Mobile Devices – Not Just Phone Anymore

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It wasn’t too long ago that an iPod and cell phone were considered the peak of status. They were expensive and not everyone could have them. Nowadays, the electronics world had again pushed us forward to the point where MP3 players and phones are considered just the beginning of the mobile arsenal.

Teens want the latest technology. Whether it’s a video game, the latest laptop or a cutting-edge phone, the best toys are the newest toys. Electronics makers are aware of the consumer want and are well equipped to feed the beast. The latest gadgets are designed to promote education and learning but often fall into the trap of jumping on a pop culture trend instead of innovating.

Devices like tablet PCs and smart phones which are still feats of technological genius are now nothing but places to show off the latest fashion trends and pop culture icons. But tides are turning and the fickle nature of tweens and teens turn trends into personal development. Financial considerations move teens out the instant gratification mode and into a consumer experts looking for the best deals.

Mobile devices continue to grow and the desire for new ones shows no signs of slowing.

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Gadgets That Most Teens Want

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It seems in today’s evolving and ever-advancing technological world that it continues to get harder and harder to keep up. This is especially prevalent if you have teens. It seems they are constantly asking for this gadget or that device. The gadgets sometimes have names that seem almost foreign, not to mention the price tags. Here is a look at some of the more popular gadgets that are on the top of the “want” list of most teens.

iPad. Not only do teens want this tablet, but so do a lot of adults. Teens can not only play their favorite games or online apps on an iPad, but there are also lots of applications that are educational as well. IPads also include e-book readers, contact management and many other great features.

Neocube. You may not have heard of this one, but it’s very popular among the teen set. It is a small cube comprising small magnets that can be transformed into just about any shape. It is also a great stress reliever; and it is also a great way for teens to learn mathematical and logical thinking.

iPhone or any smartphone. Your teen wants this because it combines his or her phone capabilities with internet access, games, music and more into one device. While the iPhone is probably the most desired smartphone, there are many options such as the Droid, which are a bit more affordable.

It may be hard to keep up with the latest teen gadget, but just ask your teen and you might be surprised that he or she really wants to tell you about the newest gadget they desire.

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