & 60 RMS (combined)
  • 145 Hz – 20,000 Hz frequency response
  • 4 Ohm impedance & 84dB sensitivity
  • ‎3.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches dimension
  • ‎2.64 pounds in weight

Although this brand is not a major name among vehicle owners.

It has been able to fight its way to the top, making itself a worthy competitor to the big brands.

Thanks to the exciting and high-quality products they have produced and distributed to the market over time.

When it comes to the top 3.5 car speakers available on the market or are worth your money, the Skar Audio TX35 is one of the prominent names to consider.

Although the speakers are small, they are adequately equipped to deliver an efficient, powerful, and unbeatable listening experience even when operated at the highest volumes.

Also, the speakers are equipped with voice coils (made from quality copper material) and a superior ferrite magnet.

These components combine excellently, providing adequate power to improve the sound system’s overall performance.


  • Sound quality is outstanding (clear and loud)
  • A very sensitive design
  • Effortless installation
  • Excellent mid-range frequencies


  • Installation may be tricky
  • Audio clarity can be improved

13. JBL Club 322F


Highlighted Features

  • 2-way design
  • 3 Ohm impedance
  • Plus One woofers cones
  • Edge-driven Silk Dome Tweeter
  • 09 x 4.57 x 2.44 inches in dimension
  • 25 pounds in weight

Although the JBL Club 322F is one of the expensive designs on our list, it can still be considered a pocket-friendly option compared to other designs on the market.

With less than $100, your audio performance can be improved or optimized.

Thanks to its impressive power handling attribute.

When mounted on the dash, the polypropylene woofers are designed to withstand ultraviolet rays for improved durability.

With the inclusion of the popular/unique JBL’s PlusOne technology in the construction, efficient air movement is guaranteed for outstanding bass response.

Also, the edge-driven Silk Dome Tweeter supports impressive high frequencies (crisp and clear).


  • Power handling is impressive
  • Installation is not time-consuming or complex
  • The components are protected from overheating for extended performance
  • Impressive sound quality


  • No grills
  • You may experience distortion when used/operated at high volumes

The Purchasing Factors of Best 3.5 Car Speakers


The 3.5 car speakers are available at various prices.

Before you begin your search (looking for a design to buy and install in your vehicle). Ensure you have a budget.

For instance, if you plan to invest $100, you can tailor your search towards speakers offered within the price range.

This allows you to filter your search accordingly, eliminating products offered at a higher price (above your budget) in the process.

In the end, you will be able to focus on the products within your budget and eventually choose the one that offers the features or attributes you want.


When choosing a design to invest in, ensure you consider the power output.

Usually, the higher the power capacity, the higher the volume.

Nevertheless, high volume should not be thrown around or used synonymously for high audio quality, as it is not always the case.

For best performance, ensure you choose a design that offers a power rating compatible with the vehicle’s stereo.

This eliminates distortion and ensures your speakers and amps perform at their best without being worried about damaging them.

Build Quality

The materials used in constructing your design choice play a significant role in the quality of sound produced by the speakers and how long they can last.

Speakers made from Polypropylene and composites materials are great choices to consider.

Although these materials are highly durable, they restrict air movement across, which may affect the bass response or quality.

Choosing a design with a larger woofer-cone solves this issue (allows adequate air movement to support incredible bass response and quality).

Resistance to water, dust and extreme weather conditions are other features or attributes you can consider.

Audio Performance

You can adopt some techniques or methods to detect the audio performance of your desired 3.5 car speakers.

Firstly, check if the speakers are full-range design (coaxial).

A full-range speaker is designed to combine both the woofer and tweeter.

While the woofer ensures excellent frequencies (low and mid), the tweeter guarantees high frequencies.

Also, the materials used in the construction play a vital role in the sound quality.

A speaker that is built using a superior material supports excellent audio performance.


To avoid any form of disappointments, especially if you do not have adequate knowledge of what to look out for in a top 3.5 car speaker, choose any of the famous/well-known brands on the market.

Usually, the famous designs are known to deliver excellent sound quality and improve your audio system significantly.

The General FAQs of The Best 3.5 Car Speakers

01. How Can I Choose The Best 3.5 Speakers For My Vehicle?

Asides from all the factors we have listed under the buying considerations.

Compatibility is key. Your design choice must be a perfect fit for your vehicle, ensuring effortless mounting/installation in the process.

Also, choose a design that can handle the weather conditions in your region.

02. Who Can Install 3.5 Car Speakers?

3.5 car speakers are not tricky to install, provided you have the relevant information and tools required to complete the process.

Choosing a design packed with well-detailed mounting instructions and necessary accessories makes the process easier.

In the end, you won’t have to hire an audio expert, saving a few bucks in the process.

03. What is The Price of Top-Quality 3.5 Car Speakers?

The price of a 3.5 car speaker varies across various brands, models, or designs.

If you do not have a robust budget.

You can get a reliable and significant upgrade over the factory speakers for as low as $25 and as high as $100 on average.

04. Why Should I Consider The Speakers’ Sensitivity When Choosing A Design To Buy?

The sensitivity, which is measured in dB, tells you how efficiently the speakers can use the available power.

The higher the sensitivity, the better.

Speakers with higher decibels are known to deliver more excellent and superior value.

05. What is The Advantage of Connecting The 3.5 Speakers With An Amp?

When you use an amplifier with your aftermarket 3.5 speakers.

The sound quality is greatly enhanced (stronger/louder sound is achieved, and distortion is reduced or controlled to a more considerable extent).

Also, the speakers are protected from possible damage.


Now that you have a list of the best 3.5 car speakers you can invest in or install in your vehicle.

Go through these designs and choose the one that delivers on your needs and expectations.

All the 13 designs we have discussed are made from top-quality materials and provide impressive power output.

Hence, longevity and excellent audio production are guaranteed over an extended period.

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