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10 Best 16 Channel DVR For Security Cameras Review & The Only Guide You Need in 2021

A reliable security setup requires only the best DVR.

A 16 channel DVR for security cameras sets your mind at peace with an expanded surveillance system monitoring over the place.

Security footage is essential in times of crime incidents.

A DVR can help track down suspects and solve cases.

DVRs come packaged with different builds and features. 16 channel DVRs monitor a broader range of areas.

These units also come with support for multiple camera formats.

The best 16 channel DVR for surveillance systems requires enough storage and reliable connections.

Let us take a deep dive and address some questions.

Best 16 Channel DVR for Security Cameras Comparison Table

Brand NameDetails
Amcrest 4K AMDV8M16-H5
101AV 16CH LTD-16TCB-2T-1
Abowone NO-3216T
Hikvision DS-7216HQHI-K2
‎Dahua ‎XVR501H-16-X
Lorex D861A63B

What is The Best 16 Channel DVR For Security Cameras?

The TIGERSECU Super HD 16 Channel DVR is the best 16CH DVR because, at a reasonable price, you can have a DVR with a pre-installed hard drive.

Security hard drives are generally expensive, but TIGERSECU comes out of the box with pre-installed 2TB storage.

Not only that, but this security video recorder features one of the most stable remote accesses.

Wherever and whenever live viewing the situation is hassle-free on the dedicated app for iOS and Android.

DVRs run continuously and emit a lot of heat.

The TIGERSECU 16CH DVR addresses this issue with unique self-cooling technology.

Its heat sink fan saves it from overheating and disrupting surveillance functions.

Why is TIGERSECU The Best 16 Channel DVR Brand For Security Cameras?

Simply put, aftersales is what makes a 16-channel DVR brand the best of all brands out in the market.

The TIGERSECU customer support is very responsive.

Buyers do not have to wait for email responses because support agents are just a telephone call away.

Installing a 16 channel DVR does not come easy for everyone, thus requiring the assistance of customer support.

Knowledgeable support agents can help buyers fix issues with their TIGERSECU 16CH DVR and set it up properly.

Because instruction manuals can also lack troubleshooting guidance, reaching out to an actual TIGERSECU support agent saves buyers from potentially ruining their product.

TIGERSECU is the best 16 channel DVR brand for security cameras because aside from its stellar products and features, they also have a cooperative and helpful customer support team.

2021 Upgraded 10 Best 16 Channel DVR For Security Cameras Review

01. TIGERSECU Super HD 16CH DVR – Best Quality Popular 16 Channel DVR For Security Cameras



Highlighted Features

  • Pre-installed 2TB HDD
  • Free remote access on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android
  • Stable wired connections
  • Adjustable motion-detected recording
  • Quiet, self-cooling heat sink fan
  • 2MP (1080P) and 5MP (1920P) video recording

We believe the TIGERSECU DVR is the best 16 channel security DVR.

This security video recorder supports multiple camera formats and up to 16 cameras, providing you with a sense of security in all corners of your home and office.

The hybrid DVR delivers crisp resolution playback.

Monitoring recordings has never been easier with applications downloadable for free on desktop and smartphone.

Wired connections between DVR, camera, and router also ensure that recordings play with no cuts or dropped frames.

“This was the easiest plug and play unit.

The heat sink fan perfectly works to dissipate heat.

It also supports the biggest storage space for a DVR; 2 16TB hard drives!

The best support line there ever was from a DVR manufacturer.”

Running 24/7, the security video recorder keeps cool with a unique heat sink fan.

The self-cooling technology prevents it from overheating and experiencing recording trouble.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 4 audio inputs
  • Offers excellent customer support
  • Supports up to 3 monitors


  • Faulty connection ports
  • Glitchy mobile app
  • Whirring sounds from hard drive

02. Amcrest AMDV8M16-H5 – Best 16 Channel DVR



Highlighted Features

  • Impressive UHD 4K (8MP) surveillance
  • 265 Compression technology
  • Remote live viewing on a desktop browser, iOS, and Android devices
  • Single cable for all connections
  • USB backup

Out with the grainy images from old DVRs, and in with ultra-high definition resolution!

The Amcrest 16 channel DVR supports 4K and 1080P resolution for a crystal-clear playback.

The video security recorder can pair with up to 16 analog and IP cameras.

All connections run through a single transmission cable, lessening the clutter.

“Remote live-viewing on iOS devices worked flawlessly.

Record and playback features work great and are intuitive.

The motion-triggered detector is very responsive.”

This unit also allows home and business owners to review recordings remotely via a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Enjoy playback at its original resolution and audio quality, thanks to the H.265 compression technology.


  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Affordable price
  • Fast user interface
  • Low noise


  • Hard drive and cables sold separately
  • Limited support for IP cameras
  • Hard-to-reach customer support

03. 101 AV LTD-16TCB2-2T – Best DVR 16 Channel



Highlighted Features

  • Up to 4MP camera support
  • Compatible with analog, IP, and ONVIF IP cameras
  • Notification alerts for motion-detected recording
  • USB 2.0 backup system
  • Wired and wireless camera connections

Pricey as it may seem, this 16 channel DVR from 101 AV is worth investing in.

It carries features for both old and new surveillance systems, making it one of the most versatile DVRs out in the market.

This product boasts strong privacy and security systems unlike any other.

The security video recorder sends out real-time notifications via email, and a dedicated app for iOS and Android makes remote live-viewing possible.

“All 16 cameras smoothly feed recordings back to the main monitor.

The pictures look great too.

The DVR also comes with two trays for hard drives to expand memory space.

The remote is an appreciated inclusion.”

If you have old security cameras lying around, fret not.

This security video recorder supports analog, IP, and ONVIF IP cameras.

It also comes pre-installed with a spacious 2TB hard drive.

For more storage, the unit can hold up to 2 8TB hard drives.

Extendable and versatile features set the 101 AV DVR apart from anyone else.

Despite the tricky user manual, it comes with a user-friendly interface making installation and boot-up easier than expected.


  • Inclusive of 2TB hard drive
  • Accessible cloud-based mobile app
  • Maximum of 18 camera feeds
  • Reinforced privacy and security systems


  • Difficult web-based live viewing
  • Challenging instruction manual
  • Connection ports easily break

04. ZOSI 1AR-16ZK20-US-R



Highlighted Features

  • Hybrid 4-in-1 CCTV
  • Programmable recording modes
  • Expandable storage of up to 8TB
  • Remote control and live viewing support
  • Alarms and push notifications for motion-detected recording

Safeguarding property with the ZOSI 16 channel DVR is an experience unlike any other.

This lite security video recorder pack features that even full-body DVRs lack.

First off, this unit boasts different recording modes to choose from such as continuous round-the-clock recording, schedule-based recording, and motion-detected recording.

Through the ZOSI Smart App, checking on your home and office is possible no matter the distance.

“Does everything as it is advertised.

Tech support was reliable and easy to communicate.

Night vision on this surveillance system is far better than my old unit.

Overall, setup and installation were quick and simple.”

The Advanced H.265 video coding technology allows for better image quality and minimal memory consumption.

Above all, owners can enjoy lag-free live monitoring from all 16 camera feeds.


  • Impressive night vision
  • Silent
  • Easy to set up
  • Budget-friendly choice


  • Poor customer support
  • Outdated software
  • Problematic live viewing via mobile app




Highlighted Features

  • Full HD HDMI and VGA Output
  • 265 Pro+ video codec
  • Intuitive timeline playback
  • Smart Trigger Alerts
  • Compatible with Analog and IP cameras

Valuing security does not always have to hurt your bank account.

Consider the light, yet powerful SANNCE Hybrid 5-in-1 16 channel DVR.

Supporting 16 analog cameras and 2 IP cameras, monitor your space from all directions.

Run an artificially intelligent security system with this DVR’s remote access feature.

The unit comes compatible with a mobile app, allowing for live monitoring anytime and anywhere.

“Easy installation, but pairing phones was a challenge.

I put in the serial number stuck on the DVR’s backside and finally got to pair my phone!”

It also boasts a time-saving feature.

The Timeline Playback proves to be useful in scouring through old footage and locating the right timestamps.

Lastly, trigger alerts are customizable and helpful in notifying users of detected motion in specific places.

Pick up notifications via email or on the app and decide the next move in improving protection.


  • Good value for money
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Manageable user interface
  • Sturdy hardware


  • Cables sold separately
  • Does not have a pre-installed hard drive
  • Poor color contrast

06. Abowone NO-3216T



Highlighted Features

  • 2MP analog camera and 5MP camera support
  • AI face identification and detection mode
  • Real-time email notifications
  • 265 compression technology
  • Supports up to 6TB storage

Reliable surveillance systems can come in budget-friendly packages!

The Abowone 16 channel DVR is among the trustworthy alternatives to upscale security video recorders.

It features smart technology for detecting faces and other types of motion.

Users can modify motion-triggered alerts in specific hotspots, like the front and back doors.

Real-time notifications via email and push alerts from the mobile app allow for easy monitoring of unusual sightings and motion within the area.

Unfortunately, users cannot receive images of suspicious activity with the notifications.

“Initially, the installed firmware was outdated.

Thankfully, customer service helped a lot in upgrading the firmware to the latest version.

All cameras work superbly now. Connections are stable, and no files are lost.”

This DVR promotes high-end technology at half the price of its premium competitors.

It compresses recordings with the newer H.265 codec, consuming 80% less memory per recording than the older H.264 codec.


  • Smart timeline playback
  • Works with newer ONVIF IP cameras
  • Affordable
  • Cooperative customer service


  • No hard drive is pre-installed
  • Playback feature does not work on all camera feeds
  • Image and video frame lag

07. ANNKE AU-DN61R000



Highlighted Features

  • Expandable storage up to 6TB
  • 1080P analog camera support, 960 IP camera support
  • Low noise emission
  • Quick-cooling technology
  • Encrypted video download and transfer

Rich colors and sharp images set the ANNKE 16 channel DVR apart from other security video recorders.

It is an outstanding product with unmatched security and quality.

First off, the DVR supports up to 6TB of storage.

Massive memory allows users to record footage for days on end without worrying about losing storage.

Encryption also keeps video downloads and transfers protected from lurking hackers.

Users have to place reliable passwords for the safety of their recordings.

“Plugging in old cameras was no problem. Setting up the rest of the connections was hassle-free.

Tech support is helpful and responsive.

They send email for recommendations on cameras, cables, and hard drives.”

Finally, the DVR hardware does not fail to impress.

Low noise emission is a huge plus for preserving peace and quiet.

Moreover, the unit quickly cools down, preventing any overheating problems.


  • Quick and simple setup
  • Reliable customer support
  • Worth the price
  • Flawless recording performance


  • The interface is challenging to navigate
  • Hard drive is sold separately
  • Issues in connecting with mobile app

08. Hikvision DS-7216HQHI-K2



Highlighted Features

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) connectivity support
  • Reads up to 2 6TB hard drives
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Remote control and playback
  • Compatible with analog and IP cameras

The Hikvision 16 channel DVR gets straight to the point: deliver quality recordings for a more secure home and office space.

It comes with the most essential surveillance features, disregarding fancy trends in technology.

The security video recorder supports a versatile encoding system.

Flexible quality for live feeds and playback is a handy feature during unstable Internet connections.

“Easy, no-brainer setup.”

While it sounds like any older generation DVR, this product can pair with IP cameras.

16 analog cameras and an additional 2 IP cameras give users free real estate in safeguarding all corners and floors of the house or office.


  • A very good investment
  • Adaptive live viewing and recording quality
  • Simple, elegant design


  • Does not have a hard drive included
  • Limited to only 2MP-4MP camera resolution

09. DAHUA Penta-Brid XVR5116H-X



Highlighted Features

  • Presents 8 additional IP channels
  • HDMI video input
  • Remote access on iOS and Android
  • Supports up to 5MP analog camera and 6MP IP camera resolution
  • Multiple recording modes

If 16 camera feeds are not enough, bring it up a notch with the DAHUA Penta-Brid 16+8 channel DVR!

8 additional channels mean more territory is monitored closely and carefully.

The 8 additional channels of the security video recorder are dedicated to IP cameras.

The added level of security is great, but it also demands a reliable Internet connection.

“This DVR is already amazing, but cameras with 2MP or a higher resolution make the difference in the viewing experience.

Crisp picture quality and solid lines.”

The product supports higher resolution more than the usual DVR.

Live viewing experiences can finally go beyond fuzzy images and dull colors.

Lastly, storage space does not have to be an issue.

Multiple recording modes offer users the option to select a continuous or scheduled recording mode.


  • Very expanded security system
  • Excellent image quality
  • Images can be flipped
  • Affordable price for a 16+8 channel DVR


  • Glitchy software
  • Ports fail to respond at times
  • No pre-installed hard drive

10. Lorex D861A63B



Highlighted Features

  • Pre-installed 3TB hard drive
  • Supports up to 8x digital zoom
  • Up to 4K (8MP) recording resolution
  • Supports Alexa and Google Voice commands
  • Panic button for deterrence

The Lorex 16 channel DVR is perhaps the smartest DVR featured in this list.

It comes packed with the most modern technology for a highly secured and protected environment.

The pre-installed 3TB hard drive is perfect to store a week’s worth of 4K recordings.

Reviewing footage has never been smarter with the digital zoom feature.

Easily pick up on any unusual sightings and set up security protocols with the Lorex DVR.

“The pictures are crystal clear and accurate, especially with 4K security cameras.

The top-notch motion detection feature is capable of differentiating movement from vehicles or people.

So far, this is the DVR that sends the least false alarms.”

Voice command is uncommon in DVRs but is a welcome addition.

It saves the trouble of fumbling around with the mobile app or hard buttons.

Speaking of buttons, this unit particularly boasts a panic button.

In times of potential threat, simply press the button to switch on lights and sirens connected to the surveillance system.


  • Expandable storage for up to 8TB
  • Sleek, premium build
  • Automatically overwrites oldest data
  • Less false alarms


  • Expensive
  • Questionable customer support
  • Mobile app frequently lags

The 7 Purchasing Factors of Best 16 Channel DVR for Security Cameras

Purchasing a 16 channel DVR is not an easy decision.

Thinking about security needs and cross-checking products are a must before taking out your money.

People define “peace of mind” differently, therefore it is only appropriate to match the functionality of a 16 channel DVR to other factors.

Let us take a look into essential factors to consider before buying a 16 channel DVR for security cameras.

01. Budget

In today’s world where technology is reproducing at a faster pace, their prices are significantly lower to many affordable rates.

The ideal 16 channel DVR does not have to break your bank!

There are many units out in the market with cheap price tags, yet still, perform better than those in the more expensive range.

Besides, a DVR worth $1000 cannot 100% assure that you are safe from potential threats.

Think wisely of your financial security too, and purchase a reliable 16-channel DVR within your budget.

02. User Interface

The best 16 channel DVR is easy to navigate and runs on a program that is pleasing to the eye.

For a stress-free experience, users must easily find their way to the Settings menu and adjust according to their preferences.

A complicated user interface frustrates users and can lead to permanently shelving away from the DVR.

16 channel DVRs that are worth buying must not only look good on the outside but must also feature a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

03. Camera Format Support

While most DVRs claim support for both Analog and IP cameras, this is not always the case.

Before placing a purchase, ask the manufacturer if their unit only has limited camera support.

Sometimes, DVRs require cameras from the same brand to function optimally.

Check for any recommendations about compatible cameras and the best camera format for the selected DVR.

04. Build And Design

16 channel DVRs must not only function well but also look aesthetically pleasing.

To get the most out of the DVR’s features, it must come with sturdy hardware.

Many users buy DVRs more than twice because of faulty ports, or clicking and whirring sound coming from the hard drives.

The best 16 channel DVR cannot always promise noiseless function, but it can run quieter.

DVRs also run without rest, thus a good cooling technology is important in preserving the longevity of the product.

16 channel DVRs are not cheap investments; it is only appropriate that the hardware is worth every penny.

Ergonomic and minimalist design can also be key factors.

Nobody wants to see huge, clunky buttons these days.

A DVR with a smooth finish and subtle yet accessible USB ports add class to your home.

05. Remote Access

Nowadays, people are always on the move.

Monitoring live feed from the home or business surveillance system has to be available even from a hundred miles away.

This is where remote access comes into play.

The best 16 channel DVR features support for free and lifelong access to a mobile app.

Web browser live viewing is also another preference.

While most DVRs experience browser connectivity issues, some excel in delivering secure and high-quality video.

Always take a look at whether the DVR brand supports remote access.

Frequent remote check-ins can help in noticing the slightest disturbances or changes in the area.

06. Ease of Installation And Setup

DVRs require a lot of connections to other devices before buyers can finally boot up their security systems.

However, the number of cables should not scare away an average buyer.

The ideal 16 channel DVR comes with a comprehensive instruction manual for easy setup.

Most manufacturers do not think a lot about their instruction manuals, but older buyers may want to have a copy at the ready.

Many units boast a plug-and-play setup, yet leave buyers experiencing boot-up issues.

Look up installation guides on the Internet before making the move to pay for your desired DVR.

07. Encryption And Data Protection

Home and business owners install security video recorders for the main purpose of recording security footage.

It may sound as simple as taking a 24-hour long video, but it is more than that.

Security footage can help victims of a crime, or warn unknowing residents about intruders.

In such cases, security footage can help in narrowing down suspects.

Thus, reliable security video recorders also require hack-proof encryption systems to protect their recorded data.

The best 16 channel DVR features support for security-grade hard drives.

These hard drives store data with high encryption levels, safeguarding footage from malicious intent.

Be on the lookout for a security-grade hard drive to install into the DVR.

Finally, only execute cloud data transfer on reliable and protected servers.

The Basic FAQs of Best 16 Channel DVR for Security Cameras

If you still have worries and concerns, we listed down frequently asked questions about 16 channel DVRs for security cameras.

These can further help you in making the smart choice and save your time, energy, and money:

01. Why Buy A 16 Channel DVR And Not An 8 Channel DVR?

A 16 channel DVR provides you with greater surveillance coverage.

Because you can plug up to 16 camera feeds, you can monitor more areas.

Some 16-channel DVRs even have additional support for 2 IP cameras.

8 channel DVRs are also great, but these only limit users to 8 camera feed.

The 16 channel DVR does not require you to use all 16 input channels all at once.

16 channel DVRs can function just as well with 2, 4, or 8 camera feeds.

Thus, it is a great investment for when you need to install more cameras in the future.

02. Which is Better: Wired Or Wireless 16 Channel DVR?

Wired or wireless connectivity depends on every user.

Wireless DVRs allow for less visual clutter.

On the other hand, wired DVRs are more conventional.

The difference mainly lies in Internet connectivity.

Wireless DVRs usually mean that camera feeds require stable bandwidth to record footage.

This cannot be suitable for homes or businesses that have fluctuating Internet connectivity.

Wired DVR’s however, can function with or without the Internet.

Most of the time, wired DVRs only require the Internet for remote viewing.

03. Can 16 Channel Dvrs Prevent Crime?

One way or another, DVRs can keep your property safe.

Yes, some 16-channel DVRs can prevent intruders from going any further because of the lights and sirens blaring off upon unusual motion detection.

Keep in mind though, that not all DVRs carry the same features.

Some can merely record, while others can push out a flurry of notifications to the connected devices about the detected threat.

What all DVRs can do is record precious footage to help back up certain criminal or suspicious cases.

16 channel DVRs cover more areas to monitor, therefore greater chances to catch an intruder on tape.

04. How Many Remote Access Devices Can A 16 Channel DVR Support?

The number of supported remote devices differs for every DVR unit.

Most 16 channel DVRs can support up to 10 remote users.

However, certain units come built with support for more than a hundred remote users.

The number of paired remote devices may not necessarily affect the reliability of push and email notifications.

Instead, camera feeds may experience trouble and connect to only a select few.

There are also times when only a few cameras feeds load on the remote viewing app.

05. When Should I Buy A 16 Channel DVR For Security Cameras?

Now is a good time to invest in a DVR!

Whether you are only starting to value protection and security in your place, or upgrading from a 4 channel or 8 channel DVR, there is no better day than today to look up the ideal 16 channel DVR.

The times are getting tougher, and desperate people turn to malicious behavior like a crime for survival or entertainment.

Regardless of their motives, home and business owners deserve to enjoy a sense of peace and security.

An ideal 16-channel DVR can help in easing away the worries for an area’s security.

Moreover, DVRs add value to your property.

Security systems are in no way cheap, thus installing one upholds the worth of your property and loved ones.

06. Where Can I Buy A 16 Channel DVR?

Physical and online stores sell DVRs.

Outlet stores and online selling platforms have varying prices because of shipping, availability, and packing fees for online orders.

We recommend visiting physical appliance or tech stores near you.

Not only can you test different DVRs, but you can also save up on costly shipping fees.

Return and after-sales services are more negotiable with physical stores.

If your desired model is only available online, make sure to reach out to the seller throughout the entire purchasing process.

Get familiarized with their tech support, return and refund agreements and exclusive benefits for shopping online.

08. What Do I Need To Set Up A 16 Channel DVR?

In setting up a 16 channel DVR, you will need peripherals from the old security system.

Essentials include the DVR unit, its power supply, cables for video input, output, and router.

A security-grade hard drive is necessary for recording hack-proof footage.

Another necessity is cameras with supported formats and resolution.

Remote control or USB mouse are welcome additions too.

You can also add microphones into your DVR system for audio recording purposes.

09. Which Cameras Do I Need For My DVR?

Camera format compatibility differs for every DVR unit.

While most feature support for both analog and IP cameras, it is best to check in with the seller.

Sometimes, DVRs are selective and will only work with cameras from the same brand.

Other times, DVRs can perform smoothly with just about any brand and make of the camera.

For a versatile recording, get both analog and IP cameras to plug into your DVR.

This way, you can have multiple and backup views taken from different resolutions.

Highly adaptive recording aids in streamlining the recording quality according to the available connectivity.


With the best 16 channel DVR for security cameras installed at home or in the office, your loved ones and property are a top priority.

Cameras in every corner watch closely for intruders and other potential threats.

Real-time notifications alert owners of suspicious activity.

Plus, you own recorded footage to help you in identifying suspects.

A sense of peace is worth installing a security system.

Weigh in your considerations and find the ideal 16 channel DVR for you.

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