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Everyone wants a stable amplifier. As a car owner, stable amplifier help to boost the performance of your car subwoofer.

There is a circuit inside the amp that induces the performance and helps it to generate low frequency.

There are 4 Ohm, 2 Ohm, and 1 Ohm amplifiers. Most people think of going for the higher number of ohm thinking it will have the best performance, but this is not right.

One (1) ohm has proven to be the best amp over the years.

There are various brands of 1 Ohm amplifiers, but in the guide, we will discuss some of the Best 1 Ohm Stable Amplifier available in the market and some of the key features.

A Comparison Table of Best 1 Ohm Stable Amp 2022

PreviewBrand NameDetails
Skar Audio 2200W
Planet Audio 5000 Watt
Hifonics 3200 Watt
BOSS AUDIO 3000 Watts
Planet Audio 4000 Watts
Taramp's 3000 watts
Skar Audio 2000W
Kicker 1600W
Rockford Fosgate 750-Watt
BOSS Audio 3400 Watt

What Is The Best 1 Ohm Stable Amp?

The best stable amp on our list is the Skar Audio ‎SKv2-1500.1D. It’s the best because of its durability and some of the key features.

This amp was designed with a remote control which makes it easier to use than the onboard control knob.

Another feature that makes it stand out among other products of its kind is the inclusion of an adjustable Low Pass Filter which enables you to control low frequencies that pass through the filter.

Why is Skar Audio The Best Brand for The Best 1 Ohm Stable Amp? 

This brand is topping the list because its products are created with the best unique features users want to have.

Their quality can be deduced in the 1 Skar Audio 1 ohm stable amp they produced.

This product has the best outlook as it’s made of durable material.

13 Best 1 Ohm Stable Amp Reviews

Here is a review of the best 1(one) ohm amp. We’ve thoroughly assessed each model as they are the best option available.

This review centers on the build quality, performance, advantages, and disadvantages of each product.

01. Skar Audio ‎SKv2-1500.1D – Best Popular 1 Ohm Stable Amp


Highlighted Features

  • 15Hz Frequency Response
  • Adjustable pass filter
  • Heat sink design
  • Universal current flow.

Skar Audio ‎SKv2-1500.1D over the years has been the best 1 Ohm amplifier.

It has gained this ground because it produces maximum power and its performance is top-notch.

The raw materials are durable and will last for a long time without any form of warring off.

This amplifier produces a low frequency which in turn boosts the performance of the amplifier together with the 2200 watt power output.

It also features a user control knob that enables you to get full control of the amplifier.

Lastly, this amplifier gives you the chance to connect it with another amplifier and get improved performance.

This amp cannot handle high power output for a long period without having a dire effect on its MOSFET.


  • Very cheap
  • Adjustable output knob
  • The circuit is safe for enhancing reliability with four-way protection.
  • Higher voltage


  • Not strong enough to power a high voltage Subwoofer.

02. PLANET AUDIO ‎TR5000.1D – Best Quality 1 Ohm Stable Mono Amps


Highlighted Features

  • MOSFET power supply
  • 5000 watts
  • RCA preamp output
  • Subsonic filter

This product is identified with its boosted power supply with a MOSFET power supply and 5000 watts power.

The amplifier has the interest of people who cannot resist the process of cranking it.

Unlike other amplifiers, this Amplifier works more efficiently and generates more power using a compact design.

Users benefit from having maximum power for superior wattage and power, which prevents it from overheating.

Lastly, when the amplifier fails, it can easily shut off itself to prevent further damaging effects to the subwoofer.

The amplifier needs to be cooled because it gets hot easily or else the wires will melt


  • A very loud and powerful amplifier.
  • The amplifier gives a maximum performance


  • The amp can’t cool itself in some cases, thereby resulting in wire melt.

03. KICKER ‎46CXA4001T – Best Heavy-Duty 1 Ohm Stable Amp


Highlighted Features

  • Bass boost
  • 24db Subsonic
  • CX series

If you want to get the most out of your subwoofer, then this product is an ideal choice to make. This amp gives you more wiring options than you can get from other products of its kind.

You can also tune up your system to perfection by including the 12 DB crossover and the 24 DB subsonic filter in the amplifier.

The speaker level of your subwoofer can be in the range of 40 volts speaker-level input signal. You can expand your system with another bass amp or full-range amplifier to complement it.

The amplifier’s durability is questionable as it can cut out easily when in constant use.


  • This amplifier is wonderful when matched with kicker sub
  • It works flawlessly and looks portable
  • No overheating issues


  • The amplifier might be cutting out

04. HIFONICS ‎ZXX-3200.1D


Highlighted Features

  • Class D topology
  • PWM MOSFET power supply
  • RCA outputs
  • Aluminum heat sink

If you are very much interested in having an amplifier that maintains a very high sound quality for your subwoofer, then this product is a good choice you can make regardless.

This product maintains a high efficiency with big power.

Sometimes, unusual heat generation can be detrimental to your car subwoofer hence the in-built PWM MOSFET power supply.

This feature helps to maintain stability through your OC board.

Your car sounds also assured to be smooth with an aluminum heat sink which helps in maintaining heat dissipation.

The RCA input helps to eliminate all sources of additional signal cables from the source unit.

You can easily access the secure model connections used for all wires during installation.

Although, this amplifier helps to reduce any low noise, you will need to use a very large capacitor.


  • It is an excellent amplifier.
  • No protection issues


  • You might require a large power capacitor



Highlighted Features

  • Low Pass crossover
  • Strapping cable
  • 3000 watts power

This amplifier can power 1 ohm comfortably without encountering the problems of overheating.

They are made to power subwoofers that require a very heavy load to perform as they are supposed.

One feature that fascinates users about this product is the ability to strap two ‎AR3000D amplifiers together, thereby doubling the power sent to your subwoofer.

The advantage of this double strapping is that you can add an extra subwoofer since its power has doubled.

The variable subsonic filters remove frequencies below the Subwoofer’s low-frequency limit.

You can always set the exact sound specification of the bass frequency because subwoofers produce sounds on a low frequency.

Please take note of the installation process as it needs professional hands to do it effectively.

The excess power generated by the amp causes overheating in other amplifiers.


  • Despite running for a long time, it never gets hot
  • Its power system is durable
  • It has a portable look


  • It might be too powerful for your car subwoofers.



Highlighted Features

  • Low Pass crossover
  • Bass boost
  • Amp filter
  • 4000 watts max power
  • subwoofer control

Unlike some other amplifiers that convert excessive heat to overheating, this amplifier stores excess heat and uses it later.

It works perfectly with 1 ohm without any issue.

You enjoy easy control of the amplifier through the wireless remote control, which ensures sound quality.

You can boost the bass boost within the boost range just by simply adjusting the bass boost.

The amplifier has a blue back lightening which showcases the product name.

Also, you can strap two ‎AC4000.1D amplifiers so they can perform a double function.

The heat generated by the amp is too much and can damage it sooner or later, the manufacturer needs to pay attention to this.


  • When paired with a 12-inch sub, this Amplifier works excellently.
  • It’s suitable for pairing 6×9 or 6.5 aftermarket speakers.


  • The amplifier isn’t so reliable

07. TARAMP’S ‎HD30001


Highlighted Features

  • Bass boost
  • 3000 watts
  • Low power crossover

This amplifier is known to be the best of its kind because they are famous for being excellent with bass and with voice.

Be assured of its durable power battery because it will last and serve you better without impediment.

It also controls and boosts the bass system of your subwoofer to the level you feel comfortable with.

“This full-range amplifier does not respond to frequency from the range of 20Hz to 30Khz.”


  • It brings out a very loud sound
  • Much better than a 5000watt Pyle amp


  • The amp cut off current easily.

08. SKAR AUDIO ‎RP-2000.1D


Highlighted Features

  • Heat sink design
  • 4-way circuitry protection
  • Class D MOSFET
  • 2800 watts

This product is one of the best products produces by Skar Audio as they are known for their quality products irrespective of its model.

One superb thing about this product is the four-way circuitry protection feature and the grand input terminal that ensures a maximum current flow.

Another feature that sets it apart is the remote subwoofer level control that allows you to navigate through the amplifier easily.

Also, the signal section of this amplifier isn’t the best, but it works as it should.

The amplifier is long and thin. Before you purchase, make sure you put the size into consideration.

The light protection mode goes off easily when the amplifier develops a fault, this is a great downside.


  • This amplifier’s bass system works well
  • Well-built and powerful


  • It might not show the protect mode light when it has a problem

09. KICKER ‎46CXA800.1


Highlighted Features

  • 12db crossover
  • 24db subsonic filter
  • Bass boost

This amplifier allows you to put more than one subwoofer in the system because they are stable down one ohm.

If you’re searching for a product that ticks the option of true reliability, big power, and bigger flexibility, then this is the right choice to make.

Another distinct thing about this amplifier is that it provides clean and powerful music in any vehicle. It works with the 9 volts of power from your battery.

The amplifier is not so durable, it develops fault easily and takes time to find an expert that can repair it.


  • It pushes your subwoofer and makes it sound good.
  • You can turn the bass on and off easily


  • Quite expensive



Highlighted Features

  • Noise eliminator
  • Class D Tech
  • 750 watts of RNA

A good thing about this amplifier is the CLEAN (Audible noise eliminator) technology.

This CLEAN feature enables input and output indicators to match the source unit to the amplifier. It also optimizes music output.

Also, be rest assured that you’re in charge of your bass through the remote control that’s included in the product.

The system delivers 3x the bass through equalization. Lastly, you can tune the bass to any level of music you wish.

It does not affect the vehicle’s electrical system due to the CLASS D technology.

This amplifier generates more power than they are always rated. It is the best option if you want an amplifier that doesn’t break a bank and has the appropriate power supply.”


  • It has a portable look but after power.
  • It sounded better
  • It’s easy to hook up.


  • Not durable

11. Boss Audio ‎R3400D


Highlighted Features

  • 3400 watts
  • Subsonic filter
  • Low Pass crossover
  • Strapping cable

This amplifier can power a one-ohm amplifier without facing any problems whatsoever.

If your amplifier is hooked up out of space, the phase control enables you to adjust your amplifier.

The subsonic filter helps you restrict low settings below the specified setting for better subwoofer performance.

Based on the number of low frequencies, subwoofers reproduce sound as it detects the low-frequency problem.

To ensure proper and safe functionality, a professional should do the installation process.

The MOSFET controls the current and voltage, this can cause problems later on.”


  • This Amplifier is a good match for a subwoofer.


  • Poor sound quality



Highlighted Features

  • 1500 watts
  • Class D
  • >70 noise ratio

Do you want to take your listening level to a new position, then consider choosing this product? You can enjoy clear, sound, and heart-pumping music with this high-end amplifier.

The full MOSFET circuit design will enable massive power without distortion at any volume level.

The design is top-notch and will easily attract you when you see it in the market, but do not be deceived by the look, check the qualities you need in an amplifier before purchasing it.

Lastly, the amp installation is a breeze. You can easily do all the processes by yourself or call an expert if you don’t want to stress yourself. 

It consumes a lot of power and you have to recharge it constantly, this might be a stress to some users.


  • It boosts the bass for a long time, and it doesn’t get hot.
  • It has a decent build quality



  • The protection light turns on, and the power flashes



Highlighted Features

  • 4000 watts max power
  • Bass boost
  • Strapping capacity
  • Input gain control

This amplifier is stable and consumes less power. It works more efficiently and generates a more compact design than the traditional class A/B amplifier.

The low pass filter can control frequencies that pass through the subwoofer.

You can strap two amplifiers together and get double of the power at a 2-ohm impedance. It provides maximum power against overheating.

Lastly, if your amplifier gets too hot, an automatic shut-off protects it if it gets too hot or when the speaker fails.

There is also an adjustable control over the input signal to balance sound quality and power.

The amp cannot push beyond 180W RMS, the producer needs to do better and find a solution to this.


  • It brings great power when wired with 1-ohm
  • The amp is small, but it boosts the subwoofer perfectly


  • This amp doesn’t push over 180W RMS

Buying Consideration of Best 1 Ohm Stable Amp

Since there are varieties of 1 OHM STABLE AMP, this section aims to provide more considerable features to look out for before purchasing. Here, we explain extra features you should consider.

Input Types

We must consider the input type of the 1-ohm stable amp before we purchase. Some amps have low-level input, and some have speaker-level inputs.

Others might combine both the low-level feature and speaker level feature.

You should check out which one your car uses as you won’t want to get an input that doesn’t match the output of your car radio.

If your car has low-level outputs, consider purchasing a product with low-level input.

Size of Amplifier

Endeavor to check the size of the amplifier you want to purchase concerning your car space. You should choose a more compact amplifier if your car has a tight space so that it can fit in perfectly and can be installed with ease.

If your car has more than enough space, then you shouldn’t put the size of the Amplifier into considerations.

Protection Mechanism

In the process of the amplifier amplifying signals to the subwoofer, the amplifier might experience overheating, short-circuit, and overloading.

Make sure any amplifier you’re choosing has protection over these issues, as mentioned above.

Choose an amplifier with thermal protection to protect against overheating and also Under voltage protection against overloading and short circuit.

When you consider these, be rest assured of a long-lasting amplifier. 

Frequency Response

The frequency response is another notable consideration you should watch out for in any amplifier you intend to purchase.

The frequency response should cover all low frequencies so you wouldn’t miss out on any bass notes in your music.

Control Options

It will help if you choose an amplifier with several control options which ease your use. Adjusting the bass boost is a breeze and will not give you any issue.

An amplifier with an adjustable Low bass filter will make it easier to control the bass output.

Types of Amp

Amplifiers are built to make audio signals more powerful. They come in different varieties according to the operation each amplifier performs and their area of specifications.

This section explains the types of amplifiers and their uses. They include:

  • Power amplifiers: These amplifiers are designed to support the strength of the amp input system to a level that drives out enough output. These amps power a load of output directly. Power Amps is used in applications that require efficiency and lower output, such as Hi-Fi audio systems and wireless transmitters.

There are types of power amplifiers concerning the output they are designed for. They include: direct- coupled amps, audio power amps, and radiofrequency amps.

  • Voltage amplifiers: These amplifiers are mainly used in radio to strengthen weak signals received by the antenna. They strengthen the voltage of the signal before alerting the speaker.
  • Ultrasonic amplifiers: These amps are built to strengthen the ultrasonic waves. These amplifiers are important for ultrasound scanning, ultrasonic cleaning, and remote control systems.
  • Buffer amplifiers: These amps are ideal for transforming electrical impedance between diverse circuits. These amps are used in sound cards because they have a very high impedance in their system and the output impedance is low.
  • Transistor amplifiers: These types of amp are mainly produced to strengthening the current and voltage of the incoming signal.
  • Intermediate frequency amplifier: These amps work at a very low frequency. This amplifier amplifies radio voltage, TV signals, and radars before the sound is separated.

There are diverse types of amplifiers today. They are made to tune up the voltage, current, or even lower the signal coming in into output a stable signal.

How to Install The 1 Ohm Amp

Do you know you can install your 1-ohm amp yourself? Here, we’ve made a detailed explanation of how to get this done with less stress.


One major thing you should put into consideration before installing your amplifier is to find a location that’s convenient and allows easy airflow.

Putting your amplifier in a place that has no easy airflow will affect how best your amplifier works.

You shouldn’t spend more than 1-2 hours when doing the installation.

After you’ve checked the best place your amp will be accessible, make sure you have the appropriate tools or equipment to install the Amplifier.


  • Wiring kit
  • Fusing
  • Battery terminal
  • Wire terminals
  • Ring terminals

Step by Step Guide

  • Step 1: You’ll need to run the power wire from the vehicle to the amplifier. To do this, you need to remove the negative segment of the amp battery. Cut a little piece of the power cable and make sure it can reach the fuse block. If your fuse block requires some screw, tighten the screw and ensure no frayed wires are sticking out.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve run your power cable, then get the remaining wiring from the front back to the amplifier. Pull out your receiver using the removal keys. Remove it in the same process the factory radio was removed. Then, plug the RCA interconnection into the subwoofer’s input. Run these RCA just the same way you run the power wire by hiding them under trim cables.
  • Step 3: Locate the grounding position and be sure they are low. After locating the grounding position, make sure you sand all the paint off the surface. You can use a self-tapping screw and ensure no obstacle on the other side of the metal, like brake lines or fuel tanks.

After you’ve sand off the paint, secure the terminal of the vehicle with a metal screw. Ensure that the screw is tight and do not strip the hole made by the screw.

  • Step 4: Wire up the speakers. Now that we have power, ground, and signal, the next possible thing is to hook the speaker up. Make sure the resistance of your subwoofer is not lower than your amplifier. You should never put a 1-ohm load on a 2-ohm amplifier. Now, connect the vehicle’s negative battery terminal. Check if the amp turns on as you turn on the car. Play your music and set your gains.

We have explained the step-by-step process above, but it’s intricate to note that this process doesn’t work for every vehicle because each model differs, and you might need the help of a professional to get it fixed.

Common Problems of Amplifier

Amplifiers, just like every other mechanical device, might stop functioning due to one issue or another.

When your amplifier has issues, it could be due to the following problems:

The amplifier power doesn’t on at all

This issue might occur when you don’t get the right power needed to power your amplifier.

The power end of either the socket or the amplifier might have a problem, thereby causing the Amplifier not to turn on at all.

Also, the wire of the socket or the amplifier might not be attached properly. If the wires of the socket aren’t attached properly, the current will not pass through them.

Humming Sound

A common problem associated with amplifiers is the humming problem everyone faces. It affects the quality of amp sound and creates a disturbance.

This issue is mostly caused by the malfunction in the amplifier volume control.

If you can’t associate the humming problem with the volume control, it could be the plugged component.

You can simply remove all plugged components to detect the exact faulty one.


Your amplifier might produce a lot of heat, and as a result, overheating occurs. When you use your amplifier for a long period, this problem will reveal itself.

Also, placing your amplifier close to the heat-generating device can cause overheating. Hence the reason why you need to place your amplifier in an open space.

Incompatible components

When you are choosing every component of your amplifier, you have to make sure they are compatible.

Adding incompatible elements with your amplifier could make the amplifier produce degrading sound quality.

A single wrong decision may result in amplifier performance issues.

Protect mode light turns on

The protect mode light is always on every amplifier to prevent damage to the internal components of amplifiers.

If the protect light comes on, the chances are that your amplifier is faulty. You can detect the protect mode light by simply unplugging the speaker wires.

You could also visually inspect the speaker to detect where the problem lies.

FAQ’s of Best 1 Ohm Stable Amp

What should I consider before I set my amplifier to 1 ohm?

Before you set your amplifier to 1 ohm, make sure it is stated in your amplifier that it supports 1-ohm; else, you risk damaging your equipment.

Wiring your incompatible amplifier with a 1-ohm pad can cause serious damage to your equipment due to excess heat that occurs in between them.

Do not hurry in setting your amplifier to one ohm. Also, do a proper check to determine if your amplifier supports this process. Don’t use 1-ohm unless you’re very much certain about it.

What ohm subwoofer should I get if I want a moderate volume bass?

If you want a moderate volume bass and in the best quality, then the 4-ohm is the best option you should choose, but the 1 ohm is also an option, it has a low frequency that helps improves the overall performance.

Which is better, between 1 ohm and 2 Ohm?

In all sincerity, both are superb. Although, it all depends on the subwoofer, the amplifier, your budget, and what you want to do with it.

You can opt for the 1 ohm if you love loud bass and intend to get maximum satisfaction from your subwoofer.

I-ohm amplifier helps you to get more output out of your amplifier, and the subwoofers will sound louder than when you use the 2 ohms.

You should choose the 2 ohms if you don’t like bass and don’t want your subwoofer to be extremely loud. Both are awesome. It all depends on who you are and how loud you want your subwoofer to be.

What makes a 2-ohm and 4-ohm amplifier different?

The main difference between these two amplifiers is that the 2-ohms have more projection of sound which eventually causes a poor sound quality while the 4 ohms has less mid-band frequency than 2-ohms.

However, the sound quality of the 4-ohm amplifier is slightly improved.


We’ve reviewed the best 1-ohm stable amplifier, and all you need is to choose the one that perfectly suits your car subwoofer.

All these reviewed products are reliable; all you need to do is incorporate these reviews and choose the one that’ll work well based on your needs.

Choosing the best 1 (one) ohm amp, your vehicle subwoofer will sound better.

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