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Top 10 Best 16 Channel Security Camera System of 2022 (A Complete Buying Guide)

If you are here, you are probably searching all the Internet for the best 16 channel security camera system.

Worrying about the safety of your belongings is normal, and searching for a security option is the wise thing to do.

The advantages of installing a security system are countless.

In summary, the best system will bring with it constant surveillance and intruder alerts that can be transferred right into your mobile phone.

All 16 cameras can be monitored at the same time, every hour of the day and of night, whether you have Internet access or not.

There are some amazing brands worth reading about, with REOLINK on the top of the list.

The Comparison Table of Best 16 Channel Security Camera System

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Swann SWDVK-1645812WL-US
ZOSI 16CH 1080P
ZOSI 16CK-211B16S-20-US
Lorex 4KA166
Swann DVR-4680

What is The Best 16 Channel Security Camera System?

The best 16 channel security camera system out there is REOLINK 16 Channels Home Security Camera System.

A 16 channel security camera system is the most efficient tool, as it’s almost impossible to have more than 16 cameras working properly together.

We chose the REOLINK system as the winner because this amazing device has a recording quality of 5 Megapixels and an incredibly high resolution, producing clear, vibrant images on PC or even on the phone.

Its quality is affirmed not only by numbers and properties but also by many positive reviews from customers.

Why REOLINK is The Best Brand For 16 Channel Security Camera System?

When we make a simple comparison between all the top 10 best 16 channel security camera system, REOLINK truly stands out.

The full HD quality of the image, along with the exceptional image clarity in the dark, put this system on the top of the list.

It can even detect motion, giving you the freedom to adjust the detector’s function, radius, and recording hours.

This system can observe any misplaced object and any person that enters its area by analyzing the given surroundings.

And if you are not sure yet, it’s time to expose its secret weapon.

It doesn’t only provide a video recording, but an audio one too.

All these properties result in a lower rate of errors and a calmer mind.

The final argument is the price-quality ratio because, to be honest, finding a better one is close to impossible.

10 Best 16 Channel Security Camera System 2022 Reviews

Now that all the important information is covered, it’s time to analyze some 16 channel security camera systems.

The top is based on objective features, like footage quality, but every system offers its unique characteristics and options.

That’s why it is up to you to choose the one that feels like the perfect fit.

01. REOLINK 410B8-5MP – Best Quality 16 Channel Security Camera System



Highlighted Features

  • Incorporated microphone
  • Easy Installation, with POE system
  • Dark adaptation using infrared lights
  • 5 Megapixels picture quality
  • Personalized settings for recognizing movement

Considering the price-quality ratio, this camera system is undoubtedly the best, providing its buyer with many features that can be adapted after personal preferences.

Many security cameras have a serious, common issue.

They recognize movement where it’s not present due to the wind blowing or a leaf falling.

Even this advanced device can have problems, but the option to adjust its settings to a specific responsiveness level separates it from the others.

Moreover, REOLINK 410B8 incorporated special lights that allow the device to record even at night with the same high quality.

This way, you will be able to sleep peacefully while the system guarantees your safety.

A loved feature of this security device is its easy setup, requiring only one wire to connect all the cameras to the main system and the power source and offering a simple way to transfer the recording.

The customers are also offered unlimited support regarding any functional problem.


  • Impressive imagine quality
  • Simple setup
  • Great mobile app for Android
  • 8-12 meters distance night vision


  • Sensible motion alarms
  • No fast forward

02. SWANN 1645812WL – Best Security Camera System 16 Channel


Highlighted Features

  • Extra memory space without any fees
  • Increased resistance to bad weather
  • Body temperature sensors
  • Connection to phone Assistants
  • Zoomed in images for specific detection

The Swann comes in as a second favorite, with up to 16 available cameras and light scanners.

It brings stunning new features, like zoom activation, that allow viewing even the smallest details.

If you are the kind of person with a constantly full memory space on a device, this 16 Channel Camera System is a perfect fit, as extra fees aren’t requested.

This system offers 1 Terabyte of available memory for you to fill.

Even more, all the images can be saved online, too, via Cloud.

Avoid unnecessary alerts by activating movement recognition based on temperature.

This is a unique feature that will surely convince anyone to consider getting the Swann system.

It’s a smart way to differentiate a common movement from a suspicious one, and it saves everyone’s time and nerves.

Additionally, by using complex technology, the cameras can be tracked on the phone.

This opens a large variety of customizable properties.

Enable the vision of a specific area by a simple vocal command, review footage and edit it to create a better image quality, or even get real-time messages about the safety of your property.

All of this is possible while you’re miles away.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Constant supervising
  • Movement recognition based on temperature


  • Complicated set-up
  • Not suitable for other systems

03. ZOSI 231B8*431B8 – Best Performance Security Camera System 16 Channel


Highlighted Features

  • Weather protection
  • Available phone App
  • Wall-mounted
  • One screen view of all the recordings
  • Rewinding the film at any moment

Zosi is an innovative brand, adding surprising details to its gadgets.

The 16 Channel camera security system comes with extra storage space that allows day and night constant supervision.

Even more, if it fills up, this amazing system allows the replacement of previous footage without requesting any help from its owner.

It sounds good, right? And the good part isn’t even over.

Its mobile app enables messages that will show up on the phone’s screen, keeping you updated.

Any suspicious activity will be instantly sent to you, with the option of adjusting the cameras’ sensibility.

Moreover, this device is not limited to a smartphone.

It can adjust to any available screen, from the TV Monitor to the smallest display.

View all the cameras while you’re at work or on a tropical island.

As long as the device is connected to the Internet, your location is irrelevant.

All these features put Zosi in 3rd place when it comes to the best 16 security camera system.


  • Rotation up to 180°
  • Incredible Zoom settings
  • Activation of phone alerts
  • Clear images, even in the dark


  • Internet connection required
  • Audio recording is not available

04. REOLINK 810B8-A


Highlighted Features

  • Connectivity from miles away
  • Incorporated microphone
  • Functional at all times
  • Reolink mobile application
  • Imagine resizing

We meet again with Reolink, the most wanted brand when it comes to choosing the best 16 channel security camera system.

The 810B8-A model offers varied options and services for its owner, occupying a rightful place on this list.

First of all, it’s known for its excellent resolution, providing the highest graphical fidelity.

The cameras are 4K, High Definition, and can record non-stop for as long as their settings specify.

And you are the one to adjust these settings in order to obtain the perfect security system.

Due to its complex connectivity, footage can be observed anytime from a considerable distance by simply accessing the phone app.

It’s also possible to rewind, freeze or resize any picture with the touch of your hands.

What surprises its users is the motion-activated function.

In summary, movement will be detected only when it’s unintended, avoiding any system errors.


  • 4K quality
  • Easy to install
  • Instant connection to NVR system
  • The second hard drive is available


  • Constant restarts
  • Insufficient tech assistance

05. SMONET A161610802T-SA


Highlighted Features

  • Protection plate
  • Infrared lights
  • Recording only in specified regions
  • Intruder notifications on the application
  • Excellent resolution

Nothing can be perfect, not even security cameras, but what’s important is to aspire to reach perfection.

Smonet, 16 channel security system, has become better and better throughout the years, adding new intelligent ways to view and protect property.

Setting up this system is easy, even for a beginner.

It only needs a source of electricity and a connection to any available screen.

And if you encounter any trouble, just call, and a professional will get you some help.

The cameras are bullet-like, allowing a dynamic aspect and better protection against the rain.

They work inside and outside, without any limitations, unless, of course, you set them.

The main advantage is that specific areas can be set for observation, providing the customer with a detailed recording.

Last but not least, Smonet comes with a mobile application that’s easy to install and use.

Every user’s account is protected and logging in requires a unique ID.

This way, rewind and fast-forward options are available for all footage, offering incredible details about any event.


  • 2 Terabytes hard
  • Long-term function
  • Efficient advice from tech assistant


  • Unstable Wi-fi connection

06. ZOSI 211B16S


Highlighted Features

  • Accessories included
  • Connection to various gadgets at the same time
  • Audio surveillance
  • Maximum High Definition
  • Four available modes

Zosi offers one of the best 16 channel security camera system for outside conditions.

It comes with an aluminum plate as protection from rain, and it’s specially designed to resist an intruder’s attack.

What new functions does it bring?

This system stands out through its H.265+ function, compacting the size of saved recordings and saving considerable storage space.

It also enables a better experience when viewing the footage, with less data consumption.

Ensuring privacy is the best property of this item.

Of course, anyone wants their home protected at all times, but few are willing to give up their privacy for it, and why would they?

With this 16 channels camera security system, certain activities and areas can be ignored when recording, providing much-needed privacy.

As an addition to the classical camera system, Zosi offers adjustable observation modes.

There is a schedule tracking mode that enables and disables recording according to specific events set on the calendar.

Also, the recycle mode comes with the possibility to record over certain footage that’s not useful anymore.


  • Excellent assistance via emails
  • Efficient mobile app
  • Clear images
  • Offline function locally


  • Hard for storage not included
  • Random reboots



Highlighted Features

  • Human recognition
  • Two memory storages of 4 Terabytes
  • Video and audio recording
  • Synchronized footage on all devices
  • 100° view on diagonal

Let’s start with the star of this 16 channels security camera system.

Besides its many qualities, ONWOTE introduces a new function with a high-efficiency rate: person recognition.

In summary, these amazing cameras can differentiate between the motion of objects and the movement of a person, transmitting important signals directly to a phone or any other gadget.

It comes with a mobile application for both Android and iOS, and it even has a computer version of the app.

Additionally, combine recording styles to obtain the best security tool out there.

Activate the cameras whenever you want by choosing constant surveillance or a motion-only function.

If all these properties weren’t enough to convince you, the easy set-up provided through PoE will be the decisive argument.

Both the audio and video transmissions will be enabled by placing one wire between the cameras, the NVR, and the source of electricity.


  • The large area covering Infrared lights
  • Flexible set-up
  • Synchronized cameras
  • Complete kit on arrival


  • Fogging may appear

08. LOREX 4KA166


Highlighted Features

  • Efficient and aesthetic mobile application
  • 88° range of observation
  • Sensors for noticing vehicles and persons
  • Easy access by voice function
  • 2 Terabyte space incorporated

We have already presented the go-to option for a safe outdoor experience, but what about the indoor?

This incredible system is created to cover a large area of view and record every corner of your house or building if you set it accordingly.

It can be placed on walls and even on ceilings in order to catch the best angle of view.

The Lorex brand is a respectable competitor for the title of the best 16 channel security camera system due to its intelligent technology.

Not only does it have its own beautiful and simple mobile app, but it can also be connected to Alexa and other virtual assistants.

Even at night, this 16 cameras system can ensure constant surveillance, with or without any source of light around.

This means it can function when even the intruder can’t see where he’s stepping.

It’s already noticeable that the most advanced 16 channel security cameras have some sort of movement-activated function.

In this case, the function is taken to a whole other level, with important updates that can recognize humans and vehicles passing by.


  • It covers a large area
  • Well-structured app
  • Quality cameras


  • It only works using its own cables

09. SWANN DVR-4680


Highlighted Features

  • Police-like flashing lights
  • Temperature sensors
  • Movement recognition
  • Colored footage at night
  • Available smart accessories
  • Unique aspect

Now, this one definitely looks and gives off a special atmosphere.

Its main feature can be guessed by simply taking a look at the 16 channels security camera system.

It resembles a technological superhero, ready to rescue anyone from an intruder.

The blue and red lights are an excellent addition to this device’s function, making it truly unique.

Besides the fact that it looks good, this system also functions well.

Equipped with High Resolution, the cameras surprise incredibly clear frames, allowing the owner to inspect any detail.

Even in complete darkness, the special warning lights can be activated to provide colored footage of anyone who dares to step into the supervised areas.

Anyone will be shocked if they find themselves covered in police lights.

These are activated by suspicious movement in the specified field of view and are backed up by a complex technology that senses the warmth of the human body.

The bottom line? No one can escape this Swann system.


  • Can be set up both outside and inside a building
  • Simple & easy to use, the app
  • Clear footage


  • Can’t supply a printed manual

10. ANNKE E200


Highlighted Features

  • Extra white lights for intruder alerts
  • Video Compression
  • Protection from bad weather
  • Complete package delivered with cameras
  • Temperature detection
  • Adjustable surveillance areas

The number of features this system holds is overwhelming.

It’s known for its durability and resistance in both cold and hot weather.

Built from a rainproof material, the cameras can resist up to half an hour while being completely introduced in water.

These make the 16 channels system perfect for an outdoor set-up.

Another important thing to think about is, of course, the safety of your data.

Nowadays, hacking important platforms for private information seems to have become an everyday banality, so it’s normal to check twice before buying any product that holds personal images.

Usually, when it comes to minimizing the size of a video, its quality is the one that’s losing terrain.

However, that’s why smart technology has been invented.

With this system, all the important footage can be packed in a small file, maintaining the same quality and offering extra space for future recordings.


  • Great tech assistance
  • Live view through special software
  • Perfect imagine resolution
  • Easy set-up for beginners


  • It can rarely activate false alerts

Buying Factors of The Best 16 Channel Security Camera System

It’s clear that a 16 channels security camera system is the best one out there, but what model should you get now?

There are a few aspects anyone should think about when searching for this product.

The most important part is to find a brand and a model that fits your unique needs, as there are many available features and customizable settings to choose from.

Here are some main ideas to keep in mind

01. Movement & Temperature Detection

A decent security camera system should definitely have this function.

Of course, high image quality may seem more important, but when you wake up in the middle of the night because the wind blows, you will change your mind.

It’s essential that the system differentiates an object’s motion from a person’s or vehicle’s movement.

That can be done in two steps: incorporate sensors for movement first, then adapt the device by adding recognition based on heat.

This way, any suspicious activity will be double-checked, and the alerts will be smarter and fewer.

02. High Resolution

The next thing to be considered is how clear are the images provided by the cameras?

Are they blurry or foggy?

Always check the resolution details mentioned in the system’s properties list.

Compare the items you find online and establish what’s the best and the worst value for a specific aspect.

Terms like 4K or Ultra HD are the keywords to look for in a description.

However, many sites might fool you, as the reality is often different than the perfect product presented.

That’s why the last step of any search should be reading all the available reviews.

Some people have an incredible experience with a system, and others find it completely awful.

Take the main points from those reviews and see if they meet your quality standard for an image’s clarity.

03. Mobile App

Most security systems based on video and audio recording come with an available mobile app.

This simple accessory can help organize and keep track of everything that’s happening with the cameras and with the observed areas.

Phone apps add multiple exciting features, like pop-up alerts about any movement that seems out of place and adjustable recording areas.

You will keep the footage of 16 professional cameras in your pocket while you are miles away.

There are even more additions to an application.

The complex technology that is compacted in a phone allows multiple actions like rewind, fast forward, pause, and even zoom on specific details.

This means that any face, any logo, can be easily seen and recognized.

And even more important, it means that all valuable belongings are safely guarded.

04. Flashing Lights

Don’t forget to search this characteristic while looking at systems’ descriptions.

If an intruder gets in, the surveillance cameras will surely observe it, and they’ll alert you instantly that there is a threat.

However, this is the moment when they become limited tools.

Some brands take an extra step and add flashing white or colored lights to the cameras.

These have a double purpose: they can scare away the stranger, and they assure better image quality in that specific moment.

The second one is useful mostly at night when everything is covered in complete darkness, including the intruder.

05. Data Security

Never underestimate the importance of a professional system that has passed all the security tests there are out there.

There are more ways of providing privacy and safety for a customer.

Check if the security camera system has adjustable settings that can assure privacy in various situations.

There is a specific setting that lets you set the areas for recording and the areas that should not be viewed by cameras, so all activities can take place without any worries, especially the ones that require privacy.

Moreover, there are different recording modes available on some systems.

This way, certain periods of recording can be set, and the cameras will automatically stop when the mentioned hour is reached.

Always look for proof that the targeted 16 channel security camera system has accomplished all the terms and specifications to pass a security test.

Hackers are no joke, and without a performant, safe system, important data can be easily leaked.

06. Weather Protection

The best 16 channel security camera system must have efficient protection against bad weather.

This includes rain, snow, wind, and even storms.

Look for this characteristic, especially if you are searching for a system that can be mounted outdoors.

In some product descriptions, special housing for the cameras is mentioned.

It is usually made of aluminum, a metal material that resists extreme conditions.

Some cameras can record even in extreme cold, and others can stay functional even after being soaked in water for several minutes.

Always make this aspect a point on your checking list.

07. Night Vision

Last but not least, clear footage at night is crucial for a camera system.

Intruders don’t usually enter a protected area in the middle of the day when everyone can see them.

Their plan is based on the cover that darkness provides.

The best 16 channel security camera system comes with a visual function that can record even in complete darkness.

Most of them are based on Infrared LEDs that provide a black & white view of the chosen area.

However, some cameras even add colored footage at night.

It is provided for a small field of view, but it’s an important upgrade.

The Common FAQs of Best 16 Channel Security Camera System

01. What’s The Variation Between An Alarm System With Eight Channels And One With 16 Channels?

A channel is assigned to each terminal.

A 16-channel DVR, for example, can support 16 video camera surveillance, whereas an 8-channel DVR can manage 8 and so forth.

How many cameras and channels and cameras the gadget can handle are similar, connected numbers.

02. NVR & DVR, Which One To Choose?

NVR is the short-term for Network Video Recorder.

The expense, the way that data is transferred, and the kind of cameras that are used are the huge variations between DVR and NVR.

NVR systems feature a superior contrast ratio, are quicker to set up, have more adjustability, and have better microphone capabilities.

03. How To Install A 16 Channels Security Camera System Easily?

First of all, finding a simple installation procedure depends on what type of cables and systems you are using.

For fewer calls about tech assistance, PoE is usually recommended.

There is a simple and complex option of getting the security system to work.

The main actions to do are finding an electricity source, connecting the NVR to it, and choosing an appropriate space to position the cameras.

After placing them, connect their wires to the NVR. That should be it.

The next steps involve some patience and a little effort.

The system must be linked to a screen of your choice.

To customize all the settings, access the NVR and search possible options in its settings.

Various recording modes are available to ensure the best safety and privacy.

For a local view of the footage, no Internet connection is required.

However, observing the images from miles away requires the acquisition of a mobile app.

It’s free, and it’s easy to download on any phone.

04. Can The 16 Channels Security Camera System Record Continuously?

The short answer is YES. That’s why it’s a security system.

It has to make sure no area is left unsupervised, no matter the hour of the day or night.

Smart systems simply use a function that can record over old footage, replacing it with a new one if the storage space limit is reached.

If you are not willing to give up old footage so easily, special features come in handy.

They include video compression techniques and adding hard drives with extra memory space.

That being said, the best number that can be obtained when talking about storage is 12 Terabytes.

05. Do All 16 Channels Security Camera System Require Wi-Fi?

No. If the Internet connection is not available, the security system won’t stop.

All cameras can run without the Internet for an indefinite amount of time, without any problems.

Wi-fi is usually required when additional options are chosen, like a remote view of the footage through a mobile app.


The best 16 channels security camera system can offer safety, privacy, and protection while transferring all the images on a smartphone in no one.

What more can a person ask for?

With this article, all the variables and buying considerations are provided, so choosing the perfect system and setting it up shouldn’t be that hard anymore.

Don’t forget to pay attention to details like adjustable settings and smart detection when reading the products’ descriptions.

The aspect and construction materials should also be considered because, in this case, durability is important.

All that being said, it’s time to stop worrying about the safety of your belongings and get a well-deserved break, far from home.

The 16 channels security camera system will take care of the rest.

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