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A common question that often gets asked by people when looking to buy a new car stereo is “what are the best 10.1 android car stereos in 2022?”

Well, we hope to provide an answer to that question by the end of this article.

When it comes to purchasing a new car stereo, the number of options that are out there is seemingly endless, and this can oftentimes make people feel overwhelmed with choice.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case, and there are a plethora of ways in which one can narrow down their choice to find the perfect 10.1 android car stereo for them.

In this article, we will be giving you our top pick for the best 10.1 android car stereos in 2022, as well as nine other great choices to allow you to pick the perfect stereo for you.

For each stereo, we will go through the highlighted features and pros & cons of each, as well as giving a detailed review.

If you happen to have any questions while reading our article, feel free to take a look at the bottom of this article.

In which you will find a FAQs section that answers all the most commonly asked questions about 10.1 android car stereos.

Why is Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX The Best 10.1 Android Car Stereo?

All-in-all, the decision of which 10.1 android radio is the best in 2022, by far goes to the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX, and it takes the number one spot on our list.

This 10.1 android stereo has everything anyone could ever want from a car stereo.

While at the same time coming with a plethora of additional features that give it a nice touch as well as also setting an overall high standard of quality unoffered by any of its competitors.

The number of reasons why the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX is the best choice for a 10.1 android car stereo are far too numerous to list in this short section.

For a more in-depth explanation for the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX, feel free to take a look at the review section of this article.

Why is Pioneer The Best Brand For 10.1 Android Car Stereos?

When it comes to overall quality and craftmanship, Pioneer tends to be the leading brand when it comes to 10.1 android car stereos.

There are numerous reasons why this happens to be the case, but it is mainly due to the fact that Pioneer is an extremely reputable brand that has spent years at the top of the tech industry, building up trust with their customers.

The Comparison Table of Best 10.1 Android Car Stereo

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Pioneer DMH
Kenwood DMX1037S
Hikity 1G+16G
L.Z AN-500
Binize 9001C
Podofo 1G

Factors You Need to Consider When Looking to Buy Best 10.1 Android Car Stereo in 2022

When looking to buy a 10.1 android car stereo, there are a plethora of factors you need to take into consideration.

Furthermore, there are a few vital things that you will need to know when looking to buy a 10.1 android car stereo, to not only ensure that you manage to get a stereo that is suitable for you but one that is perfect.

If you do not take said factors into your buying decision, then you will more than likely end up with a car stereo with which you are not totally satisfied, which is a mistake made by the vast majority of people.

In this section, we will be going through and discussing all the vital factors that you will have to think about when buying a 10.1 android car stereo, in order to be able to pick out and make the best choice for you.

Car Model

Perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to buying a 10.1 android car stereo, is the model of your car.

Car model plays a huge role when considering which 10.1 android car stereo to go for because if you do not have a suitable model.

You could potentially buy a stereo that you cannot even use as well as potentially damage your vehicle.

In order to check if your car model is compatible with a 10.1 android car stereo, it’s best to look it up on the internet or even go to your local garage and check with a mechanic.

Although most relatively new car model from the past decade should suffice, anything too old would more than likely not be compatible, so it’s something you need to look out for.

Before even considering whether or not you want to get a 10.1 android car stereo or planning which one you would like to get.

It’s of the utmost importance you check you can even use one in your car, or else you could potentially waste your time and money.


The size of a 10.1 android car stereo determines a variety of factors such as which model of car it could fit, how many features it could have, how big the screen is, and well how good its potential performance is.

Making sure you get the perfect size for you is something that is extremely important and foregoing to take this into consideration can easily leave you wishing that you opted to get a bigger stereo in the first place.

Usually, bigger 10.1 android car stereos tend to be more expensive and in turn, more luxurious.

Because of this, bigger car stereos should mostly be relegated to larger cars, as they may look out of place in a smaller car or perhaps not fit at all.

So, take stock of what you would be able to fit in your car without it looking out of place, and decide how big you would like your stereo to be, keeping in mind that bigger stereos oftentimes are higher-quality and have more features.


One of the factors that oftentimes gets overlooked when one is looking to buy a 10.1 android car stereo is the potential to modify or upgrade said stereo.

For some people, this may not even be a factor at all, and they would never look into doing something like this.

Although, even for those people, it could perhaps still be a good idea to opt to get a stereo that is upgradeable in case you happen to change your mind in the future.

On the other hand, there is also a vast number of people out there who would like more control over their stereos, and for those people, getting a stereo that is able to be modified is essential.

If you are either of the above-mentioned people, then it is incredibly important to think through thoroughly about whether or not you would ever consider upgrading your stereo in the future, and even if you never do, at least you always have the option and you will not regret your decision.


For some, Bluetooth will not be a vital factor at all. Although, having a 10.1 android stereo that is Bluetooth compatible gives the user a plethora of alternative options that they would otherwise not be able to have access to.

For example, Bluetooth is required for many of the optional features that come on many 10.1 android stereos such as hands-free calls, GPS, or weather reports.

Sure, all of the above-mentioned features may not be much of a concern for you, and that’s fine.

However, you will need to be certain that you will never want access to any of the features that Bluetooth offers, or else you will more than likely regret your decision and end up getting a new stereo, wasting your time and money.

USB Ports

The number of USB ports that a 10.1 android car stereo has can be incredibly important for people who are planning on hooking up a variety of add-ons such as a subwoofer, phone, or phone charger.

Usually, most android car stereos will come with at least one USB port, but for the people we mentioned above, this will simply not be enough.

Because of this, ensuring you get a 10.1 android stereo that has the right number of USB ports for you and your situation is vital, and it’s something you need to consider before you purchase one.

Take stock of what you are hoping to hook up to your new android stereo, and if there is more than one thing, then you should only consider getting an android stereo that has the number of USB ports that you require.

Hands-free Calls

Hands-free calls are a feature that is hugely popular at the moment, and one of the main driving factors behind people’s decisions of wanting to get a 10.1 android car stereo may even be sole because of hands-free calls.

Hands-free calls are extremely attractive to people. It allows people to be more productive by taking calls while driving, as well as being able to talk to their loved ones while traveling.

If you are someone who puts high importance on hands-free calling and it happens to be one of the main reasons behind your decision to get a 10.1 android stereo, then opting to get a stereo that has hands-free calling capabilities is essential.

However, if you are not too concerned with the ability to make hands-free calls and it is a feature in which you are not interested, then getting a stereo without this feature is perfectly fine.


The resolution and quality of a stereo may be a factor that is extremely important to some but of no concern to others.

Of course, most people would agree that having a car stereo that looks amazing and is super high quality will be great, but more often than not, you may have to sacrifice the performance in order to be able to achieve this.

So, this means that you need to decide what is more important to you; performance or resolution.

If you would prefer to have a stereo that is super quick and responsive, then you may have to deal with a slight loss in resolution quality.

On the other hand, if you want an android stereo that looks amazing, then you may have to deal with sub-par performance.

Our Top Recommendations For The Best 10.1 Android Car Stereo in 2022

01. Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX – Best Quality Android Car Stereo


Highlighted features

  • Bluetooth
  • USB ports
  • Remote Control
  • Multi-Language

The Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX easily takes the number one spot on our list when it comes to the best 10.1 android car stereo.

In reality, this stereo just has everything that every other stereo has, without any of the drawbacks.

This stereo comes will all the features you could ever want such as Bluetooth, WIFI, multiple USB ports, and a multitude of others.

Furthermore, it also has a multi-language option which is great for those of you who may have friends or family members who speak a different language.

When it comes to cons for the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX, there really isn’t any.

It is pretty hard to install by yourself, so that can be considered a con for those of you that were set on doing that.

However, that can easily be amended by taking this stereo and your car to any mechanic.


  • Clear display
  • Lots of Connectivity options
  • A Variety of additional features
  • Multi-language support
  • Large clear buttons


  • Hard to install

02. Kenwood DMX1037S – Best Android Head Unit


Highlighted features

  • Large Icons
  • Simple and clear display
  • HD display
  • 3-way position adjustment
  • Supports auto android wireless

If you are someone who has issues with their sight but still wants one of the best 10.1 android stereos on the market, then the Kenwood DMX1037S would be a great choice for you.

This is due to the fact that this stereo has one of the clearest and easiest-to-read displays, and it also has large distinct icons for all of the apps and programs.

Not only that, but it also has everything else you’d expect such as an HD display and Bluetooth.

Although, this stereo does seem to be lacking in some features that are often standard for other 10.1 android stereos, so it’s important that you check what actually comes with this one before buying.


  • Easy to use
  • Looks great
  • Simple design
  • Built-in adjustment capabilities


  • Lacks some features

03. Hikity 1G+16G – Best Android Auto Head Unit


Highlighted features

  • HD display
  • Good performance
  • Fits any double-din car
  • WIFI connectivity and hotspot
  • Steering wheel control

The Hikity 1G+16G has a wide array of amazing features available to its users.

To mention a few, it is able to connect to WIFI and Bluetooth, it has steering wheel control, and most important of all, it is compatible with almost all cars with a double din connection.

Furthermore, this stereo also has extremely good performance that is unmatched by most of its competition, and it also has a beautiful HD display.

However, there is a common complaint made about the Hikity 1G+16G, and that is that this stereo can experience glitches more often than is expected.

Of course, this may just be a coincidence, but it’s something to keep in mind.


  • Fantastic performance
  • Able to control the Steering wheel
  • Compatible with WIFI


  • Can sometimes experience glitches

04. ANKEWAY 10.1in-(1G+16G)


Highlighted features

  • Curved edge tempered glass display
  • HD display
  • Equalizer settings
  • Able to use Phone apps
  • Hands-free calls

The ANKEWAY 10.1 has a curved edge with a tempered glass display which not only gives it a luxurious and modern feel but also makes it extremely robust and strong.

Furthermore, the HD display on this stereo looks truly amazing, and the number of additional features it offers such as equalizer settings, hands-free calls, and a variety of others, is truly mindboggling.

One thing to note about the ANKEWAY 10.1 is that it can be more troublesome than other 10.1 android car stereos to install.

So, it is highly recommended that you get the installation done by a professional as you may end up damaging both your car and the stereo if you attempt to do it by yourself.


  • Able to use popular apps
  • Lots of Sound settings
  • Curved Display
  • Tempered glass


  • Difficult to install

05. L.Z AN-500


Highlighted features

  • Night vision
  • Driving tips
  • WIFI
  • GPS receiver
  • Tempered glass

The P.L.Z AN-500 is one of the more unique listings on this listing, in that it has a night vision function.

Not only is this extremely cool, but it can be incredibly useful at times, especially when driving in a rural area with no lighting.

Night vision aside, this stereo also has tempered glass that’s extremely robust, a GPS receiver, and driving tips/prompts, making this perhaps the most functional 10.1 android car stereo on our list.

On top of all that, it is also WIFI compatible and has an amazing-looking display.

However, there is one issue that we found with the P.L.Z AN-500, and that is that it can sometimes be inconsistent with how well certain features will perform.


  • WIFI compatible
  • HD display
  • Tempered, strong glass
  • Driving prompts


  • Problems with consistency

06. Binize 9001C


Highlighted features

  • Good performance
  • Curved edge
  • Tempered glass
  • Equalizer settings

The Binize 9001C offers amazing performance, and the responsiveness of the display is a truly impressive feat.

In addition, this stereo not only has great performance, but it also has the looks to match.

Having a curved edge with tempered glass, the Binize 9001C certainly has the looks to back up its performance.

This stereo is also great for people who have a knack for audio, offering a plethora of equalizer settings for people to adjust to their heart’s content.

The only issue we could really find with the Binize 9001C is that the display can oftentimes seem hard to read, which could not only be a headache but also a potential hazard as you may have to concentrate in order to see while driving.

However, for the most part, as long as you have no issues with sight then the Binize 9001C would be a great choice.


  • Curved edge
  • Strong glass
  • Great performance
  • Variety of different options


  • Hard to read display

07. Podofo 1G+16G


Highlighted features

  • Tempered glass
  • Supports 1000s of apps
  • Bluetooth
  • HD display

The Podofo 1G+16G could perhaps be the best choice for people who want access to a wide range of apps, with this stereo being able to support thousands of apps.

In addition, this stereo also looks great, having an HD display and tempered glass, giving it a truly modern feel and touch.

There is one drawback to the Podofo 1G+16G, and that is that the audio quality seems to be rather sub-par when compared to its competitors.


  • Strong glass
  • Bluetooth
  • Good looking display
  • Highly-compatible
  • Easy installation


  • Poor sound quality

08. EONON GA2187


Highlighted features

  • Free accessories
  • IPS display
  • Good performance
  • Hands-free calls

The EONON GA2187 has an impressive array of features including an IPS display, hands-free calls, USB ports, and a plethora of others.

Furthermore, this stereo also comes with a variety of free accessories that are thrown in to sweeten to deal.

Although, the main drawing point for this stereo is the great-looking display combined with the amazing performance.

There are few other 10.1 android car stereos that can live up to the standard of performance that the EONON GA2187 is able to offer.

However, there is one major negative for this stereo, and that is that there are numerous complaints from customers stating that Bluetooth does not work on this device, even though it is advised as such.

So, keep that in mind before opting to purchase this stereo, and if you are someone who requires Bluetooth, then it might be better to go for something else.


  • Comes with free accessories
  • Great looking display
  • Superb performance


  • Bluetooth doesn’t work

09. Liehuzhekeji


Highlighted features

  • HD display
  • Able to download apps offline
  • Suitable in heat up to 70 Celsius
  • Hands-free calls

If you happen to live in an extreme environment where temperatures regularly reach high levels, then opting to get the Liehuzhekeji may just be the right choice for you.

The Liehuzhekeji has all the features you could want from a 10.1 android car stereo such as an HD display, hands-free calls, and even the ability to download apps while offline.

However, the main selling point for the Liehuzhekeji is that it was created with harsh environments in mind, being able to withstand heat of up to 70 Celsius.

There is one downside to this stereo, and that is that the quality of the display isn’t too good, which may or not be a big deal to you depending on what you value.

Either way, the Liehuzhekeji is an amazing stereo for those of you who live in extremely hot climates.


  • Great for warmer climates
  • Able to download apps without WIFI
  • Hands-free calls and texts


  • Not the best quality resolution

10. Hodozzy


Highlighted features

  • Various EQ settings
  • Great looking display
  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI

The Hodozzy has a plethora of amazing features such as a multitude of EQ settings, Bluetooth, and WIFI compatibility, and it also looks amazing.

This would be a great choice if you are looking for a good all-arounder and you aren’t too interested in a stereo that excels in one area.

Although, there is one thing that needs to be noted with this stereo, and that is that the interface can be pretty difficult to see at times.

This could be a potential cause of a hazard while driving if you are trying to operate this while trying to concentrate on the road, as you will not be able to see the interface clearly.

So, be sure to keep the aforementioned statement in mind when considering purchasing this stereo.


  • Lots of EQ options
  • Layout is great
  • Modern look
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth


  • Hard to see the interface

11. Hodozzy


Highlighted features

  • EQ settings
  • WIFI
  • USB ports
  • Good performance
  • Good looking display

If you are looking for a 10.1 android car stereo that does it all, then the Hodozzy would be a great choice.

The hodozzy is one of the stereos that does almost everything well when it comes to all the factors you would want from a 10.1 android car stereo.

It has amazing performance and is so seamless to use, it has a great-looking display that’s organized and visually pleasing, it’s got a variety of EQ options for you to toy with, it’s connectable to WIFI, and it also has multiple USB ports.

Our only real complaint with the Hodozzy is that the app icons are extremely small, making it hard to click on which app you’d like as well as being a struggle to differentiate between them.

If you are someone who struggles with sight, the Hodozzy may not be a good choice for you.


  • Attractive display
  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI
  • Variety of EQ settings


  • App icons are small

12. Hipzo Octa Core


Highlighted features

  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI
  • USB ports
  • Great performance
  • Hands-free calls

The Hipzo Octa Core has more features than one person could ever get around to using.

This stereo is compatible with Bluetooth and WIFI, has multiple USB ports, allows for hands-free calls, and on top of all that, offers some of the best performance that you could get from any other 10.1 android car stereo.

Although, there is one downside when it comes to the Hipzo Octa Core, and that is that the apps and icons can be a little hard to see or click on, as they are rather small.

For most people, this will not be an issue at all, and you may not even notice. Although, for those of you who may have problems with sight or maybe a little bit older, it may be best to stay clear of this one.


  • Excellent performance
  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI


  • App icons are small



Highlighted features

  • High-performance
  • Good audio
  • Steering wheel control
  • Split screen

If you are looking for a stereo that is super powerful and has great built-in audio, then the BXLIYER PX6 may just be the right stereo for you.

This stereo has performance that is unmatched by almost all of its competitors, and the speed at which this stereo processes information is truly mindboggling.

Furthermore, it also has the capabilities to be used in a split-screen mode and perform steering wheel control.

However, all of the amazing positives for this stereo may be outweighed by the one and only negative; you are not able to download or install any more programs other than what already comes preinstalled when you purchase it.

For some people, this may be a dealbreaker. For others, the preinstalled applications will be more than enough for what they need.


  • Great sound quality
  • Split-screen capabilities
  • Steering wheel control
  • Great performance


  • Unable to download more programs

14. Eonon GA2185


Highlighted features

  • Free accessories
  • Powerful performance
  • Great looking display
  • Unique layout

The Eonon GA2185 is an amazing 10.1 android car stereo, with one major drawback; there are a variety of claims from customers that they have been misled.

The Eonon GA2185 is one of the more powerful stereos on this list as it has amazing performance, it has a great-looking display with a unique layout that sets it out for the rest, and it also comes with free accessories. So far so good.

However, all these positives also come with a mirage of complaints from customers saying that some of the claims they make about this stereo are simply not true.


  • Unique app layout
  • Great performance
  • Looks good
  • Free accessories


  • Claims of misleading customers

15. AMASE NXP6686


Highlighted features

  • EQ adjustment options
  • Rotatable screen
  • USB ports
  • Features Subwoofer

The AMASE NXP6686 finds itself so low on this not because it is a bad 10.1 android stereo, but it simply is outperformed by some of the other mentions on our list.

There are a variety of great features for the AMASE NXP6686 such as the wide customization it allows over the EQ options, a rotatable screen, multiple USB ports, and to top it off, features its very own sound system and subwoofer.

For some people, this will be a great android stereo, and it is certainly bad not by any means, it is still one of the best 10.1 android car stereos out there.

The only real stand-out negative that this stereo has is the fact that it is known to have a somewhat insensitive display when compared to its competitors, meaning it can sometimes lead people to have to push down harder than expected on the apps.


  • Subwoofer
  • Rotatable screen
  • EQ customization
  • USB ports


  • Insensitive display

FAQ’s About Best 10.1 Android Car Stereo

 How can I tell if my car can fit a 10.1 android car stereo?

The best way to find out whether or not your car would be able to fit a specific 10.1 android stereo would be to either do a quick google search, take it to your local garage and have a mechanic take a look, or contact the stereo manufacturer.

Even you are ever uncertain whether or not you will be able to fit a 10.1 android car stereo in your car or you are unsure if your car is even compatible with said stereo.

Then it is vital that you do your research to ensure that you don’t only waste your time and money purchasing an incompatible stereo, but that you don’t damage your car during the process.

Can I replace my stereo myself?

It is possible to replace your current car stereo with a 10.1 android stereo all by yourself, although it will require some level of research and skill.

If you happen to believe you possess the skills in order to replace a stereo or you have done so before.

There will more than likely be a guide on the stereo manufacturer’s site explaining how you can do this installation process yourself.

In most cases, it is always recommended to have any work done on your var by a professional, as you may even end up damaging your car if you incorrectly attempt to replace and install and stereo.

Is it easy to replace a car stereo?

Whether or not if it will be easy to replace a car stereo is dependent on a number of factors such as the model of the car, the model of the stereo, and the skill of the said person.

There are a variety of different guides online that will walk you through the process of replacing your old stereo with a 10.1 android stereo, and some models are much easier than others.

However, trying to replace your car stereo by yourself can oftentimes lead to you damaging the stereo during the installation process or even the car itself if you are unable to correctly carry out the process.

If this is the case, make sure to take your car to any licensed mechanic and they will more than likely be able to take care of the whole ordeal in a much quicker and safer manner.

What are the benefits of having a 10.1 android car stereo?

Compared to a standard car stereo, a 10.1 android car stereo has a wide array of benefits and differences. In reality, they aren’t even really on the same wavelength.

10.1 android stereos have an interface similar to that of a phone and allow users to access a multitude of apps and features that they would have otherwise not been able to access.

Furthermore, another main benefit of having a 10.1 android car stereo is that most of them come with features such as a reverse camera as well as providing an interface for GPS and google maps.

What’s the difference between a high-end and low-end 10.1 android car stereo?

The main difference between a 10.1 android car stereo that sits on the higher-end of the spectrum compared to the lower end, is that higher-end stereos will usually have much better performance, improved graphics, a plethora of additional features, more USB ports, as well as a plethora of other quality of life changes.

Furthermore, lower-end 10.1 android car stereos will be much more likely to glitch or not perform optimally, as well as being much more likely to stop working altogether.

Can only newer cars use a 10.1 android car stereo?

In reality, every car is different, and there is no blanket statement we could make which would be true when it comes to which cars can use a 10.1 android car stereo.

The only ways to find out for sure whether or not your car is capable of having a 10.1 android car stereo is to do some research on the internet about your specific car model as well as the specific stereo model to see if they are compatible, take your car to the local mechanic shop and ask, or message the manufacturer of the stereo.

Is getting a 10.1 android car stereo expensive?

The prices of a 10.1 android car stereo vary drastically from stereo to stereo.

There really is a stereo out there for everyone, and no matter what your price point may be, you will more than likely be able to find something available in your budget range.

Just like everything, there are extremely costly 10.1 android car stereos, as well as incredibly cheap stereos. Although, you should always go for the best one you can afford.


Finding the perfect 10.1 android car stereo for you can oftentimes become a troublesome venture.

There is seemingly next to no good information out there when it comes to buying a 10.1 android car stereo, and people end up more often than not buying the wrong stereo for them that may not work correctly or in some cases, not even work at all.

However, if you choose to go with any of the listings we provided to you throughout this list, you will be in good hands.

In order to pick the right 10.1 android car stereo for you, be sure to go through all of the buying considerations we stated previously in the article, check them all with each listing, and see which one stacks up to be the most suited to you.

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